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Thread: General Monster Hunter Thread

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    It's evident that Behemoth does share a lot of similarities with Nergigante/Xeno'Jiva, and most Redditors agree that they all share the Gore Magala skeleton.
    Zinogre and Behemoth share a very similar posture (wide forearms and smaller hind legs), they seem to have a very similar upright roar and spin-in place animation, but not much else in common.

    Similarities between the Gore Skeleton (GS):

    Stationary weak paw swipes (Nerg, Behemoth, Xeno)
    Earth dragging arm sweep (Nerg, Behemoth)
    Knockdown animation (Gore, Nerg, Behemoth)
    Upright Stance (All)
    Roar (Nerg, Behemoth, Xeno, Zinogre?)
    Aerial Divebomb (Gore, Nerg, Xeno)
    Aerial Swipe (Gore, Xeno)
    Tail slam (Nerg, Xeno)
    Tail swerve (Gore, Nerg)
    Breath Attacks (Gore, Xeno)
    Standing into heavy arm slam into ground with big aoe (All)
    Standing then slamming both arms into ground (Gore, Behemoth, Xeno)
    Rushing with head tilted toward ground (Nerg, Behemoth)
    Death animation (Nerg, Behemoth)
    Death animation (Gore, Xeno)

    Note I may have missed some attacks since Mons aren't guaranteed to use all moves in the videos I watched.

    Zinogre, unlike the mons sharing the Gore Skeleton attacks, seems to reposition with most of its attacks and flips/swerves in the air.

    If Nerg had the same proportions as Behemoth/Xeno its roar matches right up.
    Even with the same skeleton, there are slight deviations in a lot of the shared attacks, and each Mon has unique moves.

    I don't think this discounts Zinogre and Behemoth from sharing a skeleton, but Zin was part of the GS family, it seems the MH team want Zinogre's moveset to be exclusive, as the two new types of Fanged Wyvern (Jagras/Girros/Dodogama/KT and Tobi/Odo) don't seem share any of its moves.
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    They managed to datamine the last update, and found data for a Halloween Festival among other things.
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