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    Chapter 194: Kraken.


    Heinrich:...Alright, we ACTUALLY need a plan to do that. Aladdin, any ideas?

    Aladdin: Hmmm....Nope. Can't think of any spells that can work on something that big.

    Johnnathan: You sure?

    Aladdin: Well, not that can finish it in one-shot. Also, we are on it's element.

    Gerald: In cases like this, I would send a whole fleet...And yet my chances of winning would be 10% at best.

    West: Hey Bard. You're the Kraken Expert here. How do we kill it?

    Escobar: Hmmm...How about the head? I mean, it is protected for a reason, right?

    Edward: I can't tell if you are being serious or not.

    Escobar: Actually I am. See the horn in the middle? If you remove it, you reveal the weak's spot.

    Gerald: Okay. We have a direction.

    Vanilla: But how do we even reach there? Each of those tentacles are bigger than that dragon and the ship can't move it well on that whirpool can't it?

    Gerald: The only logical way is using a mermaid or merman.

    Coela: Leave it to me! I can easily swim around it.

    Heinrich: I don't know. It's not like I don't trust you, but I don't really trust my instinct on some situations.

    Dafadel: Uh....guys?

    Johnnathan: Can't you shoot at it from here Flor? At least distract it?

    Dafadel: Guys...

    Florencia: I suposse. But I believe sheer strenght is the key to break that shell. Perhaps if Coela could-

    Dafadel: Guys!

    Guys: What?

    Dafadel: It's doing something!

    The Kraken started to inhale and it spits a giant ice mass at them.

    Vanessa: Is that an entire iceberg?!

    Heinrich: If that gets us...Which appears to be the case, we're done it.

    Tenkai: Heavenly Slash!

    He sends a flying flame attack that manages to melt some of the ice.

    Edward: It's still gonna crush us!

    Tenkai: Hmpf!

    He picks his shotgun and shoots a fiery shot that scatters the ice. A large chunk hits the ship's deck and penetrates it.

    West:....Don't worry. I got this.

    West picks some nearby fixing tools and goes inside to repair the ship.

    Dafadel: I don't know very much about sailing a ship or killing giant mollusks, but I do know that we can't just stay on one spot.

    Heinrich: Couldn't agree more. I'll take the helm. Aladdin and Shadewing, give as much defensive support as you guys can.

    Aladdin: And what about the Kraken Slaying Deal?

    Johnnathan:....I'll do it.

    Heinrich: What?!

    Johnnathan: I mean, not alone. If Shadewing or Coela could take me closer, I may be able to hit right on the spot.

    Dafadel: That's insane!

    Aladdin: And stupid.

    Florencia: And reckless.

    Heinrich: And I approve that.

    Vanessa: Huh?! You're about to send your brother to his death just like that?!

    Heinrich: Meh. He had it worse...probably.

    Vanessa:...(Just what kind of children did you had Ruby?)

    Shadewing:...It's doing something again...

    The Kraken summons several orbs of water from the sea and turns them into giant ice spikes, launching it at he ship.

    Edward: Gah! Tenkai! Do something!

    Tenkai:...Nope. Too much ice.

    Edward: You serious?!

    Coela: Leave it to me!

    Coela summons a wall of water in front of the ship.

    Aladdin: I don't think that woul-

    Coela: Jelly!

    The water then turns black and the ice sticks to it as if it was a wall of gelatin.

    Aladdin: What the? Is that...Darkness?

    Coela: Yeah, me and Shadewing have been working on it ever since you guys talked about Dark Link.

    Escobar: You can do that as well, feathered one?

    Shadewing: Yes, but I prefer to use it often. I don't know how you Hybrids can handle that.

    Escobar: I see....Better skip that out then.

    Johnnathan: Well, I suposse going by the water would be safer in case I got dropped.

    Heinrich: So I guess it is you and Coela then. Shadewing, keep an eye on them just in case. I will take the helm and circle that thing. The rest, take care of artillery and be helpful as you can.

    He goes to the helm and Coela gets ready by diving into the sea, creating a platform of black water for Johnnathan to descend.

    Johnnathan:...So, can I go without worrying you guys....again?

    Edward: Sure. Why not?

    Florencia: You're the captain.

    Vanilla: We already came this far.

    Tenkai: Next time, don't waste on a giant goat.


    Johnnathan: Eve?

    Evelyne: Just come back with at least one arm missing.

    Johnnathan:...I will...Completed.

    He gets on the platform and meets with Coela.

    Johnnathan: Okay for you to carry me all the way there.

    Coela: I carried heavier tunas than you. Hop on!

    He gets on her back and she swims towards the Kraken on the middle of the massive whirlpool. The Vitoria started to circle around the Kraken at a safe distance, shooting her cannons at the beast drawing it's attention.

    Heinrich: Did it worked?

    Aladdin: I guess so. It looks mad.

    Dafadel: It's always looks like it's mad.

    The Kraken swung one of it's tentacles and launched a big water wave at them. Vanilla surrounded the ship with a magic barrier covered in eletricity to protect from the impact.

    Vanilla: Urgh! I felt that one.

    The Kraken then creates ice blocks from the sea and launches them at the ship. The crew shoots the blocks as they come with the cannons and their abilities. Evelyne crashed some of them with her chains while Vanessa was swinging a giant harpoon to deflect it.

    Evelyne:...Where did you get that?

    Vanessa: It was laying around there. So, are you sure about that? Leaving Johnnathan behind like that?

    Evelyne: Don't worry. If he falls down I can find him no time.

    Vanessa:...I wasn't talking about that.

    Evelyne: What?

    Vanessa: Nothing.

    Meanwhile on the sea, Coela and Johnnathan approaches the whirlpool.

    Coela: We are about to get on strong currents so hold on tight.

    Johnnathan: Alright. And again, sorry for make you carry me.

    Coela: Don't bother with it. I always wanted to have you on top of me.

    Johnnathan: What?

    Coela: N-Nothing.

    They arrive on the whirlpool and Coela swims against the current on circles around the Kraken, slowly approaching it's body.

    Johnnathan: Bloody hell, that thing is almost like an entire island.

    Coela: You took down a lot of thing bigger than you, right?

    Johnnathan: Well, neither of them were the former body of a Great Immortal, but there is the first time for everything.

    Then a massive tentacle appeared right in front of them.

    Coela: Watch out!

    Coela dodges it and continued swimming.

    Johnnathan: It can reach even here?

    Coela: Mostly important, it detected our presence. Anyway, it is too late to retreat.

    Johnnathan: Yeah...

    Johnnathan then unsheats his sword.

    Johnnathan: Let's keep going.

    Another massive tentacle appears in front of them ready to crush them.

    Johnnathan: Keep going foward!

    Coela: Alright!

    She keeps swimming foward and Johnnathan delivers a swing with both of his swords, cutting the tentacle with his dark powers.

    Coela: Way to go, Johnny!

    Johnnathan: I actually gave it a lot of energy on that attack.

    As she approaches, several ice spikes appears from the sea and are aimed at her. The fly towards them, but Johnnathan manages to slice each one of them.

    Johnnathan: And it still fights the Vitoria as we approach. This thing is nearly unbeatable on water.

    Coela: Yeah. Nearly.

    After a harduos swim, they are close to the main body. Coela then looks at the spike on the center of the Kraken's helmet.

    Coela: I cans see it...Maybe it you could cut right at that point with the fissure...No, you can definetly do it!

    Johnnathan: Good. A little lift?

    Coela: On it!

    She creates a floating sea current that heads near the horn and swims alongside it. As they approach the target, Johnnathan jumps and manages to cut the spike away revealing a dark blue core.

    Coela: That's....That's it....Uuurgh...

    Johnnathan: Something the matter?

    Coela: The current...it's too strong...I....I'm losing strenght....

    Johnnathan:....Can you do at least one last thing?

    Coela: What?

    Johnnathan: I just need...a high ground.

    Coela: Got it.

    She then turns the water around dark and forms a pillar platform where Johnnatha stays on feet and Coela laying around.

    Coela: Uuuurg....Will this do?

