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    Chapter 213: Amaterasu's Red Night part 4.

    Makoto: So that's the phony creep you used to impersonate as Yoshimetsu, huh?

    Raven: Yeah, that's what I said it bef-

    Makoto sends one of her tails straight at his head that he sneakily dodges it.

    Makoto: Are you mocking me? Since when you were the kind of man that would let a mere underling do all the work.

    Raven: Okay, first of all I just felt like it would be more fun watching you being killed by a mere underling of mine. And second, look at what this mere underling done.

    He picks up a mask from his coat pocket that had a point nose.

    Makoto: What? That mask....Akihara?!

    Raven: Some winged freaks noticed us coming it earlier and planned an ambush on us. Of course, good old Blade over there was...kind of pissed off with them actually.

    Makoto: Then they were all...

    Raven: Pretty much. I mean, it would be bad for me to keep them alive and all that.

    Makoto: So...he wasn't your accomplice?

    Raven:...No. That would be stupid.

    Makoto: Then....How...

    Blade swung his sword at Makoto, but she dodges it at the last second.

    Raven: Watch out dear. He is quite the impatient one.

    He was sitting on the corner scrapping his nails. Blade then starts to swing his sword trying to slice her neck.

    Makoto: Urk!

    Raven: Hmmm....should I paint it red?

    Makoto: You bastard...Don't mock me!

    She forms a large fox claw made of foxfire and charges at Raven but Blade intervenes and cuts the arm leaving a wound on the flame arm.

    Makoto: Gaaaah!

    She reverts her arm back and there is a nasty wound on it.

    Makoto: Huff...Huff...What was that?

    Raven: I forgot to tell, but Blade's speciality is to cut everything...specially things that are magical. Come to think of it, isn't a kitsune's body most made of magic or something? You could say he is the Grim Reaper of your kind then.

    Makoto: So that's why I felt pain....The darkness really is something fearful.

    Raven: No shit.

    Makoto: If that is the case...

    She envolves her body in a body of foxfire and she emerges with nine light-blue tails on fire and her fox ears were made of blue fire.

    Makoto: I'll just need to put everything in one body.

    Raven: (So not only she managed to merge her physical body to her magic but also her soul...Interesting.)

    Meanwhile back at the prison, an ice cold battle was happening between Ehihime and Purple Haze that was having the advantage with his crimson ice.

    Ehihime: This is...really bad...


    Shiiha appers in her true form and kicks an ice body straight at Haze that blocks by creating an ice wall.

    Shiiha: You alright?

    Ehihime: I've been better. I never thought I would find a stronger ice than mine.

    Shiiha: I thought those creeps were all dark this and dark that. But they can actually do elemental spells....

    Ehihime: Also...he does remind me of someone for some reason.

    Back at Makoto's fight with Black Blade, Makoto was trading blows against Blade's sword with her own bare hands covered in flames.

    Makoto: Haaaaaah!

    She holds the sword with her claw and pushes him away with her tails making him landing next to Raven that was playing with a yo-yo.

    Raven: Hmmm...Black....Blade...Black....Hey! You have the same name as my little brother. Should've gone with Dark I guess, but-

    Makoto tries to attack Raven with her fan but Blade gets up and deflects it.

    Makoto: Damnit!

    Raven: Piece of advice. Don't try to fight both of us. Don't worry. I'll be standing here quietly like a good boy.

    Makoto: I am already tired of this child's play!

    She opens her mouth and a massive blue light was coming from inside her.

    Raven: How cute. Are you gonna spit some fire or-

    She spits a large blue fireball that flied really fast.

    Raven: Oh boy! This is actually not-

    Before he could realize the danger of his situation, Black Blade stood in front of him and protected with his sword, but he could not prevent the massive explosion. His black helmet dropped right next to her because of the explosion.

    Makoto:....Come to think of it, isn't this piece of armor...familiar?

    "Oh jeeez."

    As the smoke vanished, Raven was seen still standing while Black Blade was on his knees hanging on his sword.

    Raven: That would actually hurt a lot. Not even Blade here could totally tank it. Now I am starting to regret my choices.

    Blade then started struggle to get on his feet with his face exposed. When Makoto took a look at it, she immediately got in shock.

    Makoto: Huh? Wait....What...What is the meaning of this?!

    The face that she saw was a face that she couldn't forget it no matter she tried.

    Makoto: Y-Yoshimetsu?!

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    Chapter 214: Amaterasu's Red Night part 5.

    Blade: Huff....Huff...

    Makoto: Yoshi....Metsu....

    As Blade tries to stay on his feet after taking a heavy hit from Makoto's flames she slowly approaches him. She stands right in front of him without a reaction, just gazing at his face up-close.


    She then puts her hands around his face and starts to cry.

    Makoto: I don't believe this....Yoshimetsu....Haha.....Hahahahaha! You're ali-


    Blade pierces through her whole torso.

    Makoto: Uuurgh....Guuuuh.....

    He continues by impaling her into a wall.

    Makoto: Gah! Yoshimetsu....How....How did you....

    She then looks at his face once more crying.

    Makoto: How did you....came back?

    Raven: Okay, time out. Am I missing something here? Where is the Dark Lord Kitsune that wrecks shit? Why are you suddenly....different?

    Makoto:....Me and Yoshimetsu....we were in love with each other. In a way...we were married. Had a child and all that.

    Raven: What?.....What?! Haha......HAHAHAHAHAHA! Are you kidding me?! This is the best thing I heard all week. The Demon Swordsman and the Ninetails having a child. How did that escaped my radar? Hahahahaha!

    Raven keeps laughing in amusement.

    Raven: Come to think of it, I did met with someone who claimed to be Yoshimetsu's son in Zhar....Could it be the same one? On the Red Beast crew?


    Raven:....Oh my Raven! It is it right? Haha! Damn, Johnny-boy! Are you trying to have a monster army or something.

    He then looks at Makoto again with a sassy face.

    Raven: Anyway as long as this turns to be such a sweet surprise, it pains me to see things ending like this. Isn't that right?

    Over the time, her fox features start to slowly fade away.

    Raven: Blade can't absorb magic to each strike he gives. But as much as his sword is being in contact with you. And weeeeelll....That thing seems hard to get out of it.

    Makoto: (My strenght.....is fading...)

    Raven: You know what else is funnier. Turns out...people were right all along. It was Yoshimetsu who killed Nobunaga after all. Hahahaha!

    Makoto:...You wrong!

    Raven: Eh?

    Makoto: Akechi....He would never done that! It was all your fault, you madman! This thing...It's not Akechi anymore!

    Raven: Really? Then why did you hesitate and let yourself stuck in this situation?

    Makoto: Ghn!

    Raven: Well, not that I care.

    He then show his back to her.

    Raven: Blade...finish this. Rogue style.

    Blade: Grrrr.....

    Blade procceds by biting her neck.

    Makoto: Gaaaaaah!!!

    Blade starts sucking her blood and her strenght starts to decrease more and more. For a single moment she stares at Raven and she see the image of a black bird from above him.

    Makoto: The Bird....So that's how is it.....Hahahaha....Who cares? Not that there was something I could have done to prevent it...In the end I...couldn't...

    She becomes weaker and weaker as the sword drains her magic and Blade drains her blood.

    Makoto: Yoshimetsu....

    She hugs his head while he keeps draining more and more of her blood.

    Makoto: I'm sorry beloved...Even though I got a second chance I....I failed it....Forgive me.

    Her body then starts to get covered in blue flames and her body slowly vanishes into blue ashes. Makoto is dead.

    Raven: It's time to finish this. Sin activate: Ambition.

    He activates his sin and all his stock of darkness is spread to his lackeys. All of the lesser rogues in the city started going berserk. The warriors from Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi were all in panic.

    "What is going on? They suddenly got worse."

    "We have to retreat!"

    Raven then picks up a small robotic crow and speaks on it.

    Raven: Ahem! Shelly, you're there?


    Raven: Huh? You are still sane.

    Sheldon: I guess? Joshua and the others just went mad and wrecked shit outside. I don't really care.

    Raven: Excellent. By the way how were things in your end.

    Sheldon: Eh? Some fox people appeared out of nowhere and...

    He checks the whole floor filled with blue ashes.

    Sheldon:...I guess I somehow managed them off.

    Raven: Could you me a favor, pal? Knock that coffin three times.

    Sheldon: Oh. That. Sure. Why, not?

    Raven: Great. Raven out!

    He hungs up and heads next to Blade. He looks at the blue ashes on the floor.

    Raven:....Gosh. How are we gonna take those. Can you fetch me a jar, Blade? Hm? Blade, is that a tear?

    There was a single drop of tear in Blade's right eye.

