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Thread: Seven Deadly Sins

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    you must dislike 90% of the shonen mangas if you think Nanatsu is awefull. Yes the end is sooner than one could expect but most of the plot threads have been properly resolved. I'm waiting to see how Arthur plot will end though, if there is no sequel, that would be disappointed indeed.
    Anyway, Lord Monkey D sounds quite a masochist since he continues to read Souma so I don't understand why he dislikes the fact that the anime will have a bad studio.

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    "I’m not sure what to make of this tweet by Nakaba’s editor
    “In the magazine we usually do something like ‘X chapters left until the end!’ but we’re not planning to do a countdown for Nanatsu no Taizai. That’s just our plan though so I can’t say anything for sure”
    So what does this mean? He probably posted this as a response to fans questioning if NnT is really ending. But if he says it’s just a plan but he can’t say for sure, that must mean they’re not at a point where it would even be neccessary to announce that the manga is ending.
    But it also means it really could just end any time and we wouldn’t know until it really is over."http://coffin-of-eternal-darkness.tumblr.com/post/184197573866/im-not-sure-what-to-make-of-this-tweet-by

    Not even in hiatus can we find solace.

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    Even Nakaba is having fun with this.
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    Know I'm a bit late but..... the fight with the Demon Lord was... really really anticlimactic

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    Nakaba added some new pages to the Mael vs Zeldoris. Also, adult fat King, can't unsee.
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