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Thread: Love and Loathe 2: Return of the Analysis

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    Quote Originally Posted by le crystal View Post
    That's an interesting interpretation and I could see this happening. But that doesn't discount the fact that he does have a bit of violent streak in him (not saying you are) despite being a fundamentally kind and compassionate character. Its an interesting side of him.


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    Quote Originally Posted by le crystal View Post
    That's an interesting interpretation and I could see this happening. But that doesn't discount the fact that he does have a bit of violent streak in him (not saying you are) despite being a fundamentally kind and compassionate character. Its an interesting side of him.
    It's not really an interpretation, though. Sengoku asks him about it during their first conversation.

    (Ninja'd above, but the translation above doesn't mention the harassment of them.)

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    Default Re: Love and Loathe 2: Return of the Analysis


    Love: The fact that he was willing to help children he didn't even know from turning down a dark path, by showing them the light and he choosing the light as a child, as opposed to Doflamingo. Also, props to him for being such a well-rounded flashback character; he's on the level of Noland and everybody loves him. It is not everyday that you create a character that can actually give Noland a run for his money, or even actually surpass him. He even made me like other characters through his interaction with them (Law). I also like his unique fighting style.

    Loathe: For the love of God, I cannot think of anything. And believe me, I am trying VERY hard to find something negative.

    Design: 4
    Character: 5
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    Originally posted by UssopSpell.

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    Default Re: Love and Loathe 2: Return of the Analysis


    His place as a foil to Doflamingo. Two brothers going through the same situation but one coming out a pirate and one a marine is poetic and I like it.

    Also poetic is his death. Apologizing to Doflamingo for lying but really speaking to Law is cute. Him desperately clinging to life to mute Law so he could get away is cuter. Rosinante dying covered in white snow to save Law from dying in white lead is the cutest damn thing.

    His double agent motif is fun. I like that the Doflamingo pirates think he hates kids but he's really trying to scare them away.

    His relationship with Sengoku is cute.


    His conclusion of Doflamingo being born evil was pretty silly.

    The destroying hospitals in anger is pretty off-putting.

    Character: 4 out of 5; all around solid flashback mentor character.
    Design: 4 out of 5; an infiltrator that can mute any noise is dressed as a mime. That is great.
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    Default Re: Love and Loathe 2: Return of the Analysis

    About two hours before I will evaluate, so get yours in soon if you want to participate in this one.

    In the meantime a hint for who will be the next character: He is responsible for some of Zoro's scars.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Rosinante's Arlong Park Evaluation

    The three most commonly loved things about Rosinante:
    1. Classic One Piece mentor – While still being the newest entry, most of you already rank Rosinante among the other classic One Piece parent figures like Hiruluk or Bellemere. He had heartwarming scenes with Law, his own funny quirks and a very tragic death scene - so everything you need for a great flashback in the series.
    2. Devil Fruit – Looking like nothing much at first, how Rosinante used his Nagi Nagi no Mi was nothing to scoff at - most notable his raid on Diez Barrel's hideout, where he stole the Ope Ope no Mi without making a sound.
    3. Effect on other Characters – Overall you thought that Rosinante's existence has also shown a better light on many different characters. He gave us more insight on his brother Doflamingo, breathed more life in the stoic Law and even helped fleshing out Sengoku a bit.
    The three most commonly loathed things about Rosinante:
    1. Burning Hospitals – What many disliked was the fact that Rosinante attacked various hospitals that wouldn't help Law. Even under the circumstances wrecking havoc in such a place just isn't the thing to do. Additionally, it also took a psychological toll on little Law.
    2. Evaluation of his Brother – He also seemed very dismissive about Doflamingo. Both lived through the same traumatic events and while his brother took a turn for quite the worse, simply sating that he was "born evil" seems kinda ignorant - especially considering the discussions about Doflamingo's character this brought.
    3. Unanswered questions – Something which was never openly addressed was the fact that he acted mute while undercover. Though you can easily imagine that he did so to never blow his cover, there was never a sentence in the story implicitly telling us so.
    In the end Rosinante got:
    • a respectable 4.13 in terms of character
    • and an even more impressive 4.44 for his design.
    Thanks for all the responses! The next character will follow very soon.
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    Default Re: Love and Loathe 2: Return of the Analysis

    16 chars of Mihawk?

