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Thread: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    Thanks, Bellisario!!

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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    The original post is updated.

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    Thanks, Bellisario.

    Could you tell us what the VIZ version says about this part, please?

    I didn't catch the "You'll only interrupt Mama's ceremony... over my dead body" part and I'll like to know if what Nami says to Luffy, and what he says in return, is different in VIZ or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaptayn View Post
    Thanks, Bellisario.

    Could you tell us what the VIZ version says about this part, please?

    I didn't catch the "You'll only interrupt Mama's ceremony... over my dead body" part and I'll like to know if what Nami says to Luffy, and what he says in return, is different in VIZ or not.
    Sure. Here's the dialogue from that picture in VIZ:
    Cracker: Do not even dream that you can defeat me. You shall not interfere with Mama's tea party!
    Nami: No, Luffy! Don't turn this into a serious fight! That's not our goal here! We need to get past this forest to Sanji...
    Luffy: I don't know any way to fight...other than serious!

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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    Thanks a lot.

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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    Quick question: Is Viz using "Totto Land" now? Did they switch to it?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaido King of the Beasts View Post
    Quick question: Is Viz using "Totto Land" now? Did they switch to it?
    I don't think it's been written in a speech bubble since that spelling appeared. We'll have to wait and see.

    Someone, I think, said it that way in the podcast the other week, but that's not a perfect guide; there were a few different pronunciations of Vivre going around this week, for example. They don't have any straight up guide for how everything should be officially read, the different speakers can bring their own interpretations and make mistakes.

    Personally I hope they stick with Totland, I think it reads better, whether Oda intended it or not.

    (and as a side note, how do people here pronounce Vivre? I'm partial to vai-ver myself)

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    Yeah, I personally use Totland myself, but was a bit confused since a few OPP people have said Totto Land and those guys are usually Viz followers.

    I pronounce Vivre "Veev-rey" or "Veev-ur" but this is coming from a guy who pronounced Luffy as "Luhffy" for over 2 years :P


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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaido King of the Beasts View Post
    Quick question: Is Viz using "Totto Land" now? Did they switch to it?
    Yes, they decided to go with Totto Land after Oda had it spelled that way in chapter 834.

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain M View Post
    I don't think it's been written in a speech bubble since that spelling appeared. We'll have to wait and see.
    It was spelled out "Totto Land" on the very first text box of chapter 835
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    Huh, unusual for them to change anything like that, but given how recently the name came out they can probably do it more easily as opposed to Aladine and Zoro.


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    Yeah, they've done stuff like this in the past. Off the top of my head, early into Zou they went with Dogupine and changed it to Dogstorm a chapter later. They'll change some translation choices for the weekly chapters (then make it more consistant in the volume releases), it's generally just their older translation choices/ones already used in the released volumes they don't change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain M View Post
    (and as a side note, how do people here pronounce Vivre? I'm partial to vai-ver myself)
    According to the katakana, it's meant to be pronounced "vi-vrey".
    Fun fact, also according to the katakana, Germa 66 is meant to be pronounced "Jerma double six".
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    Quote Originally Posted by BellisarioFaith View Post
    Hey, everyone. As you may know, I try to provide comparisons each week between the original Mangastream scanlations of the latest chapters released on Thursdays vs Stephen's higher-quality translations that VIZ subscribers can find in the weekly issues of Shonen Jump released the following Monday (and are eventually included in the VIZ English volumes of One Piece upon publication). This is done so that those who are unable to get VIZ subscriptions can still get clarification, if needed, on the decent but occasionally-confusing translations of Mangastream.

    Originally, I posted each of these on their corresponding chapter threads, but since I've had a few requests to compile all of them into one thread for easy reference, here they are. From now on, when I write these up each week, I'll put them in both the chapter thread so they can be useful in the short-term, and here for quick access in the long-term.

    If anybody has a miscellaneous translation question from an old chapter, feel free to post it here, and hopefully either I or somebody else here with a VIZ subscription can clear it up for you. My personal stock of VIZ chapters goes back as far as Chapter 806, although I'm sure others here have much further back than that. Please note that this is just for "how was this name/phrase/whatever translated?" comparison/reference questions; if you have VIZ-specific questions, or even if you'd like to ask Stephen about his translation choices, go to the VIZ Media thread here.

    Hope this is helpful!

    Volume 82 (Chapters 817-827)
    817: Raizo of the Mist
    • The cover page, with the "One Piece Film: Gold" poster, does say "special art drawn by Oda" (the poster itself) rather than "written by Oda" (which implied the entire movie) like it said on MS. I think a few others may have mentioned this already.
    • VIZ also had it as "Kogetsu" last time but "Kozuki" this time for the name of Momo's clan. Same kanji, just a different reading for the second one. The kanji, 月, by itself is pronounced "tsuki", meaning "moon", but when you combine it with other kanji, it can change pronunciation; sometimes just a slight change from "tsuki" to "zuki", as is the latter case here (like how "tori" can become "-dori", hoshi can be "-boshi", "hana" can be "-ppana", etc. when combined with other kanji), or other times using the totally alternate "getsu" (like how, sometimes, "mizu" (water) becomes "sui", "naka" (inside, middle) becomes "chuu", or "me" (eye) becomes "gan", etc. when you mix them with other kanji). I guess Oda-sensei or his editors just changed the way you pronounce the name from the entirely alternate "getsu" reading to the slightly-changed "zuki", for unknown reasons, but it still means the same thing. /End Japanese lesson.
    • VIZ's version specifically implies that something's wrong with Momo's dad; Momo's line to Inu and Neko when he tells them to stop fighting is "Especially if the reason for your quarrel is Father!" in MS, but it's "Especially if what happened to Father is the cause!" in VIZ.
    • It's made pretty clear that Momo isn't just hearing Raizo's voice. He says, "The closer we get to the whale, the louder the 'voice' I hear", with "voice" in quotation marks.
    • The Naruto references are consistent, but changed to match the English versions; Raizo specifically calls his cloning technique "Shadow Clone Jutsu" (English anime's name for the technique), and the requests he gets use "Fire/Water/Earth Element" and "Doppelganger", which are used by the VIZ English manga of Naruto.

