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    Chapter 12: Chance Encounter.

    Sailing through the south seas, the Gloria was on her way to Ra in the Steel Continent. They took the direction that passed through the south of the continent towards the northeast part.

    Inside the captain's cabin of the ship, Johnnathan was discussing with Drake and Aladdin.

    "You know, I appreciate heving my own ship, but I wished you two would consult me first." Said Johnnathan.

    "Just how you consultated us when you left alone to Liampool?" Said Aladdin.

    "Hey! I just did it! But I lied!"

    "You are not making things easier for you little brother." Said Drake. "This was supossed to be a surprise, but things went not the way we expected. Ah bloody hell, you already deserves it since you have your own cats now."

    "Fine, fine. By the way, nice room this one. It's like a five star hotel here."

    "That's why it took quite a lot. Nikolai basically built a second Vitoria. And just like her, it is made of alloy of Darkanium."

    "We really need to treat that Gremlim a little better."

    "Well, I won't." Said Aladdin.

    "But why didn't him and the others came along?"

    "See this as some sort of test." Said Drake. "Me and Aladdin will judge you if you have the guts to lead your own little gang."

    "And you do that by sending us to an expedition to find a relic no one saw for aeons?"

    "What can I say? Hybrid-style exam, bro."

    Meanwhile on the deck, West was doing jabs in the air, speeding the movements as it goes the routine.

    Edward and Florencia were watching from afar from a higher floor.

    "What is he doing?" Asked Edward.

    "Warming up, most likely." Said Florencia. "Even the strongest of predators needs to work out their claws before the hunt."

    "I was expecting a more tough regime than just doing punches in the air."

    "I mean he is thrusting those arms faster than a regular human...Those thick and rough arms..."

    "What was that right now?"

    "Ah! Nothing! Just thinking out loud..."

    "Hey, Florencia!" Shouted Johnnathan that appeared from a door next to them. "Could you come here for minute. I need to talk to you."

    "I'm on my way."

    "And Eddie could you check the surroundings in the crow's nest?"

    "M-Me? I kinda have fear of heigh-"

    "Great! I knew I could count on you!"

    Johnnathan and Florencia left, leaving Edward alone dumbfounded.

    "...Okay. I mean, it's not really thaaaat high."

    Johnnathan then took Florencia to his room and explained the situation.

    "Wow. What a nice brother you have." Sarcastically said Florencia.

    "Well at least they are here."

    "Is there anything else you wish to tell me?"

    "You see, since we are a proper crew now we need a little organization in our group. So since I am the captain, I would like to make you my First-Mate."

    "You First-Mate? Are you sure about that?"

    "I just looked at everyone else and saw you were more qualified...It took like 30 seconds to think."

    "I am certainly not against it, but I can be kind of a prick. Perhaps you prefer a more approachable one like West?"

    "First, West is one of the few guys that I don't wanna argue about it and second, a prick is exactly what I am looking at."

    "Could you elaborate?"

    "If someone is gonna be the second-in-command here then I want someone who see things differently then me. Contrary even. There were a lot of times me and the others left a mess because at a certain point we let Aladdin be the boss."

    "That's a very sound logic."

    "Also you appears to be very knowledgeable."

    "Well, I do not wanna brag, buuuuut I did had the well-know form of education the fairies possess it."

    "Oh? How does it distinct from the vampire form?"

    "Ah. I forgot. You had a vampire mother, right? Well I can assure it wasn't harsh."

    "Calling harsh wouldn't do justice."

    "Anyway I can't ignore being praised like this. I fully accept being your first-mate, Captain Highlander."

    "Just Johnny is fine. By the way can we call you Flor?"

    "Sure. That's how my acquaintances back hime called me. If we work hard, perhaps we'll exceed Drake and Aladdin."

    "...That wouldn't be particulary hard."

    Later, Vanilla was standing in front of another door inside the ship.

    "Aladdin, sir? You there?" Asked Vanilla knocking the door.

    "What?" Said Aladdin who came out without his turban showing a black shoulder-lenght hair. He was also topless showing his well-toned torse that made Vanilla blush of embarassment and cover her face.

    "Kyaaaaa! What are you doing?! You can't show your body like this with a fair maiden nearby!"

    "Jeez, what are you? A brat?" Aladdin went back inside to wore the rest of his usual outfit and returned. "So what is it?"

    "Oh. He totally looks different." Thought Vanilla. "Anyway, I was thinking...could you tell me why did you became a pirate?"

    "Are you really that interested? Just like Chemira I am not that much of a deal as Salomeh."

    "As a spellcaster of GMA, I really feel that I need to know now that I have the chance to talk to a Miracle."

    "...Tch. Look, long story short I was on bad terms with the academy so I left. They weren't very hot of having a half-blood freak like me in there."

    "That is whole nonsense!"

    "Is it? Have you seen a single Hybrid in there when you were a student? What do you learn about me outside of the fact I'm a Hybrid?"

    "I-Isn't because they are pretty rare?"

    "Listen up, kid. By a human point of view, a Hybrid is a vampire pretending to be a human. And a vampire in other hand sees a Hybrid as the opposite. The less they know about me, the better to them."

    "But that's...kind of unfair."

    "Life is unfair girl."

    "I guess so...But another thing. You are a Warlock-Type, right?"

    "Pretty much."

    "But...I don't wanna get much into it, but...You have quite the build for not being more of a brawler."

    "Well, I thought Johnnathan told about it, but I guess I can give some more insight. You see, unlike Johnnathan and Drake, I can't use my magic to enhance my physical abilities."

    "Oh. I think I got it."

    "But I can still neat stuff like this." Aladdin snaps his finger and a small black elephant made out of a dark smog appears.

    "Oh? Is that a Familiar? It's so cute!"

    "Salomeh said the same thing."

    Later that day, the Gloria just crossed the eastern part of the sea surrounding the Steel Continent. On the deck, Johnnathan was looking in the horizon while Florencia was looking into a map.

    "Brrr! It's always cold around this part." Said Johnnathan. "Why the hell did we had to past here and not in the North?"

    "It's a safe route to avoid the storm from before."

    "Like he never faced a storm before...What is that?"

    Johnnathan spots a large ship at a distance.

    "It appears to be a Blitzreignian Warship." Said Florencia.

    "That's a nice eye you have. Do you think we should change courses?"