    Don't mess with the Law if you don't have an Ace up your sleeve.

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    Default Re: Love and Loathe 2: Return of the Analysis

    Love and Loathe 2 - #2

    First Baroque Works agent, then prisoner in Impel Down, now part of the renown Buggy Pirates: It's Galdino aka Mr. 3!

    To get the whole picture, please tell us the following:

    What are the things that you love about Galdino?
    What are the things that you loathe about Galdino?

    At the end please give Galdino two ratings:

    One for his character & actions in the story.
    One for his look & design.

    These must be between 1 and 5, with 5 being the highest (.5's are acceptable - ex. 1.5 or 4.5). I will tally these.

    This analysis will be open for the next 72 hours.

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    Default Re: Love and Loathe 2: Return of the Analysis

    Love: Galdino was a special breed of villain because he was pretty much like Usopp, being rather physically weak and lacking in real drive to fight, but managing to come up with various tricks and strategies to keep himself afloat. His Devil Fruit was the first of its kind, and even though we've seen other limitless element generation Paramecias afterwards, his was just so versatile and never lost its flair when it was seen in future uses, and possibly had the best Devil Fruit team-up of all time with Luffy's fruit in Impel Down. He provided a unique challenge for the Straw Hats at the beginning of the Grand Line, setting a precedent for the wide variety of antagonists they would later face. Even after his arc villain role was over and he was imprisoned, Galdino remained a fun and dynamic character when we next saw him, as his new role as an unlikely ally helped develop his personality more. Then of course he met Buggy, which was a match made in heaven, and I'm looking forward to really seeing the two work in tandem as official partners.

    Loathe: I don't really loathe anything about Galdino. The only thing regarding him that put me off was when he escaped from the Bananagators, as he ended up helping Sanji free the Straw Hats from their cage for no real apparent reason, not to mention how he got submerged into the water, and not only floated to the top, but survived. Oda did say that there was super floating wood under him, but still, how did he not drown? I mean, I absolutely loved that scene as comic relief, but any closer thought about it makes it feel just really weird to me.

    Character: 5/5
    Design: 5/5
    : Like most of the high tier Baroque Works agents, his design is unforgettable.


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    Default Re: Love and Loathe 2: Return of the Analysis

    Galdino, aka Mr. 3

    Warning; this may be slightly bias as Mr. 3 is by far my favourite One Piece character outside MAYBE Usopp. It's close.

    What is so great about Mr. 3?


    I'm sure lots will agree but Mr. 3 has undergone one of the most startling character changes through the series.
    Mr. 3 started the series as a no nonsense, sadistic psychopathic assassin who balked at the very idea of alliances. When Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine show up he threatens to kill them if they fail their mission again. He laughs at the stupidity of Dorry and Broggy's battle, and mocks Luffy's intelligence throughout the entire battle. Mr. 3 shows he is in Baroque works, ENTIRELY for himself. Even after the Alabasta arc he flat out refuses to help his former partner Miss Goldenweek, the person he should be closest too, rescue their captured allies and had it not been for Bon Chan LITERALLY forcing him to get involved, Mr. 3 would not have gone through this startling transformation by getting him sent to prison with him.

    Fast forward to Impel Down and something's changed. Mr. 3 has been humiliated, beaten, broken down. By the time Luffy breaks in, Mr. 3 see's his opportunity to escape using Luffy and Buggy's ruckus. However unlike his past self he doesn't get mad that Luffy doesn't recognise him at all unlike most villains. It's not important.
    He still plans to sacrifice Luffy to escape himself, but in doing so he forms his first real friendship in Buggy.

    Along the way, he and Buggy become firm friends, with Mr. 3 keeping Buggy out of danger showing concern for someone other than himself. During their prison break antics, despite his better judgement he even frees the man who is solely responsible for putting him in prison in Mr. 2.