    matamune just messaged me about the first question, too. Yeah, Cat Viper's line from VIZ is less vague than Mangastream's; he says
    "And it's only been a few months since then. I suppose the liveliness of those folks has been a blessing to him..." I'm guessing maybe he's talking about it being a few months since something happened to Oden (Momonosuke's dad), and that the Straw Hats' liveliness has been a good thing for Momo. In that case, yeah, I'd guess whatever happened with Oden happened a few months ago and the samurai group fled after that.

    For the second question, someone made this post on Oro Jackson that sounded like a great explanation:

    Credits to Oro Jackson member The_Monster_Trio for the above quote.

    For the third question, I think yes. We know Luffy and Roger can, and this chapter heavily implied the same for Momo and Oden.

    818: Inside the Whale
    • In MS, Nami says that a sea chart was drawn on the poneglyph. In VIZ, she says she can "make a naval map" with the information that's on the poneglyph, increasing the importance of having a good mapmaker/navigator like her.
    • The fourth road poneglyph, in the first translation, was said to be "lost." Mangastream says "whereabouts are unknown", which is more vague. VIZ says it's in an "unknown spot". Pretty similar, but you could take it a little differently. The first translation sounds like "something happened to it and now nobody knows where it is, could be lost forever", but the third is more like "Nobody's found it yet" (as in, no one knows where it was put in the first place). Mangastream's translation could be taken either way. To me, this implies that it's almost certainly not gone forever, but just well-hidden, and so far no one (as far as we know) has managed to find that hiding place. (Like Raftel itself, actually.)
    • VIZ doesn't say anything about "copies already floating around out there." (MS page 11) It just says "Just make a simple print of the message." The "simple print" is probably the equivalent of the "fish prints" mentioned in Mangastream, but it's interesting that MS implies (with both Neko and Usopp's dialogue on that page) that the Straw Hats can steal an already-existing copy, but VIZ's same dialogue states that they're going to make a copy. If VIZ's version is correct, it's much less likely that the Straw Hats will randomly find an already-existing copy of the fourth poneglyph (since any copies are in the hands of people who made and kept them for themselves), and will instead have to actually find where it is (which, granted, I'm sure most of us were hoping would happen anyway).
    • The flashback-speech-bubble about Oden soup (final panel of MS page 15) sounded like it was being said by an enemy (Kaido or the shogun?) in MS, but in VIZ's version, Oden himself was making the soup joke. The words are "I am Oden! I was born to boil!" Which just makes him sound even cooler, IMO.
    • Mangastream's version already clarified this (I thought), but since people are still debating it: the VIZ version also confirms that Oden was killed by the shogun of Wano AND Kaido, i.e. they're two separate people.
    • Also, this doesn't have to do with VIZ specifically, but I noticed some comments about Raftel being surrounded by "four other islands" that show its location: if you look at the theoretical picture drawn in the chapter, some of the "X"s are in the water, meaning that the road poneglyphs don't necessarily indicate a group of four islands; it's more like four different geographic coordinates. Which makes it even more important to have all four poneglyphs, since it's harder to be exact about the locations when some of them are in the middle of the ocean, and also makes it harder to simply sail around randomly between locations hoping to find it.
    819: Momonosuke, Heir to the Kozuki Clan
    • MS page 9. Basically, on that page, Inuarashi's like "All it took was one of Kaido's squads to leave Zou looking like this", and Franky replied, "Yeah, but that's cuz he played dirty and used that weapon." Inu's reply to that (last panel of his on that page) doesn't quite fit in MS: "We may be able to come to terms with losing to the underhanded tactics of a cowardly enemy." In VIZ, he points out (in reply to Franky) "There's no such thing as being disqualified for fighting dirty in war," and Franky's bubble next to it acknowledges "Right." That makes a little more sense.
    • Not really sure what to make of it, but the flashback speech bubbles at the bottom of page 12 are a little different. I guess VIZ's version sounds more encouraging, but either way, it's hard to tell who's talking to Momo. MS version: "Momonosuke! You will never be able to learn about it in its entirety. This is the real world!" VIZ: "Gaze out upon it! That is the world...Momonosuke!"
    • The dialogue in the middle panels of page 16: instead of using "faith in" Momo/Law/etc., VIZ uses "pact". Inuarashi: "And thus the pact is formed". Law: "And what about our pact, Straw Hat?" Luffy: "Huh? You don't mind, right?" Law: "I don't, but still!" So yeah, it also confirms that Law wasn't actually opposed to helping the samurai at all.
    • Like the first translation, the alliance actually is supposed to have four names--"Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai"-- so the "ninja" is a separate category from the "samurai".
    • Zoro: "In that case, I'm worth...two thousand." Nami: "Sure you are".
    820: Dog and Cat Have a History
    Okay, so this week's Manstream Translations were kind of confusing in some places. Let's see if VIZ helps.
    • "We accompanied Lord Oden as his retainers, everywhere he went. So we also rode on Whitebeard's Moby Dick for a time."
    • Here's something interesting: on MS page 6, Inu just says in the top left panel "Therefore, when our lord was later scouted out by Roger, we accompanied him." VIZ version: "It was from there that Roger scouted Lord Oden, and we accompanied him, of course." I.e. According to VIZ, Roger actually recruited Oden from Whitebeard and his crew.
    • Also, in the next panel, Inu says that Oden was the one who was a kid/apprentice at the time like Shanks and Buggy. (MS implies he was talking about himself and Neko there.)
    • VIZ's translation of Inu's words to Nami: "If you are curious to see where the Log leads you, you are free to follow it. There is a point where all three needles point you to the same location! However, on your travels, you have already begun the next adventure. [...] Normally, it is when you reach the Log's end that you come to a realization about the mystery of the ancient writing on the poneglyphs, and the civilization that birthed them, and the existence of Raftel, the final, unseen island! From that point, Roger started his adventure anew. Crocus was a crewmate of the Pirate King--one of those who knew all. He would not lie about that that unless he disliked you. Are you the navigator? You have a firm head on those shoulders! Don't worry. You are not on the wrong path! Continue on your way!" (I thought the "unseen" was interesting, so I bolded it. MS uses "lost". Does "unseen" just mean no one else has been there, or that it literally can't be seen from a distance/is hidden somehow?)
    • Hmm, this one's kinda interesting. Momo's words corresponding to MS page 12 are, in the VIZ version, "I met Roger's crew as well, but my memory is hazy. I was too young" So maybe he was just kidding? That seems to take away from the "he met Ace and thought he was Roger" idea. Although Usopp does still say, "Who are you getting him confused with?!" I guess he still could have met Ace and his Spade Pirates.
    • The clash between Marco and the Whitebeard Pirates vs. the Blackbeard Pirates is called the "Grudge War." ("Ferocious battle" isn't used at all in VIZ.) "Marco's group was obliterated."
    • Minor point: Nami says "Let's go back to the ship", so it sounds like Luffy's group is indeed taking the Thousand Sunny.
    • Neko says, "Zunisha's trumpeting", rather than crying (which made it ambiguous as the whether he could hear her "voice" or not. This doesn't imply anything like that.)
    Oh, uh, they actually did put up a fight. Sorry if that was confusing; if the VIZ version says basically the same thing as the Mangastream version in given places, I don't usually write it down. I'll just include the VIZ version of that whole conversation this time:

