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    Chapter 66: Fairy Forest.


    Trenspassing through a snow field, Johnnathan and the rest of his crew were on his way to the Fairy Forest under a snow fall. West was carrying both Serra and Hara on his shoulders, with the later being fast asleep.

    "Atchoo!" Serra sneezed. "Brrrr...How did I ended up in this situation?"

    "So what's the deal with spider-boy here?" Asked West.

    "I guess he went into a hibernation." Said Florencia. "They tend to do this on cold temperatures."

    "Sigh. If only Vanilla was here. She could warm us up." Said Edward.

    "Would you please not bring her up out of the blue like that?" Said Johnnathan. "That girl has enough for a lifetime already."

    "Hmm...What is this?" Said Evening as she see a small blue glowing pollen-like ball.

    "Oh...We arrived." Said Florencia as the snow fades away and they stands in front an entire forest composed of blue-coloured trees.

    "Wow...It's beautiful." Said West. "I feel like an elephant who found his way to his resting grounds."

    "...That was weird and dark, man." Said Johnnathan.

    "I do feel a warm in my heart seeing this." Said Evening. "I've seen gravures on books, but this is looks like the most stunning-looking place in the world."

    "People do say that a lot." Said Florencia. "But then again, the real Fairy Forest is way more further. I'll guide you there."

    Them keep walking inside the forest as Edward looks behind and sees a glimpse of Gel. "What should I do next?"

    Meanwhile on the Potion Laboratory, a woman with a long red hair dressed with a black dress, exposing her shoulders and cleavage, wearing a pointy purple hat is brewing several substances into a glass bottle. "Alright then, just one little tidy bit drop of Metal Slug Extract, then my greatest potion ever will be-"

    "Professor Salomeeeeeeh!" Honnie stormed inside the room, making so much noise that Salomeh do an accident that makes the potion explode on her face.


    "Ooops. I hope it wasn't important."

    "It was. I hope you have a good excuse to not ban you here forever."

    "Er...Look who came back."

    "H-Hello." Said Vanilla who was a bit awkward.

    "Ah! Vanilla!" Salomeh quickly went to hug Vanilla. "How I missed you! I was so concerned that you weren't kidnapped by a Hyena and sold as a pleasure slave!"

    "That's...oddly specific."

    "Wait a second! If you are here then...You somehow found your father?!"

    "M-More or less. I just found out he is in Neon and apparently has amnesia on a military base."

    "Amnesia? Neon? Wow, that's reassuring but yet still delicated. Where did you get that info?"

    Oh! It was from Viper."

    "Viper?! You mean Chemira?!"

    "Wait, Viper?" Asked Honnie. "As in THAT Viper?!"

    "That certainly bring memories. I was wondering how good old Viper was doing...Wait, does that mean you were on Stormy Island?"

    "Y-Yeah." Said Vanilla. "I know it isn't a place for a delicated snowflake like me, but-"

    "You didn't met Aladdin by any chance did you?"

    "Ah! Yeah, I did actually-"

    "Goodness Gracious!" Salomeh held Vanilla's shoulders very thightly. "Did he hurt you?! Did he upseted you?! Did he hurt and upseted you not necessarily on that order?!"

    "W-Where is this coming from? I mean, sure he is scary and rude, but I don't find him menancing...at least not a lot."

    "Now you are bringing the Desert Prince?" Said Honnie. "I wasn't expecting you to meet the other Miracles like this."

    "Urgh. Sorry, Vanilla." Said Salomeh. "It just, me and Al we just don't get along very well...Oh what the hell, we don't get along at all."

    "I thought you, him and Chemira were pretty close."

    "Were. Then things happened."

    "Okay then...So I guess I'll just...Find another work to do since I'm here."

    "Ah. Well, I am in need of an assistant for some research. And in the meantime you can come with me to Neon, but I guess you may want to take a break from all travelling."

    "Actually, a little more travelling sounds lovely."

    Back at the forest, the crew was still strolling at the forest, following a trail.

    "Flor?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "Yes?" Replied Florencia.

    "Are we at the Forest?"


    "Sooo...Where are the Fairies? And where do you exactly used to live?"

    "The residents live at what we call "The Heart" that is located at the center of the forest. Everything around it is like a garden surrounding the house or something. There are wild animals, but they do not do any harm unless you bother them and there are some rare plants, so please be careful. Also while the fruits here are pretty rare to the outside world please refraim-"

    "Yooooo! Is that a Fairy Apple?!" Johnnathan points at a tree with blue-coloured apples.

