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    Chapter 177: Setting Off.

    Tenkai was called by the Paladin to a remote area near outside of the city. There the two sat in the ground covered in snow.

    Tenkai: So, what do you wish to talk to me?

    Paladin: Have you ever wondered what I am?

    Tenkai:...I would be lost if I asked that question to everyone I met.

    Paladin: I am a Shinto. One of the beings that founded your homeland.

    Tenkai: Really? Why is a Shinto under the Fairy Mother?

    Paladin: Long ago I lost my physical body. What you see is an artificial body created by her. Only my spirit is what was left of me. But there was a price. For creating a body that would serve an immortal like me, she had to cut of a great deal of her power. You see, it wasn't always she looked like an infant she appears now. And handling a fake body isn't quite the same as my original.

    Tenkai: So both of you two are shadows of your former selves?

    Paladin: You could say that.

    Tenkai: This isn't exactly what you wanted to tell me, right?

    Paladin: Yes. Take a look.

    He summons what appears to be a dark green flame on his palm.

    Paladin: This is Soul that is outside of a living matter. My kind is able to perceive and manipulete this form of matter. But you wander what is when inside a living body.

    Then the Soul on his palm turns into a flame with three layers. The outer layer was yellow, the middle was green and the inside was white.

    Paladin: Let's say this is like a map or a diagram to any living being. Any colour of this Soul represents a part of it.

    Tenkai: What are they?

    Paladin: The part that covers is the physical strenght or Chi. I believe it is also pronounced Ki. The most inner part is the Mana, the source of magic. The part in the middle is the Soul itself. One's own spirit. It is what links the physical body to one's inner magic. Did you know that the Light of Fairies and the Darkness of Vampires and Hybrids are actually the fusion between their Mana and Soul?

    Tenkai: That is certainly interesting.

    Paladin: And what do you think about your Foxfire?

    Tenkai:....Is it the same thing?

    Paladin: Not quite.

    He turns the Soul in his palm into an azure blue flame.

    Tenkai: Huh? How...How did you?

    Paladin: It is just a demonstration. I can't do more than this. The Foxfire is actually the fusion between those three parts. It is your strenght, spirit and magic combined.

    Tenkai: I never realized that.

    Paladin: You might had used for healing yourself once, right? It is because it is part of your physical body.

    Tenkai: By the way...I once used this to heal Edward in Zhar.

    He shows the Fox's Heart to him.

    Paladin: The Fox's Heart....Long ago, it was used for this purpose.

    Tenkai: What is exactly?

    Paladin: It was a device for storage of Foxfire. I guess it had some left on it.

    Tenkai:...Why did you told me this?

    Paladin: You are the first Blue Hybrid I seen in aeons. I am not someone that can just leave this place when I want to.

    Tenkai: I can see why.

    Paladin: Anyway, I hope this information helps in the future. I feel like there is a long and hard road for you ahead.

    Tenkai: That is how I lived.

    Back in Gel, the fairies were busy helping to save the remaining citzens. Titania and the Red Beasts were waiting for the others to return. A floating heart-shaped fire passes nearby and all of them looks with curiosity.

    Johnnathan:...What in the world?

    Edward and Vanilla then appears.

    Vanilla: Hi. Sorry about the late, I was saying goodbye to my friends.

    Johnnathan: Okay.


    Vanilla:....No one is going to ask what we have been up to?

    Florencia: Should we?

    Vanilla: Well...Nevermind. We have an announcement.

    Evelyne: What do you mean by "We"?

    Vanilla: Well....This is a bit embarassing, but....Me and Edward...We are a couple now.

    Evelyne: Ah! Really?! Congratulations!

    West: Hold on, did I really heard that? Edward actually got hooked up with a girl he likes it? That went faster than I expected....Hell, actually I wasn't expected that at all.

    Edward: I thought the same thing about you.

    Florencia: Well, I guess all my work paid off.

    Titania: You didn't really taught him anything of the subject, right?

    Johnnathan:....When I invited you four at my crew months ago, I wasn't expecting this kind of development. Does this means you gonna sail with us Vanilla?

    Vanilla: You betcha! I can't let my beloved wander around alone in the dangerous world outside.

    Edward: I don't know if I am happy or bothered by that.

    Vanilla: Anyway I have a question Fairy Mother. What does that Snow Fairy thing even means?

    Titania:....Back in the days of old and even before that there were 2 types of fairies: Light and Snow. The Light Fairies would awake in the beggining of Spring and sleep at the end of Summer and the Snow Fairies would awake at the begging of Fall and at the end of Winter. But those were the fairies of my generation. There isn't any fairy that came from them since the war against the Fire Demons. Only one of them survived. Silvia. But she had perished long ago.

    Florencia: What happened?

    Titania: You know the story about the Ghost Fairy right?

    Vanilla: That is true?

    Titania: Yeah. She really did had an affair with a human, but the avalanche story was kind of an mistake. You see...she really looked like a ghost to be exactly. So people would mistake her for one.

    Johnnathan: Gross.

    Titania: And you Vanilla, is certainly a descedant of her.

    Vanilla: And how is that possible?

    Titania: I believe she had human children with her beloved. So she must have turned into a familiar to be able to live alongside her children and descedants. We Immortals done a lot of crazy things.

    Vanilla: Does this means my mother could also do that thing I did it?

    Titania: Well, sometimes there is a generation gap there and there.

    After a while, Tenkai appears and after him, Aladdin, Heinrich and Chemira.

    Titania: So, what did my Paladin wanted to discuss?

    Tenkai: It was not important.

    Johnnathan: I've been meaning to ask: How did you three got here in the first place?

    Chemira: So, there is an old shack near the academy. That was Aladdin's old house when he was studying here. He installed a portal that he can teleport using a special talisman. I happen to have a spare one.

    Heinrich: By the way, how did you know about what was going to happen here?

    Chemira: I hear so many thing at my tavern. Turns out I can't ignore when I hear the words Gel and Assault at the same setence.

    Vanilla: I think I know what house you are talking about it. Professor said it was cursed. Was it related of how you brought me here so fast?

    Aladdin: I may can change a few coordinates. Anyway, we are taking our leave through there. You guys gonna get the Gloria right?

    Johnnathan: Can't leave her here after all.

    Heinrich:...Say Johnny. Why don't you take a break?

    Johnnathan: A break?

    Heinrich: Even outlaws needs vacations at once. And I think you lot deserves it.

    Florencia: Don't wanna be that girl, but I am not really hot to go after ancient artifacts for a long time.

    Johnnathan: Alright then. A little pause never hurted anyone. Plus, we are owning those two a honeymoon.

    West: Well said it.

    "Excuse me..."

    Ronan appears by teleportation.

    Vanilla: Headmaster?

    Ronan: I wanted to remind you that your mission is still ongoing...And I need to give an update on it. "Aid Johnnathan Highlander." Just that.

    Vanilla: Oh...Kinda forgot it was a job.

    Ronan: But the payment is still the same. 100 pieces of Gold.

    Johnnathan:...Kinda low at this point.

    Ronan: And....What is your name again? The vampire one...Night Time?

    Evelyne: Evelyne.

    Ronan: This is for you.

    He hands over what seems to be a dark ring.

    Evelyne:...Thanks, but we already have a mirage ring.

    Ronan: Put it on.

    She puts in, but her appearance does not changes.

    Evelyne:...Is it broken?

    Titania: Nope. It is functioning alright.

    Ronan: That ring only works to those that do not know about your secret. I made it long ago to Johnnathan's mother.

    Johnnathan: You did it?

    Ronan: Yes. But I'm afraid I never had the chance to give it to her. Your father....really loved her appearance. He wanted to see her as herself while hiding her identity. So you can have it.

    Evelyne: I appreciate the gift.

    Ronan: And you there...Florencia isn't it?

    Florencia: What?

    Ronan:...Good luck with this rude husband you found it.

    West: Stupid old coot...

    He teleports away and Heinrich and Aladdin takes their leave.

    Heinrich: See you back in our base okay.

    Johnnathan: Roger.

    Titania: Good luck to you all.

    The Red Beasts leave and Titania watches them depart. The Paladin then arrives with Excalibur on his hand.

    Paladin: They might decides the fate of this world.

    Titania: And we must help them as much as we can. Isn't that right....Izanagi?

    Paladin:.....I am your Paladin now.

    From faraway Petit watches it them to depart as well.



    Honny appears patting him on the back.

    Honny: The Bakery on the Mal's Street opened. Wanna grab a piece of chocolate cake.

    Petit:....Sure. Why not?

    Meanwhile on the Death Crow, Raven is speaking with Noir in the Captain's Room.

    Raven: So, what about Moonlight?

    Noir: Very upset because her right eye is not regenerating.

    Raven: I guess we can't find pester Evelyne anymore, huh?

    Noir: What do we do now?

    Raven: Keep the preparations going foward. I adapt very well to these sorts of situation. By the way, sorry about the Umbra Squad.

    Noir: It is okay. I can make more.

    Raven: Anyway, we did lost Bilaf didn't we? I don't think we can find three more Hateds to soon.

    Noir: We still got Purple Haze. Also, Black Blade and Red King. I can't think of anyone that can still pose a threat to us.

    Raven: Speaking of which, son't forget to include those four wombats into the schemes. Specially that Sheldon guy.

    Noir: Understood...By the way, did you saw anything unusual on the Red Beast today?

    Raven: Hmm....For a moment it really did it seems he could made me shiver.

    Noir: I see. Anything else?