    Cue wacky antics as frankly the best double double act in the whole series falls floor to floor causing chaos and hilarity in their wake. Mr. 3 and Buggy then cease their opportunity to escape and if we use the anime filler as well, it's clear that their bonds strengthened through their trials and ordeals.

    Sometime later during the entire escape, Mr. 3 suddenly does something he's never done before. He can no longer just flee. He stands up to Magellan of all people blocking the sure kill poison attacks that not even Ivankov, Inazuma or Luffy himself have managed to resist. With this, he shows the first real piece of courage he's ever showed...but it won't be the last.

    Bon Chan's sacrifice has an unexpected effect on Galdino. He reflects on his comrade and realises that maybe he wasn't such an awful guy. It's around this time I'd suggest that Mr. 3 really reflected upon his own actions, and with his new found power of friendship, he sets off to the greatest war in One Piece history alongside his bestest buddy Buggy.

    Mr. 3 uses his past experience in spy work and assassination to neutralise a executioner before taking his place. Mr. 3 sets out to save Ace climbing the execution platform right under Sengoku and Garp's nose. We've come such a long way from Little Garden Mr. 3 now. Galdino still is wary of being officially friends with Luffy, but he has enough respect for both Luffy and Bon to risk his life to save a man he's never met before.

    This character transformation alone is why I believe Galdino to be one of the most underrated One Piece characters in the series.

    Speaking of; his friendhship with Buggy!
    As previously stated, I found the two's antics to be a much needed breath of levity within an arc where we were beginning to miss the wacky Strawhat quirks. I'm so glad Oda decided to let Mr. 3 join Buggy's crew. This is one friendship I really don't want to see ever end. Mr. 3's straight man to Buggy's outlandish buffoonery is something that never truly grows old.

    His devil fruit power and use.
    As we've discovered through the series, it's not always about what fruit you obtain but how you apply it. Mr. 3 has used his devil fruit exceedingly well. From blocking attacks from Magellan and EVEN Sengoku to creating wax mechas, walls that can block attacks and giant knives and even turning birthday cakes into a trap deadly enough to make Zoro decide legs were overrated. He's also the only paramecia type to date that has a boat powered by his abilities.

    His tenacity.
    Mr. 3 gets punched out by Luffy. He's a bit fragile without his wax so we assume he's down for the count, but he gets back up, creates a wax mecha(which is awesome; just ask Luffy) and continues the fight. He eventually loses, and gets taken out with a singular kick. Seems a bit weaksauce right? Well, he then manages to sneakily avoid the assassins sent to kill him, sneak to Alabasta and greet Croc in person. Croc is not pleased! He drains the moisture from Galdino's body and throws him into the Banadile tank where he's eaten. Mr. 3 simply encases himself in wax stopping himself becoming a tasty treat and drinks his fill the moment he's free. He gets knocked out by Sanji. Devil fruit rules don't apply to him! He floats in the water. SCREW THE RULES. MY HAIR IS A 3.
    His entire adventure with Buggy is filled with knock backs, but the two just keep going.

    He manages to turn the tide!
    Both in Impel Down and Marineford Mr. 3 manages to do one simple act each time that turns the battle in his allies favour. Applying his smarts, his spy experience and his creative use with his devil fruit, Mr. 3, for such an understated guy tends to make a big impact on the plot.


    At first he's a rather paint by numbers insufferable genius type jerkass in Little Garden.
    Rather an understated character. Despite his major contributions to saving Ace(he pretty much IS the guy who saves Ace) he tends to get ignored by things like Episode of Sabo, Burning Blood, etc. This is obviously a personal problem, but goddamn. He does tend to get overshadowed and outshined by anyone he's with; Luffy, Buggy and Bon for example are far bigger characters than he is, and far more impactful as individuals. In a way this is kinda clever since he's an assassin and standing out isn't something he should be doing.

    He's rather weak willed.
    Considering he's such a tenacious individual he's shown to not be able to withstand Luffy's conqueror Haki, and to date is the only named reoccuring character incapable of standing upto it.