    "Ah! Y-Yeah, but please do not-"

    "Hey guys! Guess what?! Fairy Apple!"

    "A Fairy Fruit. I heard about them." Said Sanzuke. "Some people call them the Holy Nectar."

    "Sweet! I was looking for a sugary treat after all!" Said West who put Hara down and him, Johnnathan and Sanzuke went to collect them.

    "N-No guys! We can't just pick a fruit from here and take it to outside!" Complained Florencia.

    "It's okay Flor! We just gonna eat inside the forest!" Said Johnnathan.

    "But...But...Ooooh this is not okay..." Florencia turned depressed.

    "There, there Flor." Evening patted her back. "Men are just stupid creatures most of the time."

    "Yeah...We are stupid." Said Edward who was behind them, sitting on a rock with a blank expression. "We do stupid acts and say stupid things as well...And worst of the times we do not do the right actions and do not say the right things at the right times...Yeah, we are cowards. Like bugs who hide below the rocks, too embarassed to look at other's eyes."

    "Hey Dude. I felt kind of offended by that." Said Hara.

    "Oh great. He woke up." Said Serra. "I guess I'll try one of those apples."

    "Leave some for me." The two of them went to pick apples.

    "...Is he always like this?" Asked Evening. "He seemed very optimist the first time I met him."

    "...Eddie, did something happeded between you and Vanilla?" Asked Florencia.

    "What?! M-Me and her?! N-No! O-Of course not! It definetly didn't happened!" Said Edward.

    "You...didn't done anything made her upset, did you?"

    "N-No...I guess not."

    "Edward, I swear if you made her cry somehow, I'll suck your blood and then spill it all over you!" Said Evening.

    "...She kissed me."

    "Huh?" Said both Evening and Florencia.

    "All I did was compliment her a little and suddenly she...just kissed me.

    "....Aaaaaaaaaaa!" Florencia and Evening start to happily shake Edward around.

    "I knew you could do it! I always knew!" Said Florencia.

    "I always thought you two were cute together!" Said Evening.

    "Yikes! Please stop!" Said Edward.

    "Forsoooth!" Out of nowhere, a Capraex wearing a silver knight's armor appears dashing through the woods. "I have heard a cry of help! Fear no more for justice has arrived!"

    "Oh no..." Said Florencia.

    "What's this?! Three lost ladies in peril in the forest? And one of them is my dear old friend, Florencia?! Haha! It seems my ally of righteous justice got this covered!"


    "You know him?" Said Evening.

    "Yeah. He is one of the...Sigh. Knights of Righteous Justice of Truth."

    "And why does he counted me a lady?" Said Edward.

    "Hey, what's the ruckus all about?" Said West who appeared eating an apple.

    "What's this?! Some devious-looking character dares to eat from our sacred forest?! That cannot be allowed!"

    "Who is shouting like crazy here?" Asked Johnnathan who was carrying more fruits alongside Sanzuke.

    "By my granpa's horns! Three villainous beings dare to disturb peace on our sacred forest!" Bors picked up a sword that was hanging from behind his back. "I shall deliver the mighty hammer of justice upon those devils!"

    "Bors! Plaese let me-"

    "Say no more, Florencia! I already figured out! Those enemies of justice were harassing those two young ladies and you put your own life in risk to protect them from those evildoers. but fear not! I, Lord Bors, Knight of Righteous Justice of Truth shall put those criminals in their place."

    "Boy, this guys talks a lot-" West is tackled by Bors and is launched at a tree before he could finish his setence. "Ooof! Okay...Okay..."

    West attacks Bors with his arms transformed into wolf arms and punches Bors in the face, pushing him back and making him fall.

    "So! A Werewolf! You would be a worhty foe! Yaaaaaaah!" Bors engaged West in combat swinging his sword fast enough to not leave a single opening left for him to counter.

    "This goat is big and quick, but not quick enough." West started to jump from tree to tree, kicking at them and going into random directions.

    "This villain is cunning."

    "Now!" West sends a wind blade at Bors that slices his shoulder.

    "Wind Magic?!"

    Distracted by the attack, West transforms into a wolfman and kicks his face.

    "Gruh! You are a outstanding fighter, I admit."

    "Say that when you have the upper hand."

    "I thought you were at most an elite soldier, but I am positive now. You are in fact a lieutenaut of an evil army of doom, right?"