    Raven:....How do you feel? About Evelyne and Johnny-boy?

    Noir:....I'll be off now.

    He then leaves without giving a single answer.

    Raven:...That's right little brother. You can choose your friends, but can't choose your family.

    On the hallway, Noir lays off his shoulder on the wall and grasp his chest.

    Noir: I hope....You can give her the life she deserves it....Highlander.

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    Obligatory Fanservice Side Chapter 1

    On a isolated island in the middle of the ocean, filled with a tropical jungle and a calm-looking beach, The Gloria was anchored next to a pier build it on the corner of the island that had some sort of small house on it. The sun was really bright, bathing the entire island with sunlight. Johnnathan and Edward were at the beach, both of them with wearing swimming shorts and Edward was also wearing a white sleeveless shirt. The two of them were facing the ocean and Johnnathan was stretching his arms a little bit.

    Edward: Nice spot you brother got here. Is this really a secret place?

    Johnnathan: Not really. It is just hidden by a illusionary fog created by Aladdin. Also, it is out of almost all of sea routes.

    Edward: Can he really do that?

    Johnnathan: He would kill you if he heard that.

    Edward: Well, it is no five-star resort, but this place really is pretty. But where is everyone?

    "There you two are."

    Florencia appears with sunglasses, a white and green bikini top and a cloth-like skirt around her waist covering her left leg. She was drinking a giant strawberry with a straw on it.

    Edward: Wow. I never thought I would see you so stylish.

    She removes her glasses and glares at him.

    Florencia: Are you saying I am ugly?

    Edward: N-No ma'am! Not at all!

    Florencia: Well, not that I care about your opinion. Anyway I already gave West and Tenkai their tasks. *Sluuuurp*

    Johnnathan: Task?

    Florencia: Just watch.

    Florencia guides them to another area of the beach where there was beach umbrellas, chairs and an entire shack. West was laying on the sand with nothing but a black swimming trunk looking exhausted.

    Johnnathan:....I don't remember that house there.

    Florencia: I asked West to build one.

    Johnnathan: You what?

    Florencia: Don't worry. Tenkai helped.

    Johnnathan: But why did you do that?

    Florencia: For storage our supplies.

    Edward: Supplies?

    Florencia: The fruits we collected and the animals we hunted.

    Johnnathan:....All this in a single hour?

    West: Don't worry....that was....piece of cake.

    He responds with a thumbs up before resting again. Then Tenkai appears from ocean wearing a blue short and a white jacket carrying a large stripped swordfish and a net full of sea basses.

    Tenkai: Is this enough.

    Florencia: Yes, Tenkai dear. We have enough.

    Johnnathan: A Tiger Marlin. Nice catch you got there.

    Tenkai: It was the second we got. West also got a Flame Warthog in the jungle.

    Edward: Now where is Vanilla and Evelyne?

    Florencia: Weird. They were supossed to be here by now.

    Meanwhile at the house in the pier, there were changing rooms inside alongside some chests and crates. Vanilla was there with a white and blue bikini with a short skirt on the waist in the front of one of the doors in the women's side.

    Vanilla: Come on, Eve! It has been near a hour!

    Evelyne: I...I am finished here. It just...I am not really into this swimsuit.

    Vanilla: What? It looked cute.

    Evelyne: But...I think it is just too much.

    Vanilla: Oh, don't be that girl right now.

    Evelyne: I'll be that girl right now, yes!

    Vanilla: Really? Johnnathan told us that you often used to dance with a lot of Rogues looking at you.

    Evelyne: It's....different. It is not the same when my family is not around.

    Vanilla: Was your family around when Johnnathan saw you?

    Evelyne: Well....no. But it was mostly for him.

    Vanilla: Then do it for him then.

    Evelyne: This is not the same thing.

    Vanilla: Eve...You know there is no reason to hide your charms, right? Johnny already saw it all at this point.

    Evelyne: When you put that way...

    Vanilla: Look. I can't pull you out of here because you are physically stronger than me, but I am not willing to spend the time on this island without you. So how about instead of doing to Johnnathan alone...do it for me as well?

    Evelyne:....Alright. You win.

    Back at the beach, Florencia was drinking a giant grape with a straw and Edward a giant orange.

    Edward: Those Juicy Fruits are good. Can't believe I never drank one of those until now.

    Florencia: They are a bit rare. They are better drinking fresh though.

    Johnnathan: That's why we can't sell those.

    "Hey guys!"

    Vanilla appears running at them.

    Florencia: Hello there. What took you so long?

    Vanilla: It wasn't exactly my fault. So Edward, how do I look?

    She poses smiling with her arm behind her head.

    Edward: You look pretty.

    Vanilla:....That's it?

    Edward: Yeah?


    She then sits on the sand, curling in a round position showing her back at him looking depressed.

    Edward:...Did I said anything?

    Florencia: Edward....

    Florencia grabs him by the hair and stares at him.

    Florencia: When the girl asks the boy she loves how does she look in a swimsuit, she expects more than being called just pretty. West! How do I look right now?

    West: Fantastic, Flor. Your skin under the sunlight is a sight to behold.

    He speaks without looking at her because of the fatigue.

    Florencia: See?

    Edward: I think I get it....It is kind of embarasing to say.

    Florencia: So...how about not to say?


    He then walks towards Vanilla from behind and gives a quick kiss to her cheek. She blushes and smiles with a heart-shaped fire coming out of her head.

    Edward:...Did I do right?

    Florencia: I suposse it is fair for two young humans.

    "....I-I'm here."

    Johnnathan: Eve?

    She appears before them with a black and red bikini that the lines on the top crossed her cleavage and hanged on her neck. She was with herarms around her top and her body was expelling some sort of red smoke.


    Evelyne: Why the sudden silent? Am I really that stunning?

    Johnnathan:...Oh. Well, it is because there is all of this red stuff coming out of your body.

    Evelyne: Oh! About that...It is my Dark Blood reacting with the sunlight. It is sort of a self-defense mechanism.

    Florencia: So that's how your bodies resists the day. Interesting.

    Johnnathan: Well, that aside...You are looking just perfect. I never thought you could look more lovely than before.

    Evelyne: R-Really?...Teehee. That coming from just feels right.

    Florencia: Seee? That is how it is done.

    Edward: I already get it.

    Tenkai: Hey Johnny. Wanna have a swimming race by reaching those rocks over there and returning to the shore.

    Johnnathan:...Let's make a best of three.

    Tenkai: On it!

    The two of them starts to swim towards the rocks like dolphins.

    Florencia: And off he goes. Better keep an eye on them. So anyone else is gonna swim.

    Edward: Eeer....I rather stay here. I do not like the salt.

    Vanilla: And I don't really know how to swim anyway.

    Evelyne: Hmm...Is that so? Then what is that outfit for? Only to look cute?

    Vanilla: That was the intention, so....

    Evelyne: Well....Revenge Time!

    She picks Vanilla and holds her in her arms.

    Evelyne: Let's get soaked together!

    Vanilla: W-Wait! Noooooo!

    Evelyne runs to the water and reaches a far deep area.

    Vanilla: Eeep! I'm afraid of drowing!

    Evelyne: Heehehe. Then you will have to hold me tight....By the way, you don't mind if I give a teeny little bite later on your cute neck, do you?

    Vanilla: Eh?

    Evelyne: Don't worry. I am not hungry....for now.

    She licks her lips and looks at Vanilla with an intimadating look.

    Vanilla: C-Come on this isn't funny.

    Evelyne: Okay then.

    She tosses Vanilla a bit far from her.


    Vanilla: Glub...It is too deep.

    Evelyne: Don't worry...I'll be catching you.

    She starts to slowly approach her.

    Evelyne: I'm gonna get you...I'm gonna get you...I'm gonna get yooooou....

    Vanilla: Aaaah!

    Vanilla starts to struggle and manages to swim in the direction of the shore while Evelyne pursues her.

    West: You don't gonna try to rescue her?

    Edward:....Nah. This might be good to her.

    West: Worst. Boyfriend. Ever.

    Florencia: Weeeeest....

    West: What?

    Florencia: Come here and pass this on me, sweetie.

    She was laying on a cloth in the sand holding a Sunscreen Lotion.

    West: Alright then.

    Florencia: And remember. Pass it everywhere....Really everywhere.

    West:....Edward, don't you dare eavesdrop.

    Edward: Don't need to warn about.

    A few hours passes and the gang enjoys his time. At the end of the day, they were around a bonfire with some grilled seafood and other sorts of food around that Florencia prepared. Everyone had a Juice Fruit on their hands.

    Vanilla: I must say....besides that incident earlier...this might be the best time I spent with all of you.

    Evelyne: Haha. Well, you were willing to have me around so I had to return the favor.

    She then looks at the sea and see the sun setting off at the end of the ocean.

    Evelyne: What a nice sunset.

    Johnnathan: Yeah. Reminds me of our days in Mians doesn't it?

    Evelyne: But now it is not only us two.

    Vanilla: I hope we can de this more often.

    West: After everything we got through, this is worthy.

    Florencia: Weeeell, since I am in a good mood....Tenkai, I have another task for you.

    Tenkai: Oh brother....What is it now?

    Florencia: Choose.

    Tenkai: Huh?

    Florencia: Me, Vanilla and Evelyne. Which one of us three is the most pretty-looking?

    Tenkai: W-W-What?! Why me?

    Florencia: Because if we ask any of the other three, the answer would be obvious, so tell us who is the most dazzling here?

    Tenkai: D-Don't you guys have anything to say?!

