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Thread: Talk about Manga Art Styles!

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    Default Talk about Manga Art Styles!

    Was there a thread for this?

    One of the reasons I love manga so much is the fact that it conveys emotions and tells a story through both words and drawings. Which makes it a really enjoyable medium. A good manga (imo) needs to have both a plot and art that grabs a viewers attention and allow them to fully immerse themselves into the story.

    Obviously, this is a thread to discuss about art styles from different mangas. Favourite manga art, favourite character designs, favourite paneling, favourite background art, art evolutions, favourite artist, criticizing or laughing at horrible art and all that jazz.

    I'll start by talking about my favourite manga art style. Which is none other than Berserk's detailed, beautiful and atmospheric art. I mean, you can't possibly say no to well-drawn scenes such as these:


    The emotions are really well drawn too.
    From this

    To this

    And quiet, peaceful moments like this

    Miura can draw them all. Also, Chapter 306. Nuff said.

    On the other hand, I love it when mangakas illustrate characters from other mangas with their own flavour, For example, I really like this drawing of Jotaro by Oda:

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    Default Re: Talk about Manga Art Styles!

    You talk about beautiful, atmospheric, quiet, and peaceful moments in Berserk without showing an image from the beach scene? Shame on you, Crystal.


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    Default Re: Talk about Manga Art Styles!

    I never got around to finishing Oyasumi Punpun (I want to, but it's a hard one to go through), but its art is pretty stellar:


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    Default Re: Talk about Manga Art Styles!

    One of the biggest things I look for when starting new series is unique art. I love it when I can tell without doubt that a certain author drew something. On the other hand I think it's not good for a series at all when the art feels like generic anime style art.

    Some noteworthy styles as well as specific design choices:

    JoJo without a doubt has one of the most signature styles out there. The art really helps sell what that series tries to do.

    Berserk is also one of my favorite styles due to it's overall excellence in quality and imaginative designs and fight scenes.

    Vinland Saga has an excellent style as well, and the eyes in that series are very unique. They're almost Disney like and it's something zombie grown fond of. The way he conveys weight and motion is also my favorite.

    Other favorite's of mine include Inoue, Obata, and Urasawa. I'll likely return to expand on this topic later.

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