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Thread: Greetings!

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    Default Greetings!

    Greetings from the gateway region, I go by the title of Tasaina.
    I'm 22, male, & like keep to a certian degree of morals.
    This is my first time on a one piece forum, as I don't have much else in terms of places to talk about it. (I don't use social media much)
    I've never been permabanned from anywhere before, & hope to keep it that way.
    And I guess that's it for now. How are you people?

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    Default Re: Greetings!

    Hello and welcome to AP forums!


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    Default Re: Greetings!

    Hello, welcome to AP. Hope you enjoy your stay. ^_^
    Steam Profile: Sorikai33 | 3DS Friend Code: 2981 6418 0894
    ^Feel free to add me on either^

    Sig art by Stjepan Sejic

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    Default Re: Greetings!

    Hey, welcome to Arlong Park. Hope you have a good time hanging around here with us~

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