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    Chapter 30: Florencia in Charge.


    Chill pulled a large knife from inside his mouth and started to attack Johnnathan that dodged all of his attacks with few cuts.

    "Kehehehehe! You are quick!" Chill then turned into fog and moved to a stone pillar where he crawled like a lizard. "I can't wait to taste you. Lick!"

    Chill started to shoot purple blobs at Johnnathan that where dissolving the rocky soil.

    "Poison? What are you anyway?"

    "Keehehehe. Do you think all Rogues are the same? My blood is so toxic that I am like a poisonous creature."

    "I kinda miss the times when you folks could only drink blood."

    "Hey, hey buddy. I kinda take that as an offense." Chill started fill his mouth with fluids and he shot a jet of poison at Johnnathan.

    "Whoops!" Johnnathan dodges swiftly, tripping over, but getting uo with a roll.

    "Are you okay, there champ? Did the previous fight gave you fatigue." Asked Agni.

    "No, it's....I guess his poison is having some effect on me."

    "He only bitten you once."

    "It's the air. The gas leaking from the poison is too much."

    "Keeeehehehe. You noticed, huh?" Said Chill. "Might not be enough to kill you, but strong enough to weaken. Even your senses will start to mess around your brain."

    Chill tosses his knife upwards and catch with his tongue. "It's also the best seasoning! Keeehehehehe!"

    With his tongue he wringles around the knige and attacks Johnnathan as if it was a tentacle.

    "This is rough!" Thought Johnnathan. "He is already a pain in the butt when I am perfectly aware, but this way I'll be an easy prey."


    Back in the arena, the Crawnopede was still active, destroying the arena with his claws.

    "For the love of-It will take a few pieces to re-build those." Complained Kane.

    "Can't you care for anything else?" Nikolai brought out a pistol that attached to his tail and shot a laser that penetrated the bug's outer shell. "I'm more concerned about not being a lowly arthropode's meal."

    "Eeeer...folks." Vanilla pointed at the octopus attacking Schneider's shield.

    "Hah! Try all you want, but you'll never-" Through the octopus tentacles, a red fluid came over that caused a corrosion on the shield that astonished Schneider. "It can melt magic?!"

    Wardrobe then quickly attacked the Octopus with his weapon, sending it fly.

    "Is that a Draco Weapon?" Asked Nikolai.

    "Technically. It is an actuall tooth of an Earth Dragon." Said Kane.

    "Oh dear...We are kinda outnumbered for some reason. Night of the Forest." Florencia then shoot her bow upward and several beams of light came from it that went from all the fighters that quickly healed them.

    "Huh?" Hildr woke up.

    "Guh..." Rolf woke up.

    Gladius, Schneider, Dafadel, Petit and finally West stood up.

    "Hmm...How much time had passed?" Asked West.

    "Five Minutes, I guess." Said Vanilla.

    "...Vanilla? Is that you?" Said Petit.

    "Eeep! I forgot he was even here." Thought her.

    "I-It is you! What are you doing here?!"

    "W-Well, as you know-"

    "Could it be...You were looking after me?! Did you came to cheer me on, because you know you actually love me?! Well, of course. Who wouldn't-"

    "No." She literally gives him the cold shoulder by freezing him on solid ice.

    "I think I am speaking about everyone here, but...What are those?" Gladius pointed out at the three exotic beasts in the arena.

    "A bunch of animals that came out of a Rogue Vampire." Said Kane.

    "Cool story. What do we do?"

    "If you may, I have a plan." Said Florencia.

    "Hmmm....you are a fairy kind, right?" Said Kane. "Very well. Tell me what you got."

    "H-Hold it!" Said Hildr. "Just because she is a Fairy, should we really just listen without hesit?"

    "Well, if it serves it, she looks far more trustful than most of us here. Plus she healed all you guys, so you owe her."

    "Fair point." Said Petit.

    "Mrgh! Shut it."

    "Well then here is the deal." Said Florencia. "There are three of them, but a lot of us, so we should all pick them while split."

    "That's simple enough." Said Kane.