    : Marco and the other remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates clashed with Teach and his Blackbeard Pirates one year ago in what the world calls the Grudge War. After that, the commander and his folks just up and disappeared.
    Neko: But if Marco is still alive, then I got an idea of where he might be now!
    Luffy: Whoa, whoa, whoa! They fought with Blackbeard?
    Robin: They did. It was quite a large battle, with each side bringing in plenty of help. In the end, Marco's group was obliterated. It was only after this major confrontation that Blackbeard was first included among the list of the Four Emperors!
    Luffy: So that's the story! Damn that Blackbeard!
    821: Understood
    • Mangastream, pg 6 used "If that is indeed you", which was a bit confusing. VIZ uses, "If you're there", which I think makes more sense.
    • Mangastream pg 13 said "Zou committed a crime", so there was speculation as to whether it was the island/kingdom of Zou or the elephant. VIZ clarifies, "The elephant committed a crime."
    • VIZ doesn't say anything about "all eternity" or "end of time", either. Momo's/Zunisha's words are: "Long ago, the elephant committed a crime, and ever since, it has only been allowed to walk. It must continue following its orders. Therefore...Therefore, I just need permission this once!"
    • Maybe noteworthy, on the first panel of the last page (MS 21), Luffy says, in MS, "How crazy is it that Zou is on our side now?" In VIZ, it sounds more like he's questioning it: "Wouldn't that be crazy if Zou was on our side?" May not mean anything, but I noticed it.
    • As someone pointed out earlier, Apoo didn't actually say "Kaido-sama" ("Lord Kaido"); he said "Kaido-san" (where VIZ just uses "Kaido"). Mistranslation by MS. VIZ also him state Jack was "abruptly" cut off.
    • The whole "Kid's leg" thing: it's still hard to see the actual pattern on the pants, but I'm like 99% sure that those are, indeed, somebody's leg and boot. Still can't tell who it actually it for sure, but you're probably not supposed to be able to. There are also some dark spots on the floor behind the bars that showed up better in VIZ. (Blood?)
    822: Descending the Elephant
    • Mangastream made it sound like Kin'emon didn't know what Transponder Snails are (since he said "I have heard tales that, outside Wano, you use snails to communicate"), which didn't make sense seeing as he's seen and used them before (such as in Dressrosa). However, in VIZ, he just says "I know that foreign lands have those mollusks," so he's really just acknowledging that others use them and clearly does know what they are.
    • The "worst savior ever" line from Pekoms was pretty funny, but VIZ uses "Of all the guys to owe my life to, it had to be you!"
    • An interesting one: Usopp says in Mangastream that he managed to "put almost all of [the Weatherian devices] in there, save for one. The magic wand you told me about on Sabaody...I couldn't really wrap my head around it", and Nami's flashback bubble said "It's a magic wand!" This made it sound like she gave him a wand that he couldn't figure out how to include. VIZ phrases it: "I implemented all of the Weatheria devices that you gave to me. The only thing is, I don't know what you meant on Sabaody when you said you wanted a magic wand, so that'll...depend on you?" (The "depend on you" part is in his speech bubble in the next panel, instead of "What have I unleashed?"), and Nami says "Just like a magic wand", so I think she was really saying that there was something else she wanted the Clima-Tact to be able to do, rather than another device she wanted Usopp to include.
    • Zoro's line is "I'll have some of the samurai following my lead in no time!" So yeah, typical Zoro.
    823: The World is Restless

