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Thread: The Promised Neverland

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    Default Re: The Promised Neverland

    Every week everywhere I go regarding TPN it's another Emma bashing session
    Glad to know so many wise guys out there think that Emma is naive and learn nothing from world history.
    We in good hands.

    Edit: arlongpark is good though, no one is in the bash fest

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    Default Re: The Promised Neverland

    Emma is naive, but she is most certainly capable of learning. Someone just has to teach her.

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    Default Re: The Promised Neverland

    What Emma needs is a plan, a solid fundation for how to get things done, and in a way that gets people (and monsters question mark) prefering her way than just "ah, let's just kill this other species" or "let's keep this sentient species as cattle" or "let's make a violent revolution and just hope for the best".

    Also, if I understand correctly, the top demons, the ones actually capable to afford to eat Emma, Ray and Norman, <scribbles> are already free from the need of human consumption. They just breed super inteligent humans for gourmet purposes.
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    Default Re: The Promised Neverland

    Soma X Sanji X promised neverland

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    ^ So, now when demons eat humans their clothes rip off?

    Nothing short of killing the top dogs (and the Ratri Clan because I despise them) and making a new promise will work now. That's why I love Emma, Norman, and Ray together. Together they cover each other's weaknesses, making a better plan than anything they could do alone. People are dogging Emma (and rightly so), but Norman's being foolish too. You don't kill the enemy of your enemy, you make her your ally.

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    I'm really liking how this is playing out. It seems like this is all setting up for Emma to give us an "Oh shit" moment and some solution that nobody thought of.

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    It's a good thing they met Musica once. Otherwise Emma would have no hope to cling on.
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    This chapter makes Sonju look even worse. The guy doesn't have to feed on humans but still wants to hunt and eat them. He's gonna be a problem.

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