    "It appears it is heading far east. Let's see if they leave us alone. After all they do not recognise this ship, right?"

    "Good thinking and-Bloody hell! What is that?!" Johnnathan notices Edward tied up in the top of the mast. "Who put that imbecile in there?!"

    "Man, I don't have a clue. Oh yeah. That was me." Said West who appeared.

    "By Mother Nature, West! What did Edward done to deserve that?" Asked Florencia.

    "He asked to be tied up in there so he wouldn't fall."

    "And you agreed it? That fool! I'll take the poor boy out of there."

    "Leave it to me, Flor. I was the one who put he in there in the first place." Said Johnnathan who climbed through the main mast.

    "Those boys sure have weird ideas sometimes." Said Florencia.

    "So Florencia...I was thinking you could help me with something." Said West.

    "Hmm? Curious. Never though a Werewolf would ask me for anything but I am all ears."

    "I heard Fairies are really good at teaching, right? I was thinking you could teach me something."

    "Oh. Interesting. May I ask the subject? Is it Magic or-"



    "I want to learn of how to read and write."

    "As in...Basic Reading?"

    "Well, yeah. You see I...never had the chance."

    "...Well this is a first. I mean, it isn't a hard subject, but it is certainly is so far below my capabilities that it may prove a challenge."

    "I see. If you can't do it then I wouldn't force you-"

    "Ah! No, no, no! I wouldn't mind really. But is there any reason for that?"

    "I wanted to...write a letter."

    "A letter? Well, whatever the case I am glad to help."

    "Can we start tonight?"

    "Sure! Are you in a hurry or something?"

    "You could say that."

    Shortly, Johnnathan arrived to where Edward was tied up. He was dizzy and green with nausea.

    "Sooo...Eddie, how is it doing?"

    "Huh...Oh. Hey cap'n. I am just...Looking around it."

    "Yeah. Sure. Look, I wasn't expecting this kind of event so I'll just take you out of there and-

    "Nope. Nopenopenope. I think it would be better if we arrive at the Steel Continent and-

    "It will take like another day at least to get there."

    "That's...That's okay. Let Florencia appears with my lunch and-

    "Stop fooling around!"

    Johnnathan then starts to untie him.

    "Aaaaaaah! No! No! I will fall! I will fall!"

    Meanwhile on the Warship far from there, Hadol just caught a glimpse of the ship.

    "What the? A ship."

    Hadol then took a telescope and took a look at it.

    "What's the matter Colonel?" Said Hildr who just arrived.

    "Taking a look of that ship. Piracy is fairly common in this part of the sea. Was it really the good idea to take this route?"

    "There was a terrible storm on the usual route. We do not wanna take risks."

    "Anyway, I do not recognize that ship. If it was black I could swear it was The Vitoria, but that doesn't seem the case."

    "If it is not a Rogue vessel then forget it about it. We do not wanna have any useless scramble."

    "Oh boy. They sure are giving that boy over there a hard time stuck on the top of their main mast. He certainly has a fear of heights."

    "Urgh! Pirates sure are the worst."

    Hildr then takes the telescope.

    "Huh. I think I've seen that pirate and that red jacket somewhere else. And that prisoner in there...Wait...Brother?!

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    Chapter 13: Thunderbolt.


    With a wrathful look in her face, Hildr toss the telescope away straight at Hadol's face.


    "Damn you, Red Beast....What are you doing to my little brother?!"

    Her body releases a spark and she starts running on thin air straight to the Gloria.

    "Hm?" West then hear something at a distance. "Is someone else hearing the sound of thunderstorms?"

    "What are you talking about it?" Said Florencia. "The skies are clear as a white canvas."

    Then like a lightning strike, Hildr appears thrusting his spear at Johnnathan. A few seconds before she attacks, Johnnathan felt an urge to kill him and manages to block at the right timing, but he is set to the gaff below.

    "Huh? Was that...Hildr?!" Said Edward as he see Hildr goes after Johnnathan.

    "Okay...Okay. I didn't seen this coming. What's gives Hildr? We didn't do nothing...Today." Said Johnnathan.

    "Silence! As if doing common pirate work was enough, you decide to torture my younger brother?!"

    "...What? When did I do that? You have a brother?"

    "Don't play dumb with me. I seen you doing just now!"

    "Hold up...Are you talking bout him?"

    "Yes! Him! Edward Howitz!"

    "...But that would imply you are his sister."

    "Y-Yeah? So?"

    "..It's kind of underwhelming knowing he is related to you by blood. Because you are great, but he kind of sucks."

    "Huh?! You...You fiend! You dare mock him?!"

    Hildr starts swinging her electric spear arpund Johnnathan while he struggles to dodge while mantaining his balance.

    "H-Hold on! He is a good dude and all, but well...He is kind of avarage."

    "He is perfectly avarage! He might not be popular with girls and a mediocre student, but he is still my only Eddling."

    "Pffft! Hahahahaha!" Laughed West who could hear from below. "She calls him Eddling? Wahahahaha!"

    "I can hear you laugh down there, West!" Shouted Edward.

    "Hey guys!" Said Vanilla who arrived atop a black small elephant. "Did I lost something?"

    "Edward's Older Sister is Valkyrie." Said West.

    "...Edward is the Valkyrie's brother?!"

    "Yeah, shocking."

    Meanwhile, Johnnathan is still struggling against Hildr.

    "Take that and that, you half-breed monster!" Said Hildr.

    "Okay, no need to be mean here." Johnnathan them jumped over her and delivered a cut with his swords that damaged her cap.

    "Uuuurgh! You will not be getting away with this! Thunder Lance!"

    She shoots a lightning bolt at Johnnathan that flied doing zig-zags at him that he dodges by bending his body backwards.

    "Damn. I forgot that you can be such a pain in the ass." Said Johnnathan who charged his sabers with Darkness. "Red Spiral!"

    He shoots a Red Spiral at her. Hildr avoids by jumping high in the air by charging her legs with electricity.

    "I know all your stupid tricks by now, Red Beast!" She dives straight at him with her spear charged with electricity, but Johnnathan manages to block with one of his sabers.

    "You know, I think you should consider your brother's feelings in this situation because honestly if he didn't wanted I wouldn't mind him out of my ship."