    Johnnathan: Yeah...

    Johnnathan then looks at the Kraken, staring at them with it's blank eyes and the weak's spot located right on the forehead.

    Johnnathan: Let's end this!

    Johnnathan jumps and stabs his two swords right on the spot and the beast roars as the swords deepens on the point.

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    Chapter 195: Under Pressure.


    As Johnnathan stabs the Kraken on it's weak spot, the beast struggles and and roars. Then after a while, it spits a ton of fishes coming from inside into skyward and slowly sinks underwater. The storm then calmed down and the sun started to shine in the sky.

    Heinrich:...I guess he did it, huh?

    Then a bunch of fishes rained down on the Vitoria.

    Aladdin:...Urgh. Sardines.

    Evelyne then summons a chain and tries to detect Johnnathan and Coela.

    Evelyne: Can you see them, Flor?

    Florencia:....Give me a sec.

    On the sea, the whirlpool had disappeared and Johnnathan was holding a exhausted Coela in his arms, looking at the sky.

    Johnnathan:....I'm not doing this again.


    Coela then wakes up.

    Johnnathan: Good morning....Or is it afternoon?

    Coela: Did we win?

    Johnnathan: Seems likely. Hold on just a minute.

    He picks his gun and shoots skywards, creating a black signal in the sky.


    Shadewing flies after them.

    Johnnathan: That will take a few seconds.

    Coela: Hey...We make a pretty good team, huh?

    Johnnathan: Sure we do.

    Coela: Do you find me pretty?

    Johnnathan:...Where did it that came from?

    Coela: Forget about it.

    Shadewing then picks them up and take them to the ship. As soon as they get on the ship, Coela lays on the deck and Johnnathan squeezes his his wet jacket.

    Coela: Aaaaah...I'm beat! Someone, pass me some of that fish over there.

    Aladdin uses magic to bring a fish to her and puts in her mouth.

    Coela: *Nom!* Thanks.

    Johnnathan: Hmm...I feel like we're missing something here.

    Escobar: Did you caught the Pearl?

    Johnnathan: Oh....Oh! Bloody hell. Was I supossed to get inside of it?

    Then the pile of fishes then starts to move.

    Evelyne: Hmm...I smell...blood on it.

    Vanessa: Yeah....me too.

    Then an old man dressed like a fisherman comes from inside.

    ???: Yaaaaaawn. What is going on here?

    Vanilla: Eeek! A weird old man just appeared.

    Gerald: Was he...inside the Kraken?

    Dafadel: The less I know the better.

    Johnnathan:.....Hold on...Are you....Sebastian?

    Heinirch: Sebastian....Oh! It's the Fish Vendor from home isn't it?

    Sebastian: Well, either it's my old sore eyes or I could tell you two are Alex's boys aren't you?

    Escobar: You know this guy?

    Johnnathan: Yeah. He used to sell my favourite trout. What are you doing here?

    Sebastian: I once went to fish me a octopus, but....I guess I caught a big one as you can see.

    Heinrich: But...how did you survived?

    Sebastian: Well, seafood wasn't getting low on stock inside there.

    Edward: Can you survive with only that?

    Coela: I did it for more than a decade.

    Sebastian: Anyway....

    He goes to the pile of fishes and picks a glowing blue orb.

    Sebastian: I found this inside that squishy head. I guess I can give you as thanks.

    Heinrich: Dude...Is that?

    Escobar: Yep. It's the Neptune's Pearl alright.

    Vanessa: It's pretty.

    Dafadel: Is it worthy a lot?

    Heinrich: You could say that.

    Heinrich then picks the pearl and Johnnathan then relax a bit on the corner.

    Johnnathan: Welp. Mission accomplished. It wasn't that tough. Now I will just lower my guard and....Hold on...

    Evelyne: What is the matter?

    Johnnathan: I feeling something stingy coming at-


    Suddenly a tentacle appears behind Johnnathan, picking him and dragging him underwater.



    Underwater, Johnny was holding his breath while being constricted by the Kraken's tentacles. He then opens his eyes and see the Kraken in front of him staring with the mouth open. The dark blue spot on the head wasn't completely shattered by Johnnathan's attacks. The Kraken then begins to drag Johnnathan to it's mouth.

    Johnnathan: (Damn....Can't do much like this...)

    The Kraken is then attacked by swordfishes made of water.

    Johnnathan: (What?)


    Escobar appears attacking the Kraken with water animals. The Kraken loses the grip and Johnnathan is released. After that, Escobar puts a bubble around Johnnathan.

    Johnnathan: Bwaaaaa.....I neeeded that.

    Escobar: Just don't use every bit of oxygen too fast.

    Escobar tries to leave with Johnnathan, but the Kraken outspeed him and gets right in front of them.

    Escobar: Oh dear...Welp. I guess that's it for me.

    Johnnathan: What do you mean?

    Escobar: I can still save you, but it will cost my life. Oh well, such is life.

    Johnnathan:...Wait. Instead of saving me...put me right in front of him.

    Escobar: What?

    Johnnathan: Do it. This world needs music.

    Escobar:....Can't say no to that....just don't harbor hate for me.

    With one tune of his string and sends Johnnathan right in front of the Kraken without noticing him. Johnnathan then activates the Dark Synchro.

    Johnnathan: Red Spiral!

    He sends a Red Spiral to the weak spot and it shatters the point completely. The Kraken roars and explodes on a mass of black ink, darkening the area.

    Escobar: J-Johnnathan!

    Johnnathan then was lost on the blackness. The bubble is dispelled and he once again is drowned. After a while he wakes up. He was floating on a space with nothing but blueness.

    Johnnathan: Where....Where is this? It doesn't sound like the Underworld.

    "It's close."

    He hear an elderly, loud and deep voice and notices he is on top of a giant hand. He looks in front of him and see a gaint merman with a crown. His body was in decay like a corpse and his eyes were missing.

    Johnnathan: Who...What are you?

    ???: I am...Was Neptune. The Great Immortal of the Ocean.

    Johnnathan: What? Didn't you became one with the ocean of something?

    Neptune: Yes...Or that was the intention. Long ago, I suffered a mortal wound from the Immortal Flames. I was trying to save my companion and the Great Immortal of the Beasts, Anhanga. But he got out of control and it's flames threatened my life. As a selfish attempt to save myself, I discarded my own flesh and released my spirit into the waters...but I had lost also my freedom. With the Kraken out of control, my spirit was shackled in an attempt to prevent the beast to cover the land in water. It was all thanks to you, Camilla's child.

    Johnnathan:...Cool story, bro. Can I go back?

    Neptune:...I'm afraid not.

    Johnnathan: Why? I'm dead?!

    Neptune: It seems by releasing my spirit, your body has entered another sort of space. The Kraken was also a key to a prison.

    Johnnathan: Really? Fitting for a pirate.

    Neptune: You see, this place that we are is actually a closed world inside World 7. But here you will find allies who will be glad to help you.

    Johnnathan: Still, that's pretty crazy.

    Neptune: Now, my spirit can finally rest. I will make my way to the afterlife. Now that the Kraken is gone, there is nothing anchoring me to this world. It's wound me that I will leave without finishing my bussiness. But at least, I will give you the opportunity to even more, young one.

    Johnnathan: Grow?

    Neptune: Now go....And continue your journey.

    A white-blue light shines upon him and he is blinded.
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    Chapter 196: Dark Island

    The waters turned black shortly after Johnnathan was taken away by the Kraken. Everyone watched patiently as Escobar came back with his body covered in ink.

    Escobar: Damn....I will need to actually clean all of this.

    Evelyne: You! Where is Johnny?! What happened to him?! Why aren't you him?! For the night's sake tell me!!!

    She starts to shake Escobar violently.

    Escobar: Whoa, easy lady! I can say that he is alive.

    Evelyne: Really?

    Escobar: Well, at least I can say he was not killed. He just seemed to have disappeared.

    Dafadel: That's insane!

    Aladdin: Not as much as most of the things we saw, kid.

    Evelyne: Wait....He left his jacket here...that will do!

