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Thread: My Hero Academia - Red Diamond is Crash

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    Default Re: My Hero Academia - Red Diamond is Crash

    I had a thought for something I could see happening.

    A little offhand idea I'd had is Deku being forced to keep overhaul or another villain at bay while also having to carry Eri. No special reason to that, just what occurred to me.

    More relevant is a thought I'd had just today. In such a scenario or one like it, Deku tries to reassure Eri and tell her not to be afraid. Her response:

    Eri:*I'm not afraid. You're here.

    A nice little flip on All Might's phrase.

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    Default Re: My Hero Academia - Red Diamond is Crash

    Quote Originally Posted by CCC View Post
    So I can finally report that "My Hero Vigilantes" (official title) will be put out by Viz! Nothing "illegal" about this one!

    Here's hoping the MHA+spinoffs gravy train keeps me going until retirement. Stay in good health, Horikoshi!
    Nice! Will they release it per volume only?
    Now, if Viz can bring over the light novels...

    Quote Originally Posted by Count Mario View Post

    I don't know if this was on purpose or not, but Koichi's plan from the first chapter sort of returned and almost worked with the ironic twist of saving Spike Man instead of stunning him.



    Just tweak the second page into picking up Spike Man instead of a leg tackle.
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