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Thread: The Last of Us Part II: Battle Tendency

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    Quote Originally Posted by joekido the Second View Post
    I really don't mind the game. I enjoyed it however I do see problems with the story and how they try to shove the whole Woke culture thing down your throat which is unnecessary.
    This will never stop being shitty and I will never stop hating it.

    Newsflash: LGBT People exist. We exist in the real world.

    I've not gotten a lot of time to play the game due to real life being kinda all over the place, but last I played the girls had just started approaching Seattle on the interstate on Horseback and so far I'm not seeing "Woke Culture" But I'm seeing something I've frankly been wanting to see for a very long time. A gay girl and a bi girl hook up and it's treated like a normal basic thing.

    Seriously, other than the "Bigot Sandwich" joke and the brief mention she was dating Jesse before, the entire game so far Dina could be swapped out with a guy and the narrative would be exactly the same. We exist, and I'm tired of seeing that dismissed as "Shoving Woke Culture down peoples' throats".

    Criticize the game for other reasons. I've tried to avoid spoilers but from what I've heard, the game overall has a "Revenge is bad" and "Violence is bad" message but tells that story in a linear way with a "Kill waves of people" gameplay structure with no way to alter the outcome. That IS a valid criticism. The game feels like it's punishing or chastising you for something you couldn't control. It might still be possible to engage with it has a narrative rather than an indictment of the player, but still a good point to make. Maybe a stealth option in combat where the number of people you let live changes the ending?

    Focus on stuff like that instead of "The game reminded me minorities exist and therefore woke and therefore bad"

    Quote Originally Posted by HeartOfDarkness View Post
    Just curious; do you know how to read? Does it look like I'm blaming the victim or is it about me stating that the victim ALSO has the POWER to IGNORE the trolls and FOCUS on her OWN well-being?
    Yes. Yes it does. It's because of your overall tone as set forth early on like this:

    Quote Originally Posted by HeartOfDarkness View Post
    There are two parties here. The person being harassed and the people doing the harassment.

    Both of them have a choice. Implying that somehow one side is forcing the other to open up their laptop/computer/cellphone, navigate to twitter, login to their account and THEN being forced, at a gunpoint, to listen to them is pretty damn stupid.
    Everyone knows this. Nobody here is stupid and yes, even Laura Bailey knows this.

    "Just don't pay attention to it" or "Stop using twitter" are ways she can detach herself from the bullshit. We know. I'm positive she knows. Everyone knows that's a thing. You flat out said there are two parties here and that "Both of them have a choice". Your tone doesn't sound like you're admonishing the horrible shitheads attacking her while lamenting the reality that she may just need to walk away for a bit to get away from it, you come across as saying "She's equally at fault for not just walking away".

    We know that's an option. We do. I'm positive She does. Nobody focuses on it because of how "Duh, no shit" it is as well as how she's done NOTHING WRONG by just being on twitter.

    Insisting on giving her choice to not just log off and walk away from it equal weight and attention to condemning the asshole trolls is extremely shitty and very much looks like victim blaming.
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    Unfortunately the discussion turned toxic and Robby's request for a time out was largely ignored.

    Quote Originally Posted by Robby View Post
    Everyone else, drop the topic and chill for a while, or the thread is just gonna be closed.
    As a result we've made the decision to close the thread for the time being.

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