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Thread: Greg: Teacher of SUPER " OP " course !

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    I feel that IMU *might be someone from the Ancient Kingdom side who rally the support of the 20 kings to overthrow the Ancient kingdom for *reasons*.
    Essentially, he/she is a traitor.
    With such advanced technology and 3 world-destroying weapons, I find it hard to believe the ancient kingdom will lose the war. There has to be *something that caused them to lose.
    Quote Originally Posted by Count Mario View Post
    So we're going down this rabbit hole again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RigaCrypto View Post
    I can even suspect that IM (crazy eye midget) induced Roger his illness and made Zunisha walk the New World seas. Nevertheless, she can somehow manipulate the fate of others if my theory is correct.
    I really liked the factual layout of your conclusions and this is the one that struck me the most (mainly because I had the exact same line of thought but didn't elaborate on it in the chapter discussion thread).

    I also thought that IM might have given Roger his illness and it raised a few questions for me:

    1. At what point did Roger actually get sick? We know that his last 3 years he was travelling with crocus so he was sick then but what actually got IM's attention to 'cleanse' him

    2. If inducing a sickness is IM's way of cleansing then he/she is not really omnipotent because Roger took years to die after getting sick and it wasn't the sickness that killed him in the end; it was an execution.

    I'd like to know what you think about this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G1Ravage View Post
    I get the feeling that Imu is speaking in a manner with which we (the reader) cannot understand. Ever since his introduction, he's been accompanied by speech bubbles filled with nothing but dots. Even when in the throne room with the Five Elders. I have two thoughts:

    1) He's speaking in a language that is foreign to the One Piece world, but perhaps the Five Elders are able to understand.

    2) He's speaking in a manner similar to how Zunisha "speaks", where only those with the ability to hear the "voice of all living things" can hear him. Sure, we (the readers) could "see" what Zunisha was saying (as it was important to the plot, and we were with Luffy and Momonosuke, who could hear Zunisha), but maybe this is Oda's way of hinting that something is off about Imu.
    3) He is currently unable to speak out loud for some reason, thus diminishing his ability to control stuff

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    Default Re: Greg: Teacher of SUPER " OP " course !

    lol I have a friend who seems to think that enels moon cover story isn't important

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