    "Like hell he is here by his own will!" Hildr starts to attack Johnnathan with multiple thrusts of her spear, but Johnnathan manages to fend it off with a few scratches on his jacket and a rather large one on his face.

    "Tch. You got better." Said Johnnathan touching his wound.

    "I was always better!" Hildr charged with her spear once again, but Johnnathan manages to duck at the last second and charge his swords.

    "Red Upper!" He delivers an upper attack that slices Hildr in her torso and pushed her back.

    "Aaaaah! Sis!" Panicked Edward while Johnnathan started to untie him.

    "Okay, now where I was-"

    "You fiend!"

    Edward kicks Johnnathan with anger and the two of them falls.

    "What did the hell that idiot done?!" Said West as the two of them falls, but at the right time a blue cube that looked like gelatin appears below them and the two are saved from a nasty fall. It was a water spell from Vanilla.

    "Whew! That was a close one." Said Vanilla.

    "You jerk!" Edward starts to punch Johnnathan repeatedly. "You can't do that to the sisters of others, you-"

    Unfazed Johnnathan pushes back Edward with a single punch.

    "Relax you dolt. Your sister is fine." Said Johnnathan as Hildr reappears by landing between the two like a lightning strike. She had part of her shirt ripped off by Johnnathan's attack revealing black breastplate.

    "Hey! What is going on out here-" Said Drake who went outside and laid eyes on Hildr. "Ohoho! If isn't my favourite girl!"

    "Uuurgh! Of course you would be here." Said Hildr in a bad mood.

    Drake then started to deeply observe her at a distance.

    "....What are you looking at?" Said Hildr.

    "When was the last time we saw each other? Because I can tell someone grew one size ever since the last time. And it was my favourite spot. Heehe."

    "W-What?! What are you?! How do you?!" Hildr panicked trying to cover her bosom with her arms.

    "Uuuuh...What is he talking about Hildr?" Said Edward confused at her behavior.

    "Eddling! You okay?!" Said Hildr extending her hand towards Edward. "It's me! Your sister! I've been worried sick ever since you disappeared. Come, I'll save you!"

    "Uhhh...Thanks, but no thanks."

    "Huh? What do you mean?"

    "Look, I know I have be kind of a jerk and all that, but I wish to stay here."

    "What? Did they brainwashed you?! It was that Desert Prince, wasn't it?!"

    "No! It just that I feel necessary here."

    "No he isn't it."

    "Shut up, West!"

    "M-Miss Howitz..." Said Vanilla who carefully approached her and bowed in respect. "Allow me to introduce myself. Vanilla Sundae, Spellcaster of GMA."

    "GMA, huh? Certificate." Said Hildr.

    "Yes! Here." Vanilla showed her a certificate of Gel's Graduation.

    "Huh. Well seems legit. Care to explain why are you in this specific place and time?"

    "Very well. I was on my quest when I came in contact with Edward on...another ship when he generously accepted to be my escort. And unexpected things happened one after another that now we are travelling with the Red Beast Pirates because we were desperate for a vessel."l."

    "...And how do you explain him being tied to the top of the mast like a pinwheel?"

    "Oh. He just wanted to get rid of his fear of heights. It didn't go well."

    "...I knew it.." Hildr gave a clod glare at Edward that gave him a chill in his spine, but then she started to cry rivers."I always knew it you had a heart of gold, Eddling!"

    "Man, what a load of-" Said West before he was interrupted by a punch from Florencia.

    "Well, now that was already settled, how about we forgot this little incident?" Said Edward.

    "Denied." Replied Hildr.

    "Wait, what?!"

    "I appreciate your intentions, but there is no way I will let you risk your life like this. Just return to Nova and be safe back home."

    "....It's always like that, isn't it?"


    "You are just like them, aren't you, sis?"

    "What are you talking about it?"

    "Everything! Everything is wrong with me, isn't it?!"

    "Woah, looooud." Commented Florencia as the rest of the crew watches turning their heads to the side as each of the siblings starts talking.

    "You think I'm a failure, right?" Said Edward. "That I just good at being stuck between four walls and look cute like a Yorkshire, huh?!"

    "This is nonsense!" Said Hildr. "I never thought that you were-"

    "Then why the hell are you acting I can't look after myself?! Look, you have better things to do don't you? So how about you go do whatever you have to do and forget for 15 minutes you have a brother?!"



    "...Edward, hold it for a bit. I need you to take a nap." Hildr then prepares herself to hit Edward in the head with the electrecuted blunt of her spear.

    "Aaaah! Waitwaitwaitwaaaaaaait!"

    "That's enough." Said Aladdin who instantly appeared next to Hildr with his index finger pointed at her forehead.

    "Huh?! Even you-"


    A dark sand tornado appeared around her and shortly after she disappears.


    "She is gone, kid." Said Aladdin.

    "You....Murderer!" Edward goes straight on into Aladdin with a electric fist, but Aladdin stops his with a headbutt."Ooff!"

    "Relax. I just sent her back."

    "At that distance? Impressive." Commented Florencia. "But won't she like return?"

    "Hehehehe....Hehehehehe...." Aladdin starts to laugh in a notorious silence.

    Meanwhile back at the warship, Hildr just appeared out of nowhere in the deck.

    "What?! Where...Where am I?"

    "Don't you recognize your own ship?" Said Walther that was there with a cup of tea.

    "Walther?! Where...Where is the Pirate Ship?!"

    "Oh. You mean the red one? It suddenly disappeared."

    "Huh?!" Hildr started to look around and couldn't see the Gloria anymore. "B-B-But it was right over there!"

    "Yeah, it did feel weird, but I guess the truth is...This ship might have been moved a little bit south."

    "Are you kidding me?! How can a whole ship be transported like that?"

    "Probably someone who can use quite a lot of magic."


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    Chapter 14: Venomous Tusk


    Atop the clouds, the Death Raven floats on the skies. Inside the ship, Raven was enjoying tossing darts at a target hanging on the wall.

    "Brooooooooo!" Shouted Chill who rushed inside his room and made Raven miss the bullseye. Chill then starts to crawl over Raven's body while he seems to not care. "Bro! Bro! Bro! Bro! Bro! Bro! Bro! Bro!"

    "....Yes? Chill?"

    "A ship is approaching Ra!"

    "....So? A lot of ships passes thorugh there."

    "But....The Red Beast is on it."

    "Oh? Is that so?"