    "But here is the catch. The Octopus is too poisonous for us to get close. But Hybrids are resistant to those kind of ailments and so is a Red Kong. Also, magic is a fair offensive so take Vanilla and the other kid."

    "Roger that!" Schneider picked up both Vanilla and Petit under her arms. "Let's go new friends!" She then went straight ahead to the octopus.

    "H-Help!" Shouted Vanilla.

    "Next, the Dodiche is a vile and quick creature. So we need experts fighters with quick wits. So Gladius, Edward and Hil...The woman with the spear are perfect match.

    "...Excellent." Hildr pulled Edward by the ear.

    "Ouch! Easy!"

    "...Am I losing something here?" Said Gladius.

    "Now all it lasts is the Crawnopede." Said Kane.

    "It's the biggest and largest threat. We'll need all power against this one."


    "...Just hit as hard as you can."

    "Heh! I like this babble talk!" Said Rolf. "Let's rock it!" Rolf jumped at the crawnopede and started by hitting in the head with his hammer.

    "...By the way, what about him?" Nikolai pointed at Fudgeball still down on the ground.

    "What about him?" Florencia was annoyed.

    "I rather die than being owned by him." Said Kane as he started to attack the legs with his mace.

    "You really know your stuff, Flor." Said West.

    "I am the First-Mate of the ship after all." Florencia started to shoot her arrows at the Crawnopede while West attacked with his claws.

    Schneider and Dafadel were fighting together the octopus, but cutting their tentacles, only to quickly regenerates it. Dafadel gets hit by a tentacle with hooks and Schneider quickly pushed the octopus back with a dark shield. "You okay there?"

    "Y-Yeah. But my back is kinda aching and my shoulder feels numb."

    Wardrobe then squashed the octopus in the head with his dragon fang club, causing it to be stunned.

    "Now! Do the thing!" Schneider called out Vanilla and Petit charging flaming spells and incinerated the octopus on an inferno, toasting it completely.

    "Another well-done job for the ultimate pair! Now give me a kiss!" Vanilla delivered a kiss from an ice fist at Petit.

    "So...How is your feet?" Asked Schneider while she looked at Dafadel's ankle.

    "It's alright, but I can't still stings when I step."

    "Don't be such a baby. You're a Hybrid, so you're tough."

    "...Can we go back to the fact that I got poisoned?"

    Meanwhile, Edward was alone fighting the Dodiche. The bird attacked with his beaks over and over with Edward dodging every strike.

    "Come on, Edward! Stance! Strikes! Mobility! Everything is off! Keep on your ground instead of rolling around like a demented puppy!" Hildr was shouting like an instructor while Gladius simply watched.

    "I'm definetly lost here."

    "Okay..Okay! I need to focus." Edward took a stance similar of a fencing fighter and the Dodiche came running stright at him with his beak ready to stab him. Edward swiftly dodges by tilting to the right and strikes the bird right in the eye with a lightning cut.


    "Yes! That's how you fight like a murder machine!" Hildr complimented Edward.

    "It's...Not like that." Thought Gladius.

    "Bwark! Bwark!" The Dodiche started to scratch the soil below it and jumped at Edward with a kick from it's talons. Edward covered his sword with sparks and stabed on the bird's chest, launching it away with a lightning bolt."Bwaaaaaaark!"

    The Dodiche started to breathe fire.

    "Ah come on! That's just cheating!"

    Gladius jumped in front of Edward and wiped away the fire with his axes. "You're pretty good. Ever thought on a career here?"


    The Dodiche jumped at them, but Hildr was quick enough to intervert and stabs it with her spear, impaling the Dodiche to the ground.

    "...I'll give you performance an 8 out of 10." Said Hildr.

    "Wow, thanks-"

    "No thanks! I rounded it because I wanted to be gentle. It only meant you had more 20% of mistakes that could had cost your life! You need to get good!"


    "...She would do nice here as well." Thought Gladius.

    At the fight with the Crawnopede, Kane and West were on the back of the critter fighting legs that were spawning over the outer shell.

    "Okay, climbing the giant bug isn't the best idea." West amputates a leg, but another grows moments later.

    "Just like old times, isn't puppy?"

    "Don't ever call me that!"