    Raven:....Nah. Might be the smoke.

    Back at Sheldon he goes next to the coffin and knocks three times, but nothing happens.

    Sheldon:....Huh. Well, it's not like I was expecting to blow up or anything, but-

    The coffin then explodes on and a crimsom red smoke comes from it. As the smoke fades, Nightmare's massive body emerges.


    Sheldon:...Uuuuuh...your brother called it.

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    Chapter 215: Amaterasu's Red Night part 6.

    Over a tall building, Hanzo was on his knees clinging to his life. In front of him Noir watched with his arms crossed with a woundr on his face, still keeping calm about it.

    Hanzo: Argh....Damnit! I can't counter any of his moves.

    Noir: You certainly live to the name of Hanzo. A few exists that can scratch next to my head.

    The wound then disappears and his face is healed.

    Noir: Unfortunately you need it more than this.

    Hanzo: Then...I'll show you!

    Noir: I refuse. It's already over. Beating a dead man that cannot fight any longer is unfit to me.

    Hanzo: Shut it, bloodsucker! I still have more to show of the Hanzo's name!

    Noir:....It's not like you have any chance to do it.

    Nightmare then appears right above Hanzo and smahes him with his fists knocking him unconscious all the way to the bottom.

    Hanzo: (W-Where...did that came from?)

    Back to the top, Nightmare lifted his arm to deliver another blow, but Noir gets in front of him.

    Noir: No. There are far more pressing matters that needs your person.


    Nightmare turns into fog and flies away.

    Noir:...This will be one of those nights.

    At the prison. Ehihime and Shiiha managed to surround Haze and corner him.

    Shiiha: He is tough, but we managed to corner him.

    Ehihime: Right! If we keep going, we can-

    Nightmare crashes through passing through a delivers a spinning kick into Ehihime knocking her to a wall and knocking her out cold.

    Shiiha: Huh?! Ehihime!

    Shiiha rushes to her side and try to wake her.

    Shiiha: Ehihime! Please respond!

    Nightmare warps next to her by turning into fog and tries to smash her with his two arms, but she releases a storm of leaves and disappears on sight. Nightmare looks around trying to detect them.



    Nightmare and Haze looks at each other in silence for a while and the two vanishes from the location. As the air gets cleaner, Shiiha and Ehihime reappears with Ehihime still out cold.

    Shiiha: Wew! That was close. If they were to stay here a bit longer....Just who and what was that giant?

    Meanwhile at an empty alley, Soma was sitting with his back on a wall trying to remove a dagger from his shoulder.

    Soma: Rats. That bloodsucker is good...I guess it is better get closer to her. But how?

    Nightmare appears from above right in next to him. Before he could even react Nightmare punches him right through the wall and he passes through the entire building.

    Soma: Urgh....That hurted....like a lot.

    Nightmare then warps behind him and toss into the air and launches him atop a building right next to Moonlight that got surprised by his appearance.

    Moonlight: What the? Is this Nightmare's doing?

    Nightmare appears next to them swing his whole arm at Soma sending him flying to the city's square. He procceds by following him.

    Moonlight:....Wow. Even I am feeling pity over the lad.

    Meanwhile at the square the fight took a whole new turn when somehow ended with Asuka and Black fighting each other in the middle of a brawl that looked like the eye of a storm. The surrounding soldiers from Tsukuyomi just watches from the borders.

    "Should we help her?"

    "At this rate, it's the same to jump into a pit of fire."

    Black: Knock it off!

    Asuka: Right back at you!

    Right in between them Soma landed like a falling rock.

    Black: What in the what now?!

    Asuka: S-Soma?!

    After that Nightmare appears before them.

    Asuka: Woah. A strong looking fella appeared.

    Black: Nightmare? What are you doing it here?

    Asuka: Nightmare....I heard about that name. It's alongside Raven's name of individual you should never face it.

    Soma: Gnh!

    Soma tries to get on his feet, but Nightmare tries to finish him with a chop attack.

    Asuka: Soma!

    Asuka pushes back Nightmare's attack with her mace covered in foxfire, but a crack then appears on it.

    Asuka: Huh? It cracked?

    Nightmare warps behind Asuka and tries to deliver a horizontal chop attack but Asuka ducks and charges her mace.

    Asuka: Makai Hammer!

    She delivers an upper attack with her mace right into his gut puching him a few meters and the crack on her mace becomes larger.

    Asuka: Damnit! Just what is this guy made of...

    She looks at the wounded Soma and grabs him and toss at a nearby soldier.

    Asuka: Take him out of the city! General Soma is unfit to fight!

    "But...What about you?"

    Asuka: None of you can beat him! So go fast as-

    Before she could finish, Nightmare delivers a lariat attack on Asuka. She manages to block with her mace, but the mace gets destroyed and she is launched away.


    "We shall assist you!"

    The soldiers then retreats alongside some kitsunes that were escorting the soldiers.

    Black: Hah! You are not getting away!

    "They are."

    Noir appears right behind him.

    Black: What?!

    Noir: Raven's orders. He wants this to have as may witnesses as possible.

    "I see, I see."

    Now Moonlight appears and summons 4 daggers.

    Moonlight: But does 3 or 4 less people will make a difference?

    "You will not take anyone!"

    Asuka gets on her feets with her gi off and showing only the bandages over her breast.

    Black: She is alive? I was sure she was done for.

    Noir: Physical strenght were always her kind's bread and butter.

    Moonlight: Oooh. And how are you gonna stop us?

    Asuka:....Like this!

    She picks a large chunk of stone and throws at them covered in blue flames like a meteor, but Nightmare gets in the way and tanks the impact.

    Moonlight:...Hah! What a wu-

    Then Asuka leaps through Nightmare and delivers a flaming spin kick at his face pushing him a little further.

    Moonlight: What the fuck?!

    Nightmare tries to counter with a punch, but Asuka ducks and delivers a flaming punch right in the gut that blue flames pierces through his body and he is pushed back more.

    Black: S-She is managing to push back Nightmare?


    Nightmare gets in a fighting stance with his hands in front of his face.

    Noir:....Hm? Is that?...You there, who are you?

    Asuka: Asuka, General of Right of Tsukuyomi! And I will not let you bloodsuckers scumbags take any more of my soldiers!

    Moonlight: Skanky whore bitch...I will-

    Noir: No...Let them go. You...I have a proposal.

    Asuka: Hmm?

    Noir: If you manage to stand on your feet in one-on-one against Nightmare, we will not take any other life. Got it?

    Asuka:...Got it.

    Black: Oi! Are you mad or something?!

    Asuka: Are you? Do you believe Nightmare can lose?

    Black:...I agree with you now.

    Asuka: Very well...Let's brawl!

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    Chapter 216: Amaterasu's Red Night part 7.


    Nightmare slowly approaches Asuka that was standing on defensive while suffering from her body pains.

    Asuka: Uuurgh...My shoulder hurts.

    As Asuka got distracted by her own pain, Nightmare warps next to her and gives a kick into her face.

    Asuka: Urk!

    As she is launched away, Nightmare warps in front of her and delivers a strike with his two hands upwards sending her to the sky. He jumps, grabs her and slam her to the ground.


    Moonlight: Well, I guess that settles it. Let's go kill some-

    Asuka gets up and delivers a fire punch into Nightmare's chin.

    Moonlight: Ah come oooooon!

    As strong as the punch seemed to be Nightmare was almost unfazed by the strike and the blow did damage to Asuka's hand.

    Asuka: Darn it! I guess it better not go to the head.

    As she was distracted by the pain in her fist Nightmare was right in front of her ready to smash her with his arms. Asuka blocks with her wrists and her feet gets stucked on the floor because of the impact and a bone is shattered.

    Asuka: Uuurgh!

    Noir: Nice block.

    Asuka: Yaaaaah!

    She covers her arms in foxfire and pushes him back. After that she charges her fist and covers it with a great mass of fire.

    Asuka: Burning Justice!

    She delivers a blow to Nightmare's gut that makes fire pierces through his body and he gets pushed away while standing on his feet a few meter behind.

    Black: What the?

    Moonlight: No she didn't it.

    Noir: Impressive, but not enough.

    Suddenly she gets on her knees, holding her wounded leg.

    Asuka: Aaaarh! I need a booze after this.

    Nightmare then slowly approaches Asuka releasing a menancing crimsom red aura from his body.

    Asuka: Oh dear....

    As he gets closer to her, she grabs her by the leg and starts to slams her repeteadly in the ground, breaking her like a cheap drum.

    Noir: Cockroaches!

    Black: Wow. Deja vu.

    He finishes her by tossing her into a building where she falls on the ground.

