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Thread: Thoughts on the last movie you watched.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the last movie you watched.

    Sicaro sure was a nice Movie about the brutal ways of a cartel and the revenge of in my opinion brilliant Del Toro in this movie.
    Doubt the second part will be good as this one.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the last movie you watched.

    Saw Kingsman: The Golden Circle last night. Yeah, it's not as good as the first one, but I still had a lot of fun watching it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Passiopi View Post
    Sicaro sure was a nice Movie about the brutal ways of a cartel and the revenge of in my opinion brilliant Del Toro in this movie.
    Doubt the second part will be good as this one.
    wow lol, I thought you were joking but no Sicario 2 is actually a real thing

    There is even a trailer that aired 4days ago

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the last movie you watched.

    I saw the Star Wars Holiday Special a few days ago. It had Wookie porn and Jefferson Starship, in that order.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the last movie you watched.

    Damn iam a bit ashamed that I never watched 3:10 to Yuma.
    A high level performance between Christian Bale as a farmer that tries to regain his pride and the ability to look his children into the eyes and the antagonist played by Russell Crow who is the definition of a morally grey mastermind.
    Surely one of the better Western that exist and surely a good remake?!

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the last movie you watched.

    Bright was a surprisingly effective and suspenseful action flick with an original concept. I found it highly enjoyable and don't see why critics are going so hard on it.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the last movie you watched.

    I watched Speed for the first time in years. It's funny to me now because I live in LA and there's no way this movie would work, unless it was like at 3 in the morning.

    I also watched Lego Batman. It was just so good. It's pretty much perfect.

    I also saw Bright. It's D20 Modern more than Shadowrun. But I enjoyed it. I definitely want to see the sequel.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the last movie you watched.

    Saw Star Trek VI finally. Now I've seen all of the TOS movies.

    Overall really good, probably second best of the TOS films right under Wrath of Khan and right above Voyage Home.

    I liked how we finally get to see a less rosy side to the Federation, with some of the people being racist as all hell and even the crew of the Enterprise themselves being not so perfect on the subject either.

    Flawed characters make for beter conflict, so Star Trek's over idealized philosophy can be a problem sometimes. It was also wonderfully shot. Might be the best looking of the TOS trek Films, but that should be obvious I guess since it's the newest.

    It was distracting to me seeing Ra's Al Ghul playing Gorkon considering he was both a human and one of the bad guys in the prior movie... I mean, I could tell it was him lol.

    Did his part get cut down in Star Trek V, so they put him here playing a different character as an apology?

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the last movie you watched.

    Just saw Frantic by Polanski.
    It takes place in Paris, but it looks like an american movie.
    The plot isn't interesting, but the aesthetics look very good.

    One scene that made me giggle though
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    Default Re: Thoughts on the last movie you watched.

    I watched several movies lately - the Room (a rewatch in preparation for the next movie), the Disaster Artist, the Birds, and the Godfather (also a rewatch - I got the Godfather trilogy through a Boxing Day sale, along with One Piece Film Z and The Living Daylights).

    The Room was, as expected, so bad that it's hilarious. It's easily the worst movie that I've watched five or six times, and each time, I seem to notice a bunch of absurd details about it. (for example, even though they repeatedly Mark is repeatedly said to be Johnny's best friend, they don't share a scene together until the Chris-R scene) I got the Disaster Artist book for Christmas, which makes it all seem even crazier.

    Afterwards, I watched the Disaster Artist; it wasn't playing in my area, so I saw it when I went to visit my brother. It's hilarious, and while it's not as detailed as the book, it still seems so insane that it really makes you question how that movie even got made.

    I hadn't seen the Birds before, though I had watched a few other Hitchcock movies (Psycho, Rear Window, and North by Northwest). It wasn't as suspenseful as the other ones, and some of the effects for the birds were clearly fake, but he clearly knows how to make a bunch of birds seem unsettling and creepy, as the final scene showed. Some aspects of the movie, like the romantic subplot, moved rather quickly, but all in all, it was definitely an interesting movie. Not my favourite from Hitchcock, but still worth a watch.

    I was planning on only watching the opening scenes of the Godfather, up to the scene with the horse head to refresh my memory before I moved on to the Godfather Part 2. However, I quickly found myself drawn in - Marlon Brando and Al Pacino were both fantastic, as were most of the actors in that movie, and even though it's about three hours long, it's paced well enough that it doesn't feel like it. When I first watched it, I remember thinking that the scenes in Italy felt like filler, but it helped to establish Michael's character and get him firmly into the family business. (though it felt like a lot of important details were handled off-screen)

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the last movie you watched.

    Valerian was fun

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the last movie you watched.

    Saw the Shape of Water three times recently. From a technical standpoint, the craftsmanship of this film from the cinematography, special effects, set design, the music, and the performances by the actors is top notch work.

    This film is the remake of Creature from the Black Lagoon I didn't know I always wanted. Points of interest in Creature from the Black Lagoon even made it into this movie, which I was quite happy to see. There's the desire to understand something one has never encountered before. While simultaneously using that scientific inquiry as a justification to possess something that doesn't belong to you.

    I like how the relationship between the protagonist Elisa Esposito and the creature ties into those themes. There's nothing wrong with wanting to understand something new, but there is a right and wrong way of approaching how you learn. Elisa learns who the creature is and eventually understands him better than anyone else in the film does. Because her interactions with him are based on communicating with him as a kindred spirit. When she finds out that the creature's life is in danger, because the people that captured him don't value his life, his safety becomes her priority because her interactions with him are valuable to her. So while she shares a similar sense of possession for the creature that his captors have. Elisa skews towards guardianship rather than exploitation. I typically don't care for romance in entertainment. Usually because the subject comes across as either an empty indulgence, or a clunky afterthought rather than a sincere storytelling element to me. So it's good to see that Elisa's relationship to the creature puts emphasis on the best qualities of her personality. That saves it from being weird without purpose.

    I got the sense that the film places communication as the basis for a healthy relationship too. The supporting cast and even the antagonist have some romantic attachment to someone. The inability to communicate how one really feels to a significant other is a recurring motif. It's an interesting contrast to the budding romance between Elisa and the creature, who unlike everyone else do not converse verbally to each other. That can speak to any kind of relationship I think, not just a romantic one.

    Watching this film really makes me wish what Universal Pictures were going for last year, with The Mummy and the "Dark Universe", didn't end up the way it did. You can do different things with an old concept, but you need creative minds behind it who have a vision for it beyond making lots of money. Imagine that.

    Now I wait for the DVD of the Shape of Water so I can listen to Guillermo del Toro's director commentary. But I plan to see it atleast one more time in a movie theater while I still can.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the last movie you watched.

    Molly's game is fucking boring. Like, ffs this isn't even a movie but Jessica chastain being a narrator for 2hours and a half. I left after 90minutes.
    The plot is just another movie about an american ripping off people or something like that. They made so many films like that. Honestly the only reason I got into the theatre in the first place was because I had to pee

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    Default Re: Thoughts on the last movie you watched.

    Watched an anime movie called Spriggan. It's an adaptation of a small part of the manga and just makes me want to read the manga but even with it being out for over 20 years it still hasn't been fully translated into English. It was a good movie though. I thought it would be a bit more grounded from the concept but it's got really good action in it and the main characters and villains are all super humans. It's got an interesting premise too, I saw it described as something like a paramilitary Indiana Jones.

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