    • Got one right off the bat in the cover story. Mangastream just says "still hasn't returned" to Boin, leaving it ambiguous as to whether it's taking him long to get back or he's going somewhere else. VIZ says "Not going back to the Bowin Islands yet".
    • The Queen of Goa's VIZ name: "Sally Isntoinette". I'm guessing it's a pun, but what? She does say "isn't" four times in her one speech bubble, so maybe her name is a joke on that. "Isn't-oinette" instead of "Antoinette", or something. Not really sure.
    • "Fifty nations" instead of "over 50 countries". Could be nothing, but if it's exactly 50, does that mean that there's a limit and they have to pick which 50 can come?
    • VIZ says literally opposite of what MS page 11 says about Sai/Chinjao and the Reverie; the dude with the long mustache says "they" won't make it in time for the Reverie in MS, but that "we" will in VIZ.
    • Fun trivia that MS missed: in VIZ, Kureha uses her catchphrase. "Aren'tcha happy?"
    • @sggupta: Viola says Rebecca can go as her "attendant."
    • @ W A M: The conversation between Shirahoshi and her brothers says pretty much the same thing in both versions, just slightly different wording. Was there something about it in particular you wanted to know?
    • I like the VIZ version of the list of what Carrot brought with her. "I brought lunch (carrot), juice (carrot), snack (carrot)..." Hahaha.
    • @ W A M: Pedro just says "Well...she is a good fighter."
    • @ Both: Pedro with the headline: "Real big headline today. 'Long-Rumored Mystery Location Discovered After Decades. Baltigo, HQ of the Revolutionary Army, Already in Utter Ruins!'"
    Right? I originally thought it was supposed to sound kinda like "Nantucket" or something, but I'm guessing it's really "nan to ka"-nette, and was translated to "Isntoinette" to keep the joke similar. Nantokanette definitely sounds cooler, though.

