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Thread: Dr. Stone

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    I will always read this manga with a dumb smile on my face.
    The Ginrou panel near the end hilarious.

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    slow chapter kinda this week still the series I'm enjoying the most lately hope it stays this good.

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    This chapter was too contrived.

    So maybe wearing an helmet may be a punishable offence but attacking the other fighter's back while he talks to the referee is a legal move?
    And they kick out a fighter who's 50/100 meters away, despite the fact that they can see her running at full speed to the ring. This is not a fucking bus or a live tv event, they have no where else to go or anything else to do besides the tournament.
    And there's only two dozen people in the entire village, explaining what happened would be the easiest fucking thing to do.

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    Original Stories:
    Four Swords

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    Just caught up with this, reeeally good stuff so far. So many likeable characters, it's hard to pick a favorite. I like the art and the humor, too, so I will definitely keep reading this to see how it unfolds. Also, there are so many possibilities for world building, it's kind of getting me excited :)
    We all float down here!

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