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Thread: Kingdom

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    Ousen is probably drilling them into good generals he needs them to be as such ��
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    Chapter's out.

    And here I was expecting some unfathomable master plan from Ousen...
    Whatever happened to "guys, we need to take out one army and commander each day or everything is lost for sure" ?

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    Damn, to think Ou Sen would be petty like that. I am sure he is not one to throw the fight over this, but if he is hoping for a scenario where: "if he really is my son, he will overcome". Then even if he is a great tactician, he is far more stupid than I thought he could be.
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    Nah, don't buy this being sole reason for Ousen's current order at all. He's more calculated than that and there are definitely multiple layers to his plan, where he has taken any factors he could think of into account, and probably even some that he couldn't.

    If his own right wing is confused, imagine what's going through ZL and Riboku's heads.

    So I think it's a calculated gamble, something not unlike what Yotanwa has pulled.
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    I don't see how him not beign his child would play any role in that decision. If any easy explaination then I'd guess it's because Ousen is expecting Akou to recover soon to fighting shape and get back to commanding his unit.

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    Really? There are people who don't think this is just a red herring?


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