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Thread: should CP9's type of justice exsit both here and there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackvance
    The CIA is the biggest example.

    Interesting to note is that unless it's a really corrupt/evil organisation like the KGB once was, or the Gestapo, then they probably do more good than bad for you, even if you disapprove of their methods. Or would you rather have that they don't act against things that are considered a hazard for public safety? To make an analogy, bringing down Nico Robin is like bringing down Osama Bin Laden, or that scientist that is running free in the Middle East with nuclear technology secrets.. I don't think many westerners are gonna be screaming "oh my god the inhumanity!" if the CIA captures Bin Laden.
    Which is what makes recent One Piece so fascinating. The situation isn't black and white anymore. Sure Luchi's in it for the blood, and Spandam for the power. That dosen't change that Robin's existence is a threat to....well......existence.
    But even more interestingly..... the example of the scientist is simialer to Robin.
    Sure you don't want the scientist giving away secrets to extremist groups, but if the scientist was captured by the U.S......what do you think the U.S would do with him?
    He would find himself a new career if you know what I mean.Just like with Robin.
    "Ahh! Shes a threat to humanity! Unless WE have her." Which is the U.S's attitude to Nukes in general. We go bugshit about them, and have pretty much 70% of the worlds nukes kept for potential usage and saber rattling.

    Damn....... theres more social commentary in this series than I thought....

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    Violence is never the answer, we are told repeatedly, yet, it is the first recourse for governments. Why? Because governments are responsible for the well-being and continued existance of large groups of people. My personal experience has always been that the larger the group of people, the more likely they are to behave stupidly. Violence is always the first recourse of the stupid-and governments simply follow the will of the people (mostly because it keeps them in power.)

    Very few people truly enjoy being evil. They may behave in an evil fashion, but they typically try to justify their actions. Perhaps because evil isn't socially acceptable. I still recall the story of the U.S. Spec Ops officer that was retiring to South America. Supposedly, he stayed drunk nearly all of his waking hours in order to deal with the atrocities he had committed. When faced with a life like that, or the constant diatribe that 'what I'm doing is just!', it makes sense that most of the Cipher Pol agents act that way. Maybe that's why Blueno was posing as a barkeep; to hide his alcoholism stemming from guilt over a life of shameful secrets and cold-blooded murder. Nah.

    As for the nuclear arsenal of the U.S., its an attempt at moral superiority, after a deranged fashion: 'Look at us, we use clean, efficient thermonuclear weapons that vaporize people in instants, instead of dirty, ugly bioweapons that leave people in agony before they kick the bucket.' Plus, the U.S. is kowtowing to Kim Jong-Il's every whim, just because he has a handful of nukes. More likely, its internal pressue from businesses threatening to cut support to the Republicans at the urging of China, which has long been an ally of the North Korean regime.
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    Okey... not really a real world counterpart at all but I was watching an episode of Vice City and they had this cop who had formed a secret organization to catch criminals which couldn't be locked down otherwise, by the way of legal justice.

    The organization itself was borderline criminal, funded by drugs and they let criminals commit acts normal cops wouldn't for the higher purpose, to seize the criminals and to make world safer place. Now, polices, good cops themselves let the organization go on until few big names were secured by the organization - they knew it was their only chance to get them - and then they arrested and axed the organization. In the end, a politician took the credit of catching the criminals and the founder of the organization, a lame version of Spandam, was silenced with a bullet.

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