    He picks the jacket and summons a chain. The chain then starts to shackle and emits a red glowing smoke.

    Evelyne:...Ah good. He is alive.

    Edward: He is? Great! Just tell us and we will salvage them right now!

    Evelyne:...That's the problem. I can't detect him. Like...He isn't anywhere in this world.

    Aladdin:...That could be insane, but it happened before.

    Dafadel: Thanks for telling me.

    Florencia: Are you sure he is just not far away?

    Evelyne: I could locate him even if he was on the North Pole. To be fair, it's the first time this happened.

    Heinrich: Can this get any worse?

    Florencia:...There is Draklish fleet approaching us from behind.

    Heinrich:...Bloody hell.

    Gerald:...Alright. Just leave it to me.


    Somewhere in an unknow location, Johnnathan was resting on a bed inside what seems to be a wood cabin. There were several masks and other wooden objects inside as well a lantern. He was wearing only a white shirt and his pants. He then wakes up.

    Johnnathan:....What a weird dream....Hold it.

    He then gets on his feet.

    Johnnathan: Where am I? This doesn't look like the South Pole.

    He then looks around and gazes at the masks on a shelf.

    Johnnathan: I also never seen artifacts like those...West would love to see it.


    Johnnathan: Huh? Did something moved?

    He then looks around.

    Johnnathan: Nah. Might be my-


    Johnnathan: Gah!

    A small figure wearing a large purple mask with a scary face pops out of the wall right in front of him.

    ???: Hahahahahaha! Got you!

    Johnnathan: A-a child?

    The child removes the mask and reveals to be a little girl with a green short shoulder-lenght hair and a red dress.

    ???: You're funny. Are all outsiders that easy to scare?

    Johnnathan: Outsiders? What are you talking about it? Also were you in the shelf this entire time?

    ???: Yep.

    Then the girl turned invisible.

    Johnnathan: Huh? Are you some sort of ghost?

    ???: No silly.

    She then appears again.

    ???: Camouflage. It's my special dark magic.

    Johnnathan: Dark Magic? So you are a Hybrid.

    ???: Yeah, just like you. My name is Pisces.

    Johnnathan: Well, nice to meet a fellow Hybrid. I'm Johnnathan Highlander.

    Pisces: Wow. What a long name. Are you some sort of king?

    Johnnathan:...I guess.

    "You are making our guest confused and lost with your questions."

    A shirtless man with short black hair wearing a yellow and red bandanna alongside a large muscular woman bigger than him with a long dark blue hair tied in a ponytail wearing a breast band enter the cabin. They were both Hybrids.

    ???: Sorry about my daughter. Children tends to be curious as they appear. How are you feeling, my brother?

    Johnnathan: Brother?

    ???: I suposse introductions are in order. I am Orion. I was the one who found you strained at the beach and chieftain of the island. And this is my wife, Ursa. She doesn't speak too much.


    Johnnathan: So I am currently in an island, right?

    Orion: Why not I just show you outside?

    He leads him outside of the cabin and he steps outside. It was a large town filled with black wooden houses and red palm trees. It was filled with towers and some larger buildings could be seen from afar. It was also night-time.

    Johnnathan: Wow. It was bigger than I thought. Also it's already dusk, huh?

    Orion: Heh. It's always dusk here on Red Moon Island.

    Johnnathan: Red Moon Island? I never heard of it.

    Orion: Of course you didn't it. No way an outsider would know of it. In fact, I am still questioning how did you came up here, brother.

    Johnnathan: I wish I could give you a clear answer.

    Orion: Also, I think you missed the big picture. Look at the people around you.

    He then looks at some bystanders passing.

    Johnnathan: What the? Are they....Every single one of them is a Hybrid, isn't it?

    Orion: Yeah. I bet they are pretty rare outside, isn't it? See? That's why we are all brothers here. Even outsiders like you.

    Johnnathan: I....I am kind of surprised.

    Pisces: Daddy! Guess what? He says he thinks he is a King!

    Orion: You....think?

    Johnnathan: Well...I am the boss of an organization.

    Orion: Really? What sort of?

    Johnnathan: Huuuuh....I'm a pirate, you see?

    Orion: Pirate....Oh! I see. You are a hoodlum that sails freely doing whatever you want. Hahahahaha! I bet you have quite the reputation!

    Johnnathan: Aren't you a bit bothered?

    Orion: Just don't try anything funny. We have our own troublemakers already.

    Johnnathan: By the way, you said this place is always at dusk?

    Orion: Yeah. Are you familiar with a place named Ra from outside? I heard it was always daytime around there. Here is the opposite. If you notice, we have 2 moons around our skies.

    Johnnathan: Oh, bloody hell. You're right.

    Orion:....I bet you want an explanation. I am holding a meeting at my house with some of the citzens. How about a share of information?

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    Chapter 197: Brothers in Blood.

    Orion brought Johnnathan into his house. There he talked about the current situation of the world and the Rogues. Some people were close to him, poking him with their fingers, mostly children.

    Orion: Hmmm....Blitzreign....Drakland...Rogues....Okay then.

    Johnnathan: Why are those people swarming over me? Did I do something to them?

    Orion: You are this first guy since forever from the outside that they met. Give them a break. But anyway, you said that vampires do not exists anymore and currently they are more like us?

    Johnnathan: I wouldn't put thar way, but it's close enough. And I did met an Old Vampire recently. Pretty much the last of her kind.

    Orion: So those Rogues....They all are dangerous aren't they?

    Johnnathan:...There is one I can trust.

    Orion: Oh? Who?

    Johnnathan:...I would like to talk this in particular.

    Orion: I see. Very well, let's continue this conversation somewhere else, brother. This meeting is over, folks.

    He dispenses the people at his house and takes Johnnathan out of it.

    Johnnathan: What was that for?

    Orion: It's kind like a staff meeting. It's faster to have a lot of people to know about you in one go. I hope you don't have nothing against it.

    Johnnathan: If I had I wouldn't be a pirate...I can already feel pair of eyes staring at me. They wanna kill me?

    Orion: Well, a couple of they are a little scared. Even though you are one of us, you are pretty much an alien from them.

    Johnnathan: This is a pretty town by the way. Reminds me of home a bit.

    Orion: You didn't tell me where did you came from.

    Johnnathan: Mians. It's on Blitzreign, right at the seaside. But I never seen palm trees this red.

    Orion: Those are Vampiric Trees. They were adapted to survive without sunlight.

    Johnnathan: I didn't knew that was possible.

    Orion: This place used to be a Research Facility to the Dark Wizards. They made things that even we do not have any idea how they started...Hmm?

    Suddenly they come across a woman with long black hair dressed as a carpenter carrying a large red log with a four-winged bat with a round body on her shoulders. Her face was a little gloomy and she was smoking a cigarrete.

    Orion: Hey sis! I wanted to have a word with you.

    Johnnathan: Sis?

    Orion: Yes. This is my sister, Andromeda.

    Race: Hybrid.
    Job: Carpenter.

    Andromeda:...So this is the outsider that was causing all this rickus, huh?

    She expels some smoke from her mouth and looks at him with a stern face.

    Andromeda:...He is very unique, alright. He is kind like your daughter.

    Johnnathan: What is going on?

    Orion: My sister have good eyes so she has a natural talent for measurement.

    Johnnathan: And what does she mean by me being like your daughter?

    Andromeda: You're a Sender, right? You know, sharing your juice with the others. You know what Dark Link is, isn't it?

    Johnnathan: I-I see. So, Pisces a Sender as well, huh?

    Orion: Yeah, we have only a few to them.

    Andromeda: So, what do you wanna talk about it?

    Orion: I am taking him to the East Beach. So I was thinking....

    Andromeda:....I get it. I wanted to jump there as well.

    Johnnathan: By the way...What is this creature on your shoulders?

    Andromeda: That. This is Nabbit. He is a Butterfly Bat.

    Nabbit: Keeee!

    Johnnathan: I never heard of them.

    Andromeda: Of course not, assclown. They only breed on this island.

    Johnnathan: Nice. What does it eat?

    Andromeda: A lot of things. They do prefer the nectar from the Vampire Flowers.

