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Thread: The Promised Neverland

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    I do wonder if the Numa+Nous canibalism powerup is going to pay off again this arc. If the little monkey or Bayon's asistants that were offscreened go and eat some of the bodies things could get dicey again.

    There's also now Adam missing, who says that the eater has to be a monster for it to work?

    But my initial criticism of this arc stands, the goldy pond kids should have been developed a little before this whole hunt. I can't care about these kids if I don't learn their names, or their characteristics at the very least, before they get mauled by demons.
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    To be blunt, I'm not interested in the back story of the jobbers when all our MCs are engaged with the main enemy. Not every side character can be a Senor Pink. This way the pacing is way better.
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