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Has nothing to do with what I said.

S&T said that they wanted to save him, but they had no idea HOW to save him up until Derieri told Gowther at the end of last chapter, that Mael knows how to extract a commandment. Remember, not even Derieri knew that it could be done before Mael told her that he was there for their (her & Monspiet's) commandments. Yes, they suspected that the commandments could be willingly rejected, but that's all.

And again, everyone regains their memories, Mael is - rightfully - pissed and wholly messed up for everything he was put through, and S&T just stand there after Gowther - one of their enemies from the War - tells them, that "yeah, I fucked with everyone's memories, put your buddy Mael through hell, made you hate and fight each other, and btw I'm the sole reason you had to give up your bodies to seal the Demon Clan".
What you didn't liked originally was "I really don't see any valid reason why the archangels should have defended Gowther" that it's the point I was discussing. The answer was provided by the story in the page I quoted.

Later you attached to the point of Derieri knowing about the extraction of the comm... which is a different point. And remember that you can know WHAT you want but not to know HOW to get it,... even if you are an achangel.