    He picks a squid creature from an aquarium and gives to Chill to snack on it.

    "I knew this would come someday." Raven picks a device that looked like a gold scarab beetle and press the red button on top of it, putting the device on his ear next.

    "....Hello? Who is there?" Spoke a voice coming from the beetle.

    "It's me. Raven."


    "....Uuurugh. Corvus."

    "Ooooooooh! Man, it has been ages! What gives?!"

    "Well, here is the thing. Some dude with a red eye is about to arrive in there. He want the Fire Key."

    "Ah! That! Well, I guess I could move those old bones after a while. By the way, can we hang out after this? We could like upset some humans together."

    "Eeeeeeh....I already do that like every week."

    "Man, whatever. I just gonna bring some sweet bread one of those days. See you!"

    The beetle turns off and Raven puts it down.

    "I kinda do pity you Johnny-boy. It's not everyone that fought the Pharaoh and lived to tell the tale."

    Later that day, on the middle of the desert, a caravan of camels is approaching an oasis surrounded by several tents and houses. In those camels, Johnnathan and the others were riding wearing robes for travelling the desert.

    "We rest here." Said Aladdin who got out of his camel. "Keep yourselves together."

    The rest of them follows Aladdin and he guides them to a house bigger than the others. Inside it was like a tavern filled with wanderers.

    "So I'll take the bait here." Said Edward. "What is this place? I thought Ra was...Lost."

    "And it is." Said Aladdin. "Everything on those lands are just an union of scavengers and merchants. These lands still have treasures and resources far desired by adventurous folks. And with them, buglars and killers. So watch your back."

    "I appreciate the warning. But it does not look like much. This place is like...a blue dot in the desert."

    "It isn't the only place. There are many oasis and some rivers around that some sort of society was created. All of them ruled by a rather complex network of local influentals."

    "You seem to know a lot of this place." Said West.

    "I was raised in a similar enviroment. And places like this are paradise for outcasts like me and Drake."

    "Alright then. So? What's the plan?" Asked Edward.

    "What plan?"

    "Eeeeer...Aren't we supossed to find a key?"

    "If by 'we' you mean you guys except for me and Drake then you guys fo find."

    "Huh? Huuuuuuuuh?!"

    "I am still a bit unsure of your company so I want some practical proof. Besides I still need to punish Johnny in some way."

    "Sorry guys." Said Johnnathan.

    "Don't bother it. We can get this through." Said Florencia.

    "So you guys are just gonna wait up here."

    "Yeah. We are giving you guys one week." Said Drake. "If you guys fail, we are sending you to Wildland."

    "Isn't that the place with the Lagomoths?" Asked Edward.


    "Dude. It's your brother."

    "Eh. He had it worse."

    "Don't bother Edward. It's kind of a Hybrid thingie." Said Johnnathan.

    "Speaking of relatives, you should have told me you were Hildr's brother." Drake puts his arm over Edward's shoulders and pokes his face. "There are a looot of things you could tell me."

    "...Like what?"

    "What kind of underwear does she wear?"

    "G-Go to hell, you creep!"

    "Hey eaaaaasy. It's not like she is NOT crazy about me. I mean, you wouldn't? Oh well, I guess I should figure it out myself."

    "You keep your filthy hands off her..."

    "Riiiiiight, fine. Well, I guess I'll just try to find some dancers to entertain me here. And if I don't then I guess I'll have to look for Hildr in my dreams tonight."

    Drake leaves as Edward hisses like a snake at him.

    "Very well, then." Aladdin hands Johnnathan a bag of gold. "Go buy some supplies with this. If you don't want to go to Wildland, I suggest you haste yourself. What? Are you still here? Hurry up already!"

    "I love you too, man." Replied Johnnathan.

    Later on the five of them were travelling in the desert on feet. Johnnathan was looking at a map while West and Edward were carrying the supplies with West having the bigge It was the end of the afternoon and the sun was already setting it.

    "Urgh. Should I remind you guys that I was raised on a cold enviroment?" Said Vanilla. "The desert is not my element!"

    "You weren't obliged to come along if I remember correctly." Said West.

    "Hey! No need to be rude! It's like you don't really want me here."

    "Easy, Vanilla." Said Florencia who was floating. "He is just concerned about your well-being. If you really need, maybe you could ask for him to carry you in his back. I mean, a young girl like you is not much to a healthy, strong and vigorous Werewolf like him, right West?"


    "Ooops! Forget the last part."

    "Well, I wouldn't mind if a certain someone carried me." Thought Vanilla.

    "It will be night soon." Said Johnnathan. "Deserts are rather cold at night. So I guess it's a plus to you, Vanilla."

    "I am more concerned of how the hell are we supossed to find a lost kingdom in this place." Said West.

    "Second Aladdin we need to arrive next to a golden owl."

    "Where the hell we'll find an owl in the desert. And made out of gold?!"

    "He told me to keep track to northwest. I trust his judgement."

    Then night soon came and they decided to do rest and build a camp next to group of rocks. Vanilla created a bonfire that kept everyone warm.

    "Your magic abilities are very useful." Said Florencia.

    "Teehee. I can even use some cooling magic to help with the heat."

    "Then why were you complaining earlier?"

    "I still don't like the desert because of the sand, jerk. Bleeeh!"

    "As of now we are pretty far from that Oasis already." Said Florencia. "Will they even find us when the time runs out?"

    "Don't understimate a Hybrid." Said Johnnathan. "Specially a Warlock who knows how to walk in a desert."

    "I am more concerned on where do we go from here." Said West.

    "May I have the map?" Said Florencia.

    "Sure." Johnnathan lends over the map.

    "Hmmm....There are some landmarks nearby. Should we look for it?"

    "I can do that. I can see pretty good in the dark."

    "You can count on me as well." Said West.

    "I was expecting that three of us to stay here. Couldn't you do that, West?" Said it West.

    "I really don't wanna babysit anyone."

    "Dude. We can hear you guys." Said Edward. "And...you think we can't look after ourselves?"

    "Not at all....Vanilla can, but we don't wanna be a jerk to let her look after you in the middle of nowhere."

    "You son of a-"

    "Now, now. He is just joking Edward." Said Vanilla trying to calm down the two of them.

    "Well, it can't be helped. I'll stay with them. After all, a fairy in the middle of the desert at night isn't right."

