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Thread: One Piece attractions in Japan

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    Default One Piece attractions in Japan

    I am currently vacationing in Japan, and would like to enjoy some of the One Piece related attractions related to One Piece that cannot be enjoyed in the US. For the record I have already been to J-World Tokyo and plan on going to Tokyo One Piece tower. I would love to hear what other attractions/points of interest any one knows of that I may also want to visit, especially if you've experienced it yourself. (I am currently situated in Tokyo, and will also be staying in Kyoto for a few days, so anything in either of these two areas is especially appreciated.)

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    Default Re: One Piece attractions in Japan

    Here are some locations I found when planning my trip.


    -The Mugiwara Stores


    -One Piece restaurant Baratie


    -All Blue Bar - one piece fan bar

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    Default One Piece attractions in Japan

    La nouvelle a été rendue officielle lors de la Japan Expo : à la rentrée, One Piece aura droit à une version grand format éditée par Hachette. Spoiler

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    Default Re: One Piece attractions in Japan

    Hey everyone,

    Im new here and I have a quick question, hopefully someone experciened can help me out! I can't make a new thread and I thought this was somewhat related to the topic at hand!

    In advance, I'm really grateful for the help and appreciate the smallest advice!

    Soon, I'll be going to Japan and have been eyeing "Tokyo One Piece Tower" as it seems to be quite the experience as a die hard fan!

    So I wanna heard if anyone can recommend it?
    Would it be alright to go alone for it?
    Would Japanese be a requirement to fully enjoy it?
    Are tickets hard to get and should be planned ahead or could I just buy it in Seven Eleven the day before?
    And finally, what can I expect from it?

    If anyone else has any advice that they can share, it would be great!
    Thanks for reading and have a nice day everyone!

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