    "...I am a what now?"

    "Don't you mess with me!" Bors starts to show amazing dexterity by spinning his sword around his hands. "I have justice on my side!"

    But out of the blue, he is held by several chains. "What?!"

    "Er...Sorry." Said Evening who catched him. "It looked it could get too ugly."

    "The fair maiden was with conspiring with the villains all along?! What a twist!"

    "Can you shut for one second and listen from what I have to say?!" Shouted Florencia.

    "...You could just asked."

    "Graaaaaaaaaaah!" She slams her bow into his face hard.

    "Ouch! The might jaws of righteousnes...."

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    Default Re: Hybrid- Reboot Version.

    Chapter 67: The Heart of the Forest.


    "And that's all about it!" Said Florencia, scolding Bors who was chained by Evening. "Any questions?"

    "So they aren't villains. I humble apologize for my despicable actions."

    "Good. You can release him Eve. Gosh, even the most polite Capraex have to be hard to deal with it."

    Evening then pull back her chains. "Hmmm...Where were the kids?"

    "We're here." Said Hara who appeared alongside Serra from behing a tree. "It looked dangerous so we decided to hide."

    "I can't believe it...You!" Bors points his finger at Serra.

    "Eh? What about it?" Asked Serra.

    "You...Are me!"

    Hara looks at Bors and then Serra. "...Not really."

    "What gracious fortune!" Bors picks Serra and holds her upwards. "I have found myself a knave?"


    "Fortune smiles upon my very existence! I shall raise this young apprentice of knight into a true warrior and our names will go down in history as Heroes of Legends!"


    "Hey that's cool, Serra." Said Hara. "I wish I had a destiny like that."

    "What's this!" Said Bors. "This boy may have the exterior of a squishy land crawler, but from inside, I sense he is unbreakable like the scales of a dragon."

    "Thanks...I try a lot...More than I should."

    "While it may beyond me to shape yourself into a hero, I shall look foward to see how far destiny will allow you to reach."

    "...Never in my life someone said something so inspiring someone said to me." Hara shed a tear in each of his eyes.

    "Hey, this is cool and all, but should we get going?" Asked West. "Not like there will be another weirdo to cause another misunderstanding."

    "Do not worry, Lieutenaut Wind Fang! I shall pay back my debt by guiding you to the Heart!" Said Bors who put Serra on his shoulder. "Go Foward, my allies of justice!"

    "...H-How did I ended up like this?" Serra looked depressed.

    The group then followed Bors through the forest.

    "So, Dame Florencia." Said Bors. "Any luck with the Keys?"

    "We found three of them." Said Florencia. "In fact we have three chosen by the pacts."

    "So they are Chosen Ones?! As expect from the Dame's Allies! Is the Lieutenaut one of the chosen?"

    "Yes, he was chosen by Gabo...By the way, he is my boyfriend."

    "Ah! But of course! Only a noble soul chosen by the Great Beast Sprite would be able to covet your feelings! Lieutenaut might look a ugly flea-ridden beast, but he is pretty!"

    "...Okaaaaaay. I wish I could say the same." Said West.

    "Hmmm....Florencia, what exactly are those?" Asked Sanzuke.

    "Those what?" Said Florencia.

    "This pollen-like light floating around. No one else is seeing them?"

    "Oh! That might be pieces of soul."

    "Souls? As in...Ghosts?!" Shouted Edward.

    "You see when a fairy dies, their bodies turn into dust and returns to the forest."

    "Are you saying we are on a fairy graveyard?"

    "Technically yes. But how do you see it Sanzuke?"

    "Probably it's Yomi's doing." Said Sanzuke. "I have been able to...sense some stuff. More or less like how Johnnathan does."

    "There are any ghosts at the ship, is it?" Said Edward.

    "Not really, but I've been able to sense your souls."

    "Hey, that's breach of privacy." Said West.

    "I can't chose to turn off, okay? Besides it's not like I am seeing you all naked. It's just like a bunch of fireflies."

    "So those are not gonna harm us, right?" Said Evening. "I feel kind of off around them."

    "They are made of light, so they do have some sort of effect on you." Said Florencia. "The Vampires never did once attack this place because of it."

    "I guess as long as I do not try to misbehave everything is fine, fight Johnny?" She looks behind and she sees Johnnathan collapsed on the gorund. "J-Johnny!"

    She runs to his side and helps him stand.