    Overly reliant on his devil fruit.
    Unlike Bon, Galdino is very much reliant on his wax abilities. Without them he is essentially defenseless, which leaves him ridiculously unarmed whenever he comes into extreme heat, and with everyone under the sun learning fire based attacks as the series goes on Galdino's super useful abilities become less handy as time goes on.

    Responsible for making the giants look like fodder.

    Mr. 3 took down the giant leaders Dorry and Broggy...giants were then used as fodder until timeskip where Harujadin did something surprising me frankly.

    Character and Actions: 5/5
    A villain turned acquaintance turned ally done right. Mr. 3's leap from evil to good has felt a little more natural than say...Hachi or Bellamy. Action wise he's saved the day twice using his devil fruit abilities at two vital parts of the plot.

    Look and Design: 3(ha)/5
    His hair is a set up for a gag about not standing out and revealing his identity. That's humourous, but aside from that...well...Galdino is just a rather regular guy outside his topknot. Which in a way is perfect for spy and assassination work, but it does mean he's not got the most outlandish or dynamic design in One Piece.
    Impel Down onwards though give the guy an additional point because his beard game is on point.
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    Default Re: Love and Loathe 2: Return of the Analysis

    Love: He's like a salaryman in One Piece, he got great abilities and honed his skills but a lack of compromise and ambition. I must say that i really enjoy reading situations when Galdino is around, because he acts and looks like an average person. It is interesting to note that he always needs a boss.

    Loathe: Nah, i don't loathe nothing about him.


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    His dumb 3 hair that he doesn't change even though Baroque Works has long been defunct is fantastic.

    The fact that he was essentially a sixties era Batman villain during Little Garden. Not a Joker or a Riddler, but a solid Egghead or whatever Vincent Price's character on the show was called.

    His utilization of his power is neat. Having a foppish art snob have the ability to make his wax sculptures wherever and whenever he wants is fun.

    Piggybacking off of the last point, his using the wax powers to help Luffy and Buggy during Impel Down and Marineford was great. Wax mecha armor for the win.

    His acceptance of his limited battle prowess is refreshing. He's smart and creative but is perfectly happy being a henchman to stronger or more charismatic people. This also makes him a great partner for Buggy who also isn't anything special in the grand scheme of things but, unlike Galdino, won't accept that he's anything but the greatest.


    Nothing I necessarily loathe about Mr. 3, really. His being on top of Ace's execution platform was a bit of a deus ex machina, I suppose, but that's about it.

    Character: 4 out of 5; his progression through the series is done wonderfully and he has a fun personality to boot.
    Design: 3 out of 5; nothing noteworthy aside from his silly hair but not at all bad or off putting.
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    Default Re: Love and Loathe 2: Return of the Analysis

    Love: I really like the fact that he felt both threatening and comical at the same time and he completely stole the secene in the Little Garden arc. Even in the Alabasta, Impel Down and Marineford arcs he manages to survive against all odds, as he is versatile in using his fruit. Blocking Magellan's poison Hydra, giving an opportunity to Luffy to fight Magellan and making a key for Ace's handcuffs are crowning moments of awesome. In short, he is both competent and comical. His design is simple, but awesome and his friendship with Buggy feels real. They are platonic soulmates.

    Loathe: The fact that he is somewhat of a coward and that early on he was too full of himself.

    Character: 4/5
    Design: 4/5
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    Originally posted by UssopSpell.

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    Default Re: Love and Loathe 2: Return of the Analysis

    Ah, Mr 3, my second favourite Baroque Works agent (the honor of no.1 belongs to *gasp* Mr 2. Bon Kurei).

    He's the type of fighter I enjoy watching the most. He plays dirty, he has next to no concept of honor, he may be physically weak but he relies on his wit and cunning to outsmart and defeat his much stronger opponents. All while wearing a nice bowtie and sipping earl grey tea. His cowardly and opportunistic nature is always fun, and his partnership with fellow artist Miss Goldwenweek was wacky but legitimately threatening. I liked how he saw through Buggy's bluff during the Impel Down arc but followed him anyway.