    Moonlight:....She is done? I guess she is. Come on, let me throw some blades at some-

    Asuka comes back and delivers a spinning fire kick into Nightmare's head.

    Moonlight: Daughter of a bitch!

    After the kick, her femur gets cracked.

    Asuka: Urrrgh! Should have used the other leg.

    As she was distracted from the pain, Nightmare delivers a straigh punch at her knocking her in the ground.

    Asuka: Ark!

    She then tries to get on her feet.

    Asuke: This...is nothing.

    Nightmare goes to deliver another punch. At the last second Asuka dodges and manages to hold his arm and flips him doing a throw attack.

    Black: Did she just launched Nightmare into the air?

    Noir: Anyone not blind could had seen it.

    Black: Fuck you.

    Nightmare lands on his feet and counters with a backfist. Asuka defends it with her right arm but gets blow away.

    Moonlight:....She is gonna get up isn't she?

    As just as Moonlight said it, she is on her feet.

    Moonlight: Damnit!

    Asuka: Arrrrgh! My arm....It seems I fractured my humerus.

    Nightmare retaliates with a series of rapid punches. Asuka dodges them by blocking his strikes at the last second and deflecting them with her bare arms. But the injuries punishes her and she loses her focus. At the point she suffers from the pain in her arm and leg Nightmare delivers a spinning kick sending her flying.

    Moonlight: Come on, come on, come oooooon....

    Asuka slowly gets on her feet unable to move her right arm or left leg.

    Moonlight: Come oooooon!

    Asuka: Huff....Huff....Huff....

    Asuka remains imobile, slowly breathing with her right eye almost blank and the other closed. Her right arm is paralyzed and her left leg is trembling. Nightmare warps in front of her and prepares to deliver a chop attack with his palm.

    Noir:....Hold it!

    Noir gets right in between them and Nightmare stops.

    Black: Woah! Deja vu....again.

    Moonlight: Noir? What gives?

    Noir places her hand over Asuka's neck and looks at her face.

    Noir:....She is unconscious.

    Moonlight: Oh! Is that so? Alright, let's kill some-

    Noir: No.

    Moonlight: Eh?

    Noir: We'll let them go.

    Black: What?....What?! Hold on, didn't you said that if she lost we could kill them?!

    Noir: I said that if she could stand on her feet after the fight is over we would spare them. The fight IS over and she IS standing.

    Moonlight: Oh. Good point.

    Black: What the fuck is with this damn technicality?!

    Noir: Oh. You know what a technicality is?

    Black: Shut the hell up!

    He then summons his large sword.

    Black: If you wouldn't do it, then I will!

    He swings his sword to cut Asuka, but Noir stops the sword with his left claw.

    Noir: I said we wouldn't do it.

    Black: I am already sick of you damn goody two shoes act already! Move out! I wouldn't think twice in killing you, asshole!

    Noir:...It's not like you have any chance, you trash.

    Black: You....Excuse of a rogue scum!

    Moonlight: Uh....guys? I would love two men brawling like barbarians like any woman, but not my brothers so how about....

    Noir and Black:....Sin Activate!


    Before things would go south Raven appears landing right next to them.

    Raven: What's this? Are we having a sibling scramble here? Care if I join the fun?


    Noir let go of Black's sword.

    Black: Tch!

    The two of them avoid contacting each other's eyes. Nightmare then sits and rest.

    Raven: ....Okay then. Seems like you all cleaned up the entire plaze....buuuut what is this?

    He points at Asuka.

    Raven: Is she awake? How is she not fallen on the ground?

    Noir: I believe her resolve prevents her to fall.

    Raven: Really?

    Black: I could kill her but Noir don't allow it because of his damn pride.

    Noir: It's what separates my person from yours.

    Raven: Now, now. No taunting. Let me deal with this, okay?

    Raven goes and examines her body.

    Raven: That's....General of the Right, Asuka isn't it? I did heard of a second coming of a Demon General....Yep. She is worthy sparing.

    Black: Fuck.

    Moonlight: By the way, what about Ninetails?

    Raven: The reason why I am here is enough to answer that my dear....But coming to think of about, it seems you all got had some fun, huh?

    Black: Well, not nearly enough.

    Raven: I know how it is...I made a whole mess and not a single soul was slayed by me....Well...

    He then looks at Asuka one more tima and activates his crimsom claw.

    Raven: Decisions....decisions....

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    Chapter 217: Amaterasu's Red Night Final Part.

    Raven is standing close to Asuka clinching his claw with a devilish smile deciding what to do with her.

    Moonlight: Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!

    Black: Same! Same! Same! Same!

    But before Raven could do anything, a chain appears and catches Asuka pulling her back. From above, Kasa was jumping high carrying Hanzo on her arm and rescuing Asuka with her weapon.

    Raven:...Well, there goes my bloodlust.

    Moonlight: You know, I could catch her.

    Raven:...Nah. Let them go. It wouldn't be worth the shot.

    Noir: You know, it's moments like these that bite you in the back later on.

    Raven: Noir....You are totally right.

    Noir: *grumble*

    Meanwhile near the city's entrance, several survivors had gathered in there. Kasa arrived carrying both Asuka and Hanzo. Shiiha appears to talk to her.

    Shiiha: General Asuka as well...and even Hanzo. How many of them took it to do this?

    Kasa: Just one....A veeeeery big one.

    Shiiha: This is bad. What should we do?

    Kasa: We need to retreat to Susanoo.

    Shiiha: No! As long as Makoto-sama is here we should-

    Kasa: That...wouldn't be an issue.

    Shiiha: How so?

    Kasa: The Kyuubi....She's....

    Back at the city's square, all of the rogues were reunited with Raven counting one by one.

    Raven: 37...38...Wait, why am I even bothering how many rogues I have? Tsuchigumo, what about the rest?

    Tsuchigumo: They totally diserted the city.

    Fudgeball: Bah! Bunch of cowards. If this is what the best in the East could have done, I could have done it alone if I wanted it.

    Tsuchigumo: At your level, it would be a surprise if you managed to last 5 minutes.

    Fudgeball: Want start a fight, punk?

    Raven: Okay, no joking around. We still have a job to do here. Tsuchigumo, could you lead the way to the valley?

    Tsuchigumo: The valley? Weeell, I never went there so....

    Raven: Nah. That's okay. We will know what to do when we reach there. Yo, Blade!

    Blade appears carrying a jar of blue ashes.

    Raven: I'll leave this whole city to you. I'll leave some of my grunts to keep you company. If someone enters the city...Pulverize them! Or slaughter...Destroy...whatever the word you see fit.

    Blade silently nods.

    Raven: Tsuchigumo, lead the way.

    Tsuchigumo: As you wish.

    Tsuchigumo opens a hole in the ground that Raven and his siblings, except for Nightmare, dive into the hole with Tsuchigumo following them. Some time later, next to midnight they arrive on Kitsune Valley. A region from Taiyo guarded by the kitsune for generation that stays right after Amaterasu. Raven, his siblings and Tsuchigumo arrives at a cliffside with a view of the place.

    Raven:...Welp, there we are. Moonlight, could you please?

    Moonlight: Fine, fine.

    Moonlight then starts gazing at the valley.

    Black: Man, if only Eeeeeve were still around here.

    Moonlight: I'll fucking kill you if you say that name one more time.

    Black: Heehehehe....

    Noir: I just realized there is no one reasonable and mature enough to speak now.

    Raven: What about me?

    Noir: Yeah, what about you?

    Raven: Savage.

    Raven then gazes back at Amaterasu's direction.

    Noir: Something took your interest?

    Raven: Yeah. It's the Ninetails. She was certainly way different than what she was a century ago.

    Tsuchigumo: How so?

    Raven: You see, it's not that easy being a immortal bloodsucker. A century may pass and we hardly change a bit. But I could see she was honing her skills as of lately. I think that maybe if I got here a few months later I would actually have to fight to my death...And now all that feeling was taken away. I guess I should take one minute of silence for-

    Moonlight: Yo, Raven! I think I found it.

    Raven: Nevermind! Gotta go fast!

    They quickly go to the area Moonlight pinpointed and they stop right in front of a huge sword stucked in the ground.

    Raven: There it is.

    Tsuchigumo:..What is it?

    Raven: You don't know? It's Seimei's Seal.

    Tsuchigumo: Seimei? As in Abe no Seimei? How do you know about Izanagi's proxy?

    Raven: Do you think Specter would die with his secrets? Of course not. It said Seimei sealed an incredible power years after Izanagi's disappearance. And it all inside this thing stucked in the ground.

    Tsuchigumo: Since when you are interested in this kind of stuff?

    Raven:...How should I don't? You know when a wandering child wanders into a place that has like a sign written KEEP OUT or STAY AWAY? Of course they wanna see what is going on.

