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Thread: NBA Snoozefest 2016-2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by NateRich View Post
    That was a great win and overall a good series despite the blowouts of Games 3-5. Contract year Kelly Olynyk took about 6 months to show up but I'm glad he could get us to the ECF.

    Celtics in 4. Isaiah gets a growth spurt from 5'9" to 9'5" and Jaylen Brown averages a quintuple double.

    As for the other series, my Warriors hate is at an all-time high. I'm pretty pissed off that the Spurs were robbed off a win and their best player. If Kawhi can't suit up, I'm considering not even watching the series at all. KD with the hardest road....

    congrats on the #1
    Chapter 437 Discussion after franky decides to join the Strawhats:
    So who think Usopp is inside that duffelbag?

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    Default Re: NBA Snoozefest 2016-2017

    I don't follow college ball at all, but Fultz seems widely regarded as the best player in this draft so that'll be extremely exciting to add him to what we already have. Hopefully by the end of next season he's hovering around 25-30 minutes a game. Not sure how he'll manage with the backcourt already in place but there's no way all of Isaiah/Avery/Marcus are going to be on the team in the 2018-2019 season.

    Getting the pick almost made yesterday's drubbing not feel too bad. The attempt at defending Lebron failed horribly to say the least. We would have been better off just hacking him with our disposable bigs and making him shoot 20+ free throws.
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    I am now very glad that the Wizards did not advance.


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    Anyone know when the Eastern Conference Finals are starting?
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    I'm seeing double.

    Well, it's official.


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