    Orion: Also, it's from their blood the Dark Wizards managed to turn the Dark Dweelers into Vampires. In a way, they are our brothers as well.

    Johnnathan:...I'm a little confused.

    Orion: I'll explain those things soon.

    After a while they arrived on a beach in the eastern side of the island. A pile of wood bundles and a fleet of small ships were located in there.

    Johnnathan: What is the deal of those ships?

    Orion: Andromeda built them with her team. We use them to fish, but they are made for navigation as well.

    Andromeda:....Not that we use them for that anyway.

    She then sits on the pile of woods and lights a cigarette.

    Andromeda: Yo. You smoke, Johnnathan?

    She offers him a cigarette.


    He picks the cigarette and smokes.

    Johnnathan: So is this like a...Vampiric Cigar or something?

    Andromededa: Nah. I

    Orion:...You seemed to have hesitate a little when you accepted it.

    Johnnathan: I'm trying to quit it.

    Andromeda:...It's a woman, isn't it?

    Johnnathan:...Nailed it.

    Orion: You have a woman? How is she?

    Johnnathan: She is a vampire.

    Orion: A...Vampire? You mean a Rogue?

    Andromeda: A what?

    Orion: I'll give you the details. I thought they were all bad.

    Johnnathan: She can be a little scary sometimes, but I believe she is a kind woman. I knew her way before she turned Rogue.

    Orion: Damn, brother. Just by that you would be like the most popular Hybrid here...But didn't you said that every vampire got murdered except for Raven and his siblings.

    Johnnathan:...She is one of his sisters. So she is one of the originals Rogues.

    Orion: One of his sisters....That means she is a Princess, right?! And...wouldn't that make her a descedant of Camilla?! Brother, what are you?!

    Andromeda:...What a crazy talk. What the hell am I smoking?

    Johnnathan: We were childhood friends. She would sneak out of Hollowgrounds and fly all the way to the western border of Blitzreign just to see me.

    Orion: You are indeed one-in-a-million you know that? Even by our standards.

    He then picks a rock on the ground and marks a red X on it with a maker. He then goes near the sea and toss it, making the rock skip in the water until it disappears in the horizon.

    Johnnathan:...Nice toss.

    Orion: Keep watching it.

    Then coming at their direction it was an object coming closer similar to the rock. The object lands on it and it is revealed to be a rock with a red X on it.

    Orion: See?

    Johnnathan: Bloody hell. It's really the same rock? How?

    Andromeda: *puff* You can try to get out of this island in whatever direction you want, you will always come back here. Like going after the surface of a mirror.

    Johnnathan: What a weird island. Could you explain me the history of this place?

    Orion: As I said it before, this Island was a Research Facility. It'a actually an artificial island. The Dark Wizards created this place with the intent to create the necessary steps to turn Dark Dweelers into Vampires. That is why it's so convenient for Butterfly Bats to live it here. They also are a creation of them. You could even call them...Prototypes.

    Johnnathan: So can they...

    Orion: Nah! They can't turn a Human into a Vampire. It would require a Dark Wizard to make it happen. Now here is my next point. Do you know how to turn a Immortal into a Mortal?

    Johnnathan:...Never thought about it.

    Orion: You know about the Fire Demons?

    Johnnathan: Yes. I heard it from the Fairy Mother.

    Orion: They had a devious spellcaster on their ranks. His name was Loki. Astaroth's loyal aide. He developed a way to burn away the immortality out of a Immortal's body.

    Johnnathan: That's pretty crazy.

    Orion: It's get worse. He did that in order to counter the Dark Knight's darkness. When he cursed them with his Immortal Flame they were turned into Fire Demons themselves.

    Johnnathan: Just like a vampire, right?

    Orion: That's correct. But thankfully the Great Immortals have succesfully defeated the Fire Demons and Loki's curse alongside it. But there was a catch.

    Johnnathan: It always have to be, right?

    Orion: The Dark Knights that were turned into Fire Demons had lost their immortality alongside it. They were now...Humans.

    Johnnathan: Humans...As in my other half?

    Orion: Yes. Back on those days, Human was a term that meant "One who dies".

    Johnnathan: I see...So the Fire Demons in a way created Humans, huh?

    Orion: And there is more. Loki also tried to do the same to the vampires...But their dark bodies were too strong to being corrupted by the flames, but they still lost their immotality...But their inner darkness grew stronger.

    Johnnathan: Wait! Are you talking about the Darkness used for Magic?!

    Orion: I see you already figured it out. These Vampires...Turned into Hybrids. And here on this Island, we are all descedants of the first Hybrids.
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    Chapter 198: Playtime.


    Johnnathan: You mean....all this time Hybrids weren't a hybrid of a Human and a Vampire, but a Vampire that lost their immortality? That doesn't sound like a Hybrid at all.

    Andromeda: Well, they did became more human so it's on the mark.

    Johnnathan: That aside, can we get to the point of this weird island?

    Orion: This Island is a place that exists and at the same time it doesn't it. To hide this island from the rest of the Immortals, the Dark Wizard casted a Space Spell that sends this whole place hidden in another plane of existence. Kinda like a parallel world....That only have one island.

    Johnnathan: And why are you all here?

    Orion: You see...The Vampires from that time weren't too friendly to our forefathers. Because of our overwhelming magic, they were very uncomfortable around our kind. But Camilla had sympath toward our forefathers and decided to relocated them to this island with the goal of protecting us from her own children that wanted their destruction.

    Johnnathan: Bloody hell.

    Orion: And after hearing your story...I guess she is not alive anymore, right? I always figured that out since we never had a word of her after a hundred generations.

    Johnnathan: And do you have any idea how I got here?

    Orion: I heard Camilla put Neptune in charge of hiding this place. You said you had met him, right?

    Johnnathan: Yeah. In a dream, I guess?

    Orion: Hmm....Perhaps he knew you could help us.

    Johnnathan: What was that?

    "Yo! Outsider!"

    Pisces then appeared carrying a pair of sabers.

    Pisces: Here. I brought you these.

    She hands to him his swords.

    Johnnathan: Thanks.

    Pisces: Say, Outsider. Is there any other Hybrid on your crew?

    Johnnathan: Yeah...2 or 3.

    Pisces: Aaaand do you know any Fairies?

    Johnnathan: Yeah. My First-Mate is a fairy.

    Pisces: Really?! Tell me more!

    Johnnathan: I also have a werewolf, A vampire, 2 humans and a blue hybrid.

    Andromeda: What the hell is a Blue Hybrid?

    Johnnathan: It's a Hybrid between a Human and a Kitsune.

    Pisces: Kitsune? What is that?

    Johnnathan: A blue fox on fire.


    Orion: So Pisces....You came at a good timing.

    Pisces: Really? How so?

    Orion: Why don't you spar a little with our new brother here?

    Pisces: R-Really?! Can I go all-out?

    Orion: Sure.

    Pisces: Yaaaay!

    Johnnathan: You want me to fight your daughter? You are not a really good parent.

    Andromeda: I wouldn't think like that if I were you. When it comes to magic....That girl there is the best on the island.

    Johnnathan: Huh?
    Then a black fiery object flies towards Johnnathan. He notices in time and avoids being burned.

    Johnnathan: Woah! That was dangerous.

    Pisces: Wow! You were able to avoid without even seeing it. You're amazing, Outsider!

    Johnnathan: What is wrong with her? I could have died!

    Orion: Don't overreact yet, brother. That wasn't even half of her real power.

    Pisces then creates a red glyph and a blue glyph and summons a 2 black floating fishes. One was covered fire and the other in a white cold air.

    Pisces: Meet my familiars, Chili and Chilly! Together we're unbeatable.


    Race: Hybrid.
    Age: 8
    Strongest Spellcaster in the Island.
    Triple Element User.

    Pisces: Taaaaaake this!

    She sends her two fishes at Johnnathan and creates an explosion of fire and ice covered in darkness.

    Johnnathan: 2 familiars....And one even has Ice.

    Pisces: Freeze Burning Fang Attack!

