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Thread: One Piece Live-Adaptation Drama Announced

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    Default Re: One Piece Live-Adaptation Drama Announced

    Jeff Goldblum seems unlikely, but would be perfect as Kizaru lol

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    Default Re: One Piece Live-Adaptation Drama Announced

    There's also the fact that the fishmen introduction is Arlong Park, in which a bunch of evil fishmen basically enslave an entire island. So imagine a crew of evil black people enslaving a village as the climax of the season and the backstory of one of the main characters that has a pretty high chance of being white. Yeah, no way Netflix is gonna go for that.

    Sure, that gets flipped on its head later and it turns out it's the fishmen that are actually oppressed in this world, but how many seasons away is that?

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    Default Re: One Piece Live-Adaptation Drama Announced

    A few more suggestions

    Noah Schnapp as Koby

    Liz Gillies as Alvida

    Ethan William Childress (Mixed-ish) as Chopper (I'm sure he'll be a CGI Reindeer so he would be the perfect voice for him)

    Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Vivi

    James Corden as Igaram

    Avan Jogia would also be someone I think would be a good choice for Ace


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    Default Re: One Piece Live-Adaptation Drama Announced

    Koby: Milo Parker


    James Gordan as Igram sounds cool. lol


    Naomi Scott

    Golshifteh Farahani

    Medalion Rahimi
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    Default Re: One Piece Live-Adaptation Drama Announced

    Quote Originally Posted by sinreturns View Post
    Luffy: Forrest Wheeler or Peter Sudarso. Maybe an uknown actor? I am most curious to see who is casted as Luffy.
    Both have an evergreen look and have the potential to be the next action star. They both have good comedic timing as well. I like the suggestion of Griffin Glulk but I don't know how well he would do with the action scenes.

    Zoro: Lewis Tan
    He is good with the sword and looks like he is interested in playing Zoro's character according to his tweet. check out his action reel.

    Nami: Maya Hawke or Katherine McNamara
    Maya Hawke seems to have good acting chops. I can see her real parents playing the role of Nami's adoptive parents. Ethan Hawke also can pull off the Genzo stash, and Uma Thurman can easily be the badass marine who never got a chance to settle down.

    Usopp: Wouldn't mind if another unknown actor played him. Marcus Scribner or Amir Wilson? Usopp's character plays off of a lot of the crew members. he and Nami can relate with being the most human crew members. He is basically best friends with Luffy. Maybe a comedian can play Usopp.

    Sanji: Bills Skarsgard or Ross Lynch. I can see the Skarsgard family playing the Vinsmoke family a little too well for it to be a coincidence.
    Judge: Stellan Skarsgard
    Yonji: Alexander Skarsgard
    Ichiji: Gustaf Skarsgard
    Niji: Valter Skarsgard
    Reiju: Eija Skarsgard

    Probably best for them to have the crew planned out from the beginning. This way they can drop better foreshadowing if they want. Like showing a glimpse of Jinbe during Arlong Park or Brook during Laboon's story. Maybe we can get a hint at Robin and Chopper for the next season.

    Chopper: Luke Bilyk or Rhenzy Feliz
    I like the suggestion of Chopper saving his CGI moments for when he actually transform..they could do something similar to how the Hulk is handled or Titans beast boy transformations. Assuming that brain point Chopper will be full CGI Detective Pickachu style..the actor would be the one playing Chopper in his human form for majority of his screen time.

    Robin: Alexandra Daddario or Elizabeth Debicki
    Alexandra has eyes similar to Robin and Elizabeth has a unique screen presence and a mature vibe to her. Both actors have a decent poker face that Robin typically has. Just put pulp fiction hair on them and hand them a cowboy hat.

    Franky: John Behlmann or Alan Michael Ritchson
    John Behlmann said in an interview that he would like to play a superhero. He admires Jim Carry and has the hair and potentially the personality to pull of playing someone like Franky. here is the interview that I just mentioned https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fejumtb2T3M

    Brook: probably all CGI? someone worthy of being on an afro sheen commercial.

    Jinbe: Robert Oberst
    He has a cool personality and is built like Jinbe. I have always felt that Jinbe has a strongman body type. Robert also swims pretty well.

    The first fancast that didn't make everyone a white actor. I don't get how some see this as an all white cast

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    Default Re: One Piece Live-Adaptation Drama Announced

    For East Blue I wouldn't mind if Luffy, Nami, and Usopp are all new actors. However, for Zoro they need to find someone who is well versed in swordplay and has a resume that backs that up.

    Two less known actors who might be auditioning for Luffy and Usopp

    Luffy: Ed.fonse

    Usopp: sexyburge

    A YouTuber did an interview with him
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    Default Re: One Piece Live-Adaptation Drama Announced

    So did Maeda read OP for a long while now or did he speed read through 980 chapters.

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    Default Re: One Piece Live-Adaptation Drama Announced

    My impression is he was familiar with the story, but not caught up. Now he is.

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    Default Re: One Piece Live-Adaptation Drama Announced

    Looking back, man did the bounties jumped huge since the time-skip. I think Doffy's 340 million was the record for years. Now that ain't shit. XD

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