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Thread: one piece treasure cruise (7/11 Never Forget)

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    Quote Originally Posted by luffink View Post
    Is the 30-STamina cavern viable with Violet? I'm using Kimono Vivi+some Free Spirit Legends+Foxy ship to get around 6 millions per double run, but the safest/most F2P team I have is double Tesoro, 5*+ Robin, Story Enel, Kimono Zoro (the yellow one they gave months ago) and any beatstick (I use V2 PSY Kuma)
    I'm using double violet, and some legend subs, sengoku 6+, TM WB (GOAT nuker), raid sabo (neo) and 6+ kuzan (fixed damage for last stage and 13 CD).

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    I use double Violet, Legend Sanji, V1 Doffy, Inuarashi, and 6+ Usopp. Inuarashi on Momonga and then clear, Usopp's cut means Sanji kills most of stage ten, and then Doffy's orb boost guarantees you can kill the rest.

    Substituting 5+ Sanji and Raid Sabo plus Raidhawk ot another health cutter should work though. If you have him, DEX Lucci is a good option as well.
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    this ace is a hard one to drop. I beated 21 times already, and he dropped like.. 3-4 times? luckly I got the first one on my second run, before I get one from the rewards. I'm glad I saved one unevolved from the 50 we got at 1 million (even thou he is not perfect socketed yet, still missing a couple), since I'm not getting him.

    I was getting lucky with the secret map. in 22 runs (I'm on my 22 now) I think I found like 8 times. maybe the secret map cannot drop ace... I get a lot of chests from him (often rainbow ones)

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    I gave the Violet strategy a shot and itís works. Iím glad I had one in my box even though I donít remember pulling her.

    I just finished Ace and didnít get anywhere near maxing out his sockets. Now that Iíve mentioned it, Iíve never been able to come close maxing out sockets of any treasure mode character with just the copies they provide. Not a big deal but my socket luck is atrocious.

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    wow, the wost one for me was cavendish, but only because I love AH and he was 5-5-5-5-1 (1ah).

    on ace it was similar, but with missing 2 both despair and CD... doesn't matter as much as AH for me

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    I have 5/5 CDR, DesR, AH, and Orbs on Ace and 4/5 on Bind.

    That's just with the copies I got from the TM though; his Rookie Island makes him the easiest TM to socket whenever I get around to trying for that last Bind slot.
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