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Thread: Oda's Interviews

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    Quote Originally Posted by uniaka ikuzakas View Post
    That was out of the window the second everyone important in OP was related to luffy. The problem with vinsmokes is not introduce or tease them more before chapter 800 or when they got first revealed. Like give sanji some inferior raid suit since pre ts if you just plan to turn him into power rangers and give up on his unique leg fgihter cook style anyway.
    And vinsmokes are rather important but not on par with luffy's relatives. Like they are some warmongers family we never heard about until recently that want north blue. And they don't influence the big plot of op beyond them wanting to ally with yonkou family. Like judge is some 3rd scientist in the world after CC and vegapunk thing, not really yonkou or hero of marines, son of pirate king, vice pirate king, second man in revolutionaries, or most wanted man or anything like that.

    At this point they just look like excuse to give sanji power up. Like zoro revealed to be from some swordmen family and they give him new sword.
    This comes up a lot. If a character isn't all powerful or directly connected to a Yonko, WG or Luffy, they might seem irrelevant to some.

    So, the Vinsmokes being

    - formerly allied with WG
    - connections to Underworld
    - technologically advanced
    - history with North Blue

    have no purpose to you outside of giving Sanji the Raid Suit? The Research Team can have no possible insight on the Void Century? Being a WG affiliated Royal or not isn't a topic at hand? The Underworld isn't heavily hinted as complimenting the Pirate World? Judge's remarks about 300 years worth of resentful spirits? There was never any ranking stated or confirmed between Caesar, VP and Judge. Some even say that Caesar was on that Research team and outside of Caesar being familiar with Judge and VP, nothing confirms that. I remember there was a misunderstanding of the Vivre Card, so many took it as him being confirmed as part of the team.

    I feel that being WG affiliated Royals served as what they are capable of. They were able to make the, 1st to our knowledge, alive only bounty. They dabble in the Underworld while being WG affiliated and we come to understand that the WG isn't incapable of associating itself with others in that same capacity. We see how even Yonko, with all their power and influence, can value a Kingdom and science. We see that Judge has a purpose that isn't fully explained yet and can expound (not justify) his methods. He was part of the team that made findings on the Lineage Factor. That is a major plot point that can be connected to the origins of DF.

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    Agree with me/Disagree with me

    I think there are 2 CORE and 1 pretty important set of plotlines we have to get before Luffy and Crew reach The Final Island. I personally think we need more to solidify Jinbe and possibly another crew member's place in the crew. The longevity of the voyage helps with that.

    - Elbaf: The most obvious one. Has been teased for 800 chapters at this point. I think this arc is going to do much more than just Giants or end Big Mom's story (if Wano isnt the definitive end to her story arc). I think a lot of people have this idea that the great tree in the center of the island is Yggdrasil, and there is this slight feeling, that due to being so large, it reaches to other sky islands. I firmly believe this will feature Urogue, Enel's return, possibly moon related concepts (I think Minks in Wano are going to talk a little about this). I think alot of these arcs involve Oda trying to put as much as he can in the end. This will be dressrosa-esque in that it will cover much more than just giants or Loki.

    - Vegapunk: The other very obvious choice. Vegapunk has been thes center in a TON of things even post-timeskip, without Kuma. Giantification, Caesar, Judge, the lineage factor, Orochi wanting Vegapunk, the shichibukai replacements. We are BOUND for a Vegapunk centric arc. On top of this you have the Kuma centric/Bonney/Revolutionary plotlines. Hell, it may even involve CP-0. There is a ton we dont know about devil fruits, the plots for CC and Judge are not finished. And much more. This arc, imo, is just as necessary as Elbaf. Smoker and Tashigi have been notably absent, and Ryokugyu has yet to be shown. This may be the perfect time for it all.

    - Underworld: This one is more of a stretch on my part ill give it that. Ill consider this more of a plotline rather than a concetrated arc. However, there are a myriad of OP plotlines that need tying up before the end. One especially is the Underworld. Oda introduced 6 Emperors (not sure if its everyone) and only really touched on 2 of them, the other 4 (well, 1 was meh anyway) are completely egnimatic. We also have the concept that Doflamingo has a replacement that Jack needs to find. They've been central to every arc so far, in a very odd way. Another one of those pounts is Pluton's actual location. I believe one of these people knows where it is. It will be a central plot point. We didnt get those bits of info in Alabasta and Water 7 for nothing. Uranus is likely something fantasitcal, like an item per say (perhaps it will be found at Elbaf), but Pluton is a large warship. The information of its location is invaluable, and the WG clearly does not have it because of what we know about W7. I think Crocodile will be centric to this arc because of his desire to claim it beforehand. Other than this, silver medalist Impel Down escapees are also roaming about. I can see them being here, wherever this location is.

    I do think the ancient weapons are fundamental to ending the series, hence why I think that last arc needs to happen or Elbaf may be central to it.

    Other than this, I am unsure where plot points like Marco/Weevil fall, or Moria (if not in Wano). Shanks and BB will probably be central to everything., but I do think the above needs to happen in concetrated arcs, imo.
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    I could see Teach killing Shanks at the climax of Elbaf to set things in motion. With Big Mom and Luffy around too, it would be a good way to see where the emperors stand with each other for the finale. I don't expect moon stuff there at all. I think that's gonna be even further into the endgame.
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