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Thread: Voting and ballot thread.

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    Default Voting and ballot thread.


    2. Send a Private Message to Ballot Box who will be along shortly.

    3. Copy the ballot below into the private message. Delete everything but the category letter and candidate number.

    So the fifth candidate for category NN would read NN5.

    Only vote for the categories that you want to vote for; skip the rest rather than leaving them blank. If you want to vote for everything, good. If you want to vote for just one thing, then just put that one thing in there.

    4. DO NOT DOUBLESPACE OR TRIPLESPACE YOUR VOTES. This is more of a pain to deal with than you realize.

    5. ONLY ONE VOTE PER LINE. They run together when you do this and are hard to read.

    So your ballot should look like:

    A. 12
    B. 23
    C. 34

    And not:



    A. 12

    B. 23

    C. 34

    The ballots that violate these rules will be sent back to be fixed by you. If we get them back without being fixed, then they'll be discarded.

    If you have any questions or want to be withdrawn from the ballot, then now is the time to do so. It is now 2:25PM EST and I'll give people until 5:00 PM EST to do so. At that point, voting will open; once Ballot Box receives a vote, that's that.

    Again, voting will open at 5PM EST and run through that time next Monday. If that needs to be extended, then I can work something out if necessary so long as you ask politely.

    Ballot below:

    A. Best Thread

    1. Arlong Park Movie Nights.
    2. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part II
    3. Marvel Movies Thread-Whose side are you on?
    4. Theory : Kaido has a Dragon Devil Fruit
    5. One Piece/Mangapanda Abridged
    6. MUFFINS!!!

    B. Worst Thread

    1. Does it seem like the villains in the New World are more monstrous?
    2. Toriko III thread
    3. Chapter 791: "Rubble"
    4. One Piece: Pell Effect
    5. Possible family connection ?
    6. Favorite and Least Favorite Arcs
    7. The Hot Older Men of One Piece

    C. Best Debate

    1. Dear Monet. Are you a Smile or a Logia?
    2. kouchlee vs TLC: Jojo Part 7 vs Part 2
    3. Plenty of reasons to defend Islam
    4. How should the United States deal with civil unrest in Agrabah?
    5. Smoker-San and MK, post #7911 to #8056 (roughly)

    D. Funniest Post

    1. The Gourmet Genesis by Daz
    2. The Aizen & Chair Show: Written by Purple Hermit
    3. If Dragonball were written like HunterxHunter
    4. Wagomu advertises Riki-Oh
    5. Purple Hermit parodying Azami
    6. WolfWood fuels the dream of Red Wannabes

    E. Best Moment on the Board

    1. The Final Smash direct reaction.
    2. The Death of Mangapanda
    3. After 10 years, the Jojo thread finally reaches the 500 page marl. Duwanging times ahead!
    4. Syria is now Agrabah
    5. AP "replays" Sonic The Hedgehog, the 2006 masterpiece
    6. Oh wait, you said name one thing.

    F. Most Memorable Member

    1. Purple Hermit
    2. Noqanky
    3. Sander
    4. Captain Ugly
    5. Outerspec
    6. BelowAverage
    7. Sandman
    8. Daz
    9. Katzztar
    10. Australopithecus

    G. Most Profoundly Quotable Member

    1. King Cannon
    2. TLC
    3. Wagomu
    4. Robby
    5. Daz
    6. Ordinary
    7. Cyan D. Funk
    8. Robzilla
    9. kouch_lee

    H. Most Articulate Writer

    1. Daz
    2. Wagomu
    3. kouch_lee
    4. The Franky Tank
    5. Monkey King
    6. Noqanky
    7. .access timeco.
    8. Robby
    9. Raistlin
    10. Outerspec

    I. Most Intelligent Member

    1. Robby
    2. Outerspec
    3. The Franky Tank
    4. Daz
    5. CCC
    6. _Hayato
    7. Silverblade
    8. Bucephalus
    9. Robzilla
    10. Mr. Luffy

    J. Most Dedicated Member

    1. Galaxy9000
    2. sandman
    3. Rogues Gallery
    4. Aohige_AP
    5. redon
    6. kaizou10
    7. Brotato
    8. Captain Ugly
    9. Taggerung
    10. Kizuchan

    K. Most Original Member

    1. Sandman
    2. MDL
    3. Wagomu
    4. Louis-1988
    5. RamistaR
    6. Monkey King
    7. CaptainUgly

    L. Best New Member

    1. Australopithecus
    2. Dranza
    3. HeartOfDarkness
    4. Yobiyopi
    5. DIO
    6. Atuin
    7. Firelord111
    8. Kaptayn