    She does an exaggerated pose and the fishes open their mouths showing shap teeths trying to bite Johnnathan. Johnnathan pushes them back with his swords.

    Pisces: So, you are tough at close-range. Then how about this! Icyhot Twin Beeeeeam!

    She summons her two fishes and the two of them shoots a red and blue beam at Johnnathan.

    Johnnathan: Red Spiral!

    Johnnathan launches a Red Spiral that collides with the beams, piercing through them.

    Pisces: Woah, nelly!

    She then uses her camouflage and disappears on sight before she got hit by it.

    Orion: Impressive.

    Johnnathan:......Where is sh-


    She then appears right behind him and jumps right at his back but she is intercepted by Orion who helf her by her shirt's collar.

    Orion: Okay. I seen enough.

    Pisces: Huh?! Come on. It was barely 2 minutes!

    Johnnathan:...I couldn't notice her at all.

    Orion: True. She can be quite a pain in the butt.

    He then puts her above his sholders.

    Johnnathan So, what was that about?

    Orion: I wanted to check out how good you are. You surpassed my expectations, I'll give you that.

    Johnnathan: Wasn't there no better way to do it?

    Orion: Don't worry. It's about to get worse.

    Johnnathan:...I don't like where this is going.

    Orion: Yo, sis! Will you stay here for a while.

    Andromeda: Yeah. Yeah. Sure.

    She just finished building some sort of stage while Johnnathan was playing with Pisces.

    Johnnathan:...How did she done that?

    Orion: Let's leave her be. She has her work. Let's go see your mother, Pisces.

    Pisces: Kay.

    Orion then guides Johnnathan to somewhere in the island's forest.

    Orion: Say Mr. Highlander; do you have any idea how you are gonna go back to your friends?

    Johnnathan: I've been waiting for you to answer me this for quite a while.

    Orion: Turns out we can help each other here. That if your Link between your pals is the real deal.

    Johnnathan: I don't get it.

    Orion: You know Darkness have the power to dispel any spell, right? The Spatial Magic around us is no different. But to generate such power...that's a problem.

    Johnnathan: I see...So, let's try that! Where is the gate?

    Pisces: Right above us!

    Johnnathan:...The stars?

    Orion: The Moons. I'll explain the details later. Right now, we have to work about your range.

    Johnnathan: My range?

    Orion: Senders like you are pretty rare. Here is no different. And if we are talking about those that can send their Darkness to the moons, only Pisces comes in my mind.

    Pisces: Teehee. I'm special.

    Johnnathan: And you think I can be like her?

    Orion: You have something no one here have. Friends from outside. If they work as receivers for your Darkness...We can totally pass through the wall of this island and finally be free.

    Johnnathan: I think I got it a little. Now is there some sort of training for that.

    Pisces: Yes...With Dance!

    Johnnathan: Dance?

    Orion: Yeah. Dancing helps channel your inner magic. It also will enchance your battle instincts as well.

    Johnnathan: I never really saw that way.

    Orion: I just gonna warn you that the instructor for this may be a little....too much for you.

    Johnnathan: Who is it?

    Pisces: It's my Mommy!

    Johnnathan: You mean that giantess from earlier? Is she really that strict?

    Orion: It's natural you would have such thoughts about her. If Pisces is the best of the island in spells....Ursa is the best when it comes to fighting.

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    Extra Story: Memories of the First Civilization.


    Aeons ago, during the Immortal Age at the last moments of the First Civilization, where it was Fairyland it lived it's most intense moment. There were fire raining from the sky and the forest fought to not be eaten by the flames.

    The land of fairies were being attacked by the Fire Demons. There was war at every single corner in the world. Near the tree at the center of the forest, an unusual figure was standing guarding the area. It was a woman with long fluffy red hair with a black and scarlet dress. A gigantic fireball came from the sky. She summons a red whip from her palm and easily dispels the fire from above.

    ???:*pant* pant*


    One of the Six Great Immortals, Great Immortal of Darkness, Camilla Dracul.
    Queen of the Vampires.


    A fairy woman in a white dress revealing her shoulders with long green hair descends next to her.


    Fairy Queen Titania.
    Great Immortal of the Forest.

    Titania: You are still here? Why aren't you in Hollowgrounds?!

    Camilla: Haha...Hahahaha...

    Titania: W-Why are you laughing?

    Camilla: I guess it's the heat....Right now I had the desire to a glass of water....But we all know that wouldn't do any good on me.

    Titania: If you want I could-

    Camilla: Nah. Just the thought of fairy blood going down my throat makes my tummy aches. No offense.

    Titania: Still, why are you still here? I heard the vampires retreated yesterday.

    Camilla:....I couldn't hear anything after that battle. It was quiet. I figured it out...The fairies perished.


    Camilla: Are the children safe?

    Titania: Yes. They might be at Drakland at this moment.

    Camilla: Is Arthur coming?

    Titania: Certainly, but...The Dark Knight aren't as powerful as they were since....You know what.

    Camilla:....Oh sweet night! Aren't you supossed to be all joy and full of hope?! Where did all that optimism went?! Say a joke or something! If only Anhanga wasn't busy at the far west....

    Titania: Camilla I.....I'm sorry.

    Camilla: It's your people that got slaughtered. Don't be sorry if those devils crashed your place and stole those you loved.

    Titania: Why would you go so far?

    Camilla: Shouldn't I? This place is the very own heart of the world isn't it? The World Tree, Yggdrassil. You could say World 7 and the Tree are one of the same. If Astaroth came and seized it...I couldn't imagine what kind of world would it be.

    The two of them looks at tree, still standing lively and strong despite the fire.

    Camilla:...Funny. Looking at this tree and reminding how all the six of us always had seen each other hundred of times in this place...It's still makes me consider Astaroth one of ours even now when he wants to destroy us.

    Titania: The World....The Civilization we all worked hard to build...I never realized how much time it passed.

    Camilla: That's why I can't let it fall. The next target after this will be Drakland and Hollowgrounds. I would rather stop Astaroth before that.

    Titania: If one of us may fall then let me be-

    Camilla: No. Not only the fairy children needs her "mother", but the humans that were born from the Immortal Flames will need more than the Dark Knight to look after them. Mortals need both of the Light and Darkness or else there is only chaos. Loki is gone. All we need is to get rid of Astaroth.

    Titania: But....What about-


    A pair of vampires. One male and the other female. The male one with a slicked back brown hair and the female one with a red hair tied down in a ponytail arrives.


    Camilla's First Son, Orlock Dracul and First Daughter, Nosferta Dracul.
    Twin Siblings born from the First Prince.

    Camilla: Well, what a surprise. Didn't I told you two to look after everyone in Hollowgrounds?

    Nosferta: Sorry mother, but things were south really fast.

    Orlock: There is a lot of tension of who would rule over the vampires. And it's possible a whole civil war may occur if you don't return.

    Titania: Oh my...

    Camilla:....Hahah....Hahahahahaha! So the rest don't even have single string of hope in me, huh? Bunch of ingrate children...Well, I can't blame them.

    Nosferta: Mother, please come back to us.

    Camilla: No can do, sweetie. You know what happens if this place get taken by Astaroth, right?

    Orlock: We know...But if we end it up fighting our siblings...Even if we two work together, we may not be able to stop the other 98 children.

    Camilla: *sigh* See Titania. That's the downside of having too many kids. You can't give all of them equal attention.

    Titania:...Haha. Yeah, that was actually funny.


    They hear a mighty roar from afar. A group of devil-like slowly beings approaches from far away. Their bodies were seem to be made of black iron. They had huge jaws and fire were coming out their eyes and mouth. They were like walking boilers.

    Camilla: Here they are....Not I gonna say will convince either you two, huh?

    Nosferta:...Sorry, mother. We understand your decision. But I don't want you to leave us just yet.

    Orlock: If you are gonna perish....Then take us with you. We rather die now than die fighting our family.


    Titania: Yes?

    Camilla: I...I guess this is farewell. I don't want to be that kind of person, but...We don't have time. And I want to have a time alone with my children.

