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Thread: Kingdom

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    Every story has to have a Heki

    That "that was close" cracked me up

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    Haven't seen Heki in action for a long time. Finally will get to see what kind of strength allowed for such a mediocre guy to reach position of a general. Perhabs behind the bland clothes hides a real beast. Heki will show his moves. Can't wait to see.

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    Go Heki! Go out in blazing glory and galore!
    We all float down here!

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    He will kill the top brother and bed Kitari before his corpse cools off.
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    I reckon he'll be tasked with taking down Shunsuiju.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Razh View Post

    He will kill the top brother and bed Kitari before his corpse cools off.
    Your sights are far too low for Heki-Sama. He'll kill Riboku and bed Yotwana.
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    I wonder if I ever said this before, but the Fasha will adopt someone in this war and he will redeem himself. I love how the author is getting comfortable in adding his humor. I loved every single detail of the chapter.

    The unnecessary kick, them almost losing their heads, Heki looking depressed all chapter until Yo Tan Wa reminds him why they are going this far. Which is the right strategy that way the mountain tribe can focus on one side and overwhelm.

    The orphan probably knows that their supplies are low. That is why he has not been showing the real number of troops, just keeping the attrition going. So I wonder if they will change tactics knowing that Qin is reaching their limits and try to launch an all out attack.

    The Fasha hate is real, how can you doubt the guy that Ou Sen manipulated into a trap and still managed to survive, which got out done by Renpa knowing that Ou Sen would mess with *his* troops like that.
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