    Johnnathan: Oh don't bother. After all the answer is obvious anyway.

    Edward: Well, Vanilla is number one to me, but I would expect that to be the case.

    West: Hey! We're brothers, remember? I'm a wolf and you are a fox...pretty much related. Of course you know the answer.

    Florencia: See? It's basically a tiebreaker here. By the way, no hard feelings you two, because it is obvious me.

    Vanilla: Since when you were so full of yourself?

    Florencia: It's not everytime you have to act free instead of being the first-mate of the ship so it is kind of getting out of my cage. And as you can see not only I have some level in authority, I am the only one who is married.

    Vanilla: That has nothing to do with anything!>:I

    Florencia: So go ahead Tenkai. Just state that I am the winner here.

    Vanilla: Now hold it right there. I am certainly the one who looks the cutest. I am even the youngest between you three.

    Evelyne: Well, then do I have a say on all of this? Because as you can see I have the better body. All Vampires do!

    Florencia: But sometimes, more is less. I am certainly in the ideal point.

    Evelyne: Except being a bit too old, isn't it?!

    Florencia: Excuse me?!

    Vanilla: Yeah. The very fact that both Eve and me are younger gives us some points. And just because you have a better body does not mean you are looking the best in general. As you can see my outfit is the cutest and it suits me the most.

    Evelyne: W-What?! How is the lack of sex appeal makes you better looking?

    Vanilla: And just because you have a better body, it does not mean mine is not above avarage!

    Florencia: You really gonna compare your avarage human body to a fairy and vampire one?!

    Vanilla: As I said this swimsuit totally suits me...unlike yours!

    Florencia: What do you mean it does not!

    Vanilla: Anyone would look good on those, honestly!

    Evelyne: Oh. Do I smell some jealously here?!

    Vanilla: It is the truth isn't it? Face it!


    The girls keep discussing between them while the guys silently watches it.

    West:...I guess you are free on this choice now Tenkai.

    Tenkai: Women...are so complicated.-_-

    Edward: Tell me about it.

    Johnnathan: But you know....I can't tell why, but...I guess that is what Florencia was after all along.

    Edward: Really?

    Johnnathan: Yeah....And I guess she is having fun with it.

    The sun latter sets and they all got too tired to talk, so they just decided that they are beautiful on their own...But they would secretly ask for Tenkai's opinion in secrecy anyway.

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    Chapter 178: Advances.

    A month have passed since The Red Beast Pirates fought in Gel and set off again to the sea after Vanilla returned to the crew. On the meantime, they were having a long vacation by travelling to some islands that the Black Demon Pirates had discovered over the years. Currently they were on an island that was surrounded by rocks on the shore.


    On the beach, Evelyne was sitting on a rock eating a piece of watermelon while watching Johnnathan fighting against West in the beach, clashing their weapons at each other.


    Johnnathan: Heh. You still mad about that time in Circa?

    West: I would be lying if I said no!

    He delivers a two-handed thrust with his machete, but Johnnathan rolls to the side to attack him.

    West: Doppel-Wolf!

    A wolfman made of pure darkness pops up out of West's body and attacks Johnnathan with multiple jabs.

    Johnnathan: Whoa, whoa, whoa...

    He dodges the first strikes but gets fazed by the latter ones.

    West: From behind!

    West attacks with a kick from behind, but Johnnathan blocks by putting his sword on his back.

    Johnnathan: Nope!

    Then a dark light arrow comes from afar passing right in front of his head.

    Johnnathan: Woops. Easy there.

    Then a rain of dark light beams comes from above and Johnnathan starts dodging them with precision until one of them hits his foot.

    Johnnathan: Ouch!

    West: Graaah!

    West attacks as a wolfman with his machete and matches his attack with Johnnathan's blade.

    Johnnathan: You got tougher.

    West: I can't embarass myself in front of my wife.

    Johnnathan then looks at his right and see Evelyne eating her watermerlon with a rather cute face.


    Johnnathan:....One day.

    He activates his Dark Synchro and pushes West back.

    West: Two can play this game!

    He reverts back to human form and summons a large wolf's head made of darkness.

    West: Moon Eater!

    He launches the wolf at Johnnathan with it's jaws open and delivers a massive dark impact. When the dust settles it, Johnnathan is gone.

    West:....I didn't killed him did I?

    "Think again."

    He looks behind and see Johnnathan ready to strike with his sword with a large red horned skull behind him.

    West: Oh my aunt Shepherd...


    But Evelyne sneaks and hugs Johnnathan from behind biting his neck.

    Johnnathan: Ah!

    Evelyne: Mmmm....*sluuuurp*

    Johnnathan:....Alright. I get it.

    Johnnathan reverts his Dark Synchro and cares Evelyne's head while she feeds on him.

    West: Hey, come on. I could have handled it.

    "Better not."

    Florencia then appears from the forest behind them.

    Florencia: It would it be far too risk. We don't anyone to die while training don't we?

    West: Yeah, but it always happens like less than a minute after he turns full-vampire. We won't be making any progress like this.

    Florencia: I disagree. Johnnathan's reaction time has been improved. He only got hit once by my arrows and you are controlling your magic better.

    West: Still, I am feeling that I am being getting behind here.

    Evelyne: Aaaah...

    She stops drinking Johnnathan's blood with a satisfied look.

    Evelyne: It would help if you guys didn't tried to kill each other everytime. I mean, it is just sparring practice.

    West: There is no better way to prepare us. Specially when there is a chance to stumble with a rogue ship out there. Just like last week. And the week before.

    Johnnathan: Yeah. We had to like, kill every single one of them....like usual.

    Evelyne: Well, I was actually talking about Johnny. Everytime you swing a sword as a vampire, it is always to the kill.

    Johnnathan: Sorry, but when my blood fevers like when it happpens I just can't hold it back. I guess that explains why my mother didn't trained me and Henry when we were children. Does vampires have that difficult to hold it back.

    Evelyne: I can't say it. I was one of those rare ones that lived peacefully.

    Johnnathan: Knowing your thirst back in the days, I wouldn't wanted to have meet someone not peacefully of your kind. Also, didn't West just tried to eat me with a giant wolf head?

    West: Werewolves have killing intent as well...By the way, how can't Johnnathan see you when you sneak behind him everytime?

    Florencia: It's because she has no killing intent when she does that. It's the equivalent of a kiss.

    Evelyne: Yeah, that must be it. It's just me calming him with a smooch.

    She starts to delivers multiple kisses to Johnnathan's neck.

    Johnnathan: Hahaha! Stop it! It tickles!

    West: Man I can't keep going with this...I wanna have a spar against Tenkai, then.

    Johnnathan: To be fair...I too want to have a shot with Tenkai, but he seems kind of lonely lately.

    He then looks at a rocky area near the shore and Tenkai was meditating with his body covered with a huge foxfire.

    West:....Those flames are bigger.

    Florencia: It seems he is looking foward to strenghten his spirit rather than his body.

    Johnnathan:...Something tells me it is both.

    Then a huge wave appears and hits Tenkai, but he does not faze and the flames prevent him from even getting wet.

    Johnnathan:...That is weird.

    West: Really? I mean, it is impressive, but not new to him.

    Johnnathan: No. You see, waves like that aren't common. The waters here are rather calm...Also, the shore was larger than I remember. It wasn't like this for years.

    Florencia: Almost like in Wildlands.

    Evelyne: Oh. It is probably the Kraken.


    Florencia: What?

    Evelyne: You know, The Kraken. The giant mollusk monster that the swims in deep of the ocean. It has the power to increase the tides and creates seastorms.

    Florencia: I know what The Kraken is! Wasn't the Kraken frozen under the South Pole?!

    Evelyne: Weeell, Raven MIGHT had gone there in the search of Neptune's Pearl and MIGHT had disturbed it's sleep so it MIGHT caused a worldly enviromental disturbance.

    Johnnathan: Wait....That isn't one of the Keys isn't it?

    Evelyne: Totally.

    Johnnathan: Why didn't you told us that before?

    Evelyne: Because I didn't wanted to spend our break at the South Pole, thank you very much.

    Florencia: Sometimes I forget she was a Princess...

    Meanwhile inside the forest, Edward was practicing by striking floating ice block covered in lightning with his spear with Vanilla looking at a floating chronometer next to her. He destroys both of the nearby ices and manages to finish the remaining with several thrusts of his spear.

    Edward: Huff....Huff....How did I do?

    Vanilla: Hmmm....I believe you were a about 30 miliseconds too late. I guess I am choosing what we dinner tonight.

    Edward: Can it not be Noodles again?

    Vanilla: Come on they are easy to cook. Flor has been teaching me.

    Edward:...Alright. I suposse I do deserve this.

    Vanilla:...You seem worn out. Something's the matter?

    Edward: Well...It just seems that Johnnathan and the others are kinda letting me off of their activities. Maybe it is because I'm human.

    Vanilla: Don't bother with that. You have a Magic Genius all for yourself.

    Edward: Still, I really want to be able to keep it up with them.

    Vanilla: I dunno about that. You're doing a pretty good job so far. Florencia has been speaking good things about you lately.

    Edward: Yeah, she told me...But I can't help but to fight Johnnathan or West sometime.

    Vanilla: Heehee. Men are so reckless.....

    She then looks at Edward with a concerned face.

    Vanilla: Eddie....

    Edward: Yeah?

    Vanilla:....Nothing. Let's go back.

    They return to the beach and reunties with the rest. But Aladdin was with them talkign to Johnnathan.

    Vanilla: Ah! Master Aladdin. What a surprise.

