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Thread: Dr. Stone

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    Does she really have any means of preserving / replaying the song as it stands now though?
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    It is the only cd player in the world. In an unknown recording style. We only know about her that she's a super fan, and will probably be super turned by Ruri/Kohaku.

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    Besides, their loyalty to Tsukasa can't be that high, with the dust of their parents on his hands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maju View Post
    can't this girl just steal the record of the song and the sciency equipment to reproduce it when they storm the village and kill everyone?

    "protect a cd" seems like a really weak excuse to bet your life on the betrayal of a cause you fought for until now.
    "Fought for" seems overreaching.
    They got depetrified and then either complied or got killed/abandoned in the stone world alone. They hardly fought anyone since they had no idea Senku was alive.

    I also doubt that that many people enjoy seeing Tsukasa with a mean to revive other people but prefering murdering them instead.

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    I didn't knew teenagers could enter on submarines.


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    Chrome facing the end boss, while we make an intermission to build a car...awesome :)
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