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Thread: Salutations!

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    Default Salutations!

    I'm happy to be a new member of this forum!

    I came here because I've been studying the One Piece animation since roughly a year, and I couldn't find anyone to talk about it since more and more people seem to abandon the One Piece anime.

    I stumbled across this forum here and after browsing it several times as a guest, I've seen that there's a section dedicated to the One Piece animation with a good bunch of people here having some knowledge about the behind the scenes of the One Piece anime.

    I will also occasionally talk about the One Piece manga, since Oda-sensei is one of the main factors which motivated me to create my own manga story.

    I hope to have a good time with you guys here!

    Oh yeah and I'm coming for you Mr. World Government, don't sleep on Monkey D. Dragon and the revolutionary army!

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    Default Re: Salutations!

    Hello, welcome to AP. Hope you enjoy your stay. ^_^
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    Default Re: Salutations!

    Bonsoir and welcome to AP. Enjoy your stay here :)

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    Default Re: Salutations!

    Hey there, welcome to Arlong Park! Hope you enjoy your time here with us~

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