    Titania:..I don't need to use my eyes to see through that. But do tell me...What about the New Generation?

    Camilla: I got that under control. Ask Neptune if you have a doubt. But I feel there are still a few out there.

    Titania: Right....I just wanna say, it was a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

    Camilla: The feeling is mutual.

    Titania then flies away and looks behind for another second shedding a tear. Camilla then approache her children and hugs the two of them.

    Camilla: I'm glad....That the two of you grew fine up just fine.

    Orlock: Mother....

    Nosferta: Mother...*sniff*...I feel sad, but happy as well...Why is that?

    Camilla: This, dear is to be Human....Being human is more than just being mortal...Is to be pleased in being alive. Because our kind was made to be undead cold-hearted fighters we threw the feeling away. But I'm glad you two received the gift I gave you.

    Then the heat became more intense. The demons had arrived, bringing behind them an inferno that consumed everything it passed. From inside the flames a large black shadow with large horns and glowing red eyes bigger than the other demons was on sight.

    Camilla: Astaroth....

    Nosferta: What do we do, mother?

    Camilla: If we are gonna fall here, then let's buy as must time as we can until Arthur arrives. Pick your blades!

    The two of them picks their swords in their hilts while Camilla forms two red whips.

    Orlock: Mother....This is uncalled for, but...Do you have any regret?

    Camilla: Regret....Maybe never having any grandchildren.

    Nosferta: Who knows? Maybe some will born...And they will wish to become more than just vampires.

    Camilla: Yeah...Who knows....

    On that day, the Dark Knight Arthur arrived about half a day later after Titania left Camilla. The demons had their number reduced and Astaroth was not strong enough to oppose the Dark Knight and the Fairy Queen so he had no choice, but to retreat. Only 2 broken swords were found it on the floor alongside a burned dress.

    Happy Mother's Day, y'all!

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    Chapter 199: Level Zero.


    Orion arrived with Johnnathan into an altar that was surrounded by torches and what seems to be tiki statues with stern looking faces. Johnnathan then casually looks around.

    Johnnathan:...This place looks like somewhere you would kill a goat.

    Pisces: That's oddly specific.

    Johnnathan: So...how does this works? I have to copy some movements or something like that?

    Orion: Easy there. Before you can dance, you have to start getting on your feet.

    Johnnathan:...I already on feet.

    Orion: Are you sure?

    Johnnathan: Yeah, can't you-Gah!

    Then a force of pressure pushes Johnnathan and pins him to the ground.

    Johnnathan: Uuuurh....

    Orion: Nice job, darling.

    Ursa appears right behind Johnnathan wirlding a large rectangular claymore.

    Johnnathan: Is this her doing?

    Orion: Yeah. Right now she rose the gravity around you making it too heavy.

    Johnnathan: Huh....I think my brother passed through the same thing once.

    Orion: Alright, this is level 1....No, it's more like level 0. First, you have to stand.

    Johnnathan: I can't even lift a finger....

    Orion:...Yeah, this might take a few hours, so I guess maybe we sh-

    Before he could finished, an image of a large horned skull appears before him and Johnnathan activates his Dark Synchro, managing to stand on his feet.

    Pisces: 0_o


    Orion:....Okay. Now this is Level 1.

    Johnnathan: It's still....Heavy....

    Orion: Alright then. I thought we would had to wait a few days for you to adapt it, but now you can start moving around.

    Johnnathan: Moving around? How?

    Orion: How about avoiding being hit by that?

    He points at an intimidating Ursa with her claymore in hands.

    Johnnathan:....Bloody hell.


    Back on the waters near the South Pole, Walpole and Shepherd were questioning Commander Gerald about the current situation.

    Walpole: Okay, so this is rather unorthodox, but you saying you have this pirate crew led by a Diamond Level Pirate under your custody...and they aren't restrained or anything?

    Gerald:...They are very well behaved.

    Shepherd: And what about those four civilians over there?

    She points at Dafadel, Vanessa, Escobar and Sebastian.

    Gerald: They were just guiding me through the South Pole. The resources they gave us were...lacking.

    Sebastian: And I'm just a frail old fishman.

    Escobar: And I'm just a wandering ministrel.

    Shepherd:...What do you think, general?

    Walpole: We have more urgent matters to attend...And lucky for me, you're one of them Gerald.

    Gerald: Is that so? Does it involves what happened in Wildlands?

    Walpole: Maybe. Just come to my ship and asks no questions.


    The two took an agreement and left the ship.

    Walpole: Shepherd. Watch over them.

    Shepherd: Yes, sir!

    She then glares at them with a stern look.

    Aladdin:...Don't she know we can overpower her?

    Florencia: No need for that.

    Then West comes out of the ship.

    West: Heyo. Did I lost something?

    Shepherd: West?!

    West: Eh? Aunt Shepherd?

    Shepherd: West! Thank goodness! I was worried about it! Even though I heard about you from your friends.


    Shepherd: Don't go "Uh-Hu" me, young man!

    She then starts to pull his cheeks.

    West: Ow!

    Vanessa: They are related?

    Dafadel: Seems so.

    Shepherd: It was already too hard for me with you being a hooligan in Damaon and now I have to worry with you travelling through the all the way to the world! Why can't you just settle down with a family or something?!

    West:...I kinda did that.

    Shepherd: Eh?

    Florencia: I guess this is a little late, but...

    She shows her ring in her finger.

    Florencia: Me and West got married last month.

    Shepherd: Wha...

    She then looks at West's engagement ring.

    Shepherd: Whaaaaat?! You two got married?! Just like that?! Where?! How?!

    Edward: It was in Gel.

    Vanilla: Ronan made it possible.

    Shepherd: Say what?! He can do that?! Damnit, West! How dare you have a wedding ceremony and don't call your only aunt?!

    Tenkai: I would hardly call that a ceremony. It lasted like...less than a minute, I guess.

    Shepherd: What?! No party?! No cake?! No gifts?! How...How could you...Waaaa....WAAAAAAAA!!!

    She then curls in a ball and cries on a corner.

    Escobar:...Are those tears of happiness or sadness?

    Sebastian: It's smells both salty and sweet so I guess both.

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    Chapter 200: Dark Days.


    The Vitoria docked at the port of the South Pole next to the Gloria. The Red Beast crew jumped off the Vitoria and found it Nikolai lazying around on a beach chair with sunglasses on his face.

    Florencia:...What is that guy doing?

    Vanilla: Yeah. It's the South Pole here.

    Nikolai:....Oh. Hi guys. Did you got the pearl or whatever?

    Edward: Yeah...We did it.

    Nikolai: Great...where is Johnny? Where is our pal in red that always win in the end?

    Tenkai: Johnny-san got missing. We do know he is still alive somehow.

    Nikolai:....Welp. Can't win all of it.

    Edward: I can't believe you are his friend.

    West: By the way, wasn't expecting to see my aunt like that. Any ideas what Walpole wanted to do with Gerald?

    Florencia: It's unlikely to involve us.

    Meanwhile Heinrich was alongside Vanessa and Dafadel at the way back of the pier.

    Heinrich: Well, I guess this is goodbye, Vanessa my dear. But we will always have Circa, right?

    Vanessa: We never went to Circa. And we had just met like less than a day.

    Heinrich: Oh my. You do know how to hurt a guy's feeling. But seriously a lady like you not tagging along a guy feels kind of a waste.

    Vanessa:...Now listen here. Since your mother never told you about me...

    She faces Heinrich with a devilish smile and her fist clenching.

    Vanessa: Do you want to tell you about that time I sent your uncle into orbit with one punch?

    Heinrich: Er...I like my woman being difficult, but not that much...Hey, kid.

    Dafadel: Huh? What?

    Heinrich: You've been spacing out a little bit for a while. You alright?

    Dafadel: Ah....Nothing. I just have a lot of work to do. I'll be going ahead granny.

    He then leaves the port.

    Vanessa: *sigh* He is still a child, I guess.

    Heinrich: I don't want to pry, but...I guess someone else needs more attention.

    He points at Evelyne sitting alone on the pier, holding Johnnathan's jacket.

