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Thread: Love and Loathe: Story Arc Edition

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    Oh boy Skypeia

    Love: After the first big arc spanning saga that was Alabasta, Skypeia serves as a welcome sort of break for all the high stakes and series issues that were tackled before. While those are still present, there is a disconnect that allows the Straw Hats and by extension the readers to take a breath and just enjoy a fun adventure. Skypeia in that sense really stands as the lone "adventure" arc where the Straw Hats are just in "the journey"

    Loathe: However, unlike Zou which accomplished much of the same thing in a far shorter time span, Skypeia just KEEPS. ON. FUCKING. DRAGGING. The longest arc before Dressrosa (I think) Skypeia just keeps going, and going, and going, and going. That takes much of the shine off the adventure and just makes the audience want to get back to the action. Furthermore, while Oda has great skill in connecting every arc together, especially in the first half of the series (Every arc but this one has representation in Marineford). Skypeia remains the part of the story that has next to no direct connections to the overall plot of the story. While there are few tidbits, Skypeia feels VERY disconnected from One Piece, so much so that if you take it out complete and go directly into Water 7, you really don't miss much. Frankly Skypeia feels almost like filler, just filler done by the author himself. Honestly I can think of no loathe worse than that.

    Story: 2

    Setting 3.5
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    Is this only for Skypiea or also Jaya + Skypiea? I ask because i feel like they are the same arc thematically.
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    Default Re: Love and Loathe: Story Arc Edition

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Faust View Post
    Is this only for Skypiea or also Jaya + Skypiea? I ask because i feel like they are the same arc thematically.
    Jaya is separate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Faust View Post
    Is this only for Skypiea or also Jaya + Skypiea? I ask because i feel like they are the same arc thematically.
    On one hand, I would consider them the same arc as well, since one doesn't make much sense without the other, and Jaya's conclusion only happens after Skypiea (Cricket sees Luffy in the sky, Bellamy gets offed (LOL) by Doffy, etc.). But in terms of analysing pacing, characters, story developments, and so on, it's better to simplify and consider them 2 separate arcs.
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    Default Re: Love and Loathe: Story Arc Edition


    • The story is self-contained and focuses on the Strawhats. The isolation isn't without it's drawbacks, but It adds to the legendary feel of the Island. A place spoken of only in legends, where even the world government won't reach.
    • The feel of the arc is fantastic. Sky paradise, overgrown jungles, ancient civilizations. You could taste the air and feel the scents. I wouldn't call it the most visually interesting place, but it had a certain "realism" to it. There were tons of mysteries (putting Robin to good use). Throughout the arc there was so much lore, such as Roger visiting the island or Merry's Klabautermann.
    • The three-way conflict felt genuine. The fact that no alliances were made until the very, very end could be the reason.
    • Enel was a great villain. He's up there with Arlong in terms of being terrifying. Yet he pulls the most epic freak out in the series. Luffy VS Enel was an interesting combination. And in the end he succeeded. He lost the battle but won the war.
    • The flashback was great.
    • But above all, the ending. Luffy ringing the bell is hands down the best ending of an arc in the series. It ended a century-old war, it fulfilled promises, and proved the dream of a man. It's everything One Piece is. Coupled with the shadow scene (nicely tying back to a previous mystery) it sent chills down my spine. But it doesn't end there! We see Enel is still alive (which is terrifying in it's own right) and we finally find out that the Fairy Vearth he longed for was the moon. It just... I get chills just writing about it. It was so good!
    • When a blockhead like Bellamy manages to reach Skypiea it starts to tarnish it's reputation as a "mythical island that only fools dream off". Doesn't help when we're introduced to more and more sky islands.
    • The setting was really nice, but man did it get repetitive. We barely saw anything of the Skypieans, and you can only show so many overgrown jungle scenes before I get sick of trees.
    • The character cast is among the worst. The villain cast is the worst. And the bad part is that none of the characters are inherently boring. We got a ball man, a guy with traps and a sword that extends, a god, people fighting for their rights... and yet they all come off as bland. Nobody stood out except Enel, and even he suffers. Especially his final attack, that was pathetic. The arc didn't treat the characters well.
    • The beanstalk scene was unnecessary.