    "Sup!" Nikolai appeared. "If you guys are done here, can we go out. Things are about to get messy."

    "Sure. Wasn't really hot being up here."

    The three of them jumps out of the Crawnopede.

    "Wait a minute. Wasn't there a Capraex as well?"

    "You mean that one?" West points at Rolf still smashing his hammer at it.

    "Eh. He can take it." Nikolai pushes a detonation switch and several explosions appeared through the Crawnopede that stunned it. Rolf was sent flying away by the explosion.

    "I'm okaaaaaaaay...."

    "So, is this good enough for you?"

    Florencia was charging her light arrow at the Crawnopede. "....Now I'm focused. Scatter Arrow!" She shoots a volley of arrows at the Crawnopede that pierced specific parts of it's body making it fall.

    "Huh. I guess it really worked." Said Nikolai. "Took a lot of effort to put those bombs, but it was worthy."

    "Why did it took so much for shoot?" Asked West.

    "Crawnopedes have a unusual circulatory system." Said Florencia. "A large one like that needed to be taken down at certain points, so I needed time to focus and aim at the specific parts."

    "Only a fairy to know some trivial trash like where to kill a giant arthropod." Said Nikolai.

    "I wanna see you say that to an entomologis-" The Crawnopede got up and devoured Florencia whole. Edward, Vanilla and West were all in shock and lost of words after that instant.

    ".....Grrrr....Graaaaaaaaaaah!" West went full mad dog and jumped straight at the beast's jaw and got inside the Crawnopede.

    "N-No, West! I can't lose more than one friend at the same day!" Cried Edward.

    Soon the Crawnopede started to shake and struggle, until part of it's upper torso got completely tore apart with West leaving inside it's body carrying Florencia with both of them covered in a yellow goo. He lands safely with her and the Crawnopede is finally slain.

    "Flor! Stay with me, Flor!" West starts to slaps her face. "Don't die. Plese, don't!"

    "I am not dying, you maniac!" Shouted Florencia. "I didn't even got in the stomach, so stop hitting me like-" West interrupts her by giving a kiss.

    "What the?!" Edward got surprised such as Vanilla, Nikolai and the rest. Florencia was astonished at first, but she then calms a bit and continues to kiss him.

    "....Gross!" Said Nikolai. "Couldn't you two done that when...I don't know. When you folks aren't covered in bug blood or whatever that thing is? Pah! Humans....I mean Demi-Humans."

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    Chapter 31: Satisfaction.


    Vanilla soaked both West and Florencia with an orb of water to clean them up out of bug's insides.

    "...Was that necessary?" West dries himself like a dog.

    "What did you expect? I can't just pull a shower out of nowhere." Said Vanilla. "Sooo....Are you two like going out from now on?"

    "Well...That seems the logical course of action." Said Florencia.

    "A Werewolf and a Fairy. Now I've seen everything." Said Kane. "Say this is all cool and all, but I feel there is a far worse animal down there and that makes me uncomfortable."

    "This also has been bugging me for a while." Said Dafadel. "But where is Hian and the guy from Izumo?"

    "Oh. They went down the same hole that rogue went to." Kane pointed at the hole.

    "What?! Johnnathan is down there against that monster! We should-Ouch!" Dafadel feels a great pain in his ankle.

    "Easy there. All I did was heal the superficial damage." Said Florencia. "You're a Hybrid. This will heal in a week or so."

    "But what should we do about the rogue?" Said Petit. "That was a Royal, right? Going down there in the dark after it is suicide."

    "We got no choice but to observe the situation for the time being." Murmured Hildr.

    "What should we do, Flor?" Asked Edward. "Drake wouldn't like his brother dead."

    "Hmm...No use waiting. I have to go there myself." Said Florencia.

    "You know...I have a better way." Said Kane. "I know some guys."

    Meanwhile, down in the mines, Johnnathan was resting under a stone pillar. "Urgh. I guess this is the worst."

    "I guess this is a bad time to say that this was all the worst idea ever." Said Agni, inside Johnnathan.

    "I've been bitten by a snake and stung by bees, but just right now I feeling like Drake after a bad day."