    "So I guess it is just me and the captain." Said West. "What is the high of the night to two night creatures, am I right, cap'n?"

    "Yeah, sure. If you have vampire genes in you, then it is better use them. Let's go."

    The two of them leaves to explore the surrounding area.

    "Honestly, Johnnathan is not very considerate to himself." Said Vanilla. "As the Captain, he should have sent another one with West."

    "Eh. I kinda like that about him." Said Florencia.

    "...Yeah, me too."

    "By the way...I am awfully tired. If you two would mind, I'll rest for a little bit." Florencia picked a blanket and went inside a tent.

    "Bah! Suuuure, if you aren't anything but a human you need to get yourself watched." Complained Edward. "I can fight my own battles."

    "...I doubt it."

    "Ack! Come on! We are on the same team here!"

    "Yep. We are all Red Beast Pirates here. I mean, I am just tagging along for now."

    "Still, I am done of being a stepped like a rug."

    "Oh come on, Edward. No one thinks you are a rug....Maybe West, but at least I don't."

    "By the way, don't you wanna go sleep with Florencia?"

    "That's okay. I am fine."

    "Come to think of it, I have no idea what time it is. Or how much time has it passed. Yaaaawn. I guess this will take a while."

    "....You can rest for a while if you want."

    "No way! I couldn't forgive myself if something happened to you."

    "It's fine. If something happens, I will scream real loud."

    "Well, that would call Flor and maybe West and Johnny. Okay then...Maybe I'll just close my eyes for a second and....and...." Edward closes his eyes and turns off in an instant. A little later, he wakes up. "Ooof! Damn. I felt like I passed out. Was I really that tired....Huh?"

    He looks around and notices that Vanilla is nowhere to be seen. Only her staff was laying on the ground.

    "Vanilla? Vanilla! Where-where did you went?!"

    Edward looks around and see prints on the sand that looked like it came from some sort of animal's paw.

    "What are those marks? They are like of some sort of beast. But...I think animal that would come would produce some sort of noise....Damnit! What is going on?!"

    He then looks at the tent that Florencia went and checked inside. She was still sleeping inside.

    "At least she is okay, but....No! I have to do this myself!"

    He starts following the tracks that went all the way to the north.

    "This doesn't makes any sense. It's almost like she simply vanished on thin air...Did I really slept at all? And those prints...They do look like it is from an animal, but why does it seems to be from something with two legs?"

    Soon he finds the ends of the tracks to a giant boulder in the middle of nowhere.

    "That's quite the distance...But it seems I found a dead end....Or did I?"

    He starts to touch at the boulder and gives a few knocks with his sword.

    "...This...isn't rock, isn't it?"

    He points his sword at the rock and shoots a small lightning bolt that covers the rock in sparks. Then he makes the rock floats by moving his sword revealing a hole in the ground.

    "I see. This is iron painted to be like a rock. Clever...This isn't the work of some sort of dumb animal."

    Edward then dives into the hole and after walking through a tunnel, finds what seems to be a warehouse filled with boxes and barrels.

    "A storage room? Let's see...Weapons and rations. For one person or two at most...Huh?!"

    He sees Vanilla nearly unconscious tied up on a chair with her mouth shut it with a cloth.

    "Vanilla!" Edward rushes at her and wakes her up by his shouting.

    "Watch out! It's a trap!" Said Vanilla as soon he removes the cloth covering her mouth as he was attacked by a striked from a large arm from the left.


    "Kyaaaahahahaha! You got guts, boy." Edward sees a hyena walking in two legs with two long arms wearing a blue leather jacket and black pants. "I was expecting someone to come out, but I was not expecting someone to coming too soon. Specially you of all people."

    "Who...And what are you?"

    "What? You never saw a Hyena in your life, kid?"


    "A Hyena is a Beast-type species well know from their scavenging habits." Said Vanilla. "They are common in deserts areas like here and Sherazia."

    "Kyahahaha! I like this girl. She knows her stuff."

    "Okay, one thing I learned." Said Edward with his eyes tearing. "But what I don't get it is what does taking Vanilla has to do with this."

    "You didn't figured out? Okay then. My name is Tusk. I am a slave trader."

    "S-Slave Trader?!" Shouted Edward. "But no one uses slaves for years!"

    "Kyaaahahaha! You are as innocent as your face says it. Do you really think there isn't some rich fellow that dirt their hands to make their lives easily? I sold soooooo many types of merchandise that I forgot track of how many lives I ruined."

    "Why are you doing this?!"

    "Why? Are you stupid? It's because it's lucrative. You see, I've been following you five ever since you left the Oasis. I never thought that just the Hybrid and the Werewolf would leave for a second. I got lucky. Do you know how much this little girl here is worthy?"


    "Young...Pretty....A rare white hair that I never saw...Proficient with magic...And probably a virgin. I was looking after the fairy at the start, but I am a safe type of guy. She would get the top price in an auction pretty easily.

    "A-Auction?" Said Vanilla with a terrified tone.

    "Yes, special snowflake. By the end of the week, you'll be a bride you want it or not."

    "You bastard." Said Edward. "Vanilla isn't an object you can just give it away!"

    "Well, well! The boy over there wants to be the damsel's brave hero. But what can a frail human like you even do-"Edward strikes Tusk by shooting a lightning bolt from his sword."Gaaaaaaaaah!"

    "Oh my." Said Vanilla in awe.

    "This is my last warning. Release. Her."

    "Kyeeehehehe...Okay...Let's talk for a second here....Not!" Tusk breathes a green breath at Edward that makes him dizzy.

    "Uuuuurgh...Why I am so...numb."

    "Edward! What's the matter?!" Shouted Vanilla.

    "You forgot to tell him one more thing about Hyenas, snowflake." Said Tusk with berries on his hand. "We can absorb certain properties of things we eat. This particular type of berry called Sweet Dreams has a toxin that gives a light paralysis making it easier for you to sleep."

    "So that's how you kidnapped me..."

    "But my favourite one...Is this." He eats a red berry and breathes a red breath that Edward manages to dodge, but as it covers a barrel, it dissolves it completely. "Fruit from the Monster Cactus. It emits such a strong bitter smell that most animals wouldn't even try to eat those. That's because of the light corrosive juice from inside it. Not too different from any sort of acid you find, but reaaaally strong in gas form."