    3.5 - The arc is pretty damn good. However the drawbacks that exist are so prominent they drag it down. From a personal stand point I love this arc, but from an objective one... it has lots of problems.
    Setting: 3 - Had a great feel to it, but got repetitive
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    Default Re: Love and Loathe: Story Arc Edition

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Faust View Post
    Is this only for Skypiea or also Jaya + Skypiea? I ask because i feel like they are the same arc thematically.
    Hi, I nominated the arc. When I picked Skypeia I thought of it as it's own arc, but I personally don't think it makes that much of a difference either way, since this thread is all for just for fun anyway. I'm okay with a Jaya+Skypeia anaylsis as long as it stays more focused on the Skypeia parts.

    That said, we did an arc analysis on the Post-War arc, which is even less stand alone than Skypeia was, so it might be "healthier" for the thread to stick to just Skypeia. You should probably just wait for Kaido King of the Beast's opinion.
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    Default Re: Love and Loathe: Story Arc Edition

    Skypiea and Jaya are two separate arcs, yes.


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    Default Re: Love and Loathe: Story Arc Edition

    Skypiea Arc


    - A true adventure arc:
    Skypiea stands out from most One Piece arcs because of the adventure aspect being at the forefront. Our heroes come to Skypiea in search of an adventure and are accidentially caught up in this whole civil war mess. A welcome contrast to Alabasta where the interfering in the civil war was the main reason for them to visit the island or things like Marineford where there is a great amount of "One Piece Politics", but the adventure aspect is toned down in other arcs. Skypiea is different from this in that from the beginning it is concieved as an arc reminiscent of classic adventure literature and Oda constantly comes back to this aspect.

    - You don't know what to expect at first: We don't go into this arc knowing about any of the villains/characters that are gonna be important there. This is not a critique of the Aalabasta Saga, but rather an examination of how differently Skypiea works in comparison to the Aalabasta saga, where we were prepared for a big showdown with Baroque Works from Whiskey Peak onwards. We don't have prior arcs to prepare us for the villains/allies and this gives the arc a very mysterious and interesting feeling akin to Action-adventure video games.

    - Depth of the inhabitant's culture: Oda really put a lot of effort in establishing the Shandians and Skypieans culture as different from the Blue Sea and from each other. You have nice details like another currency being used and the lack of knowledge about gold. The two people's differ nicely in how they organize themselves and what housing they have (with the Skypieans living in rather "normal" houses while the Shandians of course living in tents). They're differences always reminded me a little bit of Athens and Sparta. You can tell that Oda had fun in designing the inhabitants of this world and giving them unique characteristics.

    - Enel: Enel is a great and completely crazy villain who outclasses everyone who crosses him by miles until Luffy appears to fight him. His power is one of the powers that probably come first to mind when you think about Logia powers and Oda uses it to the fullest extent. His "God speeches" are completely frightening and the scariest aspect is how absolutely he himself belives in his words. A complete psycho in the greatest possible way. That said, when it comes to Enel, we cannot mention his greatness without...

    - Enel's horrified look:

    Enough said. Deserved an extra point.

    - Great background story: The whole set-up with the centuries old conflict depict a human tragedy of the most touching kind. The flashback at bfirst seems unusual, but quickly gets you with its great characters. The amount of themes here is encapsulating: Traditions vs modernity, xenophobia, cross-cultural friendships, religion and deities, bad luck, friendship, broken promises... I wish I could describe in more detail how deeply it touches me, but alas my English's not always the best. So I will say this: It really feels like a perfect story, where all the parts are put right into place and everything is resolved flawlessly. The hallmarks of a great writer. Bonus points for the fact that Oda used another arc to set up many parts of the story (Jaya). The scene of Cricket seeing Luffy's shadow deservedly ranks often among the 10 most iconic of the series.