    "Poison with Dark Magic is not a good combination you see. Specially if comes from a poisonous vampire."

    "Can't you do anything about it?"

    "I'm a Sprite, not a Medic. I don't fix, I just modify."

    "Keeeehaaa!" Chill appears cutting the pillar in half with his knife on the tongue and chases Johnnathan. "Talking to that imaginary friend of yours, huh? Raven will love meet him. Keeehehehe!"

    "Bloody hell. I just can't shake him off." Said Johnnathan.

    "On the bright side, it seems your body is efficient on making antibodies, buuuut..."

    "But what?"

    "It seems the poison gets stronger as more you get intoxicated, so if you still get kept being poisoned it will not be a full cure."

    "This is just great." Johnnathan then closes his eyes and tries to get his breath. "...Huh?"

    Chill attacks with his tongue like a whip and wringles it, making it attack from a unpredictable pattern. Johnnathan then moves side to side, dodging every blow with his eyes closed.


    "Woah. How did you done that?"

    "It seems my dark senses got more sharpen than usual."

    "I see. In other words, your own Darkness is trying to ensure your survival. Like a white cell defeding an organism...Give me a second."

    Chill attacks once again and Johnnathan is then covered in a red fiery aura. He manages to avoid Chill's attack and slices off the tip of his tongue.


    "On point!"

    "Agni, did you do something? It was like I could see without seen it;"

    "Instead of rising your strenght, I decided to enchance your magic senses. Not my speciality, but if you can manage to use it your own senses well, we can pull it out."

    "Don't get cocky!" Chill fills his mouth with fluid and vomits a tower of poison below him that floods the entire area.

    "...Yeah, you can't dodge that. Run!" As Agni told Johnnathan, he runs through the cave and jumps through a cliff and lands on a rock platform. Chill jumps at the platform and attacks with his knife.

    Johnnathan ducks to dodge the attack and delivers a roundhouse kick at his face.

    "...A kick? Seriously? You have two swords." Said Agni.

    "You'll never know the pleasure of kicking a vampire in the face."

    Chill then shoots another huge jet of poison at Johnnathan. He retaliates by launching a Red Spiral at Chill that pierces the poison and manages to tear apart part of Chill's mouth.

    "....Kehehehe...Kehahahahaha!" Chill laughed histerically.

    "Uuuuh...Dude? I just messed your face." Said Johnnathan.

    "It's all ready...It's all ready.."

    "What is ready?"

    "As long as Raven is not concerned I get to do everything I feel like it. I didn't wanted to do this, but...Keehehehe...You give me. No. Choice."

    Johnnathan feels a really rise of force from Chill.

    "...Bloody hell. His power is...raising so fast."

    "You see, Johnny-boy...Me and my siblings are special among the other Rogues for a reason. We both have this unique power called Sin."


    "Yes. It's like a special sauce that each of us have that brings our ultimate taste. Now savor it, Johnnathan Highlander! Activate Sin: Satisfaction!"

    Chill's body turned into a crimson fog that slowly turned into a humanshape form. The fog turned into Chill, but now he looked like an adult version of him with a longer hair and drooling a red saliva that caused corrosion of the rocky soil.

    "You...look taller?"

    "Keeeeeeah!" Chill's hand turned crimsom red and he punched the platform, making it crumbles to piece. Johnnathan reacted fast and jumped to the other side of the cliff.

    "With one punch. Bloody hell, you gotta be kidding me."

    Chill landed in front of Johnnathan and tried to slash him. Johnnathan dodges, but it grazes his face, causing a burning cut.

    "Gaaah! It feels like it slowly eating my flesh!"

    "Kaaaaah!" Chill delivers a barrage of attacks with his claws and Johnnathan jumps over him. Chill shoots his tongue at him. Johnnathan ducks and the tongue manages to slice a thick rock like it was butter.

    "Look, I may be made out of fire." Said Agni. "But I can tell that could turn you into pieces of loin."

    "Thanks. I needed to hear that."

    Chill starts to spit blobs red fluids at Johnnathan that could instantly dissolve rocks. One hits his arm and starts to eat away his flesh.