    Mansherry just says "It's very exciting" instead of "I bet you're excited."
    824: Playing Pirates
    • VIZ name for the chapter: "Playing Pirates"
    • I saw some confusion about Nami's line on the bottom right panel of the first page, where she says "Why is it that all of your siblings are crazy, dangerous people?!" with some wondering if it should have said "family members" instead of "siblings" and Dragon was meant to be included there. Actually, she says "What kind of trio of siblings are you?!"
    • Also, Nami's top bubble in the next panel (responding to Luffy's talk about Dragon) is kind of funny. Instead of "Huh? Of course!" she says "Like...yeah?" Haha, that sounds kinda weird.
    • Mangastream pg 6: Brook saying "the picture doesn't do his presence justice" implies that he may have met Dragon, but it's really not as much of an implication in VIZ. He just says "Well, a picture's not the same as seeing someone in real life."
    • If it wasn't already obvious, the "You need to help, too!" "I'm half-dead!" is indeed between someone (probably Nami) and Pekoms, since he actually gives his signature roar in there.
    • Quite a bit of Bariete's dialogue with Wanda was confusing in Mangastream (page 10). Here's VIZ's version: "I ape-ologize, Wanda! Maybe I could have told someone and stopped her, but Carrot had already packed up her stuff, and..." *Wanda cuts him off, and after she points out the bribe*: "B-but Carrot didn't want to betray you, Wanda!"
    • It looks like Kaido has his own "signature laugh" that wasn't included in MS: "Worororo".
    • His dialogue when talking about Luffy and Law: "Straw Hat Luffy! Trafalgar Law! I know what they call your generation! Little whelps proud of wiping out mere Warlords of the Sea, but you must realize that you've messed with my business! Worororo...hey, I bet you [Kid] can warn those idiots in your generation! 'Run away while you can. All we were doing was playing pirates!'"
    • The entire conversation between Sanji/Tamago/Vito says basically the same thing in both versions, just worded a little differently. Mangastream is still using "Purin", but VIZ uses "Pudding".
    Sure, no problem. The top panel of the page where CP is mentioned, Nami says "By the time the Navy and Cipher Pol arrived, the Blackbeard Pirates had already leveled the settlement to the ground." On the last panel on that same page, Pedro's lines are "It says Blackbeard clashed briefly with Cipher Pol briefly before fleeing. But there was no info about fatalities in the article." It never actually says which Cipher Pol unit was fighting the Blackbeard Pirates. CP-Aegis 0 seems like the logical guess, but it's technically not confirmed.
    825: Comic Strip
    • The VIZ name for the chapter is just "Comic Strip."
    • Similarly, it shortens the newspaper name to WEJ ("World Economic Journal") instead of "WE Times".
    • Clarification that, instead of Sora/robot/seagull just being called "seafaring heroes", Sora is a "naval hero" (which may have already been obvious).
    • The introduction box for Gotti in MS just calls him a "killer". In VIZ, it's "hit man."
    • If it wasn't already clear, Lola/lookalike-Lola was indeed talking about Bege when she said that "Father" will get killed if anything happens to Sanji. In VIZ she calls him "Godfather", the regular name used for Bege.
    • Sanji's line about lookalike-Lola in MS was "In any case, they really do look similar...." VIZ is close but not entirely the same: "I swear, there's somethin' real familiar about..." which I think makes it a little more clear what he's talking about.
    • Nami's "He's got some freakish constitution" line about Luffy is translated as "His vitality is tops among all humanity." She also sounded more like she was questioning Luffy's resistance to the poison skin ("Maybe he has some powerful resistance to it?") instead of specifically bring up his poison immunity.
    • On the last page, Mangastream says "I assume you lot are the Straw Hat crew", but VIZ specifically says "We identify this as the ship of the Straw Hat crew."
    826: 0 and 4
    • Twice in the chapter, the Vinsmokes say they've "lost their way" in MS, but they say they've "missed [Sanji]" ("missed" here as in "failed to run into each other") in VIZ.
    • Reiju's VIZ description of Yonji: "I'm afraid my little brother is a heartless, unsympathetic creep."
    • A couple of minor semantics stuff: their crew calls her "Lady Reiju" instead of "Miss Reiju", and Pekoms states that Germa "uses science to fight" in VIZ, rather than just "advanced technology."
    • Brook describes the Vinsmokes in MS as "a clan that, long ago, ruled all of North Blue with an iron fist", whereas in VIZ, he says "a noble family that conquered North Blue with military might ages ago."
    • Bottom middle panel of MS page 12 (stating that the Vinsmoke name was synonymous with "evil"): it seems like Brook is talking in MS (using "their name" and "them"), but in VIZ it's either Reiju or Yonji speaking (uses "our name" and "we").
    • Since I saw people asking about this: Reiju's VIZ description of Germa not having a country: "Germa is a nation without land. We own no territory, but we have the right to attend the Reverie."
    • Instead of Reiju saying "[Sanji] left us", she says "we were separated" at a very young age.
    • Pekoms, instead of saying he "has his reasons" to travel with the Straw Hats, is more specific and says he "has his own business to conduct."
    • Not sure if it means anything, but Aladdin asks Jimbei "What's the plan?" instead of "What are your orders?", which sounds a bit less sinister to me.
    827: Totland
    • After beating Brook up, Nami says "I'll step on you" instead of "I went easy on you." Not a big deal, but kind of a random difference.
    • Mangastream page 8: when Pekoms is talking about Totland as Big Mom's dream utopia about a place where everyone can live together, in MS, he says "and by that, I mean literally all the races", making it ambiguous as to whether she wants all the races or whether she has all of the them living there. VIZ clears this up: "It has everything in this world!"
    • In the following panel: the Totland island leaders are referred to as "ministers" instead of "chancellors." Also, in MS, the name "Totland" is stated to be written in kanji as "Land of Ten Thousand." VIZ's version is that it's "Totland" as in short for "Total of All Lands."
    • Instead of Pekoms saying he'll stay on the ship because his "face would be too easily recognized", he says that it's because he's "got sway around here."
    • VIZ: Consumption of private property = snackalism, haha.
    • The carpet's name is "Rabian" instead of "Labiyan".
    • Pedro's VIZ words to the Mink guy who recognized him are much shorter, just "I'm sight-seeing. Don't tell anyone."
    • Instead of the strawberry jam being "made from" someone's blood, VIZ instead says "Is it strawberry jam? Or someone's blood?" (Big Mom, such a sweet lady, still says "Either one is fine.")
    • The line about the sacrifice: "A demonic sacrifice for our sweet pastime."
    Calls her "Cafe Caramel Owner." And, of course, also introduces Nitro the Jelly and Rabian the Carpet.
    Volume 83 (Chapters 828-836)
    828: 1 and 2
    • Mangastream page 7: Pudding states in the first panel, in the MS version, that "I guess this isn't what you'd call a consensual marriage"; however, in VIZ, the line is "I should have known it wasn't consensual."
    • In the next panel, Pudding sounds like she's more openly against the arranged marriages than MS made it sound. She says that Big Mom is "selfish" instead of "bullheaded and stubborn." Also, the confusing last speech bubble in that panel (where it was confusing as to who was talking, with the "Don't! Why don't you just run away!"), is actually being spoken by Pudding as well. She says, "We can only submit or run away."
    • The sister of Pudding's who ran away to find her own love is clarified to be an older sister.
    • Some slight differences/clarifications in Pudding describing Sanji: "His eyes are hearts", "we have similar interests" (instead of "hobbies"), "I hear his legs are black, but he's very strong and dependable." Responses: Luffy says, "Yup, you know him! [...] That's him, all right! He's a great guy!" Chopper: "That's not what they mean by Black Leg."
    • Pudding in VIZ: "Listen, at this point, I think...I can still forget about Sanji!" And then, in her last panel on the next page, "I was stunned at how wonderful he was. I thought it was a dream."
    • Her response to Sanji wanting to go back to his friends: "And that wasn't a one-sided feeling! Sure enough, you have risked your lives to come to Totland to get him! I find the thought of being married to someone who regrets it very painful, even if it was Mama's orders! I can't take him away from you all."
    • Then, about meeting up with them at Whole Cake, "Let's meet up tomorrow [...] I'll make sure to bring Sanji with me! [...] I'm her own daughter. Don't worry about me. You're in enemy territory. Focus on your own safety instead! You're the ones with the true mutual love! It's a shame, I suppose, but maybe my next suitor will be even more wonderful than him. ♥"
    • Yes, Luffy really does refer to Pekoms as "Pekoms" instead of "Pekomamushi/Lion Viper".
    • The dude with the gun specifically states that Germa killed his wife/kids/country in VIZ, which was more ambiguous in MS.
    • Sanji's brother (probably Ichiji) about him in VIZ: "I really want to see him again." (Instead of "I can't wait to see him.")
    829: Emperor of the Sea, Charlotte Linlin
    • I was wondering how they'd translate that punny (in Japanese) Sanji/san-ji (three o'clock) joke. As usual, it's more awkward in English; Nami says "Starboard, Luffy! Three o'clock, to the right!" and Luffy responds with "Exactly, Chopper and Carrot! We're going right to Sanji!"
    • The "grape colored sea" is described in VIZ: "There's an island of flowing juice around here," (in MS, it was "Some islands in these parts have rivers of juice that flow out directly into the sea.") Since this implies that there's "a" juice river instead of "several", does this mean that the island that Carrot saw with the grape-colored water is where Big Mom/Jimbei are now?
    • Big Mom's "illness" is referred to instead as a "condition."
    • Mangastream uses "casualties" continue to rise, which can refer those dead and injured. VIZ explicitly states "The number of dead continue to rise."
    • Instead of calling it an "eating disorder", VIZ uses "hunger pangs."
    • Muscat in MS=Moscato in VIZ. "Muscat" is a type of grape used for wine-making; "Moscato" is an actual wine made from such grapes.
    • It's stated that Big Mom will take your life span away if you "get scared", rather than just "cower."
    • That one weird MS bubble (page 13 MS) where it says "Save me, Mama! I can't stop anymore!" is translated by VIZ as "Have mercy, Mama! I won't try to stop you!"
    • In the past, VIZ has always used "Jimbei" where MS used "Jinbe." Expectedly, though the name was written as "Jinbe" in the English letters in MS, VIZ changed those to "Jimbei" to keep it consistent.
    • Jimbei is stated to have "captured" the cream puffs rather than just "tracked them down."
    • Big Mom's final panel is worded, "You'd better not be trying to leave me!"
    830: A Man You Can Bet On
    • When talking about how he wants to join Luffy, in VIZ, he phrases his last bubble on the first page as "Doing so will ensure that my voyage wins true freedom for the Fishman race!" (Doesn't say anything specifically about a fight for it like in MS.)
    • Aladdin's response on the next page: "You've told us plenty about Luffy in these past two years. I've always thought that if you felt that strongly about him, it was best for you to follow your heart."
    • When telling Jimbei to live how he wants, the VIZ dialogue from his crew sounds a bit more focused on him being "free." "That's right! Be free, Jimbei! We want you to live your own life now!" I like this phrasing, since freedom is, of course, something that Luffy himself values very highly.
