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Thread: Your Weird Habits

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    Default Re: Your Weird Habits

    Have a weird habit of picking my collar until they get holes on them. I ruined a good portion of my clothes this way. Is this an autism or anxiety trait?
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    Default Re: Your Weird Habits

    I can't leave the house without applying makeup.

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    Default Re: Your Weird Habits

    I work with my hands to do the things I love, so I constantly stretch my hands, fingers, and wrists for fear of carpel tunnel, arthritis, or the deadly carpelthritis.
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    Somebody's calling washing hands before and after toilet a bad habit. I'm not extra cautious, just prefer clean stuff. We even installed a new toilet with side flush button as mentioned on sanitaryreview just for my convenience so I wouldn't wash hands before to save water
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    Default Re: Your Weird Habits

    One of my weird habits is to apologize to inanimate objects I bump into like a pillar or something for example.

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