    "Argh! Bloody...Son of a bitch!"

    "Kaaaaaaah!" Chill charged at Johnnathan with his claws.

    "Get off!" Johnnathan sends a Red Spiral at Chill, but he opens his mouth wide and eats it. "Are you kidding me-" Chill shoots his tongue at Johnnathan that pierces his chest. "Gah!-"

    Johnnthan then falls fowards into the ground.

    "Keeehehehe...KAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Chill laughs histerically.

    Meanwhile, "inside" Johnnathan, Agni was in distress in a red and black space that represented Johnnathan's soul. "This is bad, this is bad, this is baaaaaaad! Who knows what that freak will do with me? Come on, there has to be something I can do inside a Hybrid. But what?"

    "It's pretty easy, actually." Said a woman's voice that came behind him. He turnded his back and there was a sofa floating in the space.

    "...Okay, that wasn't there before." Said Agni.

    Soon a woman materialized sitting on the sofa. She wore a beautiful black and pink dress and spotted a long red hair. She also had vampire traits like fangs, red eyes and pointed ears. "For a Sprite...You aren't very used to living bodies aren't you?"

    "Intelligent lifeforms are just not my speciality. And who...or what are you anyway? His vampire half?"

    "You could say that, yes. Dark Magic passed through parent-to-child is...complicated. My role is to look over him."

    "...Not doing a good job. He just got pierced in the heart."

    "Details, details. Hybrids are tougher than Vampires in some cases."

    "Well...I think he is good as dead."

    "Have you tried this?"

    A red treasure chest appeared next to them. It was being shaken violently.

    "Oh. This stuff."

    "Aha. So you are familiar with it?"

    "Felt at the first minute I made my pact with him. I could tell it was trouble. What is it?"

    "Just like me, it's part of the source of his power. Right now, his body is not ready for it. But...maybe you could keep it under control."

    "I see...I always felt there was a reason for me to have made a pact with him. It's almost too convenient."

    "...You know very well this was bound to happen."

    "Hah! Couldn't fool you. Not that I knew all those details. Alright then...Let's open this."

    Agni swinged his arm and the chest opened, releasing a high quantity of darkness.

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    Chapter 32: Crimsom Rage.

    "Uuuurgh..." Back on the surface, Florencia suddenly felt weak and fell to her knees that later got aided by West.

    "Flor?! What's the matter?!" Vanilla became concerned about it.

    "I suddenly felt all dizzy..."

    "Oh. Is that so?" Said Edward. "...Do Fairies gets pregnant with a kiss?"

    "No!" Vanilla hit Edward in the head with her staff.

    "I don't know why, but suddenly the air got more thick." Said Florencia.

    "Thick? We are in the middle of a wasteland." Said West.

    "I can feel a sudden rise of dark magic nearby."

    "Do you think it was that Chill guy?" Asked Nikolai.

    "No...It's more of a Hybrid's doing."

    Meanwhile, down in the underground mines, Chill approached Johnnathan's with his mouth wide open ready to eat him whole. But a sudden mass of dark magic rose from Johnnathan's body that astonished Chill away. "Keh?!"

    The mass of darkness formed a large horned red skull with a jaw and a glowing red eye. The apparitions then "eats" Johnnathan and turns into a black whirlpool.

    The darkness disappears and from within, Johnnathan stood. The irises of his eyes were glowing red and his face showed an emotionless expression.

    "Keh? Keh. Keh. Kekekeh?" Chill tilted his head around in confusion.

    Johnnathan launched a Red Spiral straight at Chill that sliced his torso out of his lower body.

    "Keh? Keeeh!" Chill grew another similar lower body from his torso while the former turned into ashes. He retaliates by attacking Johnnathan with his claws, but Johnnathan swiftly cut off both his arms. "Keeeh? Keh. Keh! Keh! Keeeeeeeeh!"

    He grew another pair of arms and summons a giant cleaver knife covered in acid blood. "Keeeeeh!"

    Chill engages Johnnathan on a clash with their blades. With a swing of his knige, Chill sent a wave of blood at Johnnathan that melted the rocks. Johnnathan dispels the blood with a swing of his sword.