    M. Favorite non-Robby Mod/Admin
    Write in your selection.

    N. Friendliest Member
    1. Jazzy Jinx
    2. MetaMario
    3. Robby
    4. CaptainUgly
    5. Insider2000
    6. Ekila
    7. Outerspec
    8. joesephes
    9. RobZilla
    10. Katzztar
    11. Australopithecus
    12. Femme
    13. Cyclone_Baroness

    O. Funniest Member

    1. Cyan D. Funk
    2. SpaceCowboy
    3. kouchlee
    4. RamistaR
    5. Psycrow
    6. Robby
    7. Wagomu
    8. KageKageKing
    9. uniaka izuakas
    10. Razh

    P. Best Researcher

    1. Australopithecus
    2. Kaizou10
    3. Galaxy9000
    4. Sandman
    5. Brotato
    6. LordPerucho
    7. redon
    8. YonkouProductions
    9. Katzztar

    Q. Craziest Member

    1. Pachylad
    2. zachri
    3. CaptainUgly
    4. Wagomu
    5. Monkey King
    6. Nobodyman

    R. Pirate King

    1. MetaMario
    2. Foolio
    3. Galaxy 9000
    4. Monkey King
    5. RobZilla
    6. Outerspec
    7. Robby
    8. Wagomu
    9. Purple Hermit
    10. wolfwood

    S. Pirate Queen

    1. Noqanky
    2. Femme
    3. Cyclone-Baroness
    4. Nami
    5. taboo
    6. Satsuki
    7. Zar
    8. Katzztar
    9. Carmilla
    10. Demon Rin

    T. Best Artist

    1. Skadi
    2. Tabasco Boshi
    3. CCC
    4. BelowAverage

    U. Best Fanart

    1. Luffy and Croc as Jim and Silver by Sai
    2. your friendly neighbourhood Dofla-Man
    3. How Trebol dodged Usopp's attack by Bond en Avant
    4. Sanguine by PsychoticShapeshifter
    5.Skadi's Prediction of Jack
    6. BelowAverage's One Piece x Mario Kart crossover

    V. Best Avatar

    1. MetaMario's Kamui.
    2. Saitama's "Oh" by Kaze.
    3. Jabra's laughing at you
    4. Davy Jones Hattori, made by Nia & used by Rogues' Gallery
    5. Ubiq's Blackbeard Pirates
    6. Psycrow's Luffy and MangaPanda logo
    7. Daz (Have a Merry Hogswatch!)
    8. Xan
    9. Md-Martin
    10. Purple Hermit's Korosensei avatar
    11. KageKageKing's Tokoyami Fumikage and quirk impersonating Jotaro w/ Star Platinum

    W. Best Signature

    1. Katzztar's Boots hates Mondays.
    2. Sander's booty shake
    3. DarkHamster's Pathetic Princess
    4. Kaido King of the Beasts "Soccer by Michael Bay"
    5. Jabra
    6. Razh
    7. Pachylad's Waddles' Rocket Launcher
    8. Silverblade's "Again!! WTF banner"
    9. Hajiro's Monkey King quote.

    X. One Piece - Best Moment

    1. Doflamingo's post capture speech
    2. Formation of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet
    3. Kaidou drops in
    4. Doflamingo's defeat
    5. Doffy's awakened powers revealed
    6. New bounties
    7. Dressrosa's reaction to Doflamingo's defeat
    8. Senor Pink's flashback
    9. Zou is an actual elephant
    10. Fourth Gear revealed and used on Doflamingo
    11. The Tragic Tale of Ryuunosuke
    12. Zoro slices up Pica

    Y. One Piece - Worst Moment

    1. Rebecca's "fights" with Diamante and Doflamingo
    2. Corpse cliffhanger; nevermind, it's just the dead guy.
    3. "Sanji... he's" IT'S PARTY TIME!
    4. Doflamingo controls Rebecca
    5. Everybody gets up to push the Birdcage
    6. Kyros trained Rebecca how to fight but tells her to never do it again.
    7. Haki has a recharge time
    8. Dressrosa re-elects Riku
    9. Jola attempts to revive executives
    10. The Invincible Birdcage
    11. Trebol vs. Law