    Heinrich: Would you...please talk to her? I am just his boyfriend's older brother.

    Vanessa:...I was about to do that. And by the way....

    Heinrich: What?

    Vanessa then punches him in the face, leaving his right eye purple and bloated.

    Heinrich: Ouch!

    Vanessa: That is for staring at my bosom.

    She then leaves.

    Heinrich:...Of course I would. It covers like half of your upper half.

    Staring at the cold sea and the skies covered in snow, Evelyne gazed with a sad expression. She then looks at the jacket on her hands. She puts in her face and smells it, shivering in the end.

    Evelyne: Haaaaaaa.....

    Vanessa: Sweet night. Have some decency.

    Evelyne: Eeek! You scared me.

    Vanessa: Have you gone rusty?

    Evelyne: Huh?

    She then sits next to her.

    Vanessa: A vampire from your breed would have their senses sharp enough to notice anyone approaching you. In fact, of all you eight, you had the most keen sense. But I guess even you would be distracted by things like...love.

    Evelyne: S-sorry.

    Vanessa: Don't be. Romance is a privilege of all ladies. Me included.

    Evelyne: Is that so?

    Vanessa: Say. Does that really have his smell?

    Evelyne: Yeah. You can't see it well, but...there are traces of bloodstains all over it.

    Vanessa: Oh...Now that I think about it he had a certain fragrance. I guess he was right in choosing red then. How exactly you can tell he is alive?

    Evelyne: These chains of mine can attach to anyone even if they do not trap them. It's like there is an invisible link between us.

    Vanessa: That's kind of romantic. I guess whatever chance you had as a Rogue was well-received.

    Evelyne:....I wouldn't say.

    Vanessa: How so?

    Evelyne: Sure. Living as a Rogue is easier than an Old Vampire. But there are some nasty after-effects. The hunger is more severe, the anger rises to the point we may lose reason and logic...some decrease in intellectual capacity in some cases, but...there is one that kinda bothers me.

    Vanessa: What is it?

    Evelyne:...It's not really confirmed, but...I guess I may be infertile.

    Vanessa: Oh my...Are you sure? You know we vampires can't tell ourselves, right?

    Evelyne: I am aware. You see...I thought I would be pregnant by now.

    Vanessa: You do? Wait a second! Are you and Johnnathan...actually trying to have a child?

    Evelyne: Yeaaaaah, about that. I kinda told Johnnathan that I am taking a medication to not have one, but...

    Vanessa: It's a lie, isn't it?

    Evelyne: Yeah, it is.

    Vanessa: Look. It's your body and you do whatever the hell you want it. But you should be honest with your partner. And please, having a child while sailing the sea as a pirate? I know Johnnathan enough already that he is not foolish to do this kind of thing.

    Evelyne:...That's why I lied.

    Vanessa: Still, not a good thing to do to him.

    Evelyne: I know, I know...But who knows when he is gonna stop being a pirate.

    Vanessa: I think I get it where you getting at. But that's not a good excuse. When you find him, tell him the truth.

    Evelyne: Very well. You're right, I wasn't being fair. After all, he trusted me of all people.

    "A young woman looking at the sea thinking of her lover...."

    Escobar appears from the water and sits next to them playing a few tunes on his guitar.

    Escobar: There is so many songs about it that it just bores me.

    Vanessa:...You mind? We are having a women's conversation here.

    Escobar: Yeah, right. More like a mother talking to her moody teen daughter.

    Evelyne: You know we can kill you, right?

    Escobar: You wouldn't do that, right? That sort of thing would be exactly what I would try to pull out of you.

    Vanessa: What's gotten into you recently? It's almost like you lost your purpose in life.

    Escobar: I think that might be it. For a long time I've been searching for a way to calm the Kraken, but now it's gone. And the ocean feels a little different now. Lika if it was one being and now it's...spread around.

    Evelyne: I have no clue of what you said it...but it doesn't seem like you can find Johnnathan, right?

    Escobar: Sorry dear...But now I have to find my way now.

    Evelyne:...I don't think he is on the sea anymore. At this time he might be on safe land...But where?

    Meanwhile on Red Moon Island, Johnnathan was avoiding several swings from Ursa's sword stuck in one place because of the heavy gravity over him.

    Orion: 96....97...

    Pisces: 98...99...100!

    As he dodged the last swing, Ursa delivers a kick on him.

    Johnnathan: Ouch....

    Orion: Incredible. You might be sort of paragon Highlander. It's not anyone that can dodge 100 swings on it's first try.

    Johnnathan: I don't know what hurts more...the kick or the burn for moving around so much....

    Orion: You do deserve a rest...We continue tomorrow.

    Johnnathan: By the way, how do we know when is tomorrow around here?

    Pisces: It kinda becomes...less dark I guess.

    Johnnathan: Also...Do you guys do this kind of thing with everyone?

    Orion: Well, see as a pass of adulthood around here. Of course, there are many other....versions if I might say so.

    Johnnathan: As long as it takes me back to my pals, I will do whatever it takes.

    Orion: Awesome! This way, we might get you out until next month.

    Johnnathan: Next...month?

    Orion: Yeah...On the night the two moons forms the Red Moon. It's the time when our willpower strikes the gates of this prison!

    Johnnathan: Are you saying...I'm stuck here for a month?

    Orion: Pretty much, yeah.

    Pisces: And if you fail it, you stay here another month...And so on....

    Johnnathan:...Bloody hell...

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    Chapter 201: Bad Dream.

    Johnnathan had his second night of sleep after being stranded on Red Moon Island, even though it is always night-time in there. After practicing his moves, he pretty much fell asleep before his head touched the pillow.

    He was calm. Sleeping peacefully. He then starts to dream. He was on a foggy black beach, looking around confused. Then he sets his eye on the sea and notices a ship nearby. It was The Gloria.

    Johnnathan: That's...Gloria?!...Nah. It just a dream isn't it? Well, it wouldn't hurt taking a peek.

    He boards the ship, but does not finds a single soul.

    Johnnathan: Well, this does not seems a figment of the past like the last time, but...I really could go for a figment of a familiar face.

    He then enters inside the ship. Everything seems normal. But there was anything but a void. Then he notices something out of place. Blood. Fresh. Forming what seems to be a trail.

    Johnnathan: Now that's unusual.

    He puts his finger on it and tastes it.

    Johnnathan:...No taste. As expected.

    He then follows the trail and leads to his room.

    Johnnathan:....Okay. This is the part of the dream that it should stop....Is it stoping it? Please don't make me do this....

    He then opens the door, hesitantly. And when he opens...everything seems normal.

    Johnnathan: Oh.

    He then enters the room. He looks at his bed and nothing seems out of ordinary.

    Johnnathan:....I would love to lay down on it, but it does not seems like a good idea.


    He hears a rather faint voice from behind. When he turns around he sees Raven at the door holding an unconscious Evelyne by the hair. She was all covered in blood. He then holds her showing her entire body to Johnnathan. His face was pale and filled with despair.

    Raven: Looking for this?

    Johnnathan: Eve....Evelyne...

    Raven then impales his sword on Evelyne from behind, piercing through her entire torso.

    Johnnathan: N-NOOOOOOO!!!!

    He then wakes up. He was sweating and breathing hard.

    Johnnathan: Haaa....Ha....Ha...

    He calms down a little bit and then stay sitting on his bed.

    Johnnathan: Great. Now I am afraid of sleeping now.


    He hears the sound of a beast and in front of him there was a lion with goat horns and a snake for a tail.

    Johnnathan:...A Chimera? I'm still dreaming?

    "Ah! Alphonso!"

    Pisces then appears.

    Pisces: What are you doing? You disturbing Mr.Highlander! Shoo! Shooo!

    She pests away the Chimera as if it was a house cat.

    Pisces: Sorry about that. I forgot to put his pillow.


    Johnnathan then twitches his eyes and shakes his head.

    Johnnathan: Why in the bloody hell there was a Chimera on the house?

    Pisces: What? There aren't Chimeras on the outside world?

    Johnnathan: There is. But they aren't pets.