    "That's worse than when I first met Johnnathan." Said Edward.

    Tusk starts to attack with his acid breath that Edward starts dodginh by covering his body in sparks and moving point to point at incredible speeds.

    "Shoot! Can't fight like this." A bit of the acid breath passes closer to Edward and his clothes started to melt and his shoulder burns. "Gaaaaah!"

    "I really don't wanna hurt you kid. I can't sell damaged property. So how about you lay down already. You see, you will never be a top grade material anyway."

    "I am...not? I'll show you then!" Edward closes his eyes and covers his body in sparks.

    "Hah! What does that can even do?" Tusk launches another aced breath, but Edward manages to pass the attack and delivers a blow into Tusk's shoulders. "Gah! How did you do that?!"

    Tusk starts to attack with his long arms trying to maul Edward, but he manages to avoid by fliping around. Edward then delivers a electric stab into Tusk that blows him away with a shockwave.

    "Gah! How did you got this tough?"

    "I see now." Said Vanilla that was paying attention to Edward and thought. "He is eletrecuting himself not to only keep himself awake, but boost his movements as well. That's clever, bold and all that, but...isn't risky and painful."

    "Alright, boy. You wanna play games?" Tusk breaks a nearby small box and picks a large black and yellow bettle. "Then I'll play your game!"

    Tusk then eats the whole bug and his body is covered in sparks.

    "What was that?" Said Vanilla.

    "A Tupan Bettle. A species native from Aurakarias. It's body holds the equivalent of an entire thunderstorm."

    Tusk takes two large sickles and starts attacking Edward, pushing him back with each strike. Edward gets cornered, but manages to roll to the sides and gain distance.

    "Something is weird. Why does it feels that you can see through me even though your eyes are closed? Well nevermind. I just gonna make sure you can still walk after I done with you!"

    He starts to release a fury of attacks, but Edward manages to block them off with his sword.

    "He is sensing them." Thought Vanilla. "The sparks of his body...they are ressonating with it's surroundings...Why does it feels the sparks are getting stronger?"

    "I'll finish this now! Face over 10 million volts of electricity! " Said Tusk that opened his mouth wide and a powerful blight came from inside. After that he releases a giant lightning bolt towards Edward who tried to defend with his sword. The lightning struck him releasing a powerful blight that blinded Vanilla for a while. Later when the attack was over, Edward was standing still with his sword releasing a silver blight.

    "Huh?!.....Huuuuuuh?! How did you...survived?!" Asked Tusk.

    "He....absorved it all of that." Said Vanilla.

    "Now...Take it back. Gungnir Dash!" Edward dashed like a lightning bolt and stabbed Tusk with his sword that delivered a powerful shockwave.

    "Gwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Tusk is launched away, passing through the walls of rock of the hideout. Edward then opened his eyes and went to Vanilla, cutting her ropes with a swift cut.

    "Heh. See that? I got him!" Said Edward with proud before passing out, falling on Vanilla's shoulders who got him quickly.

    "Edward....You really are something."

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    Default Re: Hybrid- Reboot Version.

    Chapter 15: Guardians.


    At night-time, Vanilla was carrying Edward, unconscious after the fight with Tusk.

    "Aff! I was trained for a lot of things, but this is something I was certainly not made for."

    Then, she see a small blight of fire at a distance.

    "Ah! Could it be?....Yes! Hold it a little longer Eddie. We are almost there."

    "Kehehehe...So close and yet so far."

    Tusk suddenly appears far behind them holding his sickles and his body all burned.

    "No...No way. How?"

    "Nothing personal kid, but things have been very thight nowadays."

    "How are you so persistent? You clearly had it too much of a beating with that one attack."

    "You know what the Hyenas are really know for? Survival. Even the dawn of days, my race managed to survive with besically the leftovers of others. With time we learned to take advantage of the situation in hand. Ever since that Raven guy decided to fill this world with his rogues, even trying to get the good stuff through the dubious route has been difficult. The entire black market world became a relic of the past, but that just make my job more valuable than it is."

    "Even if it kills you?"

    "Heh. If I die, someone else will take my place. There is no such a thing as the perfect world you really wish it existed, snowflake. It has always been a dog eat dog world even before Raven. Maybe you had a life of sweetness and comfort, but there is always someone out there turning a life of another a hell. Just like I am about to do with you right now!"

    Tusk run towards Vanilla. She reacted by shooting a fireball out of her hand, but Tusk dispels it away with a swing of his sickle. As he gets close enough of the two of them, an ray of light pierces his shoulders.


    Then West and Johnnathan appears from behind and they both kick Tusk away, knocking him out cold.

    "You two alright?!" Said Florencia, worried about the two of them.

    "Flor! Johnny! West!"

    "Why my name for last?"

    "Not now, West." Said Johnnathan. "She just had a rough night."

    "Fine, then. By the way who...And what is that dog thingie."

    "A Hyena. They have a bad reputation of being smugglers. I bet that one was a slave trader."

    "Yes, that's what he was."

    "Taking over the freedom of an innocent? Despicable." Said Florencia. "Anyway, I would ask Edward, why didn't he called me and the others, but I guess we can't do it right now."

    "Ah...Can we leave him out of this? I think he had it enough for a day."

    "....Yeah, can't reallu get mad at him. After all I did heard that someone has been following our tracks."

    "And you didn't said anything because?"

    "I understimated him. Never expected a cunning one like him. Sorry, my bad."

    "Well, what is it matter is everything is fine." Said Johnnathan. "Anyway, I think found the "owl" thingie."

    The night passed and another day rose. Edward woke up inside a tent with Vanilla sleeping above a blanked next to him.

    "...Oh....Oh? What...What is going on?" Asked Edward who then woke up Vanilla.

    "Edward!" Vanilla quickly hugged Edward. "Thank goodness, you are alright."

    "Y-Yeah...I am now."

    "By the way, it seems they found that owl thing. Come on! Let's hurry!"

    "Right away."

    They soon arrive at the top of a dune with a wide open space at sight with flat rocks on the sand.

    "....I thought you told me there was a owl or something." Said Edward.

    "See those rocks?" Pointed West. "At night they were shining gold, forming the picture of a owl."

    "Huh. I guess it really does look like an owl. Shouldn't we investigate it?"

    "Way ahead of you." Said Florencia who appeared with a piece of papyrus.