    "Keeeeh!" Chill attacks, parrying with Johnnathan's swords. As he was close to him, he shot his tongue at him and Johnnathan tilt his head, dodging the attack and slicing his tongue off. "Keeeh? Kaaaaah!"

    He grows back his tongue and decides to furiously attack Johnnathan with his cleave. Johnnathan manages to dodge by just moving his upper body side-to-side. Chill tries to go for his legs, but Johnnathan jumps over him and lands back to him.

    Chill turns back and attacks with a vertical swing. Johnnathan blocks it by putting his swords above him and pushes it back, disarming Chill. "Kah?!"

    Johnnathan fully charges his sabers and delivers several swings of his swords and slices him into tiny bits. "Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

    He finishes attacking and pieces of Chill's body falls to the ground.

    "Cough! Blrrr!" Johnnathan starts coughing blood and falls to his knee. "Huff....Huff...What the bloody hell did I do?"

    The pieces that were scattered around turns into mist and fuse together and forms Chill's original body once again.

    "...Oh, bloody hell."

    Chill then vomits the Beast Key and fall foward, supporting himself with his two arms.

    "Keehehehe...Kehehehe...Cough! Don't go thinking you are hot shit just because of this....You bloody asshole. With that puny power...You are nowhere close to beat Raven the way you are. You hear that?! So take your red ass and hide like the flea-ridden rat that you are...You shitty punk. Kah...Kahahaha...Kah!"

    Chill's body is reduced to ashes, marking his death.

    "Huh...Was that a warning or an advice?" Johnnathan picks the key on the floor. "...Agni. You're in there?"

    "...You called?" Agni emerged from his body.

    "What exactly happened?"

    "Your weak body surrendered to the darkness."

    "...Dude. That sounds bad."

    "Easy there. I made sure you didn't go crazy and die... But I would take it easy if I were you. You just used too much strenght that your body could handled."

    "Yeah, I can see that."

    "...You really don't remember anything?"

    "...No. The feel of killing someone...I felt it clearly." Johnnathen starts walking, lighting a cigarrete. "I just didn't get how I did it."

    "Simple lifeforms are so complicated."

    "Heh. As if a flying ember like you was complex."

    "You certainly don't understand Sprites or magic in general. And by the way, you shouldn't be smoking right now you hear me-"

    Suddenlty Johnnathan passes out.

    "....Oh no...I-I was just kidding! I mean, you really shouldn't, but it wasn't supossed to be this-

    Then, the sounds of steps were heard and someone appears behind them. Agni turns back. "...Oh. It's you."

    Meanwhile, on the Death Crow on a unknown location, Raven was passing time in his room juggling three emeralds. Suddenly a red fog appeared and fused to his body. After that he drops the jewels.

    "...What the hell? Chill died?!" Thought Raven while he kept a straight face. "...There is no way a dumb animal in Wildlands would killed him...Someone had murdered him...Who?"
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    Chapter 33: Gabo.


    At Raven's quarters, Raven was reading a newspaper while Noir, Moonlight and Blanc were in front of his desk with Nightmare resting on the corner.

    "....Raven?" Asked Moonlight.


    "What are you doing?"

    "Seeing what's going on in the world. Wow, look at this. Man wakes up on a 10 year coma and goes to work with correspondences. Booo!"

    "Are you perhaps looking for something in specific?" Asked Noir.

    "Just seeing if something happened at Wildlands as of lately that I might have missed. Oh. The tuna price rose again."

    "I find quite hard to find something that happened in Wildlands through a newspaper. Things that happen there usually stay there."

    "True, true."

    "Buuut, is there any reason you called us?" Asked Blanc.

    "Oh. Yeah. Chill is dead."

    "....What?" Said the three of them at the same time.

    "As in...Our Chill? My little brother?!" Asked Moonlight. "D-Do you have proof?"

    "...What I would I gain if I lied about this?"

    Moonlight starts to tremble and she tries to hold her tears. "I....I need some time to process this." She leaves the room almost crying.

    "...Huh. She really doesn't wanna to have us see her tears, huh?" Said Noir.

    "I don't get it." Said Blanc. "There is no way Chill would be dead unless..."