    Aladdin: Hey there Vanilla....It seems your magic has improved.

    Vanilla: Yep! Now I can create Ice on my own.

    Aladdin: I see, I see....It seem this break was good for all of you after all.

    Johnnathan: And another thing, we discovered a Key in South Pole. The Neptune's Pearl.

    Aladdin: Where did you heard that?

    Johnnathan: Eve. She told us Raven tried to get once.

    Aladdin: I see...What more do you know about the Keys?

    Evelyne: Hmmm...Outside from what we already got...The Pearl....The Dragon's Eye....The Beast King's Fang...The Purple's Crown....And the Death Bell that it's with my brother.

    Aladdin: That is indeed good info...I expected no less from a vampire.

    Edward: I do have a question as well about this.

    Aladdin: What is it?

    Edward: It is about the 1000 Mutiny Story. I've been reading on my free time on the last few days and I noticed that....the main protagonist appears to have no name at all. And the keys aren't named either. All it say is that the main character is know as The Pirate...I was just wondering...how is this story even related about all this?

    Evelyne:...My brother...He once met him.

    Aladdin: R-Really?! Does it means...it is real?!

    Evelyne: Yeah...but there is not many infos about the Keys in those stories....But everything else about the backstabbings and betrayals...seems true.

    Florencia: If that is the case...there is one person in history that matches that character....

    Aladdin:....The Redbeard.

    West: I heard some stories about him...Even the children chant songs about him.

    Johnnathan: By the way, any info from Weasel?

    Aladdin: He last made contact with us three weeks ago. It seems to be about Dragon's Valley...Also he just appears to have gone missing.

    Johnnathan: Missing...for three weeks...That isn't normal for him

    Aladdin: Well, it does not matter now....Also Florencia...

    Florencia: What?

    Aladdin: From First-Mate to another....We need to have a talk...You too West.

    West: Alright.

    Aladdin: The rest wait in the ship. It will not take long.

    Johnnathan: Roger. Yo! Tenkai! We leaving!

    The five of them leaves the beach and Florencia and West are left behind.

    Aladdin: I'll make this quick. West, how are you dealing with your dark powers?

    West: Huh.

    He summons a dark wolfman next to him.

    West: Pretty smoothly.

    Aladdin:....You remember about Johnnathan's Dark Link, right?

    Florencia: Yes. What is about it?

    Aladdin: You see....there are many different types of Hybrids around there. Some are better creating barriers around for defense....other can strenght their own elemental spells....some can create things out of thin air.... and the most common of them amplifies their physical condition....but I believe only 2 of them can turn into vampires with one hundred percent magic syncronization.

    Florencia: Your point....

    Aladdin: I thought that Heinrich got his ability from me and Johnnathan, but we merely made him advance his first step....I believe it is something that he could achieve a little later is it weren't for two senders like me and Johnny.

    Florencia: Is that so?

    Aladdin: Yes. As a Sender, I believe Johnnathan were born with more Magic than Heinrich and that is why he could achieve his form at such a young age even though that was unwise....but if he tried about 2 years later...he would not have problem with it.

    Florencia: Wait....Didn't West and Heinrich matured their magic without Johnnathan in Gel?

    Aladdin: Exactly my point. Johnnathan was in another world back then. Heinrich's Dark Synchro was incomplete at first, but got completed a short while ago. And it appears West's magic also evolved. My conclusion is Johnnathan gave it you the basic. And now you two are to master those by yourself. But he still have the power to send more of his darkness to other Hybrids. I told you this, because I didn't wanted to you guys to be dependent on him....and that your darkness is a gift from him. Never forget that.

    West:...Well, I sure am grateful for this, actually.

    Florencia: We always have been since we joined him.

    Aladdin: Good...That was actually kind of embarassing for me to say...Oh yeah. I have to tell something to Eve.

    The three of them returns to the ship where the rest of them were on the deck.

    Aladdin: Evelyne.

    Evelyne: Yeah?

    Aladdin: Well....You see...that thing you asked us to make.... I already put in the captain's room.

    Evelyne: Ah! Really?! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I can't believe it!

    Vanilla: Huh...What is it?

    Aladdin: I....don't really know how to explain. Anyway...

    He then summons a carpet that floats in the air and mouts on it.

    Aladdin: I see you lot back at the base.

    He then flies to the horizon.

    Evelyne: Johnny! Come here! You neeed to see this!

    Johnnathan: Eh?

    She catches him with her chains and pulls him along The rest follows them in curiosity into the captain's room.

    Evelyne: Tadaaaaa!

    There was a giant red and black coffin next to the bed that could fit two people inside.

    Vanilla: Is....Is that a coffin?

    Tenkai: A very big one...Is someone going to die?

    Evelyne: It's a couple coffin! It's what the married couples in Hollowgrounds used as a bed!

    Johnnathan: But....we already have a bed.

    Evelyne:....Johnnathan. A Rogue is still a Vampire...For all my life I've been sleeping in a coffin or something similar for most of the times....And as a vampire maiden...I want...for we to spend time....in a coffin....get it, hotstuff?

    Johnnathan: But...

    Evelyne: We done things you way until now....Now I want for us to things MY way from now on!

    Florencia: Actually, can you ever breath inside those?

    Evelyne: Well, it was never an issue for my people...but I recomended a air purifier inside.

    She then turns into a red cloud and flies to inside the coffin.

    Evelyne: Well, look at that...the base is comfy and soft and there is even an button for open and close....Now Joooooohnny...

    She then looks gave him a seductive look and taps the othe side of the coffin.

    Evelyne: Come here and try thiiiiiiis....

    He looks at it very anxious.

    Johnnathan:.....Alright, a quick test might be harmless.

    He then lays on the coffin next to her.

    Johnnathan:....Hey, this is actually very relaxin-

    She then press the button and the coffin closes with the two inside.


    Edward:...Should we....leave those two alone?

    Florencia: Wait, let's just see a littel while.

    After about 2 minutes, the coffin starts to shake a little and it gives small moves to the sides.

    Florencia:....Yeah. They're fine. Let's get out before it gets too awkward.

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    Chapter 179: Scars.

    At Damaon Castle, King Stewart and General Walpole are discussing while checking out some papers in the library of the castle.

    Stewart: Is that all?

    Walpole: Only the confirmed cases by Drakland. It's no big deal, but I fail to see if there is any strategy here. Various ships in various places all far away from each other. Drakland, Blitzreign, Neon, Gel....And apparently even the Dragon Vale. It's almost as if Raven decided to take over the world, but it's not like he is even trying.

    Stewart: Yeah. He can do better than that if he wanted to strike one place.

    Walpole: Well....there was a rather major incident a few days ago. A fleet of 15 ships in Gel....but all of them were decimated.

    Stewart: By who?

    Walpole: The Dark Witch of Gel.

    Stewart: Salomeh....

    Walpole: Ever since that incident in Gel, she has been working harder as of lately. Not only in Gel.

    Stewart:...You think that this might have been done by....purpose?

    Walpole: Considering how Raven thinks, probably.

    "General Walpole!"

    Shepherd appears carrying a file on her arms giving him a salutation pose.

    Shepherd: Ah! Your majesty! I wasn't expecting you here!

    Stewart: Don't mind me. Act professionally.

    Shepherd: O-Okay. I brought the reports of the Intelligence Department as you asked ordered.

    She hands over the files and Walpole analyzes it.

    Walpole:....Is this accurate?

    Stewart: What does it says?

    Walpole: I wanted the Intelligence to research the sudden rise in the tides and any major change around the world last month and...apparently where it was supossed to be the Lost Kingdom of Ra....is now gone.

    Shepherd: More gone than it was?

    Walpole: Yes...as if it was swallowed by the sea...but the surrounding islands seems intact. What could have done this?


    Stewart catches a blue book on the shelf titled Tales from Neptunia and opens in a chapter.


    Back at The Gloria, the ship just get on her way to the Black Demon Pirates Base island. On the captain's room, the coffin that was there opens releasing some sort of cold steam. Johnnathan gets out of it looking messy and he looked a bit tired.

    Johnnathan:....Bloody hell. At least give me time to prepare myself.


    Evelyne was at his side facing the opposite direction, resting with a happy face.

    Johnnathan:...It's about afternoon isn't it? Better let her rest.


    Johnnathan: Hmm?

    She opens her eyes and looks at him.

    Evelyne: Can you do me a small little favor?

    Johnnathan: As long as it is small and little, yes.

    Evelyne: Can you turn into a full vampire right now?

    Johnnathan: Yeah, sure. But for what reason?

    Evelyne: Well...I would like you to bite my neck.

    Johnnathan: Huh?

    Evelyne: Every vampire would love to have their beloved to bite their necks. I am no exception.

    Johnnathan: Is that so? I shouldn't be using my Dark Synchro when I don't need it, but I think a few seconds wouldn't hurt.

    He then activates his Dark Synchro and bites her neck from behind.

    Evelyne: Ah!...A bit more to the right...

    Johnnathan: Fine.*munch*

    Evelyne: Ah....That hit the spot...

    Johnnathan:....(Her blood is hot.)
    Later that night, Florencia and Vanilla were at the kitchen making some pasta for the noodles. Florencia looks at Vanilla and feels some sorrow on her eyes.

    Florencia: Vanilla?

    Vanilla: Yes?

    Florencia: Is there something you wanna talk about it?

    Vanilla: Actually I was thinking of asking you about something...

    Florencia: Is it about Edward?

    Vanilla: Yeah, you see-

    Florencia: Is he mistreating you somehow?