    - Innovative and surprising execution of the battles: This is one point which stands out for me maybe the most. The whole way how the survival game unravels is creative and deliberately breaks with what Oda typically has in store for the readers when it comes to an arc climax. One priest (Sattori) is taken out before (!) the climax even begins and by a very well depicted team (!) effort (Oda doesn't like team battles that much). When the survival game begins, we have 50 Divine Soldiers (typical fodder when it comes to fighting) plus Yama, 3 priests and Enel. Now typically Oda would go for the priests as the right hand men of the main villain to be defeated right before Enel. Here he deliberately and effectively breaks this convention. The first (!) victim is Shura, who is brutally defeated by Viper and Gedatsu follows soon after, defeated by one of the "weakling trio" (!). Luffy finds an equal opponent (!) in Viper and their match ends in a draw, in contrast to usual amounts of Luffy-asskicking. Enel is absolutely untouchable by anyone, until he meets Luffy, who completely whips his ass at first (!).

    -Chopper has a well-developed fight: Oda manages to make the fight extremely funny and still dramatic and all the more satisfying in how our beloved reendeer holds his own. Ah, there was a time where Oda put real effort into Chopper.

    - Nico Robin: First, she has a great fight with Yama. Oda here shows us a character who grabs the readers interest, partly because of her desire to find the Poneglyph (the scenes of her finding the Lost City are great and were made even greater by the anime episode), partly because we so such variety of behavior: In this arc, she can be chillingly cold and brutal towards Yama, supportive towards the crew and also very introspective. For the story, of course we need this exposure so that she already feels like part of the crew when shit goes down at Water 7 regarding her past and the stakes for the subsequent fight for her are all the more higher.

    - The Poneglyph: The Poneglyph establishes a connection between the true history and Raftel (and thus One Piece) and because of this is extremely important for the overall story. It also puts a lot more focus on specifically Robin. Not much to say, except that this represents a mile-stone for the reader in getting closer to One Piece and we wouldn't get a big clue like this until Marineford.

    - Huge relevance to the later story: http://www.onepiecepodcast.com/2015/...ce-connection/ If you hadn't read this article, than do it now. But Skypiea will get enormously relevant again. Yeah, all the Shandians and Birkan stuff. The story seems to be pretty self-contained at first, but Oda has planted some of the most important seeds for the One Piece story as a whole in this arc.

    - Funny crew moments en masse: As is expected of an pre-Timeskip arc, there is an abundance of very funny bickering and teasing among the crew and other funny scenes. Just two of my favorites:

    - The right length: Skypiea just feels like it has a perfect length. At 66 chapters it has an impressive length, but Oda clearly didn't overdo it like he did with Dressrosa. Whenever I re-read it I have no complaints about unnecessary drawn out scenes on the one side and too short scenes on the other (like I currently have with Totland...). It just feels "right".+

    - Enel's defeat: Creative of Oda to connect the defeat of the Big Bad with the resolution to the arc's underlying problem in the most direct way possible. It's not that the bell is rung by some civilians after Enel's defeat as a side-event or something like that. Luffy uses Enel to ring the bell. A sensational way to tie up the narratives sorrounding the arc.

    - Klabautermann: I like how Oda puts a mystery in there that is explicitly NOT solved in the arc.

    - Nola: Clever to insert one character who met the people from the flashback and the current heroes. And an extremely awesome moment to have her celebrate with the others at the big party at the end of the arc.

    - The crew acting more "pirate-y": The crew was ready to just grab the gold and disappear. That actually fits for more into the way Luffy sees himself - not necessarily as a hero.

    - The "Prayer's Scene":

    How is this scene not more iconic? Oda brilliantly prays with the religious themes of the arc around and presents maybe the most desperate "clock-is-ticking"-scenario in the entire series which is wonderfully resolved.

    - At least a dozen things I'm not thinking about: The arc is so great, that there are quite likely a couple of things I'm not thinking about that would deserve mention. It has an almost endless amount of very good scenes. So this point is substitute for all the moments I forgot.


    - Hotori and Kotori: Satori was freakishingly annoying in a good way and it was very satisfying for the reader when his skull got crushed by Sanji. And that should have th end for his character in this arc. Unfortunately Oda decided that Nami needed a cheap fight and alas, Oda crossed the line here by introducing two clones of Satori. Man, any other villain would have been better.