    • Similar to last week with Jimbei, the name in the big block letters is changed to spell "Aladdin" from "Aladine" as it was in MS and presumably the raw. Again, probably for consistency's sake.
    • Praline asks "What was that?! Did I hear you worrying about me just now?" instead of "My oh my, shouldn't you be worrying about lil ol' me?"
    • She also doesn't say anything about "I thought our relationship was better than that" in VIZ. Just says (in that same speech bubble) "What's the big idea?! You can't let me in on your little secret?!" And after Aladdin responds to her with "Of course not," instead of adding "I'm sure I'll be able to negotiate with her!", he says "I was going to tell you!"
    • Interestingly, the original version of MS (when it came out Thursday) switched from using "Master Muscat" to "Sir Moscato" like VIZ did. Since then, they've gone in the middle and are now using "Sir Muscat."
    • Rather than Big Mom's vague stuff about "child" and "parent" from MS when talking about Jimbei leaving she specifically mentions it in context of "parent and child cups" (like the ones that came up during the Grand Fleet formation) in VIZ.
    • A couple of differences when explaining Pedro's story: Carrot states that Pedro and Pekoms were "pirates together", Pedro states that "we" ended up with bounties; Pedro was only with Pekoms "and his group" part-way. Pedro states that it's "for [their] ears only" (rather than the "I'm only telling you this because . . ." from MS), and says he was looking for "a" poneglyph. Pedro suffered "a devastating defeat" there. Carrot responds with "Oh, I see" instead of "I had no idea", and Nami specifically asks why Pedro came since the place must have bad memories for him.
    • Nami just says that the cape is, "the only weak point in the security net" instead of "[she's] heard" that security "doesn't make their rounds."
    831: Adventure in the Mysterious Forest
    • Both VIZ and Mangastream say that this is Brook's first time riding the sub, but didn't he ride it with Luffy and Robin at the very beginning of the Sabaody arc?
    • In MS, Pedro says that he'll "require Brook's assistance in [his] journey"; however, in VIZ, he worries that he'll "be a burden on Brook's mission." So basically one version sounds like it's Brook's mission whereas the other says it's Pedro's. Also in VIZ, Brook says "we" will prove useful instead of "I".
    • Instead of asking Pedro if he wants him to steer in deeper waters, Brook states that he "hopes [they] have the depth to travel that far".
    • In MS, Luffy yells at the crocodile by asking if they're not good enough to eat. In VIZ, he yells "What did you think you were chomping on?!", clearly having thought that the crocodile was trying to eat them when he ate the bridge.
    • There's a more obvious implication that Nami may have accidentally offended Chopper and Carrot, since her sweat-drop panel has her say "Er, I didn't mean--!! Yeah, but..."
    • Chopper specifically states that Luffy's "scars and accessories" are on the opposite sides, instead of just "features and details".
    • Nami tells Chopper and Carrot not to "split up" instead of just "don't go".
    • The forest says that it'll "play with them, play them to death" instead of "play the game of death."
    832: Germa Kingdom
    • Not a huge difference, but instead of "Whose food will they end up as?" it's phrased in VIZ as "Whose prey are they?"
    • When Luffy asks "What happened to Sanji?", Nami's reply in VIZ is "Even he is under suspicion! All we know is that he looked just like Sanji!"
    • Brulée's laugh is spelled "Wi wi wi wi". Also, she doesn't specifically say she wants to slice their faces; she just says, "Beauty like this makes me want...to tear it to shreds!"
    • After Brulée tells the Straw Hats that she's been with them all along, she just says "Running and running and unable to escape!" I'm assuming she's still saying the same thing she was in MS (which was "No matter how much you run, you'll never be able to escape these woods!"), but I found the difference a little jarring.
    • The lake behind Big Mom's castle is spelled "Lake Aprico" in VIZ.
    • VIZ specifies that the portrait that MS calls the "Four Nation Coup" (called "The Conquest of Four Nations" here) was an event "in which [they] vanquished four kings of the North Blue all at once."
    • Also, instead of Reiju saying "Nothing's wrong with a man brandishing his fame and power!" (implying that she was talking about the portrait), she instead follows up her statement of saying that her father wants Germa to rule over the North again by saying "What's wrong with that? Men are inevitably drawn to strength and glory..."
    • VIZ just calls his father "Vinsmoke Judge," and "Generalissimo" instead of "Commander".
    • Interestingly, Sanji does admit he has a father (Zeff, obviously) in VIZ: "I have a father...but's it's not you!!!"
    Sure. In that panel, Sanji says (in response to Reiju telling him he could live a life of luxury as a royal), "Why bring this up now? I'm not getting married!!!" and Reiju answers, "But isn't Pudding just so sweet? I really like her." So yeah, VIZ also seems to imply that Sanji really has met her.
    833: Vinsmoke Judge
    • In the VIZ version, the different words that were used to describe Sanji ("good-for-nothing", "black sheep", "dud") are replaced with "failure."
    • Sanji tells Judge in VIZ that he's here to protect the lives of his "people", instead of "crew" as Mangastream used, so this presumably includes everyone that Pekoms named as being in danger by his refusal (the SHs, the Baratie workers, and the Kamabakka Kingdom residents).
    • In the middle of MS page 15 (where Judge is bearing down on Sanji with Garuda), one of the onlookers just says, "The Commander's flung himself toward Sanji!", but in VIZ, he says, "It's the Generalissimo's Body-Blow Style!", so apparently this is a specific style of fighting that Judge is known for using.
    • In the next panel, Sanji just says, "Huh, what irony." In VIZ, he's a little more specific: "Ironically enough, this is my forte." (Apparently talking about said Body-Blow Style type of fighting.)
    • Sanji's monologue after his "Can I ask...one thing?" is directed at himself rather than at his father the way it was in MS: "Is a birth father really that special? You don't have a single good memory of him, do you? You had a very tough time of it . . . [thinking] You have nothing...but hatred."
    • When Sanji is telling Reiju that he just wants the tea party to be over so he can leave, instead of just saying "Then I can leave this entire mess behind me," it's "That'll be the end of Big Mom's invitation curse."
    • Quite a bit of Judge's dialogue to Sanji on the second-to-last page is a little different. His response to Sanji: "A sensible if not predictable statement," is instead "Precisely. I'm glad to see you understand." Then, starting with the next panel, it goes to: "As long as you understand, I am satisfied. I'd been hoping to keep this under the radar....I want Big Mom's help, but she demands a family connection. Yes, it's just marriage, but I do not relish the thought of sending my valuable sons to that madwoman's layer. And then I remembered...that years ago, I had a failure. You are my sacrifice, Sanji. I have not changed my opinion in the least...I do not think of you as my son!!"
    834: My Dream
    • One small but kind of interesting thing I noticed: in MS, they comment that Jimbei "turned his back on Big Mom" but in VIZ, they say that he "betrayed us." So the citizens of Totland see themselves as Big Mom's people enough that leaving her equates to betraying all of them, apparently?
    • Also, since I saw people asking about it here: not too much difference between the townspeople's descriptions of the news article in the MS and VIZ versions. VIZ says "Then he goes in and boldly claims, 'I want out!' And when he hears the price, he wilts and withdraws his request!"
    • Probably means the same thing, but instead of "Prior engagement that I must tend to immediately", Pudding says "I just have a little errand to run!"
    • When asked if he knows Pedro, Tamago's answer is a bit more straightforward: "We have a past." Also, instead of saying he knows "where we might find" him, he instead knows "what he might do."
    • Bege's baby's name is spelled "Pez" in VIZ, which actually fits with the naming theme of his mother's family. (Pez candies.)
    • Instead of the "that was pretty deep . . . waxing poetic" line, Bege says "It's like a painting."
    • The dialogue between them about Bege shooting Pekoms, "This is the fate you chose. I gave you your chance, Pekoms." And when he gives his last words, Pekoms says "You don't realize what you're gettin' into with Mama!!!"
    • When Caesar is thinking to himself after Big Mom gives him the lab, instead of saying that he needs to "come up with something that even the brightest minds over the past few centuries have failed to accomplish", he notes that "All of humanity could research for centuries and never succeed at this!"
    • VIZ doesn't translate Perospero's speech habits to "Lickity-lick" and such; it's kept as "Perorin".
    • Luffy wonders "how many dozens of times [he] has to see [the juice guy's] face," states that he "found some more" and is glad he found more, and Juice Guy just says "There's more of them now." Not sure what to make of it, but maybe he knows more about what's going on here than the MS version let on?
    835: Kingdom of Soul
    • Even just the cover of this week's Shonen Jump is a bit different. There aren't nearly as many chibi characters on the VIZ version of the cover, and the other guy who was on Luffy's right looking down at the table isn't even there.
    • VIZ chapter name is "Kingdom of Soul".
    • Luffy doesn't say, "This means you guys didn't just multiply for fun!" and likewise Nami doesn't say anything about Luffy "reaching new heights of idiocy." The dialogue in that panel is: Luffy says, "Well, you guys were the ones who multiplied!" and Nami responds with, "We can't multiply! Well, we did, but--"
    • When Brulée tells them that Big Mom knows of her presence, instead of the part about "The only reason I'm here is because Mama ordered it," she states "We're all after you now on Mama's orders!", so she's not just talking about herself.
    • In the VIZ version, Brulée refers to Chopper's Monster Point as a "trick": "...you can do this trick, too?!" and calls Big Mom a "collector of freaks".
    • In the following to panels, the "Come out, come out, wherever you are~ little girl!" in MS seemed to imply that Nami escaped from the living creatures in the woods by hiding from them, but in VIZ it says, "Wait up, you! Come back, little girl!" implying instead that she outran them, which better fits with what she says throughout the rest of the chapter.
    • Rather than Nami saying she stumbled around in the dark (which could imply that the woods themselves were dark), she says she ran around until it got dark. So I'm guessing it's nighttime now again?
    • Instead of Luffy telling the Guy in the Ground, "We don't have time for that!" he says "This is important, man!"
    • Guy in the Ground doesn't say that Nami's "not so much" (referring to her being strong); instead, after saying that Luffy looks tough, he asks Nami, "But are you?"
    • Luffy noting in VIZ about the trees/flowers/etc, instead of the bubble where he "beat the living crap out of them and they stopped harassing me", he says, "I knocked a bunch of them out, and then they calmed down!"
    • Guy-in-Ground doesn't say anything about the souls "settling" into things at any point in VIZ; he just says, "That means all sorts of things take on a life of their own!" and then says about the trees and such, "That's how these guys started walking and talking like that. They're called 'homies,'" and that "animals can be personified too."
    • Nami doesn't ask why Guy-in-Ground "buried himself here", but instead asks why he's "stuck here."

