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Thread: one piece treasure cruise (7/11 Never Forget)

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    Default Re: one piece treasure cruise (7/11 Never Forget)

    Quote Originally Posted by tadabola View Post
    6+ psy law incoming! with only one arm for what it seems.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    for me that would be 4 new units and a good legend, I would be happy with that. kinda anxious to pull tomorrow
    Poor PSY Law can't take a break. First he gets overshadowed as Free Spirit captain by TS Luffy, then by his way better Striker version that got a 6+ before him, and now he loses an arm!
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    Default Re: one piece treasure cruise (7/11 Never Forget)

    If he becomes a great FS lead instead its okay. ;)
    At least he has hus hat again. :D

    Now to stay strong for another 24h.......

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    Default tncwldagflvmluyvnwogwkgbcatfadj

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    Default Re: one piece treasure cruise (7/11 Never Forget)

    So after a week of garbage free pulls on global I get limited rare recruit young Jinbe off my first JP freebie pull. Seems fitting lol ~.~

    Hopefully v1 Law 6+ gets some actual love.. poor v1 Boa even got snubbed with her limit breaking. :(

    GL with your multis btw~

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    Default Re: one piece treasure cruise (7/11 Never Forget)

    so whats the main Sugo Fest? The one everyone loves for anniversary? I've seen a few come and go recently
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