    Vanilla: Huh?

    Florencia: Because if he is, me and West will make sure he don't ever do it.

    She finishes by cutting the pasta with a strong swing of a knife.

    Vanilla: N-No! It's not what you are thinking. He is actually quite gentle. It's about his well-being.

    Florencia: Alright. I'm listening.

    Vanilla: You see...there is a lot of bandages covering his gut.

    Florencia: Is that it? Maybe it was from that time in Zhar.

    Vanilla: No. That scar was still there. It is nowhere near where Ohro slashed him.

    Florencia: When did you first noticed that?

    Vanilla: It was...when we slept together for the first time. I only got a clear look when I woke up before him.

    Florencia: And why don't you ask him?

    Vanilla: I-I don't sure. I mean...why didn't he ever told us about it? Sounds like something he would brag about it. I...I am afraid of being so pesty.

    Florencia:....Pfft. Hahahaha!

    Vanilla: What's so funny?

    Florencia: You are just like me.

    Vanilla: Huh?

    Florencia: I didn't told you about my first time with West didn't I? I was actually very nervous.

    Vanilla: You were?

    Florencia: You know how I can see through the people's heart? By gazing at their souls? Turns out I am best at looking at sad and wicked memories.

    Vanilla: Sad and wicked?

    Florencia: A fairy that lived a carefree and peaceful life are more adapted to see happy memories. Fairies that had it rough like me...not so much.

    Vanilla: Do you consider yourself like that?

    Florencia: I had a comfortable life, but not without concerns. You see, we all have secrets that we do not want to talk about it. Even from our most loved ones. Even now I struggle to not sense anything too personal inside West.

    Vanilla: Considering his background, he might have some secret no one wants to find about it.

    Florencia: But you see, I know West enough to see he is not as bad as he looks. In fact, I didn't saw anything from him on our first night. It was...very nice. Vanilla, do you trust Edward?

    Vanilla: Of course!

    Florencia: Then do not fear to ask him if he has any troubles. If anything, me and West can make he spit out for you.


    Florencia:....Since we are on topic, how good is he anyway?

    Vanilla:...I do not wanna talk about it.

    Florencia: West is pretty good.

    Vanilla: I said I do not wanna talk about it!

    After dinner, Vanilla decided to ask Edward about his gut. He sneaks inside the room he was located and he was changing his bandages around his waist sitting.

    Edward: Man, those are a pain to change.

    Vanilla:....Does it hurt?

    Edward: Kyaaaaa!

    He freaks out by Vanilla who was just close by him.

    Edward: Y-You scared me. I thought you were West or Flor.

    Vanilla: Why are you covering yourself with bandages? I don't remember you getting any wounds in there recently.

    Edward: Oh....Well...It's nothing, really?

    Vanilla: Really?

    Edward: Yeah.


    She then lays on one of the beds in the room and faces the opposite direction of Edward.

    Edward: You alright?

    Vanilla: Yeah. If you think it is nothing serious then I will trust you.

    Edward:....Take a look.

    He then sits on the other bed and removes the bandages and reveals his exposed abdome. It had a grim-looking burn mark on his right flank.

    Vanilla: Oh...Oh my! What and when was that?

    Edward: *sigh* It was when I was like 8 years old. It was from my mother.

    Vanilla: Your...own mother?

    Edward: My mother was...complicated. She was a soldier. An high officer actually. And she wanted that my sister and I would become some sort of monster soldiers that could destroy a whole army or whatever.

    Vanilla: That's rough.

    Edward: Yeah. My sister met her expectations, but I surely didn't it. One time I slacked off a little bit and...I want to believe it was an accident but she stabbed me with a spear covered in lightning. It burned like hell.

    Vanilla: Oh, Eddie....

    She starts to cry.

    Edward: Only my sister treated me like a family member. Dad didn't knew I existed and Mom never looked at me like Miilera. This scar always reminds me of that. I don't hide it because I think it's ugly....I hide ot because it's makes me ashamed at myself. Makes me feel...like a fail-

    Before he could finish his setence. Vanilla rushes to his arms and hugs him while shedding tears.

    Edward: V-Vanilla?

    Vanilla: I...I don't think you are a failure. I don't think you should feel any shame. The Edward I know and love...Is not like that. I seen you doing many things that were pure insanity in any way that no human being would try to do. You survived when many wouldn't survive. You gave me courage when I gave it up...

    She then faces him and pass her hand over his face.

    Vanilla: If you have any memories that you despise so much...then I will make sure you I will give you pleasant memories until you forget about them.

    She then kisses him with her face wet in tears. Edward then closes his eyes shedding tears holding her in his arms.

    Edward:....(Dear sister, it really pains me to say this but you were right after all. I really....did fall for this woman's spells.)

    While the two of them were having their tender moment, the rest of the crew were eavesdropping them at the behind the room's door on a small gap. Tenkai was eating a bowl of noodles.

    West:...*whisper*Should we leave?

    Florencia: Only a few more seconds.

    Tenkai: You guys are terrible.

    Evelyne: Come on, bite her neck.

    Johnnathan: Humans don't do that.

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    Chapter 180: The South Pole.

    The Gloria was sailing at cold waters at night-time. Johnnathan had returned with his crew from his long vacation and had recently met with Heinrich just the other day. Heinrich gave Johnnathan the task to investigate the South Pole about the Neptune's Pearl while he took his own crew to go to Neptunia that is relatively close to the South Pole. Johnnathan was looking at the sea, observing the ice floating the ocean.

    Johnnathan: We're close....


    Edward appears with his nose dripping.

    Edward: Damnit.... Even Gel wasn't this cold...

    Johnnathan: I told you that you could stay inside if you wanted.

    Edward: Well...It is just that I never been at the South Pole before. I wanted to have a early peek.

    Johnnathan: Don't bother with it. It's just snow and snow everywhere. The Republic of the South Pole only covers less than 10 percent of the entire area.

    Edward: How is there a civilization around there anyway?

    Johnnathan: The Forsterians.

    Edward: Oh....How do they look like?

    Johnnathna: I wouldn't ruin the surprise.

    On the next day, the ship arrived on a port made of steel. They docked the ship and all the seven of them left the ship. Vanilla aready prepared a fire spell to make themselves warmer.

    West: So, this is the whole Republic?

    Florencia: No, it is only their port. The city stays a bit far away, just like in Gel.

    Edward: There are a few ships around. Is it safe to put ourselves like this in the open?

    Johnnathan: They will not harm us as long as we do not cause trouble....Speaking of which...

    A large penguin creature wearing a black shirt and a green cap approached them with some sort of folder.


    Johnnathan: Alright.

    Johnnathan signed a piece of paper and the penguin left.

    Edward:....What was that?

    Johnnathan: I was a contract to lent the dock.

    Edward: No...That big ass penguin.

    Florencia: You never been at the South Pole, right? That is a Forsterian. They are natives to this land. They can't speak any sort of know language, but you can get what they speak if you hang around enough.

    Johnnathan: Also, they are excellent swimmers and trackers. What is a struggle to a human here is a walk in the park to them.

    Vanilla: Teehee. They are so cute.

    Tenkai: So Eve-san...Where exactly did your brother messed around when you were here?

    Evelyne: Let's see...it was north of here. But after that...I don't think there is anything worth checking out.

    Johnnathan: So...how exactly should we start to get clues about a pearl and a giant mollusk?

    "So you're after the Kraken isn't it, my man?"


    They hear the sound of the strings of a guitar and encounters with Escobar. He then starts playing a calm tune.

    Escobar: Yo.

    Johnnathan: Hey, I remember you. And I am not your man...buddy.

    Evelyne: You know him?

    West: He was in Circa as one of the fighters.

    Evelyne: He...doesn't strike me as a fighter.

    Escobar: A vagabond like me can be anything he wants. The same applies as you...Vampire.

    Evelyne: Yikes! H-How did you-

    Escobar: Your heartbeats have an unusual tempo. A melody of calm beats, like the beggining of a jam session. Almost as if it's not alive.

    Vanilla: That was kind of rude.

    Escobar: I am not telling anyone so do not fear. I am a just a wandering musician after all.

    Johnnathan:...You look beat down. Something happened?

    Escobar: A lot of things happens everyday, so yeah. Something certainly happened.

    Johnnathan:...Alright, let's go guys.

    Escobar: Haha. Alright, alright. I'll tell ya. You see...Neptunia was destroyed.

    Florencia: Destroyed?

    Escobar: Yeah...The beast of the dephts, the Kraken. Ever since Raven disturbed the beast, the sea wasn't the same anymore. Just a few weeks ago...Neptunia itself was brought down by the terrible beast.

    Edward: Is it really that powerful? I heard Neptunia has one of the strongest armies in the world.

    Evelyne: Even Raven and Nightmare couldn't defeat it in a hour. Underwater isn't the speciality of a Rogue anyway.

    Johnnathan: Come to think of it, Coela is going there with the others. She will be shocked.

    Escobar: So you know Coela, huh? I helped her get her way back when I stumbled across her. Tough gal, took it down a Electric Eel Dragon.

    Johnnathan: Where you at Neptunia.

    Escobar: At the time, no. I haven't been in Neptunia for a long time. But still...those were the first waters I ever swimmed....My very first memories buried down by a beast that shouldn't have been awakened.

    Evelyne: I...I'm sorry.

    Escobar: Don't blame yourself over your family's actions. Anyway, most of the mermen have been taking refugee here. It's sad since right now, they are a people without a nation.

