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Thread: Fairy Tail Discussion IV

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    Default Re: Fairy Tail Discussion IV

    Honestly... between crap that at least makes sense and crap that doesn't make any sense, I'd pick the first. Fairy Tail. But that's just my opinion. Why don't we have a poll for it though?
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    Bleach was actually a really good show at one point though... Reread the first 20 or so volumes. It was bad from Hueco Mundo onward, but it was at least good for like 1/3rd of its run.

    Fairy Tail? I knew it was shit since Fighting Festival. Tower of Heaven was the last good arc the series had.
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    Gosh. I wonder how are things going on Edolas.
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    The cats send energy for the spirit bomb, did they move to this reality?
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    Why shonen series so against showing romance?

    They tits, blood, punches, etc. but having the main character kiss his girl is off limits?
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    Default Re: Fairy Tail Discussion IV

    Fairy Tail highs like much of shounen lies in the beginning.
    Mashima is best when hes writing character dynamics and interracting off each other. He is also equally good at creating excitement at the start. It is very unfortunate that this has to happen because he refuses to leave the comforts of his writing or strive to better himself as a writer. When he realized that pandering and typical use of shounen tropes was enough to bring him money, he has no longer cared about his story breaking new grounds or giving his characters depth or changes that would jeopardize his pay check.

    He has potential but that doesnt matter because he has no drive to grow or better his story. That's sad.

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    Mashima isn't good at anything except from copying other series, and their elements. I don't know why people pretend that FT was anything other than a garbage series right from the beginning. There were never any real quality parts in the series especially not in terms of characters, and it only got worst.

    The dude is a complete hack, and it's a wonder just how he has managed to survive in this industry so far.

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