    "Blood..." Said Johnnathan. "Need...Blood..."

    "Blood? Okay, just give me a-" As Evening went to bite her own hand, Johnnathan rushed and bited her neck. "Aaaah!"

    "Woah! Easy there tiger!" West went and delivered a punch to Johnnathan's head.

    "Ouch! My head."

    "I don't know how Hybrids do their things, but respect your woman, okay?"

    "What did I do?"

    "You bited Evening's neck?" Said Edward. "Like a few seconds ago. Like a vampire."

    "...You didn't mention there was a vampire among your allies." Said Bors to Florencia.

    "He is half-vampire, but that was weird."

    "Hmm...Sketchy indeed...Wasn't there a legend about hybrids becoming vampires from long ago?"

    "What?! That is possible?!" Said Evening.

    "It's a notion fairies had, but not was really proved." Said Florencia. "But this is certainly unnatural. I guess we need to have the Fairy Mother take a look at you."

    "Well, that's fine by me." Said Johnnathan. "Weren't we trying to do that anyway?"

    "Yes, but we are allowed to put you in your place if you misbehave."

    "...Fair. I'll be going ahead then." As Johnnathan went a few steps ahead of them, West went to check on Evening.

    "So, you okay there, missy?" Asked West as Evening stared at him with a cold gaze. "...What?"

    "...Tch!" Evening looked away and went ahead with a grumpy demeanor.


    "Er...West." Florencia murmured on his ear. "Vampires tends to like when the one they love bite their necks."

    "In other words, I "ruined the moment". Just great."

    After taking a long road through the forest, they seem to arrive at a dead end. A wall of rocks and stone stood in their way.

    "Do we climb now?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "That won't be necessary." Florencia pulled a green charm from her pocket and showed it in front of the wall, revealing a hidden passage.

    "Huh. Should've figured out."

    When they pass through the passage they arrive at a whole city made of houses built in the trees surrounded by a wall of flora. A giant tree with a castle built around of it could be seen in the middle of it.

    "Wow! I wish I had those tree houses." Said Johnnathan.

    "That's the world tree, Yggdrasil." Said Florencia. "It roots expands to the whole world and it's where the Fairy Mother lives."

    Walking a bit further, they spot several residents. Most of them fairies, but also Gremlins, Acquillas and even Merfolks.

    "Incredible." Said Edward. "I thought it would be only fairies, but there is a big diversity here. There even Hyenas and Lagomoths."

    "While it's true this is the motherland of the fairies, several other species came from the outside. Bors here being one of them."

    "Huh. Since we touched on the subject, what is your story, Sir Bors?"

    "I was just for someone to ask my frail-looking companion!" Shouted Bors. "Even though the epicness of my extraordinary tale my be far too much for your avarage ears, I shall lend you this legend that few have heard!"

    "I am already regretting it."

    "It all started on the fateful day, 30 years ago...I was just a kid, looking at the horizon on top of the high mountains of Mox wondering what destiny reserved for that still newborn. But then out of nowhere I was taken by the tyranical talons of the king of the owl, an Owlmageddon! It catched me and went far into the skies above!"

    "An Owlmageddon? Just like that?"

    "For hours I've been on the mercy of the flying beast of spite, until by the most unexpected hour, a lightning bolt struck the fiend with feathers and I fell from the skies, safely landing on a leaf of the World Tree."

    "Now that's karma."

    "It was by then I realized it was my calling to act as a protector to these good people and then the first chapter of the Legend of Bors begun!"

    "30 years in the making and yet this chapter never ends." Said Florencia.

    "You have returned sooner than I expected." A being shaped like a human that looked like an armor made of wood with two glowing red eyes appeared right behind them.

    "Ah! I-It's you." Florencia quickly stood in front of the mysterious man and bowed.

    "...You know him Flor?" Asked Johnnathan. "I couldn't sense him approaching at all."

    "So it wasn't just me." Said West.

    "...And me." Said Evening.

    "My apologies about that." Said the being. "It's not like I was trying to hide myself. It's a...condition of sorts."

    "Let me introduce him." Said Florencia. "This is the one know as Paladin. He is in fact a construct made by the Fairy Mother. A body of wood granted life."

    "Really?" Said Edward. "Damn this is sick. Vanilla would pest this guy like crazy with her curiosity."

    "It seems you found three, isn't it Florencia?" Said the Paladin.

    "Yes. I apologize I am missing the remaining half."