    Tsuchigumo: Even if I don't know...destroy the world or something?

    Raven: If it could then Seimei wouldn't be able to seal in the first place. I. Need. This.

    When he approaches the sword a barrier appeared right in front of him.

    Raven: Hmm? So this must be the true seal.

    Noir: Considering it's something from the Immortal Age, it might be somewhere in the Highest Level, isn't it?


    He activates his Crimsom Claw and shatters the seal in one swoop.

    Raven: Just a stepping stone in my way.

    After clearing the path he puts his hand on the sword and tries to took it off.


    He picks with both hands and struggles to remove it from the ground. After removing it, he carries in both of his hands.

    Raven:....It's heavy.

    Black: Really? Let me hold it!

    Moonlight: No. You're gonna break it.

    Raven: Shut it you two. This is....weird.

    Noir: How so?

    Raven: Looking it closer, this thing is like a dagger than a sword. Who would use this in a bar's fight?

    Suddenly a black smoke came out of the dagger and formed a large cloud above them.

    Moonlight:...Okay, something is happening. Did you press something on it, Raven?

    Raven: Don't look at me. This has no buttons.

    Then the cloud started forming into a humanshape form. The cloud materializes into a giant demon being with blue skin and long spiky hair wearing a black yukata and wooden sandals that was several meters tall. He spotted a large open mouth, large fangs and empty yellow eyes.

    ".......Hands off."

    With a swing of his arm he takes back the dagger from Raven.


    Moonlight: Ah! You....whatever you are! No one steals back what Raven takes away.

    Tsuchigumo: Hold on!

    Tsuchigumo steps in between them.

    Tsuchigumo: You....You are an Oni, right?

    "Hmmm.....Ah. You are one of those spiders, right?"

    Raven: Oni....Now that's something I wasn't expecting seeing.

    Tsuchigumo:...You...Could it be....Are you Kishin?


    The Oni picks a smoking pipe from his clothes and lights by blowing fire from his nose. He sits on the ground and starts smoking.

    Kishin: I am Kishin, yes.

    Noir: Kishin...I heard that name before.

    Tsuchigumo: I don't believe it....It's the Shogun of Taiyo.

    Black: Shogun?

    Raven: Ah! I see. Shogun....That means that this dude once ruled all of Taiyo in the past, right?


    Kishin, The Shogun.
    Race: Oni.

    Kishin: It seems that aeons have past since Abe no Seimei sealed me wasn't it? By the way, you are one of those brethens of Camilla, right? Are you perhaps one of her children?

    Raven: So you knew my grandmother? Interesting.

    Raven then sits right in front of him.

    Raven: Let's have a chat then, shall we?

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    Chapter 218: The Shogun of Taiyo.

    On Fairyland at a unknown time at night, Titania and Paladin were walking through the woods under the moonlight when suddenly Paladin felt a huge pressure over himself and kneels.

    Paladin: Uuuurg!

    Titania: Ah! What is the matter?

    Paladin:...Seimei's seal...It has been broken.

    Titania: Seimei's seal?! But that was a Level 11 Seal. Only a powerful Dark Dweeler could had....Wait, you don't think that...

    Paladin: I can't think of anyone else. But the fact that guy and that other guy are in front of each other...

    Titania: What do you think happened to Ninetails?

    Paladin: I can only think of the worst.

    Meanwhile Kishin and Raven started to have a casual chat.

    Kishin: So...Are you really a vampire?

    Raven: Yeah, I guess.

    Kishin: You guess?

    Raven: Let's just say I did a few...changes on me.

    Kishin: Yeah. There is something of you that is amiss from the vampires of my days.

    Kishin picks his pipe and smokes.

    Kishin: You are more like a Dark Knight.

    Raven: I'm still a bloodsucking scumbag if you may be thinking that.

    The Kishin stared silently at Raven for a moment.



    And without a warning Kishin swung his knife at Raven only to him stop the attack by holding the knife's blade with only his left hand.

    Kishin: Heh.

    Moonlight: Hey! What is the big idea?

    Raven: Not now, sister. I know he could have done it worst if he wanted to kill me.

    Kishin: Changed or not, you are in fact a spawn of Camilla.

    Tsuchigumo: He is a maniac for fighting just as histories describe him.

    Kishin: But that aside tell me, which of her children your parent was? Orlock? Nosferta? Reindark?

    Raven: I never heard of those. My parent was Vladmir.

    Kishin: Vladmir? Hmmm....I believe he was of the later ones. Somewhere in between the 75th to the 80th child. Yeah, I'm certain of that.


    Raven starts to laugh maniacally.

    Raven: He-He was like the 70th something child?! What a loser! Kahahaha! Kaahahahaha! And-And he was always so full of himself. Hahahahaha!

    Kishin:...What is going on?

    Noir: I think that is a good time to mention that he killed his own father.

    Kishin: Huh. No surprise. When Camilla died you kin were fighting against each other for power.

    Raven: Hahaha...Well, that aside should I give you a proposal?

    Kishin: Proposal?

    Raven: I heard tales about you. How you decided to burn everything in your path of sheer boredom...Like me! So I was thinking how about we join forces?

    Kishin: Join forces? For what?

    Raven: Reshaping the world as the strong see fit.

    Kishin: Reshape it?

    Raven: Yeah. Why live shackled by society's rules and prison the unlimited potential of oneself? Being able to do whatever you want without anyone telling you what you should or shouldn't do? How about it?

    Kishin:...And you would be some sort of God of the New Word?

    Raven: I prefer the title Emperor of the World's End.

    Noir: (Why that name?)

    Kishin: But in a world like that anyone could rebel against you and take your position.

    Raven: I'm not complaining.

    Kishin: Never in my time there was any immortal that could done it....This is exciting. Very well, I will help you create your lawless world....But you have to promise that I would be the first to challenge you.

    Raven: Challenge Accepted!

    Kishin: By the way, how do you plan to do that? You just gonna crush every government in the world? That would take time even for you.

    Raven: I have an idea. Since you are quite old, could you tell me...Where is Valhalla?

    Kishin: Valhalla....Do you have the Keys?

    Raven: Yes...I mean, not really but it's only a matter of time. But you might know something about it, right?

    Kishin: Yes. In fact I can tell where is it.

    Raven: Really?! Where?! Where?!

    Kishin points his finger to the sky.

    Kishin: The Moon.

    Raven:.....I reaaaally gonna need the Keys, do I?

    Kishin: Naturally.

    3 days later at Mians, Johnnathan had stopped for a quick visit for restock supplies. Johnnathan was at the food market to pick some crates. The shopskeeper takes notes of the sells.

    Shopskeeper:....30 cans of butter, 50 bottles of milk, 20 kilograms of Dodiche's breast aaaaaand sorry to ask this but what is with this unusual ammount of tomatoes and garlic?

    Johnnathan: I need a lot of sauce.

    Shopskeeper: I see that pirates are getting picky as of lately. Anyway, it all results in 500 pieces of copper.

    Johnnathan: I remember the time I used to cost like 10 times that value. Anyway isn't that a bit too cheap?

    Shopskeeper: Courtesy of the house, Mr. Highlander. We own you a lot for bringing back old Sebastian.

    Johnnathan: Oh yeah, I have to see if he has my trout.

    Shopskeeper: Also that lass you send here has been a huge help. Feels like living in the capital since she came here.

    Johnnathan: Speaking fo which I should-

    "Yo! Johnnathan!"

    Schneider then sneaks behid him and gives a slap on his back.

    Johnnathan: Ack! What's the big idea?!

    Schneider: Hehehe. I just heard you were on town so I came here rushing it.

    Shpskeeper: Welp. I guess I'll just leave you be. I wait the payment later.

    Johnnathan: Wow, so much enthusiasm. By the way, how is that Gremlim treating you?

    Schneider: Zinc is pretty nice...for a grumpy little self-absorved jerk.

    Johnnathan: Gremlins in a nutshell.

    Schneider: So, what's the news? I heard you went missing for a whole month or something.

    Johnnathan: Yeah, first of all I met your mother.

    Schneider: Ah, is that so-Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! My mother is dead!

    Johnnathan: I know. That's why I met her in the Underworld.

    Schneider: The Underworld? You went there and returned? How?

    Johnnathan: That's not important. She told me your name.

    Schneider: Name?

    Johnnathan: She was also called Schneider, right? She only thought of a name after she died.

    Schneider: Oh? And what is it?

    Johnnathan: Cleo. Cleo Schneider.

    Cleo: Cleo....My name is Cleo...Alright!

    Johnnathan:....Are you not even gonna doubt?

    Cleo: Of course not. If you are saying than it's must be true. Yo Zinc! My name is Cleo!