    "He tried to eat more that he could chew on."

    "In other words, someone killed him!"

    "...There was no need for you to explain his words, you dummy." Said Raven still reading the newspaper. "Huh. There is a civil war going on in the south."

    "That's not the point! Aren't we supossed to take action?!"

    "We have no idea who killed him." Said Noir. "It's better if we investigate this more carefully."

    "This is no time for keep calm and think through. It's time for action! If all of us could-"

    "It's always a good time to keep calm and think through, Blanc." Said Raven. "Don't forget it's Wildlands we are talking about. If we go there you can bet a load of Lagomoths will gang up on us. And that would be a drag."


    "Look, I know you are upset and believe me, we all have the same feeling. But be in panic would just worsen things up. Leave it to your older brothers, kay? When we need you for breakign something we call it. After all, it's the best thing you can do."

    "It's the only good thing he is good for." Said Noir.

    "Grrr! Fine! But one day, I'll be just as important as the rest. You just wait!" Blanc leaves the room upset.

    "That idiot." Said Noir. "Anyway, that's quite the bomb you dropped. But I appreciate you don't trying to keep it for yourself."

    "Sooner or later you all were gonna find out. No reason to keep it secret."

    "I see. Let me handle the investigation. I'll start as soon as possible."

    "That's all good and all, but first..." Raven picked up a small robotic crow. "Could you please drop this bomb to Evening in Izumo?"

    "...Very well then."

    "Great. Now if you excuse me, I have some hunting to do." Raven stands up and leaves.

    "Hunting? Will you be taking someone else?"

    "No. I'm going alone."

    "May I know why?"

    "Like I said I am about as upset as Blanc. You see, all my rogues are expandables. But you and my other siblings? Hehehehe...Now that's is stealing what you can't repose it."

    "..I don't follow it."

    "When I am like this...I need the sensation of taking someone's spirit and will with my own hands to get me up. By stealing their pathetic lives while I see them lose themselves right in the eyes. Dead. Cold. Lifeless. Eyes.....I'll be back in day. Have fun!"

    He turns into mist and leaves the room.

    "...You can choose friends, but can't choose family."

    On an unknow location, Johnnathan woke up on an unfamiliar room. He was bedridden with a bandages around his wounds. "...What is this place."

    He looks around the place and spots a big round fuzzy thing on the floor. "...A poof?"

    "Naaa?" The object moves and reveals to be a white Lagomoth with brown spots who was sleeping, curling like a ball.

    "Oh, bloody hell!" Johnnathan was astonished.

    "It seems you awoke." Tenkai appeared. He had a spiky brown hair tied on a ponytail and one of his eyes was deep blue.

    "An azure eye..." Thought Johnnathan. "Did you brought me here?"

    "I just found you. The Lagomoth over there was the one who brought you here." Tenkai opens the window and shows a city underground with houses attached to the walls.

    "What is this place?"

    "It's a Mining Colony. There is a Lagomoth Guild in this place that deals with mining and underground routes. They have acess to several points in Wildlands, so they are pretty convenient."

    "I did heard about them actually."

    "Yaaaaawn. Well, if you two are done then I'm going home. See ya." The Lagomoth starts to leave the room.

    "Thanks a lot, man."

    "...That was actually a female. Her name is Leche."

    "Oh. Sorry ma'am."

    "By the way, are you gonna finish this?" He shows a burn down cigarette. "A man should finish what he started."

    "...I'm not care what people think of me. I rather smoke in private."

    "Hmm. Very well then." Tenkai burns the cigarette with a blue fire that came out of his hand.

    "..Blue flames. So you are a Youko."

    "So you know what I am. Well, we are similar creatures after all. Anyway, you friends are here."

    "Huh. They found this place fast."

    "Actually you've been asleep for two days."

    "T-Two days?! Bloody hell! I hope nothing important happened."

    Later the two of them arrives at another room inside the house. There, Nikolai and the rest of the crew seemed to be waiting for Johnnathan and got surprised when they saw him.

    "J-Johnnathan!" Shouted Edward.

    "J-Johnny! I-I was so scared!" Cried Vanilla.

