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I think the whole issue is just too divisive for a referendum to solve.
Even if you leave the "We made a mistake, lets forget the whole thing" option off the table, the Brexiteer faction is still too divided between the "Deal" and "No Deal" camps.
And it doesn't help that certain parts of the British media are pushing the "A second referendum is an attack against democracy!" narrative.

It's almost as if removing yourself from a framework you've been a part of for almost half a century is a really complicated task, that needed a lot of careful planning and groundwork to get done, and not something you should offer as part of a stupid PR stunt.

At least when it all goes horribly wrong, we've got an awesome deal from Trump to fall back on
It's hard to win when no matter which road they take just about half the population think it's the wrong way. Honestly i'm amazed that such a huge decision could be pushed through with such slim margins and such a low voter turnout. Like i mean what is done is done but the system itself just seems set up to tear the nation apart in these type of scenarios.