    She shouts directly at his house that was nearby.

    "I don't care!"

    Zinc's voice was heard from that distance.

    Johnnathan: Also, I got strained in a island full of Hybrids.

    Cleo: Hybrids? You mean...like us?

    Johnnathan: Yes.

    Cleo: What?! How is it?! Is too far from here?! Please tell me!

    She grabs his collar and gets her face close to his.

    Johnnathan: Woah. Chill down...and a little more space, please.


    A chain encircles his neck and he is pulled from Cleo. Johnnathan then falls next to Evelyne that pulled him with her chain. She was looking at him with a devilish face.

    Evelyne: Are you cheating on me?!

    Johnnathan:I- It's not what you thinking it is...

    Evelyne: That is what they always says!

    Johnnathan: Who are they?

    Evelyne then pulls him again and puts her face closer.


    Johnnathan:...Please, you know I would never do that.

    Evelyne:...They always say that as well!

    She starts to punch him repeteadly in the ground while Cleo looks silently.

    Cleo:....Why is there anyone else around to try and stop them.

    Meanwhile on the harbor, Tenkai and Edward were sparring at the Gloria.

    Tenkai: You got better.

    Edward: I gotta try to make myself useful if Johnny get lost again.

    While they were trading strikes, Shadewing appears carrying a newspaper.

    Edward: Shadewing? What is the sudden appearance?


    Tenkai: Is something the matter.

    Shadewing:....This begun circulating for a little while. And it already spread quite fast everywhere.

    Edward: A newspaper? Well, of course it would spread at the start of the day, but everywhere?

    Shadewing: Tenkai. You better read it yourself. It's about your homeland.

    Edward: Taiyo? That's literally on the other side of the planet. Something big must have happened.

    Tenkai then picks the newspaper and read the main article. A few seconds and his face is filled with terror.

    Tenkai: M-Mother.....
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    Chapter 219: News.

    In a single day, nearly the entire world heard of what happened in the far east. A certain event was in the mind of nearly everyone. On a certain article in every newspaper said the following.

    "Amaterasu fallen by Raven. Ninetails Dead."

    A military ship from Drakland approaches Riverpool commanded by General Walpole. He was looking at the horizon when Orion appears holding a newspaper.

    Orion: So this is that Raven fellow Johnnathan told me about it. Is this Ninetails somewhat strong as him?

    Walpole: That's right, you don't know about the Three Dark Lords, huh? While they aren't equal as individuals, they both have an army with the strenght of a whole country under them. And if one of them falls to another....

    Orion: Some sort of unbalance happens?

    Walpole: Something like that. All we could do is wait what Taiyo will do.

    Orion: I guess it's a good thing I decided to come along then. By the way, who is the other Dark Lord?

    Walpole: The Dragon Master, Tiamat. I wonder if he heard about it...

    North of Drakland, at the Dragon Valley, Tiamat was on the top of a peak talking to a gigantic Heavenly Dragon whose body was hidden by the fog.

    Tiamat: So Ninetails had fallen, huh? It seems I have to clear that gap.

    On Blitzreign, Miilera and Hadol were walking in the palace with Miilera holding the newspaper with the article about Taiyo.

    Hadol: Now that's a bummer. And here I was expecting to get my summer vacation there.

    Miilera: I know there is nothing we could do about it, but it's still gets my bad side.

    Hadol: Should we do a military intervention?

    Miilera: We should await a response from Tsukuyomi. Diplomatic stuff and all that. Besides, do you think Raven would stay there.

    Hadol: I don't think so. Raven isn't the kind of guy that stays in one place. But if Amaterasu will be infested by Rogues, that's certainly a fact.

    Miilera: Hmm...Waiting to make a move is so annoying.

    At the Gloria harboured in Mians, Tenkai looks at the article of the newspaper for a few seconds and faces Shadewing.

    Tenkai: Is this for real?

    Shadwwing: I did confirmed with some other Acquillas.

    Tenkai: I see...

    He then drops the newspaper on the floor and leaves the ship silently.

    Edward: Hmm...What's this all about?

    He picks the paper and reads tha article.

    Edward: Let's see....What....What in the what the?!

    Meanwhile, back at the market place.

    Evelyne: Sooo....The relationship between you two isn't like that?

    Johnnathan: Yeah.

    Johnnathan responded with his face swollen with punches.

    Cleo: (I feel like I should apologize about this, but the situation is too delicate.-_-)

    Evelyne: Sorry. It just I never felt jealous in my life.

    Johnnathan: Somehow I doubt that.

    She responds back by punching Johnnathan in the gut.

    Johnnathan: Oof!

    Evelyne: Jerk!

    Cleo:....Excuse, but....Evelyne isn't it?

    Evelyne: Yeah?

    Cleo: You....are not human, right?

    Evelyne: Wha...What?! O-Of course I am. Just a regular everyday human woman. Hahaha.

    Cleo: Sorry, but I don't think a regular everyday human can beat a Hybrid like Johnnathan to the point his face gets damaged like that. So what's your deal? Hybrids are welcomed here.

    Evelyne: I-I-I.....I'm a Hybrid. But....I do hate my red eye!


    Evelyne: It doesn't....combine with my hair.

    Cleo:....You're weird. Is this the kind of woman you're into with Johnnathan?

    Johnnathan: Alright. I guess it's okay to let it slide.

    Cleo: Heh?

    He whispers into Cleo's ear.

    Cleo: She is a what?!

    Johnnathan: Shhh...Keep it down!


    Evelyne:...You aren't scared now aren't you?

    Cleo: Well, I am half you, but I guess a royal is a few tiers above.

    Johnnathan: I guess it's fine now that at least one people around here knows.

    Cleo: But what about you two? You two get along?

    Johnnathan: We almost killed each other at first, but hey so did my parents.

    Cleo: I...I see. Perhaps you two may get to have your happy ending at all.

    Evelyne: What do you mean?

    Cleo: Nothing. It just...Relationships tends to get complicated over the years. That just what I heard.

    Evelyne: Oh....

    "Am I interrupting?"

    Tenkai appears with a very serious aura around him.

    Cleo: Huh. Aren't you that half-fox from Circa?

    Johnnathan: Tenkai? What's the matter? You look wasted.

    Evelyne: Yeah. Like that something very bad happened to your person recently.

    Tenkai:...Well, there is somethig I should tell you.

    He tells of what he learned of the newspaper article.

    Johnnathan: Bloody hell....

    Cleo: Taiyo? That's Kasa homeland! I wonder if she is alright.

    Evelyne:...Was there something more in the article?

    Tenkai: Well, it wasn't Raven who killed my mother. It was some kind of high officer.

    Johnnathan: Someone else other than Raven killed her? Who?

    Evelyne:...I have an idea.

    Johnnathan: Really?

    Evelyne: Tenkai....There is something I should tell you.

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    Chapter 220: The Blue Flames Still Burns.

    Evelyne took Tenkai to a empty alley where she revealed the truth about his father and Raven.

    Tenkai:....My father is what?!

    Evelyne: Yep. Wanna me to repeat it?

    Tenkai: No. I heard it. I just...don't believe it. I saw Raven killing him in front of my very eyes.

    Evelyne: he used his Crimsom Claw didn't he?

    Tenkai: Now that you mentioned it, yes.

    Evelyne: He could use it to either steals his victim's blood or do the complete opposite. In any case, his victim would be dead.

    Tenkai: In other words, this Black Blade....He is my father's walking corpse.

    Evelyne: That's one way to put, yeah.

    She procceds by eating a piece of blue cheese.

    Tenkai:...Why didn't you exactly told me this before?

    Evelyne: *munch*....What would you do if I told you?

    Tenkai: Oh. Alright.


    Tenkai: What's the matter?

    Evelyne: I feel like if it was any other member of our crew, I would be in deep trouble right now.

    Tenkai: No. I understand why you hesitate in telling me this. In fact I would just became too much anxious to procced my mission.

    Evelyne: Phew. Good thing you are reasonable.

    Tenkai: Still, to think not only my father but also Vanilla's is also one of Raven's demons...Is it a coincidence that we are on the same ship right now?

    Evelyne: Well, I don't think it's uncommon to find someone whose life was changed somehow by my brother. Specially after 10 years he started his piracy life.

    Tenkai:....Yeah, that's how bad things are.

    Near the Gloria, Johnnathan and Cleo were each one carrying a large crate to the ship. Johnnathan's face was still a bit swollen.

    Johnnathan: Bloody hell. When I chat with a woman she can hit me without reason, but if is it another man I have to let it slip?

    Cleo: To be fair it was an unknow woman to her.

    Johnnathan: Are you actually playing vampire's advocate here?

