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Thread: One Piece attractions in Japan

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    Default One Piece attractions in Japan

    I am currently vacationing in Japan, and would like to enjoy some of the One Piece related attractions related to One Piece that cannot be enjoyed in the US. For the record I have already been to J-World Tokyo and plan on going to Tokyo One Piece tower. I would love to hear what other attractions/points of interest any one knows of that I may also want to visit, especially if you've experienced it yourself. (I am currently situated in Tokyo, and will also be staying in Kyoto for a few days, so anything in either of these two areas is especially appreciated.)

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    Here are some locations I found when planning my trip.


    -The Mugiwara Stores


    -One Piece restaurant Baratie


    -All Blue Bar - one piece fan bar

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    Default One Piece attractions in Japan

    La nouvelle a été rendue officielle lors de la Japan Expo : à la rentrée, One Piece aura droit à une version grand format éditée par Hachette. Spoiler

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