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    does anyone have a code for invisionfree which allows members to view all posts of certain members instead of just the topics they started?

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    there is just click on the persons name and it will give you two options.

    view all posts by this user and
    view all threads started by this user
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    but that's for this type of forum (vbulletin). it's different for invisionfree. on invisionfree, you can only see the topics a member has started, not all of their posts. that's why i'm trying to get a code that let's one see all posts. i remember this forum had that feature before it became vbulletin. maybe an admin here who knows about that code can help me.

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    Eh ? Invision doesn't let you see other member's threads, but I KNOW for a fact it will let you see others' posts. Click on the username and in their profile directly below their name it should say 'View all posts by this user' or some crap like that.

    There is no hack. There doesn't need to be :P

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    well i think there are different versions that have that. invisionfree surely doesn't. all it has is "view all threads started by this member" =(.

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