    "What's that?"

    "Some notes Aladdin lent me. I compared to some characters hidden in the rocks to translate a password."

    "What kind of characters were by the way?"

    "Fire Language. The Steel Continent used to be domain of the Fire Realm in the distant past."

    She then shoots an arrow of light skyward and several rays of light fell above the rocks forming the image of a sun.

    "...Is something supossed to happen?" Edward starts to look around when the sky started to turn bright red and a sandstorm appears right around the rocks. "Woah neely!"

    Meanwhile, Aladdin was on the oasis, resting on a net attached to two palm trees he notices the change in the enviroment at a distance.

    "...That came earlier than I expected."

    Soon the sandstorm faded and a large pyramid appeared surrounded by two pools.

    "There is is, folks." Said Florencia. "The Lost Kingdom of Ra."

    "....More like 0.1 percent of the Lost Kingdom, no?" Said Johnnathan.

    The group then approached the pyramid that had torches surrounding the rock path of the ruins.

    "Interesting. Even though it's old as junk, it still looks new." Said Florencia. "It's almost like as if time didn't passed."

    "By the way, how did this got under the sand in the first place?" Asked West.

    "No one knows. Some say it was a natural disaster and some says it was an ancient curse."

    "No point in wondering that now." Said Johnnathan. "Let's just enter and gets this done with it-"

    "Halt!" A voice echoed from the surroundings and two male figures emerged from the two pools. They were wearing cooper armors and had their bodies covered in bandages. One had a crocodile mask and wielded a spear and the other had a hippopotamus mask and wielded a large stone blade. "You shall not procced any further from the Pharaoh's Domain!"

    "What the? Where did those two came from?" Said Vanilla.

    "Personally I don't care. Those two certainly are after a fight." Said West who just honed his claws.

    "Don't take us too light, beastman." Said the man with the crocodile mask. "You speak with the two greatest warriors of Ra."

    "The greatest warriors...Are you two Sinai and Nile by any chance?" Asked Florencia.

    "Oh. So you know about us." Replied the one with the hippopotamus mask.

    "You know them?" Asked Edward.

    "No. I heard about them. They were the two great warriors that were know as Ra's Guardians Deities. Nile, who was know to be just as dangerous on land or water and Sinai, who was the strongest of all the continent."

    "But that was like 500 years ago at least. Humans don't live that long."

    "It's most likely they aren't human anymore." Said Johnnathan. "Just two walking corpses."

    "Are you looking down on us, Hybrid?" Said Sinai.

    "I too heard about you. Two Heroes who became Legends. But Legends are only worthy in the past. What is it matter is how you do in the present."

    "That half-breed has guts." Said Nile. "I think we might show our strenght once again after all, Sinai."

    "Then get your spear ready, Nile." Said Sinai. "I always wanted to face a Hybrid at some point in my life."

    "Let's not get hasty. The Pharaoh gave us very specific instructions."

    "The Pharaoh?" Said Johnnathan.

    "Basically, he said that each one of us would face one intruder each. And since there are five of you here, then 3 of you can pass."

    "I feel like we are being played here."

    "Our lord can have a rather nasty sense of humour. I wouldn't understimate him if I were you."

    "...Very well then. I guess it's better if I took you two down already."

    "Hold it, Johnnathan." Said Florencia. "It's better if you save your strenght as much as possible. I'll help handle them."

    "Then count me in." Said West. "I want a taste of those so-called Heros."

    "Then it is decided?" Said Nile.

    "...Yes." Said Johnnathan. "Edward? Vanilla? No objections?"

    "I'm okay in not facing the two strongest of Ra."

    "I feel more safe with you anyway."

    "Well, that settles it."

    Nile and Sinai opens the path and the three of them easily pass them.

    "By the way." Said Nile. "We are going after you three after we finishe them."

    "Hah! Good luck with that, lizard breath."

    The three of them enter the pyramid.

    "I guess the Hybrid can wait a while." Said Sinai. "But a Wolfman will also be a suitable opponent."

    "Flor, keep the distance and cover me from behind, will ya?" Said West.

    "Don't take them light because they are...were humans, West."

    "I know that. But I reaaaally want to see what those two are able to do."

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    Chapter 16: Wolf and Fairy.

    Johnnathan and the other two arrived inside the pyramid where they stumbled upon an open chamber that was surrounded with torches that illuminated the room. The walls were shining with a golden colour containing several drawings. At the center, there was a golden throne.

    "Is...That it?" Said Johnnathan.

    "I can't see any other way further." Said Vanilla.

    "Woah...Check out those." Said Edward while looking at the walls.

    "...What are those?"

    "You didn't know? The ancients used to store history into drawings."

    "I seen some of those." Said Johnnathan. "I seen better drawings coming from a five-year old."

    "They are supossed to tell history, you uncultured savage."

    "I'll let that one pass. Can you figure something out of it? Might have a clue."

    "It seems it follows a timeline and we are right at the end...By the way what is up with this character?" Edward points at a figure that looked vaguely like Raven.

    "...I don't like it." Said Johnnathan.

    "Well, let's try to rewind a little bit." Edward looks at the drawings that went to the other corner of the wall. "Ancient History....Ancient History....I heard most about it....Except for this."

    They stop on a drawing of several black devil-like beings covered in fire alongside humans.

    "Are those deities?" Asked Vanilla.

    "Fire Demons." Said Johnnathan. "The Steel Continent was their domain so they had some sort of hierarchy over the people. In fact, Ra was one of the Fire Demons."

    "Is that so? I don't remember learning that." Said Edward.

    "I too studied those sort of things a long time ago."

    "Oh yeah. Your mother was a vampire, so she might had know some pretty unknow stuff, right?" Said Vanilla.

    "Yeah. She could had been a harsh teacher, but...I actually did enjoy some of her lectures." Johnnathan then starts to slowly cry at his red eye.

    "Uhhh...You are crying?"

    "Oh, sorry. Got emotional for a second there. It just I remember when I was only four and...she put me on her lap and we would sit on the counch...And she would read Treasure Land to me while I would look at the pictures in the book."

    "Ah! My dad read that one to me too."

    "The main character was kind of dull, but everything else was worth it. The whole night would pass, but it never felt a hour barely passed. I wish I could sleep on my mother's lap one last time."

    "Yeah...we all do."