    Johnnathan: Do you know where we can find the Neptune's Pearl?

    Escobar: Heh! Ignoring what I just said it, huh? I guess I should expect such a heartless and selfless action from a pirate.

    Evelyne: How dare you!

    Johnnathan: Easy there, Eve. It's not like there is anything we can do about it.

    Escobar: Well...to find the Pearl you have to find the Kraken.

    Tenkai: I knew it wouldn't be that easy.

    Escobar: I can help you. Let me tag along with you guys for a little bit. I would be easier to show than tell you about.

    Johnnathan: Fine by me.

    They leave the port to the road to the Republic of the South Pole. Vanilla was nearby with the warm flames in hand.
    Escobar: That fire of yours is really handy.

    Vanilla: Thanks. I always look foward to being as useful as I can.

    Escobar: You really are wife material.

    Vanilla: W-Whaaaaat?!

    The fire got bigger and it became too hot.

    Edward: Hey! She is already taken, you hear!

    Escobar: Wow. Good for you. When's the marriage?

    Edward: Huh...How about-

    Vanilla: It is too soon for that sort of stuff!

    Evelyne:...Hey Johnny, are we married?

    Johnnathan:...I wanna talk about this later.

    West:...*whisper* Should we say something about this, Flor?

    Florencia: Better not. Unlike us, let those kids walk their pace.

    West: They are not that younger than us.

    Florencia: It's not about that.

    Soon they reach into a large city covered in white walls and surrounded by a white dome that was like some sort of force field. When they pass through the dome, the cold drops and becomes more warm.

    Vanilla: Hm? Is this...

    Florencia: A Weather Dome...I guess it shold be expected from a whole nation in this sort of place.

    Escobar: By the way, I forgot to mention. The Federation of the North Pole just came by. And High Chanceller Boris himself is here.

    Johnnathan: You mean the supreme ruler of the North Pole? Something big might be happening.

    Florencia: So we should be more careful. Certainly he brought a whole army along with him.

    Escobar: Also, two pirates appeared with their crews not that long ago. Captain Aradele and Captain Sander. They are not in the city anymore, I believe.

    Tenkai: Aren't those two in an alliance with another one?

    Florencia: You mean Bullrog...Could it be thay have the same aim as us?

    Escobar: By the way...see that dragon shaped ice mass over there?

    He points at what appears to be an sculpture of a dragon from afar.

    Edward: What about it?

    Escobar: That was actually a dragon once, but it died on the cold. Follow the road leading to it and you will find the Kraken's Lair.

    Johnnathan: Seems simple.

    Escobar: Yeah...it seems. Anyway, I'm off. Thanks for the ride.

    He goes into the city and leaves them.

    Johnnathan:...He is quite a nice guy. So Flor, any plans?

    Florencia: The road ahead seems dangerous. It's better if we got some supplies.

    Johnnathan: Yeah. I was thinking of that.

    The gang then enters the city as well. It was filled with iron buildings and machines. Forsterians were all over the place alongside humans and other beings.

    Vanilla: It kinda reminds me of home.

    Florencia: Alright, here is the deal. Me and the girls will shop for supplies. The rest try to find some information about this place. And try to not call too much attention.

    Johnnathan: You think there might be some clues about those two captains?

    Florencia: It's better to expect the worst outcomes. Anyway, we are off. Let's go girls.

    Vanilla: Roger!

    They leave the boys behind.

    West: I think we two could do this job the better, right Tenkai?

    Tenkai: Yeah. Our advanced senses may pick something. Johnny-san?

    Johnnathan: Do what you want.

    West: Well, this is it then. We reunited on that forge over there.

    The two then leaves. Edward then looks at the forge.

    Edward: Hmm...You know, I think I could get a better spear out of this. How about we check it out?

    Johnnathan: Personally, I have the..."guy" for this, but it wouldn't hurt.

    The two enter the forge and finds a vast collection of blades over the place.

    Edward: Wow. Check it out all this stuff. And it does not seems a lot of people work here.

    Johnnathan: And everything seems new.

    The two then notices a young man with spiky red hair striking his hammer into a rapier.

    Edward:...Excuse me?


    The young man answers without ever looking at them.

    Edward: We wanted your services...I guess?

    "Fine, fine. Just a second."

    He then keeps hammering the rapier for a minute as if he was still alone.

    Edward:...Are we ghosts?

    Johnnathan: You never saw a ghost before.

    The man finishes the job and finally looks at them.

    ???:....So, what is the deal?

    Edward: Well...I wanted you to sharpen my blade here.

    ???:...Only that? Whatever. As long as I get paid....Hmm?

    He then gave the spear a closer look.

    ???:....This...could it be...

    Edward: What?

    ???: Oh. Nothing. It just, I thought it might be something different than usual...*sigh* Even a watering can would be good these days.

    Edward:....Wait a minute...Do I know you?

    ???: You are not from here, aren't you? So you probably don't know me.

    Edward: Have you ever been at Eysideci?

    ???: What I would ever been doing there?

    Edward:....How about Gel?

    ???: Never been as well.

    Edward:...Are you Dafadel?

    ???: Ah! I-I don't know who is that.

    Edward:...Oh my gosh, you are Dafadel!

    Johnnathan: Who?

    Edward: Dafadel! You know, the Fencing Prodigy! He won many World Fencing Tournaments when he was young and never lost a fight ever since! A Miraculous Swordsman from Drakland! He was just as young as we are.

    ???: N-Nonsense! Why would Dafadel even be here?

    Johnnathan: Hmmm...

    Johnnathan unsheats his sword and strikes Dafadel, but he picked up his rapier and perfectly matched it Johnnathan.

    Edward: *gasp* That movement...It's really you, Dafadel!

    Dafadel:....Okay, you got me. I am Dafadel.

    Dafadel Crux.
    Age: 20.
    Epithet: Miraculous Swordsman.

    Dafadel:...But don't tell anyone!
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    Chapter 181: Dafadel.

    On the streets, Florencia and the other girls were passing through looking for supplies. Evelyne was walking happily and humming with them.

    Vanilla: You look very cheerful, aren't you Eve?

    Evelyne: Sure! It feels nice being able to walk around people without scaring anyone.

    Vanilla: Oh yeah....The Mirage Ring isn't it? It's funny how you still look the same to me.

    Florencia: A magical tool that works based on the user's will. Ronan surpassed himself this time.

    Vanilla: Anyway, where is there a bakery around here? We should bring some bread and maybe some cheese...

    "You stealing dim-witted scumbag!"

    They notice a well-dressed lady with long brown hair with a huge chest yelling at a fish stand vendor.

    "One Piece of Gold for only this?! I demand a discount!"

    "But...It's a rare fish."

    "It barely serves two people!"

    Florencia: *sigh* Even in a place that is supossed to be remote, there is this kind of people.


    Evelyne looks at the woman with a curious look.

    Vanilla: Eve?

    Evelyne: I don't know why...But I feel like I know that woman.

    Back at the Forge where Edward and Johnnathan met Dafadel, he took they to the floor upstaits that was his home. He put more charcoal in the fireplace and the other two were sitting on a sofa.

    Johnnathan: Is it okay for us to be here?

    Dafadel: That's alright. I only have delivery jobs anyway.

    Edward: Wow! I can't believe it I am actually in the same house as Dafadel!

    Johnnathan: You really are enthusiastic about this, aren't you?

    Edward: Of course I am! I am surprised you never heard of Dafadel. He even was able to beat the grown-ups when he was just a kid.

    Johnnathan: Big deal.

    Edward: Damn, look at a human point of view. You are still half-human.

    Johnnathan:...Sorry for raining on your parade then. Hey, Dafadel.

    Dafadel: Yeah?

    Johnnathan: Would you kindly remove that ring on your left hand.

    Dafadel: Ah! Sorry, but...

    Johnnathan: It's okay buddy. See? I have the same eye.

    Edward: Eh?

    Johnnathan: And this idiot knows already about us.

    Dafadel: Huh...I see.

    He removes a ring that was on his left hand and his left eye crimsom.

    Edward: Your eye....Are you a freaking Hybrid!

    Dafadel: Yeah....But don't tell anyone.

    Edward: Wow...suddenly things done a full turn of events for me. So in other words you were cheating all this time.

    Dafadel: No way! I never used Darkness during my matches.

    Johnnathan: You still have more strenght and reflexes than the avarage kid. But it's still not that easy to beat a well-trained adult, I'll give you that. But why is a Fencing Champion like you being a blacksmith in a place like this?

    Dafadel: Well...4 years ago, things happened in Blightland.

    Johnnathan: That place south of Damaon. You're from there?

    Dafadel: Yes. I was the son of the Crux House, a noble lineage in Drakland.

    Johnnathan: Was?

    Dafadel: My father, Lord Crux, died in an incident...alongside the whole house.

    Edward: Oh yeah...I heard about it. Blightland was raided by Raven 4 years ago once. So you were involved.

    Johnnathan: That must be tough.

    Dafadel: No. Not at all. My life there wasn't exactly good.

    Johnnathan: How so?

    Dafadel: You see...My mother wasn't exactly her wife. She was a maid working in the house.

    Johnnathan: That means you were...

    Edward:...A bastard child!


    Johnnathan slaps Edward in the backhead.

    Johnnathan: Watch your tongue.

    Dafadel: Because of that we were seen indiscriminately even without they knowing about our Hybrid lineage. I decided to compete in fencing competitions so that we could be accepted.

    Edward: Somehow I get the feeling.