    "No. I understand there are some urgent matters to attend. Luckily for you...Titania has some free time to spare."

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    Chapter 68: Fairy Queen.


    On the Vitoria, Aladdin was feasting on a chicken soup on the deck alongside Drake.

    "Nothing like enjoying whatever Coela cooks it alongside your best pal, isn't it Al?" Said Drake.

    "Whatever. I'm just glad this cold is gone."

    "Still, I wanna know how Johnny is doing it. Is it me or he was a little...different last time we were together. Maybe Evening made him a little more mature."

    "About that, I wanted to say something about him."

    "Oh? Did you noticed something? Perhaps on his darkess?"

    "You see, he..."

    "Is it a good time?" Shadewing appeared, descending from the skies.

    "Oh. You are back. How did it go with Viper?"

    "Nothing much, but...Well there was something."

    "What exactly?"

    "I went to Neon from an errand of hers and...Remember that thing with Vanilla's father?"

    "Frosty? What about it?"

    "Well, you see...."

    Meanwhile at the Fairy's Forest's Heart, Johnnathan ans the others arrived right in front of the World Tree, whose leaves were covering the whole sky.

    "...Is it really okay, for build a whole mansion on top of the tree that covers the entire world?" Asked Edward.

    "It was built to be like an extension of the tree." Said Paladin. "Fairy Queen Magic, do not ask it how."

    "So, we climb all the way there?" Asked West.

    "We use the door." Said the Paladin as shining ring appeared on the floor.

    "...That is not a door."

    They step on the ring and soon are teleported to a large balcony on the top of the tree.

    "Woah. Awesome." Said Johnnathan. "This is the sort of view I wish my house had it."

    "Didn't you lived in the mountains?" Said Evening.

    "But my house wasn't at the top of it."

    "Wow. Gel looks so tiny from up here." Said Edward as he spotted the city covered in snow.

    "And what is that weird mountain up there?" Said Hara as he pointed to a cold mountain far away from them that was silver coloured.

    "Ah, that's the famous Platinum Mountain" Said Florencia. "Heighting about 20,000 feet high and it's made entirely of platinum."

    "That's a lot of platinum, I guess."

    "Yeah, and-"

    "Florencia, you are here!" Suddenly a small childlike fairy with a long green hair and a long white dress appeared right between Florencia and Hara.

    "Ah! Your-" Before Florencia could react, the child launched to her arms and tackled her with a hug.

    "Hahahahahaha! I missed you so much!"

    "Uuurgh! Not in the front of everyone!"

    "Who is the spunky kid?" Asked West.

    "Silence, Lieutenaut Wind Fang!" Said Bors who striked West's head.


    "Quick! Show humility before the mother!" Bors then kneeled before the child.

    "Hmm? You mean the Queen?" Said Johnnathan. "Is her invisible or something."

    "Teehee. I believe he is talking about me." Said the child as she floated in the air with her wings. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Fairy Queen, Titania."

    "...Aren't you a little too young to be a Fairy Queen?" Said Edward.

    "Have you ever seen a Fairy Queen in your life?" Said Florencia.

    "No, but...I thought she would be...older."

    "Fairies may live longer then humans, but of course I would be an exception." Said Titania. "I am the forever fourteen year old Great Immortal of the Forest. Die of jealously you fools! Hehehe! Kidding, kidding.."

    "She is a bit childish though." Said Johnnathan.

    "I think she is adorable, even though she is older than me." Said Evening.

    "So you brought guests, Flor." Said Titania. "Will you introduce me them?"

    "O-Okay. These are the Red Beast Pirates. I believe you heard of them."

    "Is that so? You brought some rotten apples to my domain. How dare you, Flor? How dare you? Hahaha! I jest!"

    "I also found those children on the way. I was hoping you could look after them."

    "Huh? So this was what it was about?" Said Serra.

    "Hmm...A Capraex girl and a Spider Clan boy. Sure! I can look after them!" Said Titania.

    "A-As in forever?"

    "You are free to leave when you get older, but on the meantime...Bors, please take them to their quarters."

    "Understood!" Bors picked both Serra and Hara and rushed to inside the mansion.

    "I didn't agreed to thiiiiiiiiiiis!!!" Shouted Serra.

    "Anyway...This one here is Johnnathan." Said Florencia. He is the infamous Red Beast."

    "Milady." Said Johnnathan.

    "A Hybrid, I see. You don't look like a Warlock, but I sense a huge ammount of Darkness leaking from inside of you. You must be a Deviant, right?"