    Z. Least Sensible Toriko Moment

    1. "SOYLENT GOD IS PEOPLE!" "Meh."
    2. Let's skip Blue Grill, it is a silly place. Wait, never mind.
    3. Another is really the legendary Shmoofish.
    4. Let's start another Tourna-naw, let's have a tumor monster instead!
    5. Toriko enthusiastically agrees to work with madman.
    6. Everybody spends fake decades doing menial tasks in the super hyperbolic time chamber and it's of no consequence so what even was the point
    7. A two trillion tons horse.
    8. A Monkey chilling in outer space .
    9. Asshole Jiji strikes again: Jiji decides to test the Gourmet Knights "resolve"by mentally fucking them without warning. "Hohohoho"

    AA. Bleach - Worst Moment

    1. The Ise family are God-slaying salmon.
    3. The 19th Angel, Jilliel
    4. So much for using both hands; Zaraki gets chumped again.
    5. That whole God-slaying thing sorta, kinda works, but not really.
    6. Aizen and his chair getting 1 panel in exactly 30 chapters.
    7. Hey look, Riruka's back. Yay. (Oh, and Yukio's there too. Woo.)
    8. "Grimmjaw will kick that dude's ass!- oh nvm. a small poison ball that he could have easily dodged got him."
    9. Ukitake gets the Yu-Gi-Oh treatment

    BB. Best Series

    1. DBZ: Abridged
    2. Black Butler
    3. Seraph of the End
    4. Straighten Up! Welcome to Shika High's Competitive Dance Club!
    5. Assassination Classroom
    6. No Game No Life
    7. One Punch Man
    8. Haikyu!!
    9. Space Brothers
    10. My Hero Academia
    11. The Seven Deadly Sins
    12. World Trigger
    13. Death Parade

    CC. Worst Series

    1. Tokyo Ghoul: Re
    2. Naruto Gaiden
    3. Lady Justice
    4. Platinum End
    5. Nisekoi
    6. Is it Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
    7. Dragon Ball Super
    8. Toriko
    9. Fairy Tail
    10. Seraph of the End
    11. Bleach

    DD. Movie of the Year - Best

    1. The Force Awakens
    2. Age of Ultron
    3. Kingsman - The Secret Service
    4. Mad Max: Fury Road
    5. The Martian
    6. Inside Out
    7. Ant-Man
    8. Room
    9. Jurassic World
    10. Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation

    EE. Movie of the Year - Worst

    1. Fantastic Four
    2. Goosebumps
    3. The Green Inferno
    4. Hot Tub Time Machine 2
    5. 50 Shades of Grey
    6. Pixels
    7. Aloha
    8. Terminator Genisys
    9. Pan
    10. United Passions

    FF. Animated Film of the Year

    1. The Peanuts Movie
    2. Inside Out
    3. Shaun the Sheep Movie
    4. When Marne Was There
    5. Home
    6. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water
    7. Resurrection of F

    GG. Best Show of the Year

    1. Last Week Tonight
    2. Mr. Robot
    3. Daredevil
    4. Jessica Jones
    5. Rick and Morty
    6. Better Call Saul
    7. Steven Universe
    8. Gravity Falls
    9. Parks and Rec
    10. Game of Thrones
    11. Hannibal
    12. The Flash
    13. Master of None

    HH. Worst Show of the Year

    1. The Walking Dead
    2. Gotham
    3. Sex Box
    4. Dr. Ken
    5. True Detective
    6. Big Bang Theory
    7. Arrow
    8. Under the Dome
    9. Empire

    II. Best Game of the Year

    1. Xenoblade Chronicles X
    2. Splatoon
    3. Undertale
    4. Super Mario Maker
    5. MSGV
    6. Rise of the Tomb Raider
    7. SOMA
    8. Molly Maggot
    9. Tri Force Heroes
    10. Bloodborne
    11. Rocket League
    12. the Witcher III: The Wild Hunt

    JJ. Worst Game of the Year

    1. Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival
    2. Raven's Cry
    3. Alone in the Dark: Illumination
    4. Star Wars Battlefront
    5. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5
    6. Asteroid Quarry
    7. Mario Tennis Ultra Smash
    8. Hatred
    9. The Order 1886
    10. Batman Arkham Knight