    836: Lola's Vivre Card
    • Lola from the flashback in VIZ says she and Nami are "like sisters" rather than "officially sworn sisters."
    • The tree's (Kingbaum's) habit of adding "-ju" as a suffix is translated to English as tree-related puns. ("Exactree" instead of "exactly," "atree" in place of "agree", etc.)
    • That dialogue about Pound being Cracker's father, which was phrased a bit oddly in MS ("Well then, let this fact sink in! I mean, I could very well be your father!" "Perhaps you were my original, but you're not mine now!") is much clearer in VIZ, clarifying that Pound could be like a father to him: "But, like, think about it! Technically, I could be considered your father, Cracker!" "Formerly! But not anymore."
    • An interesting difference Luffy: after Cracker asks him if he saved Pound out of sympathy, Luffy's original MS response was admonishing Cracker for treating someone he's known for so long like that. In VIZ, though, he says, "When you see someone dozens of times, you can't help but get a bit attached!" So he's saying instead that he has an attachment to Pound (after seeing him "dozens of times" running around in the woods), not that Cracker should.
    • The Homies don't say anything about "as long as it's that direction", it won't be a problem; just, "Who, them? No prob!"
    • Instead of Pound asking about the vivre card ("What is this?!"), Nami's actually just showing it to him. ("See this?")