    Dafadel: My father was proud to have a son better than most of people, but my older siblings and their mother didn't it. In fact they were jealous. So jealous that they killed her and made it looking like it was an accident.

    Johnnathan: Noble bastards....They had to play something dirty to kill a Hybrid.

    Dafadel: Yep. Took like a chandelier with very sharp blades to kill her. Seems like it was designed for that sort of stuff.

    Edward: Damn....

    Dafadel: Good thing neither of them were courageous enough to get near me. And then one day he appeared.

    Johnnathan: Raven?

    Dafadel: No. It was two of his brothers. Chill and Noir. Chill ate my half-siblings and Noir killed my father and his wife. When I ran away, I had a feeling they let me walk away.

    Johnnathan: That was strangely descriptive.

    Edward: And you are here on the South Pole because....

    Dafadel: I...have a cousin here. We are living together.

    Edward: That's quite a tale. So, will you really look after my spear.

    Dafedel: Yeah, yeah. I will finish in a minute. By the way what are you guys?

    Edward: Oh. We are pirates.

    Dafadel: Pirates, huh?


    Edward: Yeah, this guy here is the captain. He is Johnnathan Highlander, The Red Beast.

    Dafadel: I see....

    Edward: Yeah, and our crew has-


    Dafadel thrusted a rapier at Edward, but Johnnathan deflected with his sword.

    Edward: Gah!

    Dafadel: Impressive. The timing was just too damn perfect. Almost like you felt it coming.

    Johnnathan: That was the reason, yes.

    Edward: W-What is going on?

    Dafadel: I can't let you leave it like that, villains!

    Dafadel covers his rapier with darkness and start to deliver numerous thrusts at Johnnathan, but Johnnathan see through his attacks and dodges it.


    A wound appears on Johnnathan's cheek.

    Dafadel: You aren't really that big of a deal.

    Edward: Wait! We do not mean harm, I swear!

    Dafadel: Maybe not today, but what about tomorrow...of after tomorrow? I wouldn't let you scoundrels get away!

    He delivers a swing at Johnnathan. He ducks and he cuts an iron shield hanging on the wall.

    Edward: Oh boy...Shouldn't had leaved my spear down there.

    Johnnathan: Do you really wanna do this?

    Dafadel: You know people like us are not cowards.

    Johnnathan: True.

    He picks his flintlock and shoots at him, but he blocks with his rapier, defending himself from the blasts.

    Johnnathan: Alright, let's try this. Red Spiral!

    He delivers a Red Spiral that Dafadel dodges it and makes a hole on the wall.

    Edward: Easy there, Johnny. It's Dafadel's house.

    Dafadel: Nice trick, but I prefer mine. Dark Thrust!

    He delivers a thrust that flies like a missile and makes a hole on another wall because Johnnathan also dodges it.

    Johnnathan: Wow. What a knock-off.

    At the market, Florencia and the other two were buying bread and milk on a stand in front of the fish stand where they saw the lady. While Florencia was picking up the bag, Evelyne was still checking on the woman at the other side.

    Evelyne: I can't help it...I swear I seen her once. That face...The bust size...

    "50 Silver Pieces! That's more than enough!"

    "Lady, if you leave that fish behind, it will be pretty much this value."

    "How can one fish be worthy more than twice than this!"

    Evelyne: And that attitude....


    A bunch of Forsterians dressed like soldiers grouped together and started to talk.

    "Kweeek Kwek kwek Kwek Kwek kweeeek"

    Vanilla: What are they yelling at each other?

    Florencia: Well, my Forsterianese is a bit lacking, but...It seems it involves a Forge and...purple stuff coming out if the house...

    Evelyne: Wait...You don't mean...


    The woman picks her shopping bag and gives the shopskeeper a piece of gold.

    "Here you less than deserved money, you vermin!"

    She then runs towards the forge house.

    Evelyne: Ah! Wait!

    She then runs after her.

    Florencia: Eve!

    Back at Dafadel's house, Dafadel was pursuing Johnnathan in the room and slashing through the furniture and the walls, cutting them as if he was using a scythe. Edward was hiding behind the sofa.

    Edward: Dafadel! You are destroying your own house!

    Dafadel: Die, pirate!

    He keeps swinging his sword around and manages to give Johnnathan a few slashes.

    Johnnathan: Know what? I'm done!

    He activates his Dark Synchro and with a single swing with his swords he sends his rapier upwards.

    Dafadel: Ah!

    Johnnathan then places both his blades around Dafadel's neck like a scissor.

    Johnnathan: You lose.

    Dafadel: Tsk. I warning you. If you kill me, another monster will take you on.

    Johnnathan: I don't care about taking your life. I just want you to-


    A woman burst through the door and catches Johnnathan from behind.

    Johnnathan: What the?

    She then bends her body and delivers a suplex on Johnnathan.

    Johnnathan: Oof!

    ???: You damn ruffian! What are you doing with my dear Dafadel!

    Edward: Woah! Is that his wife. As expected from him.

    Dafadel: Watch it, Granny! He is a Hybrid and a Pirate!

    Johnnathan: Ugh...Granny?


    Evelyne then appears, following the woman from the market.

    Vanessa: Huh? How do you-

    Evelyne: It's....It's really you? Vanessa Piemont?

    She then removes her ring, revealing her real form.

    Vanessa: Ah! A rogue!....Wait...Eve?

    Then Vanessa removes one of her rings and both her eyes turn red.

    Johnnathan: What the? You are...

    Evelyne: Oh my....

    Evelyne then starts to cry.

    Evelyne: I thought....You died....I thought....We....I killed you....

    Vanessa: I wasn't there when it happened.

    Evelyne: Even so.....I....I'm sorry! Waaaaaaah!

    She then gets on her knees and cries.

    Johnnathan: What in the bloody hell is going on?

    "Eve! Are you....huh?"

    Florencia alongside Vanilla appears.

    Florencia: You...are a rogue?

    Vanessa:....No. I am indeed a vampire...but an Old one.

    Vanessa Piemont.
    Race: Vampire(Old)
    Age: 800
    Rank: Higher.

    Vanessa: Dafadel...

    Dafadel: Yeah?

    Vanessa: What the hell happened here?

    Dafadel: Well, it's....

    Edward: Uuuuh...He started it.

    Vanessa:...I'll deal with those later.

    She then approaches Evelyne and passes her hand around her face.

    Vanessa: Oh my...You are already turned into a fine lady.

    Evelyne: *sniff*....

    Vanessa: It has been a while, hasn't it?

    Evelyne: *sniff*....Waaaaaah!

    She then cries over her chest and Vanessa passes her arms around her head.

    Johnnathan:...So, why did you called her granny?

    Dafadel: Well....I guess it's no use hiding it. She is my Grandmother.
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    Default Re: Hybrid

    Chapter 182: Vanessa.

    Out in the streets, West and Tenkai were walking alongside each other with some disturbed faces.

    Tenkai:....So, that North Pole's Official, huh?

    West: I gotta admit, the resemblance is uncanny...Hmmm?

    West notices the forge that they were supossed to reunite and notice a few holes above it.

    Tenkai:...Was that building in that state?

    West: No.

    The two then heads out to the forge. Upstairs, Evelyne was recovering from the emotional shock still shedding tears.


    Vanessa: That's right.There, there...

    Johnnathan: So, what is the relationship between you two?

    Evelyne: Oh...*sniff*...She was my caretaker when I was young.

    Vanessa: That was right after the Werewolf Massacre. I took care of her for a year.

    Johnnathan: I thought Topazia looked after you after that.

    Vanessa: She was very busy at the time. By the time I left, she was big enough to take care of herself.

    Vanilla: Still, to know there are still Old Vampires around is incredible.

    Florencia: Is there any others?

    Vanessa: I would say unlikely.

    Johnnathan: So...are we cool with your grandson?

    Vanessa: Yes. Definetly. Sorry about his behavior. He is...too much overprotective.

    Dafadel: Sorry, I just don't wanna be raided by pirates.

    She then picks his ear and twists it.

    Dafadel: Ouchouchouchouch!

    Johnnathan: Hehehehe...My mom used to do that a lot.

    Then West and Tenkai appears from downstairs.

    West: Hey guys, what's going on h....Vampire! Grrrrrr!!!

    Vanessa:...Werewolf! Shaaaaa!

    West turned into a werewolf and Vanessa's eyes started to glow and they were making noises at each other like cats and dogs.

    Florencia and Dafadel: Stop!

    The two of them hits their heads making it them stop being aggresive.

    Vanessa and West: Uuugh....

    Florencia: Dont go make more uproar than we already done it.

    Tenkai: Speaking of which, some Forsterians are outside wanting answers.

    Dafadel: Oh! I'll be right there.

    He goes downstairs and talk to the guards. He apologizes saying it was an accident involving some explosives. He received a notification ticket of 300 silver pieces for disorder. He then goes back up.

    Dafadel: *siiiigh* I managed to drive them off, but now we have to pay 300 pieces of silver now.

    Florencia: Don't worry. We help pay.

    Johnnathan: We do?

    Florencia: Johnny!

    Johnnathan: Fiiiine.

    Vanessa: Dafadel. Please go make some cocoa for them.

    Dafadel: Fiiiine.

    Florencia: They are so similar...

    The rest of them picks whatever left to have a seat.

    Vanessa: So Eve....Who exactly are those people? I can see already they are not from your brother's gang.

    Evelyne: Yeah, I left them. This is here is Johnnathan. He is my boyfriend.

    Vanessa: Oh...Oh! Congratulations!