    Then he proved himself in both the Impel Down and the Marineford Arc, when he:
    - was the one who kept countering Magellan's poison, which was crucial for the jail break gang's survival
    - amazing dynamic with Buggy, and him freaking out and turning into a blubbering mess when he met Crocodile again was hilarious. 'Something terrifying has been set free!'
    - a total bro and a surprising show of bravery when he helped Luffy make the wax key to release Ace, just to honor the memory of Mr 2 Bon Kurei, someone whose guts he previously hated and blamed for landing him in jail, but was touched by his show of friendship and selflessness. Baroque Works agents still have the best dynamic and interactions with each other among all the villain groups.

    Now he's somewhere chilling in the New World, serving another Shichibukai. Can't wait for him to be brought back again.

    Also he has perfect hair.

    The way he tricked Dory and Brogy into fighting with that explosive ale was detestable and I remember it making me think 'wow, I hope Luffy kicks this guy's ass really really hard.' But being able to make a reader absolutely detest you for your villainy is... well, a sign that you're a good villain.

    Perhaps his over-reliance of being someone's underling but that IS one of his defining traits. And maybe his tendency to... get overlooked. I love him as a character but while being memorable, he's somehow still.... not memorable enough. I mean I don't think I'll find myself saying 'I love One Piece, my all-time favourite character is Galdino! That candle guy!' Part of it stems from appearing in arcs with a huge and high-profile casts, making him feel a bit overshadowed sometimes.

    Character: 4/5
    Design: 3/5
    (its decent, but not eye-catching enough to be higher)
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    Default Re: Love and Loathe 2: Return of the Analysis

    Love: Even though he was very much full of himself and his giant Candle Set was a friggin' Bond Villain trap, he wasn't all bluster: he was smart enough to use his power in fairly inventive ways and did come very close to killing most of the Straw Hats. He's smart enough to know when he's at a disadvantage and makes a surprisingly effective straight man to Buggy come Impel Down and beyond, and of course he redeems himself by rising to the occasion in big ways in both the escape and at Marineford.

    Loathe: I can't really think of much to genuinely dislike him for, since he was designed to be a smug henchmen and fulfilled that role pretty well I feel. I guess there's him magically appearing on the execution platform in the manga, but that's more on Oda than the character.

    Design: 3 (honestly not a whole lot of his design really stood out to me aside from the hair and those sneakers he originally wore, but growing that beard gives him an extra point)
    Character: 4
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    Default Re: Love and Loathe 2: Return of the Analysis

    Always loved this idea...

    I love strategists, simple as that. The guy plans on both killing his targets, capturing some giants on the side, and almost executes both plans flawlessly, despite not being that capable in direct combat according to Croc. His power is really cool as well and serves him perfectly. Nothing bad to make about his design either.

    Guess it was a bit naive from him to go and ask a second chance from Crocodile.

    Overall: 4,5/5

    Design: 4/5

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    Default Re: Love and Loathe 2: Return of the Analysis

    MR 3:
    Love: Mr 3s personality of being an artistic, underhanded intellectual may not be the most original, but he pulls it off well to highly entertaining effect. Little Garden is seriously underrated, but in its short length it sports enough fun action with the tea party and compelling drama with the giants to be highly memorable…and Mr 3 is responsible for all this. His ability and his usage of it ties into his character, and provides some visually diverse moves and setpieces, and I particularly like how both its strengths and weaknesses relate to actual properties of wax. You feel like Mr. 3 is making the most of it.
    After being a highly efficient punchable villain, Mr 3 pulls off his later re-introduction off better than almost any other character, and his teamup with Buggy is great fun.
    Also, it’s a shame that most translations don’t pick up on his money-based speech quirk, but I appreciate it all the same.