    "You really know how to scare even a Werewolf, cap'n." Said West.

    "You actually gave me chills, you know that, Johnnathan?" Said Florencia.

    "...I'm saying nothing." Said Nikolai.

    "Well, shucks fellas." Said Johnnathan. "So, what did I miss?"

    "Me and West are going out now." Said Florencia.

    "Huh. So that finally came full circle. By the way, how about Hildr?"

    "Let's see...There was something something about arresting pirates and then something something about no jurisdicion on Wildlands." Said Nikolai. "In the end, she went back pissed."

    "What about the boy that was with her? He is Vanilla's friend, right?"

    "Don't worry. He doesn't usually talk about his failures." Said Vanilla.

    "Oh! I forgot!" Johnnathan checked his pockets and pulled the Beast Key. "Look! I got the key!"

    "Oh...Oh! That's right! What happened to that Rogue?" Asked Edward.

    "Huh? You didn't tell them?" Johnnathan asked Tenkai.

    "They never asked." Said Tenkai.

    "Oh well...I sort of...killed him."

    "What?!" Everyone else got shocked.

    "You...killed one of the Seven Royal Rogues?!" Said Edward.

    "No one could done it in a decade." Said Florencia.

    "Well, Hybrids are Anti-Vampires, right?" Said West.

    "So I was afraid of him appearing anytime for nothing, huh?" Said Vanilla. "But when Raven hears about it...Ooooh. I wanna go home."

    "Hmmm...How do I tell this to Drake?" Said Nikolai.

    Then the key started to glow and it floated.

    "Oh? What is going on?" Said Johnnathan as the key flies towards West.

    "Hmm?" Curious, West touches the key and a bright orange light orb emerged from the key.

    "Hey. This looks familiar."

    From the orb, a weird creature from the size of a cat rose from it. It was a orange small critter with bear arms, hawk talons, a salamander tail, bat wings and a square reptile face with a huge maw.

    "Gabo!" Said the creature.

    "...What the hell is this?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "I know it looks like the dumbest animal on the planet, but trust me...It is." Agni appeared. "This one...Is Gabo."

    "Gaboooo!" Gabo starts to fly around Agni with enthusiasm.

    "Please, hold it yourself Gabo. Jeez, I knew it what we were up to, bit still..."

    "Is he a acquaintance of yours?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "..Yeah, unfortunately. This is Gabo, the Great Sprite of the Beasts."

    "Huh? This is a Sprite? He looks nothing like you."

    "Not all Sprites are similar, Johnnathan. Specially Beast-Type Sprites." Said Florencia. "But he certainly does not have the same...atmosphere."

    "Gabo!" Gabo then landed on top of West's head and stayed there with his tongue out and looking around randomly.

    "Uuuuh...What is he doing it?" Asked West.

    "It seems he chose you to make a pact." Said Agni.

    "Oh. So we are just like you and Johnnathan?"

    "Pretty much. I don't know what he saw on you, but I guess you are kinda like his former master a little."

    "I feel honored, I guess. But can he go inside me like you do?"


    "...So he'll be just stay in my head for the whole life?"

    "...Not exactly. Gabo, do that thing."

    "Gabo!" Gabo then turns invisible.

    "Woah. It's like he isn't even there" Said West. "He is still there, right?"

    "Gabo's abilites are all around manipulating the Senses. Odor, Sound, Vision...He can erase and extend all of those. Even his own presence."

    "Huh. It certainly suits someone with animalistic abilities." Said Vanilla.

    "That's neat...You wouldn't mind going out with a man with an invisible animal in the head, right?"

    "Like it's not make even better being blessed by one of the Six Great Sprites." Said Florencia.

    "That's all cool and all, but there is something I wanted to address first." Said Nikolai. "You there Tenkai. You are a Youko, right?"

    "Youko? What's that?" Asked Edward.

    "Oh, right. You are a human from the west, so it's understandable. Do you know of the Kitsunes?"

    "You mean, the foxes from Izumo led by one of the Three Dark Lords?"

    "Good. You know that. You see a Youko...Is a mixed breed between a Human and a Kitsune."

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