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Thread: American Politics thread: No Nazis Allowed

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    Default Re: American Politics thread: No Nazis Allowed

    Putin Loyalists Are Invading Washington

    Breaking news! Trump, who once said he didn't conclude with Russians or know any Russian businessmen, concluded with a Russian businessman. But, in a different way this time. This time it's an Alexander Torshin. Also, there's a cameo by Mike Tyson.

    The leader of the delegation, central bank Deputy Chairman Alexander Torshin, a former senator who laughs off Spanish claims that he’s a crime boss, was even hoping to shake hands with Trump, an old acquaintance. But the White House nixed the meet-and-greet at the last minute without explanation, according to two Russians familiar with the matter.

    The brief meeting Torshin was due to have with Trump was canceled after a White House aide realized the Russian had been suspected of being a mafia “godfather,” Yahoo News reported, citing five people it didn’t identify

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    Default Re: American Politics thread: No Nazis Allowed

    On Thursday the House took the first step in making their tax bill law. Now it has to pass through the Senate, just in time for Thanksgiving.

    Ajit Pai Chairman of the FCC won a party-lines vote on Thursday for a cost savings proposal of the Lifeline system. The Lifeline system was made into law by Ronald Reagan. Its purpose is to provide telecommunication services to those in destitution. This service is not funded by taxpayers, phone, TV, and internet providers keep it funded instead. According to U.S. Representative for Wisconsin's 4th congressional district Gwen Moore, the goal of Ajit Pai's proposal is to divert money from the program to the GOP tax cut. The program, created by Ronald Reagan, somehow became associated with Obama too. Which is just another reason why it apparently doesn't deserve to be funded.

    Speaking of Obama, there is massive court-packing plan in the works that could become law. Orchestrated by a group called the Federalist Society, their agenda is literally "Undoing President Barack Obama’s Judicial Legacy."
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