    Loathe: Post Little-Garden it could feel like Mr 3 was just shuffled around until he could serve a plot-purpose, specifically with his keymaking; he feels particularly shoehorned into the cover story, where he’s pretty much just there to get sent to Impel Down. The execution platform scene is the worst offender; Even if he was starting to develop empathy it still feels like too huge a leap for him to end up there, and the whole scenario is clumsily written. What exactly was Mr 3 gonna do if Luffy hadn’t used haki to stop the execution? Is there even any tension with that first execution attempt when one of the executioners is an ally in disguise?
    And though teaming him up with Buggy was fun, by the end it feels like a lot of his original character has been sanded down to a straight-man.

    Overall character score: 4/5. Mr 3 is a great supporting character who served his roles in both Little garden and Impel Down admirably, and even remains entertaining even when used as a literal tool.

    Design: 4/5. Its simple and effective, and communicates both his artistic persona, and his preference of brains over brawn. He looks older and more composed than the lower-tier frontier agents, and weaker and weaselier than the top officer agents.

    Also, I screwed up on the dates, but I got a whole Rosinante spiel ready as well. I’m not trying to derail the thread or undermine the 72 hour rule, and CaptainAppleJack you don’t have to incorporate this in your summary…I just figured I wouldn’t get the chance to post this otherwise, so I hope its okay.
    Again, I apologize for being late.

    Love: Rosinante benefits, as many characters before him, from the extended focus provided by being a prominent flashback-only character. He’s endearing right off the bat due to his extreme clumsiness; It’s a solid character quirk, and it works like gangbusters. Just look at the current coverpage of an altruistic on-fire Rosinante, it’s a perfect snapshot of his character. The whole Internal Affairs plot going on with him is great, and his quest to save a damaged boy from becoming another Doflamingo is compelling, as is being done in by clumsiness and shit luck.
    Finally, as someone who finds current-style Devil Fruits too abstract and ill defined, Rosinantes was refreshingly simple, and its potential is used well in both the action scene, and the final dramatic scene of the flashback.

    Loathe: Rosinantes biggest weaknesses as a character lies in his two main relationships with other characters.
    First, his relationship with Doflamingo, which is amazingly rich with dramatic potential. However, this drama goes mostly unused. Seeing what made Rosinante take the opposite path of brother and contrasting it to Doflamingo could’ve been extremely interesting, but its all undercut by the “Doflamingo was born evil!” statement, which is probably the biggest misstep of the flashback. Not only does Rosinante not reflect on his traumatic childhood at all, it establishes that he has no empathy for his brother. This makes the final showdown between them less dramatic, because you don’t feel either is losing anything by shooting the other, and present-day Doflamingo seems to harbor no regrets whatsoever.

    With Law, theres obviously no question that Rosinante cares for him, but the relationship is built on shaky footing. As was mentioned, its pretty iffy that Rosinante doesn’t himself in any of the other Doflamingo kids (not even toddler Dellinger) – why is it “too late” for them, but not for a hyper-nihilist with zero self preservation, the most tragic backstory ever, and a literal death sentence? Worse still, its only after Laws heritage is revealed that Rosinante takes off with him. Again, theres no ultimately doubt that he cared for Law, its just framed as if him being a D is what got Rosinante involved. And when Rosinante goes as far as betraying both his brother and the marines for the sake of Law, to the point of discarding his own life, this is hurt by the shaky foundation of their relationship.
    A more central problem is that Rosinantes death is not really a tragedy. Which is an issue, because out of all the people with dead mentors, Law is the only one who got “revenge for mentor” as his main motivation. Rosinantes death is sad because we like the guy, but unlike Bellemere or Hiruluk, Rosinante intentionally put himself in harms way. He chose to backstab his brother, knowing the risks well and when Doflamingo kills him its not with any malice or glee. Rosinante was a traitor, got caught, and was punished as a traitor, and I don’t think that justifies a lifelong Doflamingo vendetta, even if Law really liked Rosinante.
    You can rightly say that these things are more Doflamingo/Law problems, but they reflect back on Rosinante, and how well his character works.

    Apart from that, Rosinante could’ve used a more grandiose flashback mentor-speech, something that really summed up his values and beliefs, like Hiruluk, Tom or Saul before him. Again here he feels limited by being mainly a motivational factor for Law.

