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Thread: one piece treasure cruise (7/11 Never Forget)

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    Maybe thats why I was dying. I was always using judge + ichiji turn 1 (aginst germa), killing ichiji (wich interrupts) and judge, taking 3 hits, and then killijng judge and the other germa kids later. since I would delay turn 2 it was very easy if I manage to kill ichiji+judge first turn

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    done my 30 runs in the germa stage and superevolved my germa..except ichiji that i still don't have..i wonder if t's worth it to make a 30 gem attempt on the upcoming germa sugo..i do also need a new niji and reiju since i only had one copy.

    in terms of team building, ichiji 5+ can be "easily" substituted by v1 legend doffy..you do lose a matching orb so a bunch of damage, but he is regularly boosted by judge special and his orb boost is universal, so it should work decently enough

    EDIT: oh, lu+ce works too since the luffy part is fighter..but the special is allin all less useful than v1 doffy in this case

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