    "Well, sentiments aside, what's up with this demon bigger than the others?" Said Edward. "Is that Ra, by any chance?"

    "Nah. That's the big guy himself, Astaroth." Said a voice that came from behind them.

    They turned around and saw a man laying on the throne in a relaxed manner. He has his body all covered in bandages all the way to his mouth with a big sash made out of green and yellow stripes on his shoulders and another large piece of cloth covering his waist and legs. His below body was covered in golden armory and had straight short black hair and a golden bangle on his forehead.

    "Was that guy always there?" Said Edward.

    No. And didn't sensed him coming." Said Johnnathan. "Where did you come from?"

    "I don't know? From below, I guess? All you need to know is that I was here because I live here and you folks just arrived at my property out of nowhere without any warning and honestly...I feel kind of violated. Couldn't you guys at least sent a letter?"

    "Are you like, the ruler of this place?"

    "Pretty much. I'm the Pharaoh of Ra. Nice to meet you guys."

    "He is...rather polite and casual for a sovereign." Said Edward.

    "I'll go straight to the point." Said Johnnathan. "We looking for the Fire Key. You know something about it?"

    "You mean this?" He shows them a bright red key. "It's how it was called centuries ago, so...Yeah, it is here."

    "Hand it over."

    "Oh. Why would I do that?"

    "E-Excuse me." Vanilla gets in between them. "Y-Your highness. It's a extreme honour to one of the few of my era to stand in front of an unique and fascinating figure as yourself."

    "Ooooh! Flattery! I missed that." Said the Pharaoh. "Did you heard about me?"

    "Yes. I heard about you from a friend who descends from your kingdom. You must be-"

    "Hold up. Not gonna say my real name out loud."

    "Oh. Sorry. I did heard you were also one of the greatest spellcasters to ever lived. And as a spellcaster myself, I do have a lot of admiration."

    "Is she for real?" Asked Edward.

    "I did heard that the magic power of the last Pharaoh could rival the power of a Dark Lord." Said Johnnathan.

    "A-Are you for real?"

    "So if you would it...Could you give us the key? We worked so hard to find it and let me tell you, it was...the most thrilling experience."

    "Is that so?" Said the Pharaoh. "Alright then. You can take it."



    He snaps his fingers and two mummies wearing bronze armors appears from clouds of sand above her to attack, but Johnnathan and Edward intercepts and destroy them before they could harm her.

    "Nice reaction." Said Johnnathan.

    "Interesting. You guys might be an enterntaiment somehow." Said the Pharaoh as he summons a golden staff and a giant black spider with golden claws in it's legs appears from below his throne. "Would you please impress me?"

    Outside, West was facing an all-out attack from two sides against Nile and Sinai. Nile delivered a thrust with his spear, but West managed to dodge. But he became now vulnerable and Sinai manages to send him away with his sword.

    "Urgh. Those guys are tough."

    "And quick." Nile raised his hand and needles of water rose from the pools that he sends it flying at West.

    "Shoot!" West covers his claws with wind and swings it, causing razor winds to be launched, but only a handful of the water projectiles fades it. Fortunately, the rest are taken down by Florencia's light arrows.

    "I told you to be careful West."

    "In my own defense, I didn't expected them to shoot water."

    "It seems that mutt has more tricks than we expect, Nile." Said Sinai. "Should I do that?"

    "Go ahead."

    Sinai then hit the ground with his sword and a massive sandstorm appeared that blinded West.

    "Urgh. Okay, that's a little disturbing. Not that my other senses can't...Hold on." West then looked back. "They wouldn't...."

    Far behind, Florencia was struggling to see anything in the sand. "I never seen such a level of sorcery. Is West alright?"

    "I would be more concerned about you, fairy." Nile snaeked behind her ready to thrust his spear at her until West intercepted and blocked the attack by letting it stab him in the gut.


    "Go away!" West manages to push Nile back while he lays on his knee.

    "West! Let me heal those!"

    "No...You need to concentrate."

    "Huh? What do you mean?"

    "Your left! Shoot!"

    Florencia did it what he instructed and manages to shoot through Sinai's shoulders who was approaching them.

    "Gah! Lucky shot!" Sinai disappears inside the sandstorm.

    "We aren't able to see them through our eyes, but I can track their smell and sound. We need to put those two at bay here."

    "Very well. Tell me where to shoot."


    Florencia shoots at Nile.


    She shoots at Sinai who was approaching from above sending him away.

    "They are getting more tricky." Said Florencia.

    "Just keep your accuracy sharp while I-" West is shot by an arrow of water in the shoulder. "Son of a...I forgot he could do that."

    "West! Can you still keep track on them?"

    "As long as my nose and ears works."

    "Very well." Florencia aims her bow upwards and shoots a large light arrow. "Rain!"

    Several rays of light started to fall from the sky. Nile and Sinai then spread across to dodge the attacks.

    "I see now." West starts to look around and ran through the sandstorm. In the way, he manages to face Nile without being seen.


    "Got ya!" West delivers a punch that sent Nile flying away. Sinai then attacks him from behind, but West dodges the attack and delivers a slash with his claws covered in wind that wounds his shoulders.

    "Guh! Not half-bad. But not good enough." Sinai's shoulders then quickly regenerates. "You will need to more than that."

    "....Okay then." West turns into a full wolfman and delivers a fury of punches on him.


    "And now the finishing touch! Wolf Cannon!" West launched a air bomb from his mouth that sent his whole body flying away is crushed into pieces.

    "Well...That was a hard cookie."

    "You are open!" Nile attacked West from behind with a water arrow that he barely dodged. "You are done!"

    "Denied!" Florencia appeared with her bow aimed straight at him up-close. "Hyper Arrow!"

    She sent a giant ray of light that burned his whole body.

    "Magnificent." Murmured Nile while his body perish. The sandstorm then vanish.

    "Well...They were kinda of easy to break." Said West.

    "Those cursed bodies were moving thanking to some outside magic. It's no surprise their bodies would be destroyed once the magic is gone."

    "So not even real bodies they had...Urgh!" West starts to feel the burden of his injuries.

    "Stand still." Florencia starts to heal his wounds. "This will take a minute."

    "...You know...I was certainly not expecting this shit when I entered this Red Beast bussiness."

    "Gonna chicken out?"

    "Heh! Too late."

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