    Pisces: Is that so? Because they are a little common around here and they don't attack us very often.

    Johnnathan: Come to think of it they are pretty smart creatures. I guess an island full of half-vampire beings that are walking dark magic batteries you would think twice before trying to pick a fight with them.

    Pisces: Oooooh! I never really thought about that! Makes sense.

    Johnnathan: My dad would rather face a vampire over them. They are rather dangerous everywhere.

    Pisces: Your dad?

    Johnnathan: Yeah, about that. My father was a vampire hunter. But he would hunt other things from time to time.

    Pisces: Was he human?

    Johnnathan: Yeah. And my mother was a vampire. When they met each other....It was complicated.

    Pisces: I see, I see. You are veeery interesting.

    Johnnathan: By the way, what are you doing here?

    Pisces: I woke up with Alphonso scratching his claws on the floor....again. Then I heard you scream.

    Johnnathan: Sorry about that kid.

    Pisces:....Say, do you want some company? I could sleep with you if you wanted.



    Johnnathan: Nothing. Just a deja vu. But while I appreciate, I guess it's kind of...not right.

    Pisces: Don't bother!

    She then leaves and returns with a coloured sleeping bag. She puts on herself and she looked like a fish.

    Johnnathan:...That's adorable.

    She then jumps on Johnnathan's bed and lays next to him.

    Pisces: If I am covered on my bag then it's okay, right?

    Johnnathan:...I suposse so.

    Pisces: Alright, then. Good Night!

    She then sleeps instantly.

    Johnnathan:....I actually feel more calm.

    Johnnathan sleeps once again.

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    Chapter 202: First Week.

    Johnnathan wakes up after a night of sleep that started bad, but got better. He woke up at night, but he felt it was morning.

    Johnnathan: *Yaaaaawn* Damn, feels good to be able to move again.

    He then looks around his room.

    Johnnathan: Hmm? Where is the little gal?

    He gets up and trips on something. It was Pisces, sleeping on the floor.

    Pisces: *Snoooore*

    Johnnathan: Oh. She must have fell from the bed.

    He then picks her up and carries her inside the sleeping bag.

    Johnnathan: I wonder if Orion is up.

    He goes to the dining room and finds Orion and Ursa eating a basket of fruits.

    Orion: Heeeeey! I thought I was gonna to have to wake you up, brother. And you even brought my daughter along! Did she snuck it up on your room?

    Johnnathan: Yeah. Didn't saw her coming?

    Orion: Hahahaha! You see, she is actually very fond of that room. Anyway, do you wanna taste our Black Cheese? Yeah, we have cheese and it's black so don't ask about it.

    Johnnathan: O-Okay. Say, what are the plans for today?

    Orion: Well, today is not busy for me so we can work on you anytime.

    Johnnathan: Can it be right now?

    Orion: Woah! Hold on. You just got up, didn't you? Besides aren't you worn out of yesterday?

    Johnnathan: I don't know the details, but I have a month to free myself from here, right? And if I fail then it's another month...And I wanna be sure that I get out of here next month.

    Orion then forces put the whole cheese on Johnnathan's mouth.

    Orion: Yeah! That's the spirit, brother! Let's gooooo!

    He then grabs Johnnathan by the arm and drags him to the training spot from yesterday. Ursa would follow them a few moments later with Pisces when she wakes up. And then one session of training lessons later, Johnnathan would become just as like last time.

    Johnnathan: Uuuurgh....

    Orion: Not bad, brother. Just one session and you can already move around freely. I guess we can start level 2 soon.

    Johnnathan: Just how many levels there are?

    Orion: Hmm...I never really thought about it, honestly. Anyway, I do have a favor to ask you.

    Johnnathan: What?

    Orion: I need you to get out of my house.

    Johnnathan: Huh?

    Pisces: Huuuuuh?!

    Johnnathan: Have I...done something?

    Orion: Oh no, no, no. It's not like that. It just I reaaaally need you to try a place.

    Johnnathan: A place?

    Orion then takes him to a large building with over 20 floors.

    Johnnathan: What is this place?

    Orion: It's a hotel.

    Johnnathan: A...hotel? Why would you guys have a hotel?

    Orion: My sister had been build this since forever. And still does, actually. But you see...she never had a host.

    Johnnathan: I see...I can hear people inside though.

    Orion: There is a tavern inside. Also, people here often rent the rooms here when they want a time alone. But you can live it here now if you want.

    Johnnathan: Why is that?

    Orion: I just thought that maybe if you had a place on your own, people might come to see you more often.

    Johnnathan: Wow. That's very considerate.

    Orion: Also my sister would probably force you sooner or later anyway.

    Pisces: Out with that! I prefer him under our roof!

    Orion: Now, now. I pretty sure Mr. Highlander wants as much as privacy as possible. He is not used to Chimeras sneaking out at night.

    Pisces: But-

    Orion: Also, you have to leave Leo out of this.

    Pisces: Ah...fine.

    Pisces gets depressed.


    Orion: Aaaanyway, get it inside, brother!

    He pushes Johnnathan inside the hotel. At the side of the reception room, there was a tavern where several other Hybrids were drinking and some waitress serving them. A melodious voice attracts Johnnathan and he see a beautiful woman with a long blond hair with a red rose on her head singing on a stage. As she finishes singing the criwd applauses.

    "Way to go, Cassie!"

    "Nice going Cassie!"

    Cassie: You are always so kind.

    Better know as Cassie.
    Race: Hybrid.

    Orion: Hey guys.

    "Oh. Hey there boss!"

    "What's doing it boss?"

    Orion: I'll be quick here. This is Johnnathan Highlander. You guys may know him as the Outsider from yesterday. Say hello to him!



    "How is it doing it?"

    Cassie: The outsider...

    Orion: By the way the single flower over there is Cassiopeia. She pretty much runs this place.

    Cassie: Actually, your sister does. I just...make sure people come here.

    Orion: You see, I decided to make him our very first customer to this humble hotel.

    "That's neat!"

    "It was already time for it."

    "This place feel more important."

    Orion: So, you know, be friendly with him. If anything feels free to ask him anything about it. I would love to stay, but...I got a few issues.

    "Sure, boss."

    "By the way...He looks a bit like Leo, don't he?"

    Orion:...That's not important right now. See ya, guys.

    Johnnathan:(That name again...)

    Orion leaves and Johnnathan takes a seat. They serve a drink on the house and he starts to chat for a bit.

    Johnnathan:...And then that giant crashed me on the floor so many time I passed out.

    "Wow....Like a bitch!"

    "So the outside world is filled with those monsters...The vampires looks so different from what we heard about it."

    "I guess it's a good thing we are in anothe plane of existence, no?*hic*"

    Johnnathan: Now out of curiosity...who is this Leo you were talking about it.

    Cassie:....It's better if you ask Orion himself.

    "Yeah, that sort of thing is...like his personal problem."

    Cassie: You might be tired. I heard that you've been taking quite the toll by Miss Ursa.

    "Wow. He is doing THAT? Kid got guts."

    "As expected from a guy who fished a genuine vampire. HAH!"

    Cassie: I'll take you to your room.

    She guides him to a room on the first floor. There they stopped right in front of a door.

    Johnnathan: You know, I expected they to be more surprised about what is happening outside here.

    Cassie: Please, they are Hybrids. It takes more than magic-altered vampires to drive them crazy. Besides, crazier things happened here before.

    Johnnathan: Somehow I can relate to that.

    Cassie: Well, here is your room. Anything, you can count on me or Andromeda...but I guess it will be most me.

    Johnnathan: I think it's better like this. Is she busy?

    Cassie: Yes. Over the years, she builded houses, boats and even a large ship. She would be gladly to have people using them.

    Johnnathan: She has determination, I give her that.

    Cassie:...I also heard you have been working hard for us. Thank you very much.

    Johnnathan: I am most doing this for myself.

    Cassie: Even so. I appreciate.

    She hands him over the key.

    Cassie: Well, have a good night.

    She then leaves and Johnnathan enters his room. She then stops on the hallway and looks down with her fist on her chest.

    Cassie: Leo....Why have you...

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