    Cleo: Well, I would act the same way as her.

    Johnnathan:...Did you actually got over that thing at the Colisseum?

    Cleo:...There wasn't even a thing, wasn't it?

    Johnnathan: I will just keep quiet now.


    As they arrive near the docks where the Gloria was located they hear the sounds of a brawl.

    Johnnathan: What the? Are those pirates?

    They rush to the pier where the ship was docked and see West fighting against Rolf.

    Rolf: I always knew you were a no good cheater, stupid mutt! Give back my title!

    West: Give me a break! I didn't even won that tournament!

    Cleo: Oh geez. Should've seen that coming.

    Johnnathan: Didn't I seen that goat before?

    Rolf then notices Johnnathan.

    Rolf: You! Give back my title, cheater! Gaaaaaaah!!!

    He charges into Johnnathan for a headbut and Cleo creates a magic wall in front of him that knocks out Rolf when he hits it.

    Johnnathan:...Impressive. Isn't every time one of those knuckleheads gets out cold from one hit in the head.

    Cleo: What can I say? I have to keep the mercenaries in check here.

    Johnnathan: He is one of them?

    West: Hey there Cap'n. Have you stumbled with Tenkai on the way?

    Johnnathan: Yeah. I heard about Taiyo already. What do you think about that?

    West: He will be fine. He is tougher than he looks. Hi there Schneider.

    Cleo: Just call me Cleo.

    Tenkai and Evelyne arrives and Tenkai silently gets onboard on the ship.

    Johnnathan:...What's gotten into him?

    Evelyne: Oh, the one that killed his mother was actually his father.

    Johnnathan: Well, that's sounds rough-WHAT?!

    In the depths of the Underworld, Alex and Dracula were sitting on two logs around a campfire in a safe zone. Alex was eating a piece of meat that looked like a whole ham with Dracula holding the same food in his palm and gazing at it.

    Alex: Nom! Nom! Nom!

    Dracula:....What are those again?

    Alex: Dead Meat. They grow from the ground like minerals and vegetables. Everytime these are found, Lady Death turns into a mining site for it.

    Dracula: And are those necessary?

    Alex: Well, we caaaaaan't die by starvation, but the hunger still lingers even after death. It has been an eternity since you came down here, right? You never felt a bit of hunger?

    Dracula: No. But I felt my throat dry.

    Alex: Jeez! Eat it then. You're technically no vampire now.

    Dracula: Hmmmm.....

    He opens his giant jaw and bites the meat.

    Dracula: *munch* *munch*....Huh. So that's the feeling.

    Suddenly a woman with a shining blue hair with a pair of fire fox ears with a mask covering her upper face appears. She was spotting a white kimono and nine blue tails.


    Alex: Oh. Newcomer. How is it doing?

    ???: Who....What is going on here?

    Alex: Relax. You just died.

    ???: Died?

    Dracula: Can you really say that out loud?

    ???: Just...died? But it felt like...

    Alex: Ages passed, all alone, traveling through the wastelands, yadda yadda. You got luck a Phantasma didn't ate you at this point.

    Dracula:...You are a Kitsune, right?

    Alex: Yeah. They all look like that when they die.

    ???: Yes. A Kitsune. And now that you mentioned...I do remember now. The moment that I died.

    Dracula: Nine tails....How old were you?

    ???: About a thousand.

    Alex: Sooooo young.

    Dracula: I see. So you might been the Dark Lord from my time before I also died.

    ???: A Dark Lord?

    Dracula: I was Vladmir Dracul. I don't think we ever seen each other.

    Makoto: Oh...You look different than what I was expecting.

    Dracula: You can call me just Dracula here. I am what thay call a Wrait. This one here is Alex Highlander. An Angel. They salvage souls that comes down here.

    Alex: You too is doing that by the way.

    Makoto: Highlander....Are you the one they called Red Demon?

    Alex: Yep. From Vampire Hunter to Ghostbuster. Want a bite?

    He offers another Dead Meat he had in stock.


    She picks the meat and sits next to him, giving it a bite.

    Makoto:...It's good.

    Alex: Yeah. Who would knew meat that grows from the ground of the Deathland would taste good.

    Dracula: By the way, was your death somehow related to my idiotic son?

    Makoto:...Yes. Yes it was.

    Alex: What's this? Did your boy done what you didn't done in centuries?

    Dracula: Bah! He probably cheated it.

    Alex: Still, this is kinda bad for the people in Taiyo, right? I mean, not that's it's your problem anymore.

    Makoto: That's okay. I'm pretty sure my son will do something about it.

    Dracula: Hm? You have a son?

    Alex: (Oh yeah, come to think about it, isn't she Akechi's son's mother?)

    Makoto: It may not striked him yet, but....I'm sure that the flames in his heart...Is burning with resolution.

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    Chapter 221: Parallel Fates.


    After returning to the ship, Tenkai climbed to the highest fore yard and gazed to the east as Johnnathan and Shadewing were looking from the deck.

    Shadewing:...Is he still there?

    Johnnathan: Yeah.

    Shadewing: It has been like how much? An hour?

    Johnnathan: Something like that, yeah. I remember Henry doing the same after I joined the crew.

    Shadewing: By the way, this might not be the best time, but I have a word from Heinrich.

    Johnnathan: Another Key?

    Shadewing: Most likely. Weasel said it to meet him on Valente.

    Johnnathan: Valente...That is all the way to Aurakarias. I guess it is good at this time of the year.

    Shadewing: Meanwhile, we'll be at the Steel Continent.

    Johnnathan: Steel Continent? What are you gonna do there? I thought we were done after the Fire Genie's Lamp.

    Shadewing: It seems there is some sort of unusual activity from those guys you met at the South Pole.

    Johnnathan: Them, huh? But what about him?

    The two of them looks at Tenkai up there.

    Johnnathan:....Ah, Bloody hell. Yo! Tenkai!


    Tenkai gets down in a second.

    Tenkai: Yes?

    Johnnathan pulls him by the back of his yukata and drags him to his room.

    Tenkai: Eh?

    After arriving at his room, Johnnathan just toss him in the floor.

    Tenkai: What's the big idea, Johnnathan?!

    Johnnathan: That's my line. I mean your mother just gets killed and the murderer happens to be your father turned into a rogue vampire and you aren't begging me to return to Taiyo. What the hell is going on?!

    Tenkai:...It is just the smartest thing to do at the time.

    Johnnathan:...Are you a moron?

    Tenkai: Huh?!

    Johnnathan: I thought your mother was important? Why aren't you cursing Raven's name or breaking every mobile around? Look that desk over there. Flip it. Flip it over like if it was a pancake!

    Tenkai:...I don't even get it any logic of this.

    Johnnathan: Oh. Is that so? I guess I have it to show it to you. GAAAAAHH!!!

    Johnnathan picks the desk and tosses outside of the window.


    Johnnathan:...See? Now do with that wardrobe.

    Tenkai: Uuuuh....

    Johnnathan: Wait. On second thought that's where Eve is keeping her stuff....Maybe the coffin? Nah she likes that too.

    Tenkai: Johnny-san...Just explains with words.-___-

    Johnnathan: Not until I see you breaking something.


    Tenkai punches into a wall making it a hole.

    Tenkai: Does that count.

    Johnnathan: Hmpf. I guess. Look, you may be right that to for the better of the whole group all of this should be ignored. But for you it's a big deal, right? What is on your mind?

    Tenkai:...That I should return to my homeland. I need answers.

    Johnnathan:...Then why don't you go you imbecile?

    Tenkai: Because apparently we need to go to Aurakarias?

    Johnnathan: Yes. WE need. But there is a place that YOU need to go more.

    Tenkai: Are you encouraging me to return to Taiyo alone.

    Johnnathan: No. I am ordering you to go to Taiyo alone.

    Tenkai: Why is that?

    Johnnathan: Because it's something I also would do.

    Tenkai:....Hahaha. I never knew pirates were into that kindo stuff.

    Johnnathan: It's not about being a pirate. It's about comrades. If there is something you really wanna do it, then as the captain I have to give full support, no matter how reckless of stupid you may be.

    Tenkai: Heh. I guess I should start packing.

    Johnnathan: You know, West would love to tag along.

    Tenkai: No. Unlike you I don't wanna drag anyone on my messes. Well, I need to polish my blade....Thanks Johnnathan....I mean, Captain Highlander.

    He leaves the room with a satisfied face and Evelyne appears as a mist a few seconds later behind Johnnathan hugging him from behind.

    Evelyne: I guess that went well, huh?

    Johnnathan: Sending a crewmate to hid possible death isn't what I would call well, but I guess that what my old man would had said it if I he was around. Am I right?