    - Pagaya's fake death: While the scene where he is back is very funny, this represents one of the instances where it is narratively cheap to let him live or introduce this plot point in general.

    - The Divine soldiers and their goat-like behavior: This always reminds me of this:


    Annoying as hell, unnecessary, idiotic. Seriously, what was Oda thinking here? The only thing which does some good is that because of their behavior, Luffy breaking their faces is all the more worth it.

    - Viper and Montblanc Cricket: Those two are the direct descendants of Kalgara and Noland. I disliked that those two didn't get some closure, especially regarding the extremely important relationship between their ancestors.. Now admittedly, this would be difficult since they don't know each other and are worlds apart. But Oda could have gone for something like showing their reaction to Luffy ringing the bell juxtaposed with each other at a 2-page spread or something like that. But I admit, a very minor complaint.

    Story: 5/5

    Setting: Good. The Upper Yard may be the biggest jungle we've ever been to and while not very creative with regards to Angel Beach, that is all that is needed for this arc. We have an interesting fauna, well-developed cultures, a nice Mayan-theme with the Golden City. While not perfect, it has everything this arc needs. 4/5

    With the exception of Water 7, Skypiea represents the pinnacle of Oda's achievements so far in my opinion. A near perfect arc. Sam from the One Piece Podcast has put it nicely too: http://www.onepiecepodcast.com/2014/...n-do-about-it/

    (Malicious gossip has it that I may be a fanboy for this arc, but judge for yourself... )

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    Default Re: Love and Loathe: Story Arc Edition

    OK, Skypiea.

    Love: This arc pulled off the dreamy and adventurous aspect very well, as I was instantly captivated by the aerial scenery. The more lighthearted tone was nice at first, setting itself apart from many of the other arcs in the series.

    The introduction of Dials and Mantra was really cool, and both of them had pretty neat usages in the arc's battles. It's a shame Dials haven't appeared too often since then.

    The fight choreography was spectacular. Shura, whom I had forgotten about (more on that later) is a boss, and all of the arc's villains have pretty well-choreographed fights, with Luffy vs. Enel taking the cake as both parties bring out all the stops. Which is a pretty good thing, considering how fight-heavy this arc is (more on that later).

    Enel. My god, Enel. He was a delight to watch every time he was onscreen, taking Crocodile's Magnificent Bastard qualities and ramping them up to eleven. His Devil Fruit was used extremely well, and I wasn't kidding when I said his fight, out of all the Skypiea fights, was one for the ages. Luffy's final blow against him was one of the most memorable finishers in the series to me.

    I found the flashback with Noland and Calgara to be really well done, which is notable considering that this was really the first time we met either of those two characters. Yet they get so much characterization and development that they quickly become staples of the whole saga, overshadowing tons of present-day Skypiea characters (more on that later...) Well done indeed.

    Loathe: To start off broadly, this is probably one of my least favorite major arcs in the series. The biggest reason why is that, to me, it feels like less of a story and more of Oda dropping different factions into a simulator and watching them fight to the death. Maybe Enel is an author avatar? Who knows, lol. I get that this arc is supposed to be more lighthearted and adventurous than other ones, but the things we get here don't really seem to mesh with that ideal, and what results is a half-baked mess that can't seem to resolve on whether to be light-hearted or serious.

    This arc had all the tools it needed to be a great narrative, what with the conflict between the Skypieans and the Shandians. But it never sells that; what we're treated to instead is the Straw Hats being dumped into a foreign conflict. Other arcs, like Alabasta, Water 7, and Dressrosa, manage to succeed with this because they give the Straw Hats time to get emotionally invested into the plights of the new characters. The reason why Skypiea fails at this is because most of the new characters are tools. They serve the purpose they're meant to serve in the plot. Conis and Pagaya are only there to explain Skypiea concepts, the Shandians are mostly bland warriors, Aisa is an uninteresting load, Enel's soldiers are mere obstacles with cute quirks (except Shura and Ohm who are pretty much forgettable), McKinley and the other Angel Island residents don't even deserve a mention. The only characters whom I felt somewhat into were Gan Fall and Wiper, who are given the screentime they deserve, but even they are mostly defined by their motivations. We never really see how their experiences shape them. Aisa and Conis had the potential to be viewer lenses into the shit Skypiea's gone through across this war, but don't get much good screentime at all. Rebecca succeeded in that regard and they didn't; think about that.