    I think it would be cool idea to post some scenes from english viz volume relase- pictures done with camera or smartphone with great quality.

    Just to see all the detail. I love how in volumes thanks to good quality print and decent paper art looks really good.

    To make a point - just to compare volume quality of scene to scanlation


    Its incomparable in quality in my opinion. I would like if some of users would post here pictures of viz relase of some great scenes that we had seen.

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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    I'll go through my set for highlights eventually, I'm sure, but for now I just wanna say how nice it is that Viz actually bothers to tackle the sound effects. Oda writes a very "loud" manga, but so much of what goes down there is just outright ignored by practically every scanlator. It just does that much more to bring the series to life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain M View Post
    I'll go through my set for highlights eventually, I'm sure, but for now I just wanna say how nice it is that Viz actually bothers to tackle the sound effects. Oda writes a very "loud" manga, but so much of what goes down there is just outright ignored by practically every scanlator. It just does that much more to bring the series to life.
    I had same idea about one extra dimension being added to reading experience with all SFX effects that viz translates in their volumes. As you said One Piece is pretty "loud" manga and just SFX effects being translated is good enough reason to buy some volumes.

    Did I understood correctly that you will go through some scenes and post pictures of them here ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Watch-man View Post
    I had same idea about one extra dimension being added to reading experience with all SFX effects that viz translates in their volumes. As you said One Piece is pretty "loud" manga and just SFX effects being translated is good enough reason to buy some volumes.

    Did I understood correctly that you will go through some scenes and post pictures of them here ?
    I don't have the best camera, but I do have the full set of books (picked up 79 today actually), so why not, whenever I get round to trying. Any scene/page requests?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain M View Post
    I don't have the best camera, but I do have the full set of books (picked up 79 today actually), so why not, whenever I get round to trying. Any scene/page requests?
    Wow, nice.. Lucky day for me I guess

    Scene where Zoro goes under water to fight Hody- page where they are face to face.

    Sanji pulling out Hell Memories page would be cool to see.

    Page where Jinbe and Luffy are on a rock and blood transfusion takes place.

    Page where Kidd is shown for the first time after Timeskip- I mean when we see him whole with bounty box.

    This page would be nice to see in volume format

    I would go on with a list but I think its unproper to overuse lucky day

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    I didn't realise quite how blurry some of these shots were until they were already uploaded, and I won't have a chance to try again until after the weekend, and I'm sorry about that, but you should be able to see what's going on in them well enough for now.

    Zoro VS Hody

    Hell Memories

    Blood transfusion


    "Doflamingo's still alive!"

    Ever White

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain M View Post
    I didn't realise quite how blurry some of these shots were until they were already uploaded, and I won't have a chance to try again until after the weekend, and I'm sorry about that, but you should be able to see what's going on in them well enough for now.

    Hell Memories
    Thank You for your time and effort

    Sanji Hell Memories panel shows that scanlators drawn Sanji themselves - the one on picture you sent is WAAAAAY smaller than on translated scans.

    I really like how panel with Jinbe and Luffy looks - scanlation took out a ton of shading effect - rock they are on and ground around it looks completely different, way more 3D than on online scans.

    Dolamingo getting out of rock with those sound effects looks great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Watch-man View Post

    The flashbacks are real right now.

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