    KK. Best News of the Year

    1. Donald Trump
    2. Dilma VS Cunha shenanigans in Brazil
    4. Gay marriage legalized
    5. 2016 will be the year of Sanji
    6. You know who else lost a lawsuit? KING OF KONG'S MOM!
    7. Ahmed Mohamed gets invited to the White House, NASA, & Facebook after being accused of bringing a bomb to school(it was a clock)
    8. Kojima partners with Sony
    9. SCOTUS upholds Affordable Care Act. Again.
    10. Coverage of Syrian refugee crisis
    11. Pharmaceutical scumbag Martin Shkreli is arrested for fraud
    12. American media actually discusses police brutality

    LL. Worst News of the Year

    1. Donald Trump
    2. Dilma VS Cunha shenanigans in Brazil
    3. Attacks in Paris . Both.
    4. And the Miss Universe 2015 is... Not Colombia.
    5. Kim Davis being made a hero
    6. San Bernardino shooting
    7. Ethan Couch aka the affluenza kid aka the scum of the earth.
    8. Iwata's death
    9. Devastating earthquake in Nepal
    10. Charlie Sheen is HIV+
    11. Martin Shkreli uses illgotten gains to buy exclusive WuTang album
    12. Syria

    MM. Most Naruto Moment of Naruto

    1. A year of filler in the anime after the manga ended with only 8 episodes consisting of any sort of canon material.
    2. Orochimaru is still allowed to roam the world and do his own thing s.
    3. Obito was the coolest guy!!!
    4. That time when Sharingan literally grew on trees
    5. Sasuke punched a hole into Naruto's chest with intent to kill and Naruto still calls him friend
    6. Neji died and no one cared because he was not Naruto.
    7. Naruto and Sasuke form a heart with their bleeding stumps.
    8. I know I made you a psychopathic killer Gaara. But don't worry, your uncle didn't REALLY hate you when he suicide bombed you! We all loved you! Boy this sure is a wholly satisfactory retcon that in no way taints the original drama!
    9. There is always another final boss
    10. Kakashi is the worst Hokage.
    11. Nardo, the man that wants to run an entire country, Hyperventilates when faced with a though decision
    12. Let's resurrect all the Hokage because we didn't have enough strong characters.
    13. Armadillo Penis .
    14. Reverse Harem Sexy no Jutsu on the final boss.
    15. Sakura became Sasuke's cum dumpster.
    16. "Black Zetsu" being the true evil.
    17. Konan uses Toriko Math to make Paper Bomb; fails anyway.
    18. MURDERER! TERRORIST! *poke to forehead* ALL IS FORGIVEN!
    19. Naruto turns out to be son of Fourth Hokage; totally invalidating message of his Exam fight with Neji.

    NN. Most Trump Moment of Trump[

    1. Trump approves Putin's way of ruling his country.
    2. Let's bar Muslims from the country.
    3. The Southern Wall: Pagado y hecho en México
    4. This wonderful gif
    5. Darth Trump
    6. Trump is into his own daughter.
    7. Mexicans are mostly drug mules and rapists. Maybe some of them are okayish.]
    8. Trump vs. American Bald Eagle
    9. Trump proposes killing the families of terrorists.
    10. Small loan of 1 million dollars
    11. "Look, stuff happens."
    12. Maybe we should boycott Starbucks?
    13. Misogyny? Nah, he just keeping it real.
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    Default Re: Official Ballot and voting thread.

    Ballot Box is here and ready to go.

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    Default Re: Official Ballot and voting thread.

    After five, so go vote
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    Default Re: Official Ballot and voting thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ubiq View Post
    After five, so go vote
    huh... I sent in my votes about 2hrs after Ballot box's post but 2 hrs before this one of yours.

    Did it go through or did it get rejected?

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    Default Re: Official Ballot and voting thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Katzztar View Post
    huh... I sent in my votes about 2hrs after Ballot box's post but 2 hrs before this one of yours.
    Somebody didn't read everything as directed. Three people in fact.

    Did it go through or did it get rejected?
    They were formatted correctly so at least there's that.
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    Default Re: Official Ballot and voting thread.

    For category/nomination V4, you should probably change "used by me" to "used by Rogues' Gallery".

    After all, when you say "used by me", unfamiliar people will think you're referring to yourself.
    Quote Originally Posted by MDL View Post
    Someone married their stepmom and then got murdered?
    Sounds like he used a monkey paw to make a porno story come true.
    Then the curse of the paw eventually killed him.

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    Default Re: Official Ballot and voting thread.

    In my defense, Nixon said he was ready. Plus I don't know when is 5 PM.

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    Default Re: Official Ballot and voting thread.

    I vote for less things to vote on... Like 3-6, lol
    (I know you don't have to vote on all of them though, and am fine with it really)

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