    Character, and implementation of character: 3.5/5.
    Rosinante is a very endearing character, who doesn’t fully work as either pathos for Doflamingo or motivational mentor for Law. I can’t score him lower than this though, because ultimately I did like the guy and felt bad for him. So he must’ve done something right.

    Design: 4/5. Pretty good.

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    Default Re: Love and Loathe 2: Return of the Analysis

    he was a bad guy that challenged the Straw Hats with his brains, and while his talk/overconfidence ended up with Luffy smashing his foot into his face, he was threatening enough - Nami, Vivi, Zoro, and Broggy were all close to death.

    design. It's more than he has glasses (because smart) his hair communicates his number, and yet he doesn't go out of his way to show if off.

    After his defeat, he continued to be an opposing force - Sanji defeating him at Rainbase for the final time was one of my favorite moments. Then bam, he shows up again at Impel Down with Bon and Croc and even becomes an ally!

    A coward, but his bravery came through to free Ace to honor Mr.2, showing integrity where it counted.

    Every Buggy needs a straight man.

    nothing at all.


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    Default Re: Love and Loathe 2: Return of the Analysis

    Love the fact that this thread is back! Sad that I missed Rocinante, but oh well what can you do.

    Galdino it is then.
    Love: Galdino really worked as a minor antagonist for me. The combination of underhanded tactics, a visually cool ability and just overall dickishness made him an extremely memorable villain for me. I also really like the fact that the threat he posed wasn't blown out of proportion too much. He was threatening enough, that's for sure, but the somewhat lighthearted and adventurous nature of Little Garden arc didn't make it seem like Galdino wasn't supposed to be there. He somehow fit very well into the arc, there was a lot of tension surrounding his abilities and sneaky methods but it never went out of hand. Galdino constantly reminded us that he is pretty much the underling, that despite being a force to be reckoned with at the time and basically having an entire arc dedicated to defeating him he still felt very fitting into the setting of the arc.
    And I really think that Little Garden would have absolutely not worked for me with any other character being there in his place.
    But what really got me into the character was his later role in the story. Tbh, I never really expected Galdino to return and be relevant again, but to my surprise he did and boy was it good. His bromance with Buggy was extremely fun to watch, and him standing up to Magellan with his ability really solidified him as a great character in my book. The development he went through from being a sneaky punchable mofo to being a really cool guy was just delightful to witness.
    Also, his hairstyle and interactions with Ms Goldenweek were awesome.

    Loathe: One of the major problems I had with him and Little Garden was the whole giant candle chandelier thing which was what we would call a Bond-villain move. It was basically a typical "saved at the last second" type of trap that was mainly used as a convenient plot device to justify Zoro, Nami and Vivi surviving until Luffy arrives. It was pretty tiring, but this is after all a Shonen, so it's not too big of a deal for me in the end.
    The fact that he somehow appeared on the execution stand. That moment honestly never made any sense to me, and I still find it one of the worst plot convenience moments in the manga.
    Also, his voice in the anime is annoying.

    Character - a solid 3.5/5. He served his role really well.
    Design - 3/5. Never had any problems with the design but I wouldn't call it Oda's best one either.

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    Default Re: Love and Loathe 2: Return of the Analysis

    Mr. 3

    Love: His intelligence and strategy. He held his own as an arc villain, and transformed into quite the comrade for Luffy. He really used his powers in creative ways. His voice actor was incredibly interesting to listen to "Mista Suuue-reeee" One of my Top 5 favorite characters of all time.

    Loathe: His powers are so unique and carry their own intriguing moveset but since Grand Battle 2 he's never appeared in any console video games as a playable fighter.

    Character - 5/5
    Design - 5/5

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    Default Re: Love and Loathe 2: Return of the Analysis

    Won't be able to post the results in time today, so heads up if the wait will be a bit longer.

    In the meanwhile here is the hint for the next character: Surprisingly for One Piece this character still lives with a living parent (...and isn't royality)!

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