    She then hugs Evelyne tightly.

    Vanessa: I knew you would find someone! And let me tell you, he is an A-Grade material.

    Evelyne: T-Thanks.

    Vanessa: So, you are a pirate?

    Johnnathan: Yeah...do you have a problem as well?

    Vanessa: No big deal. I am a vampire hiding from everyone here anyway. I've been doing this for quite a long time. But Dafadel....Well, he has a certain grudge against pirates.

    Edward: Because of Raven?

    Vanessa: No. Because a certain group of pirates once harassed me long ago.

    Florencia: Was that really a problem for you?

    Vanessa: As much as I wanted to rip out their balls myself, I couldn't make a scene. Also, Dafadel gave it a lesson on them anyway.

    Evelyne: So Vanessa...What have you been doing? How are you still alive?

    Vanessa:...From time to time, I would check on my daughter. Back on that night, it was one of those times. When I returned, Hollowgrounds was already a ghost city.

    Vanilla: You had a daughter, but you were still in Hollowgrounds?

    Vanessa:...Yeah. Her father was one of the Hunters there. Back in the days, they would let a high-ranking vampire to watch over a large number of them instead of sentinels. We once escaped together from Hollowgrounds, but....

    Johnnathan: But?

    Vanessa: One time, a Werewolf ambushed us when we were still on the road and killed him.

    Evelyne: Oh my.

    Vanessa: I also killed the son of a bitch that day. I am hanging his head on top of the fireplace by the way.

    She points at a wolf's head hanging on the wall. West watches it disturbed. Dafadel then delivers each of them a cup of cocoa.

    Florencia: Don't think about it, dear. He killed her husband.

    West: Okay.

    He punches his chest two times and gives the victory signal to the wolf. Dafadel then hands Vanessa a bottle of his own blood.

    Vanessa: I was already pregnant at the time. I hid in a village in Blitzreign for 6 months. When I had my daughter, Sophia, I didn't knew what to do at the time. Without by beloved, I was lost. So I did it whatever any lost mother would do.

    Johnnathan: Put her in a basket and drop her at the front of an orphanage?

    Vanessa: Eh? No. I just sneaked into someone's else house and put her inside while they were sleeping.

    Everyone spits their hot cocoa.

    Florencia: I-Isn't that like illegal?

    Vanessa: Easy there. I made sure they were nice people, okay?

    Johnnathan: Wait, wasn't your daughter in Drakland? What was she doing in Blitzreign.

    Vanessa: It didn't took so long until those people realized she was not human. They kept guard of her, but didn't get too close to her. When she was a little big, I decided to meet her.

    Johnnathan: You didn't told her that you were her mother, right?

    Vanessa: Yes. I merely told her what she was. At the time, I already had a Mirage Ring with me. I took it from a spellcaster from Gel that I killed recently at the time.

    Gel: Eeep! You don't need to say that so casually.

    Vanessa: I "offered" to her "parents" that I would look after her, but I just wanted to put her somewhere where she could live a normal human life. A place that no one would know about her. I then decided to take her to Blightland.

    Edward: Why there exactly?

    Vanessa: I wanted to leave her as far from Hollowgrounds as possible. Blitzreign was a strong wall against Hollowgrounds. We travelled for about a month and we finally arrived in Blightland. There I gave her another Mirage Ring. The same one Dafadel is using apparently.

    Johnnathan: Where did you leave her exactly?

    Vanessa: I found a place that would be happy to have her. She was tough, so she could do pretty much any work they could give her...But...

    Johnnathan: Oh boy, another "but", what now?

    Vanessa:....*sigh* The place I put her happened to be a brothel. When she growed up, she turned into a prostitute.

    Johnnathan:...You are the worst mother that I ever met.

    Evelyne: Johnny!

    Johnnathan: It's true.

    Evelyne: Forgive him. He...likes to say what he thinks.

    Vanessa:....No. I think he is right. Come to think about it...when I took her from her "parents"...they do seemed sad about letting her go. But they certainly knew it was for the best.

    Evelyne: Still, don't be so hard on yourself.

    Vanessa: You are so sweet and innocent, just like your mother.

    Johnnathan: *cough*Not really*cough*

    Vanessa: Anyway, it was when she was at the streets at night that a nobleman saw her and it was love at first sight. That noble was Dafadel's father. She truly loved Sophie and they became lovers. In that relationship, she soon became pregnant.

    Johnnathan: Still, very messed up.

    Edward: That happens more than you think.

    Vanessa: Sophie then joined his house by turning into a servant. I believe the rest of the story, my grandson told you all about it. Anyway, 10 years ago...you know what happened. I guess I was really lucky to have a family to look after it.

    Evelyne: You really seemed to have a lot of freedom.

    Vanessa: Higher Vampires like me aren't really supervisioned. And things got easier ever since Diamanta returned after the Last Crusade. By the way, Sophie...later died the worst way possible...I really wanted to do something about it, but I was impotent. Then 4 years ago, I met Dafadel on the run after his family got slaughtered. At the time I was around Blightland preying on few people. I encountered him and explained the whole situation. I decided to take hime to a place that was safe from Raven...So I thought on the Republic of the South Pole and we have been living relatively easy.

    Evelyne: Wow...I never knew you were living like that...To think that you could have been dead beacuse of...me and the others.

    Vanessa: Eve...I know your brother was the real mastermind that day. I know what sort of person you are. I loved the year we spend together...It felt like that I got a second chance of being a mother.

    Evelyne:...I feel like...Sophie would forgive you.

    Vanessa:...As always, I can't even believe you were a vampire like me.

    Johnnathan: And what do you think about this Dafadel?

    Dafadel:....She did the best she could. At least she is with me now.

    Vanessa: Your mother would be proud of you...By the Johnnathan, who was your mother?
    Johnnathan: My mother? It was Ruby Scarlet.

    Vanessa: I see, Ruby...SCARLET?!

    She freaks out by hearing that name.

    Dafadel: What? Grannie, you know her?

    Vanessa: Y-Yeah. You see...I once was a Red Sword, just like her. We were on the same group at one point. She was the 7th sword and I was the 3rd Sword.

    Johnnathan: The same squad?

    Vanessa: Yeah...no wonder I never heard about her anymore. What kind of man did she hook it up with?

    Johnnathan: My father's name was Alex Highlander. And I also have a older brother named Heinrich that happens to be the Black Demon.

    Vanessa: Wha-Whaaaaat?! The Angel of Death?! And she had two kids and the Black Demon is your brother?! Damn I always knew she was into dangerous people...Wait....Oh...Oooooooh...Fufufufu...Hohoho hoho!

    She starts to laugh with a prideful tone.

    Vanessa: So that is how it is, huh? Well, it was no coincidence that Dafadel would clash swords with you.

    She then assumes a prideful and arrogant stance.

    Vanessa: For you see my dear Johnny I...Was your mother's sworn rival!

    Dafadel: Her sworn...

    Johnnathan: Rival?

    Vanessa: Yes. When we first joined we were like the two arms of Lady Diamanta. Fufufufu...so nostalgic. We were comrades-in-arms, but from deep inside we were our worst enemy.

    Johnnathan: What kind of relationship did you two had?

    Vanessa: When in battle, we always would protect each other...because we cannot afford to lose to anyone but ourselves. Heehehehe, we always fought after a campaign. Out of 1000 matches we both won 500 each.

    Johnnathan: I don't remember my mother talking about you?

    Vanessa: It's understandable. You see, actually she only had 499 wins. I don't think she would reveal such a fact to her offspring.

    Johnnathan: What exactly happened?

    Vanessa: It was about our last feud. Well..it was when I left the Red Swords. You see when a new member is chosen and there is already 10, 2 of us must fight against each other to open a space.

    Johnnathan: That's stupid. Why don't make the newbie fight against the veteran.

    Vanessa: It's just how Lady Diamanta used to make us work harder for our positions. We could always try later. But it wasn't a normal fight you see. It was done by Vampire Grappling.

    Johnnathan: Vampire Grappling? What is that?

    Evelyne: Oh. It's when 2 vampires must fight unarmed and wrestle against each other. The winner is the one who can break the most joints and bones from the opponent in 1 minute or make them unable to fight. It's pretty much a ceremonial event for the Red Swords.

    Tenkai:...I wonder if the kitsunes have something similar.

    Johnnathan: And my mother and you were chosen?

    Vanessa: The custom was to make the two best of us to do it, so it was natural.

    Johnnathan: And my mother wrestled against you and won?

    Vanessa: It was an intense fight alright, but unfortunately for me it was my loss. Heh. That bitch actually broke my back with one move that made me pass out for five seconds after 40 seconds the fight started. And then she received her 500th win.

    West: Damn. The more I hear about Johnny's mother, the more I like her.

    Johnnathan: I can't see my mother breaking other people's back...But I also find that kinda of possible.

    Vanessa: And after being humiliated, my glory shattered and had my pride stripped away from me, I went back at my life of being just a Higher Vampire. But it was about that time I met my lover, Enzio. So I guess I am glad for having my ass kicked...So what about her?

    Johnnathan: She is dead. Vampires found her and she fought back to protect my existence.

    Vanessa: I see...I guess I can't really have my revenge then...But! There is our 1001th fight that I won against her!

    Johnnathan: Really? What?

    Vanessa: Heeehehehe....The victory I have against her....

    She then proudly hits her chest with her palm.

    Vanessa: Is that her chest could never beat mine!


    Johnnathan: Is that really something to compare to the other fights?

    Evelyne: Well, it's a big deal for vampires.

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