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Thread: American Politics thread: No Nazis Allowed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ubiq View Post
    Constant reminder that we went from one of the classiest, least corrupt Presidents ever to a preening, thieving imbecile.
    On that subject... can they really not do anything about his hair? He's the president for fuck's sake.

    Am I really expected to believe that the entirety of American medical and cosmetic science can't fix the worst comb-over in history?

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    Default Re: American Politics thread: No Nazis Allowed

    A cautionary tale. What happens when folks on the winning team get sick of winning?
    I thought of Godzilla as the embodiment of violence and hatred for mankind, because he was created by atomic energy. He's like a symbol of humanity's complicity in their own destruction. He doesn't have an emotion. He is an emotion. Jun Fukuda

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