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I mostly agree with you. I find Count's points solid, by the way. Yet I feel that setting it up would have ruined the surprised, and it was quite funny. The humor was amplified by the surprise. Also, I am going to bet that Brook thought about it but not along with the others. That way it would be easier to do his plan, it would be more informal and less structured. Although, I am not sure if we will see a flashback of Brook thinking of this plan. I mean, I don't know if I find that to be enough of a reason to have a flash back.
After the latest chapter, a flashback is too late and pointless. I still think it could have been set up without ruining the surprise because... Who would ever expect Brook to put on a mask to become a fake Luffy lol? And I think Brook thinking of the disguise but not telling him about the others is weird because this is a plan where everybody is trusting each other to fulfill a designated role, so everyone including should be kept track of.

But at this point, I digress. I'm just glad to get some good Brook humor and significant spotlight for him in this arc.