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Thread: European Politics Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey King View Post
    No it's not.
    I'm only saying that the military guys aren't centrists who would be okay with both the left and the right (like some journalists are trying to imply it by saying they're good protectors of secularism), but are actually secularist right-wingers and even though they kick out the crazy Islamists they also happen to smash the left in smithereens.

    There were four
    If you include the thing in 1997 yesssssss

    He's famous because a paranoid moron in charge of a large regional power is paranoid about him.
    Gülen actually does have influence. He's not a nobody that is only known because Erdogan is paranoid

    Probably stop calling Gulen a secularist?
    He is not, he is a moderate islamist.

    The traditional relationship between the government and mosques/imams is not how you're looking at it.
    It's not government lavishing on mosques so much as managing them from above and controlling them to not be out of hand.
    Which doesn't change that they're using tax payers' money to fund religious constructions which is going against the very definition of secularism itself being "the state shouldn't mind about religion"

    I'm glad you google well.
    This is just pathetic.
    And how is it anyhow relevant to anything to cite his name again ? You always sound like you're trying to display unnecessary knowledge and make it look like it's relevant to the discussion.
    Do I have to cite DeGaulle's name if I'm talking about an antiEU and/or anti-NATO politician in France???

    Anyway, I'm re-reading my first post and now I understand how it was bound to turn into a pointless mess
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    Congrats to Norway ts gonna ban fur farms

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    Germany finally has a government. It looks like the coalition deal is slightly in favor of the soc-dems

    And Macron is about to increase the defense budget in order to reach 2% of the gdp. Basically making it jump from 32billion to 44.
    Some people are making it sound like it's because of the 2015 attacks and all. But in fact it's more because of Trump's election, and the lack of trust european leaders(/politicians) have in him. In other words, they depend too much on an unstable country. That's what they've been saying in the last year. There was no real concern about raising the defense budget before the douche's election

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