    Evelyne:....Johnny. There is something I should tell you.

    Johnnathan: What is it?

    Evelyne: Remember that drug I was taking it?

    Johnnathan: The contraceptives? What about it?

    Evelyne: Yeeeeah...Those weren't drugs at all.


    Evelyne: They were just mint pills. I just...didn't wanted to worry you.

    Johnnathan: Wait a minute....You aren't pregnant aren't you?!

    Evelyne: N-No! No, I already checked it. It just....It just I needed to apologize. I mean, I was not being honest with you. I felt that I betrayed you and....I just feel terrible.

    Johnnathan: I think I get it....Do you want to have a child that badly?

    Evelyne: Of course I do. In Hollowgrounds, motherhood was every vampire maiden's dream. Well, maybe not my sister, but....You get the idea.

    Johnnathan: I think I get it, but....when you think about it, I guess you should had been carrying one by now? We did the deed more than enough time, right?

    Evelyne: Well, it seems that all this "going rogue" bussiness might messed all of my fertility.

    Johnnathan: Huh? It can do that?

    Evelyne: I cannot prove it, but I cannot prove that it didn't either.

    Johnnathan: Well, maybe we can have Aladdin to take a look at it? He is no doctor, but he is the best when it comes to dark magic stuff.

    Evelyne:....Are you actually concerned about it?

    Johnnathan: Huh...I am thinking about you.

    Evelyne:....Gosh. You are such a dork when you are trying to be adorable.

    Johnnathan: I wasn't trying.

    Evelyne: Then you are a dork in general.

    Johnnathan: What conversation were we having again?

    Evelyne: Teehee. Sorry, I am just teasing you? But really, don't you wanna one day have a family of your own? You know, with a cute son or daughter calling you daddy and all that?

    Johnnathan suddenly remebers of Pisces with an adorable smiley face waving at him.

    Johnnathan:...Yeah, that might be nice.

    Evelyne: What exactly are you thinking right now?

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    Chapter 222: Floating Fortress.

    The Gloria was on his way to Aurakarias. But before they sailed away, Tenkai had left to Taiyo alongside Nikolai on his submarine. Meanwhile Johnnathan and Florencia were studying a map on his room.

    Florencia: Aurakarias...Very big place. Any idea of where exactly in there we gonna go?

    Johnnathan: Probably not in Valente. There isn't much of ancient treasury around there.

    Florencia: *sigh* This is ridiculous. Can we even trust that weasel?

    Johnnathan: He never let us down once...Well, there was that one time with a spicy soba, but....

    Florencia: Forget about it. I forgot you Hybrids are the biggest weirdos around and I should have getting used by now.

    Johnnathan: Yeah, and also-


    Evelyne appears in a hurry.

    Johnnathan: Eve? What is the matter?

    Evelyne: Sorry for disturbing you, but....We stumbled across something...unusual.

    Johnnathan: Unusual even for us? That's concerning about it.

    Evelyne: Oh, before that do you know what happened to that desk? I just remembered putting some of my stuff on the drawer.

    Johnnathan looks at the fixed hole on the wall of the ship.

    Johnnathan:....Let's see that unusual thing.

    He leaves without saying a thing about the desk.

    Evelyne:....Why does it seems he ignored me on purpose.

    Florencia: Hmpf...I wonder why.

    When Johnnathan arrives at the deck he stumbles himself with a giant wall in the middle of the ocean that looked like a giant steel rectangular box with windows that was about 10 times larger than his own ship.

    Johnnathan:...What the hell is going on?

    West: I don't know. This thing appeared from underwater out of nowhere.

    Then one of the windows opened and a gremlim with a bicorne hat started shouting on a megaphone.

    "Hey there wanker!"

    Johnnathan: What?

    "Nice ship you got there. It would be reeeeeal bad if something happened to it. Am I right?"

    Johnnathan:...Who in the bloody hell are you?

    "I want it."

    Johnnathan: Say what?

    "I want the ship."

    Johnnathan: You can't have it.

    "Then I will break it and pick the loot."

    Johnnathan: Oh really? And how are you gonna do that, furball?

    "Can't you see mighty of my Aqua Fortress?"

    Johnnathan: That's a fortress? I always thought it was a giant piece of recycled scrap junk.

    "And your ship looks like a rubber duck!"

    Johnnathan: Okay listen-

    "A very cheap and ugly duck!"

    Johnnathan: What does th-

    "Even if it was actually a swan it would the most sinister-looking swan ever!"

    Edward: Don't talk this way to Gloria!

    "And if it was a human woman she would be a dirty fatty fat granny!"

    Vanilla: How rude!>:I

    Vanilla starts rubbing the deck's floor.

    Vanilla: If she was a real woman she would be a young and slender beauty.

    Johnnathan: This is ridiculous. We are outta here.

    Johnnathan snaps his fingers and makes the Gloria to fast move away to the left, but the fortress moves along blocking the path.


    He tries to move to the other side, but the fortress keep moving it along with the ship blocking it's path.

    "I don't moving without your stuff, wanker!"

    Johnnathan: Seriously, who is this clown?!

    Edward then picks what seems to be a folder of posters.

    Edward: Hmmm....Oh there he is. Loudmouth Edel. 600 Pieces of Silver. I knew he looked familiar....but then again those Gremlims looks all the same.

    Edel: Racist!

    Johnnathan: Hah! 600 pieces of silver? I am gold ranked, furball!

    Edel: Whatever! You still not gonna pass here babyface! Anyway nice jacket. There wasn't any adult clothes where you brought that? Hahahaha!

    Johnnathan:....Does it really looks petty?

    Edward: Eeeer...You could use a longer coat.

    Vanilla: Nah. It fits you alright.

    Johnnathan: Anyway, if he is not gonna get out of the way by good...then he will go by naughty.

    He snaps his fingers and cannons appears ready to fire. Johnnathan picks his sword and aims at Edel.

    Johnnathan: Fire!

    The cannons all shoot with darkness enchancing the shots and delivers powerful blows into the fortress that shakes it a bit.

    Edel: Whoops! Hahaha! Is that all you can do?

    Johnnathan: Hmpf. I guess I will have to blast it a few more on this nasty turtle.

    Edel: Are you married or something? Because I can't think of someone with such cheap shots could even go back home and satisfy his woman. Hahahahaha!

    West: Wow. That burned.

    Johnnathan: Hah! Like you could do any better, homie!


    Edel pulls a lever next to him and a large cannon appears from one of the many windows of the fortress.

    Edel: Fire!

    The cannon then shoots a fireball.

    Johnnathan: Fireball? Oh please, all we need is some water magic to-


    But the fireball turns out to be a sheep with fire for wool and it hits Johnnathan right on his face.

    Johnnathan: Ouch!


    The sheep then starts running around the sheep putting fire everywhere.

    Johnnathan: D-Did he just shot some sort of sheep made of fire at us?

    Vanilla: It appears to be regular sheeps whose bodies were altered with alchemy.

    West: Have you seen one of those?

    Vanilla: Yep. Every semester we done those things on GMA. Ah! I once made a rat with a body of poison.

    West: What happened to it?

    Vanilla:...They said it ran away, but I guess that what they say when they sacrifices their pets.;_;

    Johnnathan: A-Anyway, it just one sheep burning the ship...Wow, it is weird when you say that out loud.

    Edel pull another lever and ten more cannons appears.

    Johnnathan:...Bloody hell.

    A little while later Florencia and Evelyne appeared on the deck drinking two cups of tea.

    Florencia: And he just wasteall of our water supply to clean his feet. Can you believe? And later on he acts all defeated because of the heat.

    Evelyne: Jeez, what a b-


    The two of them stumble with the scenery of the ship being invade by an inferno of sheeps being launched by Edel.

    Edel: Hahahahaha! Wankers!

    Edward: Someone do something related to sheeps!

    West: I can't eat them if they are on fire! Can't you put a shield around the sheep, Vanilla?

    Vanilla: But if I do that....They will drop in the ocean and drow.

    West: This ship will sink with all of us, woman!

    Edward: Don't shout at my girl like that!

    Johnnathan: I guess I have to keep the things going the hard way. Fire!

    Johnnathan shoots more cannonballs, but he can't sink the fortress.

    Evelyne:....What is going on here?

    Florencia: I guess the ship is being attacked by ovines covered in fire.

    Evelyne: Hmmm....I have an idea. Sin Activate: Pleasure!

    She launches two spiked chains at two of the sheeps and covers all of their bodies. Evelyne swings her chains around and tosses the sheeps into Edel's window. He ducks and the sheeps enter his vessel.

    Edel: Hah! You missed, bitch!

    Evelyne: Did I?


