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Thread: Ducktales- new series! Woohoo!

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    Default Re: new Ducktales series

    And in all fairness, 30 years ago, they were right. Donald would have absolutely overshadowed the rest of the cast. Arguably, after DuckTales and three decades of no real new content from Donald, Scrooge is almost certainly on an even playing field this time around.

    But hey, as a benefit they created Launchpad to fill in the role Donald had in the comics, so that's a win all around.

    They're being inspired by both the Barks and Rosa comics (and the old show obviously)... I would just kill for an adaptation of the Life and Times of Scrooge, but... that's a super massive heavy thick collection of stories, they wouldn't be able to do it justice without dedicating a full 5 parter to it and even then it would come up short, so...

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    Default Re: new Ducktales series

    Presuming this become successful, which I assume it will be, and without a clear set deadline like Gravity Falls...then that is wholly possible. Heck, they might even chug out a movie or so based on how big this gets where that narrative might be adapted. I'm mostly curious with how close they will stick with the comics and introduce some villians we might have missed out on. *Cough*Rockerduck *cough* as well as stick with some ones that were predominantly shown on TV like Ma Beagle.

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    Default Re: new Ducktales series

    I would love to see Scrooge Vs Roosevelt animated.
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    Default Re: new Ducktales series

    I suppose they could also always do flashbacks and we get his life piecemeal over the course of 100 episodes, but that would exclude the modern cast and not be as fun or cohesive as just a solid chunk dedicated to doing it right.

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    Default Re: new Ducktales series

    Lin-Manuel Miranda (of Hamilton fame) is joining the cast.

    As Gizmoduck.


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    Default Re: new Ducktales series

    This article has images of both new designs


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    Default Re: new Ducktales series

    The new design is great! So stoked.

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    Default Re: new Ducktales series

    New design is way better than the old one.

    And they finally fixed the "roboduck" symbol to actually be a "G" instead of an "R".

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    Default Re: Ducktales- new series! Woohoo!

    Gizmoduck design looks very nice.

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    Default Re: Ducktales- new series! Woohoo!

    The new design seems to be slightly influenced by the new Robocop, which is a nice touch.
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