    Enel's entire plot could be considered extremely weird even if we had a well-developed conflict on our hands. He wants to annihilate Skypiea because...it's unnatural compared to the world down below? Which he has never been to? HOW DOES THAT PERSPECTIVE WORK? Rather than being the "true enemy" that causes the Skypieans and Shandians to put aside their differences and work together, like Doflamingo was, he more resembles a third party, a quite literal deus ex machina intruding on a half-baked story. Would Luffy have any cause to fight him if his crewmates hadn't been caught in Enel's berserker rampage? Conis finally gaining the courage to get the Angel Island guys to stand up to Enel didn't work at all because we knew shit about these guys; if Conis and Pagaya were on Angel Island when Enel smited it I still wouldn't have cared! Pagaya's "death" was laughable and forgettable.

    Perhaps the one saving grace of the overall story was the Noland-Calgara flashback, which I think very highly of. In the span of 10 chapters I liked Noland and Calgara more than most of Skypiea's characters because they possessed the attributes needed to make good characters while the others didn't. The Noland and Calgara story could have possibly been a great step in the right direction for the present-day story since it provided nicely detailed background on many events, but unfortunately it ran into a bit of trouble. One, it doesn't manage to justify the stuff that was still lacking in the present, and two, it came far too late. By the time it came, I was pretty much like "fuck this shit" and was solely tuned in to the glorious battle between Luffy and Enel. So its intrusion there made things more exasperatingly dragged out. Had it come earlier in the arc, we might have had something better. But it was too little, too late.

    Also, this was Robin's first chance to solidify herself as a member of the Straw Hats, and I ended up not really caring much for her because she ended up kinda flat. Her best moments when she finds the ruins are when she's completely separated from the crew. Through some kind of miracle, Water 7 managed to get me to care about her plight, but Skypiea missed out on a lot of opportunities in terms of her forming some sort of a bond with the crew. Also, Sanji and Usopp are rather...one-note in this arc, saying essentially the same things that play upon their quirks most of the time. Sanji's only valuable during fights, and Usopp did have that hilarous rope that came out of this buckle, so they did have some saving graces, but overall I felt like the Straw Hats didn't do too well in this arc either. Luffy suffers from possibly the worst Trap no Jutsu ever as he's not only swallowed by a snake, but has it happen AGAIN with the gold ball and the beanstalk.

    ...Hopefully this all was coherent, but yeah. I didn't really care for Skypiea. It's not a truly bad arc and is a fun reread, but as a story it could have been so much more.

    Story: 2/5
    Setting: 3/5
    - this arc suffered much like Punk Hazard in that despite its setting's captivating scenery, it spent too much time in a single location. Kind of mind boggling that most of this arc is set in Jaya, hahahaha.
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    Default Re: Love and Loathe: Story Arc Edition

    I may have missed the evaluation of one of my favorite arcs, but I'll give Skypiea a go.

    Love: It may have took a second watch/read through Skypiea for me to appreciate the arc in all of its splendor, but even then, it felt the most like an adventure. Almost like something you'd see out of a movie. No Marines, no Shichibukai, just the Straw Hats venturing into another part of the world rarely seen by most people and pirates alike and hoping to find some treasure along the way. Also, the way the crew interacts with each other in their surroundings is home to my favorite moments in One Piece.

    The culture of the Skypieans and their daily way of life was truly fascinating. From the Dials, to the type of currency used called Extol, even down to their unique way of greeting one another, it was always interesting to learn more about the civilization they live in. Then you have the Shandians that live in a very tribe-like manner and have a much deeper background history than what anyone expected via flashback.

