Will you attack G1 and G2 using the trident, wet Ugen with the water that is inside the bucket or escape and go talk with the demon with the white mohawk ?
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I don't have any confidence in taking down both of those pesky demons so I decided to dump Ugen with the pile of water. Whether she lashes back for control of the demons or fights back is either way a good distraction for me.
You picked the bucket with your trident and, elegantly, posed as you threw the water that was inside at the direction of the green demon. -"What is this ? I am soaked !!! Who did this horrible prank to me ?? No fun... Why people hate me so much ?"- As Ugen was rubbing her eyes -"Ohh...I can see again !! Thanks !!! Master Jericho !!!!!"- As she said this, her third eye shined a green light -" Oh yeah, he is not here..So...This only means ONE thing..."- She looked at you.

G1 and G2 changed their target and decided to attack Ugen, who was in their way, the black demons were almost near Ugen, when suddenly, she looked back at them with a angry face and said a loud -" BEHAVE"- Right after she spoke this single word, G1 and G2 sat on the floor and started to behave like dogs. The secretary made a grim at the two dog demons as she pet them.

Ugen, then, slowly started to walk towards you. -"Now now...The evil baby saved me...How....Cute...."- She looked ar both sides and then, said a quiet "thanks" to you while she blushed a bit. The demon with the Smartphone was still watching and was still hyped about whatever he was watching, so much that he was talking with himself, cheering and singing aloud. Behind him, you saw another red demon approaching the one with the mohawk, this new demon was wearing a corny plaid shirt and had a angry expression.

Back at your location, Ugen with a bored face, looked at you and said -"Ok, Where that annoying fairy went ? ARGH !!!! This simple mission turned in to a nightmare..I need a raise..And my medication."- While she was drying her wings, as G1 and G2 started to walk along Ugen, like obedient dogs.

What are you going to do ?