    Edel listened to the growl of a beast and saw the two sheeps that entered the fortress with glowing crimsom eyes. They were roguefied.

    Edel:...Oh dear.


    The sheeps started to rampage inside and the fortress loses control.

    Evelyne: Now's our chance Johnny! Let's get out of here.

    Johnnathan:...Just a second.

    He claps his hands and a hatch opens in the floor at the front of the ship's deck and a large cannon comes from below.

    Evelyne:....Was that always there.

    Johnnathan: Now taste this you pipsqueak shameless fuzzy ass excuse of an engineer.

    He snap his fingers and the cannon shoots a large purple beam at the top of the fortress that pushes back the whole vessel and it slowly falls like a tree.

    Edel: Oh snaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-

    The fortress falls and still floats in the ocean. The Gloria then slowly passes it.

    Vanilla: Hmm. It still afloat.

    Edward: That's some technology there.

    Johnnathan: Hah! Do you think I can't satisfy woman now?!

    Evelyne: What?

    Florencia: Impressive. Why didn't you done that right in the beggining?

    Johnnathan: It takes a lot of me to shoot that thing. Managing a ship with magic is harder than you think.

    West: Guys...we still have a problem.

    The sheeps were still running through the ship and the fire was still spreading.

    Vanilla:...Ah! I have an idea. Snowy Reversal!

    Vanilla summons the snow fairy and she creates a small twister of snow that not only dispels the fire, but turns the fire covering the sheeps into wool of snow. The sheeps all remain calm.

    Florencia: A complete magic reversal...Understandable, but don't you need special equipment for alchemy?

    Vanilla: Once an animal is transformed all you need is strong enough magic to reverse the effect.

    West: But...what do with them? I can't really eat them like that. Can we roast them?
    Vanilla: N-No! Don't eat my babies!

    Evelyne: Hmmm.....I have an idea.

    At the midnight, Evelyne was sleeping on Johnnathan's bed and suddenly woke up.

    Evelyne: Hmpf. Can't sleep again...But I don't wanna leave it yet.

    She leaves the room on her pajamas and goes to the ship's deck. She returns with three red sheeps. She returns to the bed and claps her hands. The sheeps all starts to jump over the bed and Evelyne starts to count them and she falls asleep with a smile on her face. Outside of their room, Vanilla and Florencia were on their pajamas drinking two mugs of hot cocoa and witnesses Evelyne bringing the sheeps.

    Vanilla: T-They are still my babies....right?;_;

    Florencia: As long as you don't care they are also rogue vampires with ice powers....Yep. *sluuuuurp*
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    Chapter 223: Land of Night.


    At the far eastern seas, a small submarine was on it's way to Taiyo. Inside only Nikolai and Tankai were aboard and both of the were silent. It has been a few days since they travelled. Nikolai was piloting it with his mechanical tail attached to a plug on the submarine's center. Both of them were silent.




    Tenkai: Huh?

    Nikolai: You barely said a word ever since we said goodbye to Johnny. What exactly is in your mind?

    Tenkai: Uh...I...Am used to travelling alone. That's all.

    Nikolai: Is that it? Even though you have been with the Red Beasts for a few months already? Golly, you Taiyoneses are used to loneliness, huh?

    Tenkai: I guess so. By the way, why are you even here?

    Nikolai: One, you need a ride. Two, this is the fastest that can send you straight home. And third, if there is an opportunity to ditch Henry and Al to pursue my own interests then I all in.

    Tenkai: Aren't you selfish? Speaking of them, what is there about this Steel Continent.

    Nikolai: So you still don't know about that, huh? Well, it's a large piece of land south of Blitzreign a little far below Ra. It's gigantic. About the size of Blitzreign and Gel combined. Perhaps even bigger.

    Tenkai: So such a place exist.

    Nikolai: It does seem primitive, but there are several people living there. Tribes and civilizations scattered all over the wilderness. The Man of Iron.

    Tenkai: "The Man of Iron"?

    Nikolai: It's just a word to describe them in general. They are humans. But their bodies aren't like the others. Their skins are like iron and their bones are like steel. Bullets and arrows can't pierce them and blades cannot sever their fleshes....Or at least not the conventional ones.

    Tenkai: That's sounds intriguing.

    Suddenly a monitor appears and shows a map with a glowing point pulsating.

    Nikolai: We are getting close. I was starting to going crazy inside this thing.

    Tenkai: Couldn't you made a little bigger?

    Nikolai: I took 10 years to make that ship you were in and make it twice counting the Vitoria. I ain't a god, kid.

    Tenkai: 10 years....

    After a while they disembarked on Tsukuyomi with the submarine hidden underwater. As they walk through the city, they notice the streets empty.

    Tenkai: Weird. I didn't remeber the city like this at this time of the day.

    Nikolai:...It must be because it's late afternoon.

    Tenkai: Late Afternoon?


    Nikolai: Vampires have this kind of schedule. They would start when the sun is at the least bright and increase the work load as time passes and the skies get more dark. Even if they are Rogues, it's still efficient to conserve energy.

    Tenkai: That's how things were in the West, isn't it?

    Nikolai: It was a common sight in Blitzreign and Drakland. Specially Eysideci. Come to think of it, the distance between Amaterasu and here is the same as Hollowgrounds and Mians...I guess this place had his share of mosquito attacks.

    Tenkai: This is what we most feared....what we should had feared...Could I ask you something?

    Nikolai: What is it, Rookie?

    Tenkai: Why exactly are you with the Black Demon Pirates?

    Nikolai: Oh, that? Well....I wanted to show those amateurs how to do things right.

    Tenkai: What does that-

    Soon they come across a group of wounded soldiers. Some of them missing limbs and others not being able to stan by themselves, walking towards a building.

    Nikolai: Gosh. That's worse than a full day at Snake's Eyes in there.

    Tenkai: That's where they tend to soldier's injuries if I am not mistaken.

    Nikolai: Is that so? I couldn't notice with all the injured people entering there.

    Tenkai:...Yeah, that was really dumb.

    The two of them sneaks inside the facility where several soldiers were resting on blankets in the floor. Tenkai and Nikolai spies from behind a wall.

    Tenkai: This is horrible. There is even Kitsunes here.

    Nikolai: This kind of scenery is typical from a Crusade. If my experience with rogues is right, and it is, it's obviously they wanna have Taiyo feels the same as Blitzreign and Drakland felt during the past 500 years. Raven is that big of a bastard.

    "So you came."

    Kasa appears from a door next to them. Hanzo was resting there with his body covered in bandages.

    Kasa: It has been a while.

    Tenkai: Kasa. Did you also fought in Amaterasu?

    Kasa: I just gave my support on the backstages.

    Tenkai then gives a little peek from inside the room.

    Tenkai: Is that Hanzo?

    Hanzo was resting on a blanket.

    Kasa: He has been like that for days. He took quite a blow.

    Nikolai: Man, he looks like shit.

    Kasa: Shut it, Gremlim! He fought valiantly until the very end.

    Nikolai: Still don't change the facts.

    Kasa: You little....Tch! Forget it. There is someone you need to see.

    Later on another room, Asuka was resting on another room, sitting on the floor looking at nowhere with empty eyes.


    The door opens and Tenkai silently enters.

    Tenkai: Asuka?

    Asuka:....Oh. It's you.

    She responds with a lax and cold response.

    Tenkai: Is that you have to respond after all this time.

    Asuka: I had a bad time a while ago. Speaking of which, did you got rid of Raven as you said you would do? Because I don't think you did it.

    Tenkai: I had to hurry after I heard about it.

    Asuka: That you mother is dead?

    Tenkai: No. That my father killed her.

    Asuka:....Eh? Isn't you father dead?

    Tenkai: About that....

    He tells her what he heard about from Evelyne.

    Asuka: Oh my....A sister of Raven is on the same ship as you and the captain is going all out on her? That Red Beast is something else.

    Tenkai: Is that what picked your interest?

    Asuka: Yeah, whatever. So...since your father is responsible I guess you feel you have to finish what it was done and now you plan on storm Amaterasu on your own, huh?

    Tenkai: Yes. That's a pretty accurate description of the whole scenario, actually.

    Asuka:....Well, then it's settled.

    She gets up despite her injuries and picks up her mace.

    Asuka: I going with you.

    Tenkai: In this state?

    Asuka: Hello? We are Hybrids. A beating by a giant rogue is like a tree branch to the face.

    Tenkai: That's actually something to not take light.

    Asuka: Yeah, but that was like days ago. I'm fine.

    Tenkai:...Very well, just not overdo.

    Asuka: You betcha. This will be like our pre-honeymoon or something.

    Tenkai: *sigh* I knew this would happen. Do you have a plan?

    Asuka: Not really. But I know a guy.

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