    "Oh? You can tell?

    "Of course! Just that I can tell this one is a Werewolf and this other one is a Youko."

    "I don't really like when you say that out loud." Said West.

    "And I didn't forgot about you too, young human."

    "Thanks for noticing me." Said Edward.

    "So, how did you became friends with pirates?"

    "You see...Things happened and Johnnathan saved my skin. In fact, I became one of them. I am currently the First-Mate."

    "Oh? Is that so? Well, you were always someone to depend on, so it is not unexpected."

    "Huh? You are not upset that I became a pirate?"

    "I can see you have very strong and loyal friends. You'll be fine for the time being."

    "I...I see...Also, there is another thing."


    "It's...About this one here." Florencia pulled West by the arm. "This is West. He is my boyfriend. I thought I should've let you know."

    "Gaaaaaaaaasp!" Titania became stunned and then very excited. "Oh my gosh! That's so wonderful! Who would believe after 30 years you finally manage to hook up with someone?!"

    "Y-Your majesty, please...Don't say that out loud."

    "But this is a surprise alright." Titania speaks with a smug on her face. "I never thought you were into the rebel type."

    "He may be reckless, but he is not a thug..."

    "...West, isn't it?"

    "Hmm? What about it?" Asked West.

    "Florencia might be someone that may have the answer for everything, but even she can make mistakes. But what matters is that she is true to her feelings and really care for those she loves. So you have to be a pretty nice guy to make her accept you. I say this because she is like a daughter to me."

    "...I kinda already knew that."

    "...Pfffft! Hahahahahaha! This lad is very funny, Flor!"

    "I'm glad you liked him." Said Florencia.

    "And now to address the elephant in the room...Or should I say Vampire." Titania turns her looks to Evening. "And what about, darling?"

    "Ah! Y-You can tell?!" Said Evening.

    "Your ring can change you from outside, but sadly such things do not work on me."

    "I see...I do not wish do any harm."

    "Oh don't worry about that. Even if you wanted, this whole forest would weaken you and you would be dead meat. Hahahahaha!"

    "Hahaha..Yeah, right."

    "...I wasn't kidding by the way."

    "Oh? O-Okay."

    "Speaking of which, Titania." Said the Paladin. "It seems this Johnnathan is getting on that condition."

    "That condition?"

    "You see...It appears he is turning into a Vampire" Said Florencia.

    "Ah..." Titania stayed a few moments in silence. "...I see. Does he have a Sprite by any chance."

    "...Agni? You here?" Johnnathan asked for Agni who appeared from inside of him.

    "Well...I knew I would take the stage." Said Agni. "Hello there, Titania. Long time no see."

    "Agni. It had to be you, huh?" Said Titania. "Is there any others?"

    Gabo and Yomi then appeared from their hosts.

    "We are here." Said Yomi.


    "So Fire, Beast and Spirit. You gathered quite a lot." Said Titania. "Now then Agni, can you tell me about this one's inner darkness?"

    "This one is a reckless fool." Said Agni. "Twice he had been forced to push the limits and unleash a absurd ammount of Darkness to survive. If I was Umbra I may could do something, but I am not her."

    "What do you have to say, Yomi?"

    "The shape of his soul is definetly changing." Said Yomi. "He is certainly turnign into something else."

    "Guys...Can we skip the diagnosis part."Said Johnnathan. "Hearing about is making me anxious."

    "I suposse that's for the best." Said Titania. "We cannot have that thing to happen again."

    "What do you mean that thing?"

    "About ten thousand years ago, there was a Hybrid like you who went to the same way as you." Said the Paladin. "Let's just say the end result was...a mess."

    "Bloody hell..."

    "If you please follow me, I would start to find a way to revert this situation right away." Titania went to a large door to inside the house and it opens right when she gets close enough. "If you may?"

    "Right away." Johnnathan followed Titania alongside the rest. Yomi then stared at the Paladin and went to talk to Sanzuke.

    "Sanzuke, go ahead without me for a while. I need to check something quick."

    "...Very well then." Said Sanzuke as he follows the rest.

    "...Do you honestly believe I wouldn't notice how you and Titania are different?"

    "We weren't trying." Said the Paladin. "You noticing or not, it wouldn't make a difference."

    "It's certainly not something to ignore. To think you of all people would be in this state. Trapped on a body of wood. Isn't it? Izanagi, my old friend?"

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