    As a villian, God Enel wasn't bad at all. It took a while for me to warm up to him after the likes of Crocodile and his swag, but sooner or later he started to grow on me. No matter where you were, Enel had his eye on you and there was no way you could shake his sight away thanks to his impressive range of Mantra along with the power of a Logia DF, the Rumble-Rumble Fruit with which he can strike anybody down with an intense bolt of lightning from where they stand with little effort. Truly a terrifying adversary.

    I feel like from Whiskey Peak to this arc, Skypiea was when the art looked its best in the entire series. Always loved the extra details, the bolder lines and the coloring this arc had.

    Loathe: Kinda sucks that on your first binge watch/read through One Piece, Skypiea is sort of a drag to finish.

    Story and Characters: 3/5
    Setting: 3/5
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    Default Re: Love and Loathe: Story Arc Edition

    Okay, time for one of the three biggest disappointments in OP (for me of course)


    Robin arc – this arc (along with its predecessor Jaya) are the only ones when Robin actually gets to shine as a Straw Hat. And while I’m not the biggest fun of Yama fight, her solving the main mystery of the arc was incredibly awesome.

    Enel vs Wiper, Zoro, Gan Fall and Robin – I usually don’t like these ‘X vs everyone’ curbstomp fights since they are incredibly boring. Yet this one contains so many great scenes, starting with the "You will" panel, going to Zoro protecting Robin (one of the most heartwarming scenes in OP ever in my opinion), to Zoro/Wiper tank contest and ending with showing of Wiper’s incredible determination. Truly a great fight.

    Sanji to the rescue – while not exactly Mr. Prince level of awesomeness, Sanji infiltrating Arc Maxim, damaging it significantly and then taking Enel’s lightning head-on to protect his friends sure comes close enough.

    Enel vs Luffy – Luffy going Gomu Gomu no Baa…, using his powers creatively to bypass Enel’s mantra, and obviously the Enelface sure made for an entertaining experience.

    The end – shadow scene is beautiful, Enel actually achieving his main objective was unexpected, and SHs deciding to steal the gold sure was fun as heck. I had my issues with the arc, but the ending itself is perfect.

    Zoro going Tarzan – has to be the best Zoro comedy scene yet.

    Gedatsu – the guy is the biggest goof among OP villains, got quite fun fight with Chopper and then really nice cover story. That’s the kind of OP characters I like.


    Death Game – I often see the biggest Skypiea fans saying that people who didn’t like it are here just for the fights that they and can’t enjoy adventure. But I believe that while it has good adventure/exploration feeling, it devolves into a fight fest too quickly when the death game starts. I like comparing it to Drum where Wapol was really a secondary threat with the main one being nature itself. It’s one of the things I find lacking in this arc to get the optimal feeling of adventure arc as opposed to the battle one.

    Lots and lots of unmemorable characters – you have 5 main Shandian warriors going down one by one and apparently you’re supposed to care, but you’re unable to because Wiper (and maybe Laki a bit) is the only one that’s actual developed character. Aisa for one of main point of view characters also is pretty damn bland, as is Conis. The only memorable thing about Shura is his moustache, Yama and Ohm are as boring as it gets. And these two Satori’s brothers likely exist because Oda had to give Nami some moment in this arc and couldn’t figure out when. So this leaves us with Enel, Gedatsu, Satori, Wiper, Gan Fall and maybe Pagaya as the only characters worth anything.

    Survivals – well, if Pell didn’t soldify ‘no one dies in One Piece’ rule, than everyone (especially Pagaya) surviving everything Enel had thrown at them surely did.

    Story/Characters: 3.5 – could easily be 5 had it cut down on the number of characters, developed the remaining ones and focused more o the island itself than the fights.
    Setting: 5/5 – well, duh.
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    Default Re: Love and Loathe: Story Arc Edition

    About a day left to review Skypiea! Koliber, you still haven't messaged me your arc request, but you've got four more days to do so since after this we'll be trying something new - we'll be reviewing a cover story!


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    Default Re: Love and Loathe: Story Arc Edition

    Oh, cover stories too? Interesting.

    (Is strangely excited to review Gedatsu's cover story)
    The faces of a Straw Hat.

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