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Thread: American Politics thread: Shame of Thrones

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    Quote Originally Posted by AfroSamurai View Post
    Is there no way for republicans and democrats in the house and senate to coalize, perhaps with a 2/3 majority or something, and get rid of this moronic piece of orange shit? Or a way to call a snap election when confidence in the President falls to an all time low?
    That's basically what the impeachment process IS. Like, exactly that, right down to the 2/3.

    ANd it's not going to happen with the super controlled Republican house and senate unless/until the FBI start officially arresting people and accusing official crimes.

    I mean, if the President were to suffer from debilitating dementia, but still refused to step down, what would happen? Could the V.P. take office against the sitting president's (unreasonable) will? Is there no way to just remove them, if they haven't done anything outwardly illegal?
    25th amendment is there for exactly that. Like, exactly that.

    But again, same issue. Mostly republican setup isn't going to pursue that until they absolutely have to or they have no choice, no matter how terrible Trump is being.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyclone_Baroness View Post
    It's been a surreal experience watching this decline happen. Like has there been a day without some BREAKING NEWS? If feel like we never get a break and it varies from Melania not wanting to hold hands to high treason.
    I feel the same, to me it's like living in an episode of Seinfeld where George Costanza becomes President.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MetaMario View Post
    I'd rather Trump be an....interesting chapter in our nation's history than a martyr.

    ....oh god guys, one day Trump will be in history textbooks in classrooms.
    On the upside, depending on how things go down, those entries will mostly be about how he lost the election by 3 million but still became president, and hopefully, was the first president to be actually impeached and fired and sent to jail. Look at Nixon. He had a productive first 4 years and was super popular but the impeachment is the only thing he's remembered for.

    He's stuck in history books now... but he's going to be one of the all time worsts. And always always outshined by the first black president, and the first woman that's bound to come eventually. He'll always be a dumpster fire to us, but to most kids he'll just be one of the checklist presidents, one of the forty guys no one can actually name that did nothing important or interesting.

    Hillary is probably honestly still going to get as much if not more history book time, depending how it all goes.

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