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Thread: Hybrid- Reboot Version.

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    Default Hybrid- Reboot Version.

    So about two years ago I started to write this story named Hybrid that spammed 13 pages. But now I wish that story would be more shyntesized so I decided to reboot the whole thing.

    I don't think anyone would bother since I am doing this for myself anyway.

    Let's see if I can manage to end this faster.

    Prologue part 1.


    It was a twilight sky above the land. Dusk had just started and another day was ending. In a forest in the mountains filled with pine trees, a young boy around 12 years old with a short brown hair with a forelock is laying on the grass looking at the sky as the first star appears.

    "Oh boy, it's getting late."

    He stands up and looks around.

    "Dad is coming hime soon so I better find something for him."

    After looking around in the mountain he finds a big blue frog with horns next to a pond.

    "Blue Bull Frog? Nah. Mom said it that you shouldn't harm them. They probably don't taste great."

    He hears the sound of something moving around the bushes and it was a boar.

    "Oh. Hellooooo dinner."

    But a white lioness emmiting sparks through it's body appears and kills it, fast like a lightning bolt.

    "Hey! Hay! That's mine! I saw it first!"

    The animal looks at him without caring for what or who he was and leaves.

    "Yeah, that's right! Next time I will catch all the river trouts so you can have nothing of them!"

    After a while he manages to find another boar, but that one was smaller. He killed it by stabbing with a branch of a tree like if it was a spear and wrapped in a rope.

    "Stupid Thunderlions, always getting the fatter ones...."

    He walked home grumbling about Thunderlions he looks at the horizon and see the sea and his coast town of Mians as the sun is almost set. The blue light of the night and the yellow night of the day were in perfect harmony as the stars were decorating the sky with their blight.

    "What perfection. It almost like a painting...Well, that's enough for a day so let's-"

    Then he is ambushed from behing by someone. It was a child about his age that leaped on his back and bit his neck. He was tackled and knocked down to the ground but his reaction was calm but confused.

    "...Did someone just bit my neck?" He thought to himself as that situation was sudden and confusing.

    "....Oh man. I did it again!" The figure spoken with a feminine voice.

    "What did you do again?" He responded with curiosity.

    "Well you see....Huh?!" Surprised by the boy's response, the figure is astonished. The boy them looked behind and he saw a girl with a long fluffy hair with a frivalous black dress. Her hair was dark purple like a twilight sky. Her eyes were crimsom red and she had two visible fangs.

    "W-Why aren't you dead?!" She responded in fear.

    "I don't know. Why should I be dead."

    "Because I sucked all your blood. That's why!" She responded with anger.

    "I guess you didn't sucked all of it."

    "But that only means....Eeeek!"

    The girl started to curl in a ball and covers his eyes.

    "Please don't kill me...I didn't knew you were a Werewolf! Corvus! Wagner! Help!"

    "....No I'm not."


    The boy extended his hand to the girl.

    "Can you extend. I wouldn't harm you."

    "You won't?"

    "Sure. After all I don't think I can do much against a vampire."

    Without a second thought the girl picked his hand and he helped her. She then averted her eyes and blushed.


    "What's the matter?"

    "It just...It's the first time someone offered to help me by extending a hand. It's kinda embarassing."

    "Well, usually no one would offer a hand to a vampire, but I am not usual."

    "I can see that. You aren't human are you?"

    "...Not quite."

    He then showed her his right eye. It was red just like her's.

    "Your eye....Are you by any chance...A Hybrid?!" She responded with awe.

    "Yeah. My mother was a vampire like you."

    "I-I don't believe it. It's my first time seeing one."

    "...You don't hate me, do you?"

    "W-Well...I just met you and all that so...I still need to judge properly."

    "Good. I was afraid you would try to kill me at the first time you confirmed it."

    "I think some would do that. Yes."

    "By the way, I'm Johnnathan. Johnnathan Highlander."

    "...Evelyne Lecardre."

    "Okay then. Bye."

    Johnnathan resumed his way home.


    Evelyne grabbed his arm.

    "Huh? What now?"

    "Will you just leave like this? Aren't you worried that I might tell someone about you?"

    "That's a good point. But I don't think there is much I can do about it."

    "...So how about this. You don't tell anyone about me and I don't tell anyone about you. How does that sound?"

    " Sure. Why not? I mean, we are just one Hybrid and a Vampire anyway."

    "Great. I am more comfortable that way....Well....Bye!"

    She transformed into a bat and flied away.

    "And there she goes.....She was very cute."

    Johnnathan then walks away with the boar.

    "....Oh shit. Should had fished a trout."
    Original Stories:
    Four Swords
    Hybrid Reboot.

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    Default Re: Hybrid- Reboot Version.

    Prologue part 2.

    The next day. It was not a day too much different for young Johnnathan. His father went to work as usual just before noon. He went to the forest in the mountains again. Those mountains were like the garden of his house. He knew every corner, every tree, every cave. He ventured through the mountains for most of his life. But today he somehow felt curious about what would happen on his stoll across the mountains today. It was in the middle of afternoon and as usual the sky was filled with mist that came from the north where the sun didn't shined as much as it does. It gave the enviroment somehow a balance of light and darkness.

    "....The same mountains as always." He talked to himself as he looked around.

    He eventually arrived at a pond around some trees. He hoped there would be a game to catch, but it was empty.

    "Nothing, huh?"

    He closed his eyes and thought of the unusual event that happened yesterday.

    "Urgh. Wake up Johnnathan. She will not appear again." He murmured to himself.

    When he turned back he heard the sounds of steps on leaves.

    "Steps? Who would be all the way here? It's one surprise after another."

    He turned away and followed the sound.

    "Come to think of it, those steps are so weird. Almost like if it was...."

    When he peeked behind a tree he saw Evelyne dancing around with a smile on her face.

    "...A dance."

    Evelyne was dancing with a smile on her face doind spins and jumps like a ballerina. With a final jump she landed perfectly on his feet.

    "And done!" She shouted to herself as Johnnathan silently watched. Shortly after she notices him close and looks at him with an embarassed expression. Johnnathan also with a similar expression turns away and slowly walks far from her as if he saw nothing of it.

    "W-Wait!" Shouted Evelyne as she quickly stood in front of him.

    "D-Don't walk away like you saw nothing!"

    "S-Sorry. I just thought you would prefer that nodody was watching it."

    "There is no way I could get comfortable after someone watched me dance."

    "I see....Hey. How are you here anyway? Is still daylight."

    "Uh....The fog and the mist kinda protects me from sunlight. Also I'm a higher ranking vampire."

    "I should have figured it out."

    "There is a lot we don't know at each other, huh?"

    "We just met yesterday. If you want we can know each other better."

    "Ah! No! I'm pretty sure you have better things to do."

    "No...I'm actually not."

    "Weeell....I think it would be a good opportunity to know a Hybrid better."

    "And I'm totally open to know anyone else better."

    The two of them sat next to the pond facing the body of water. Evelyne was sitting by laying her knees on the grass like a proper lady.

    "Sooo....how do we start this?" She gave the first word.

    "I think it would be better if I started."

    "Well, if you insist."

    "So I live here with my father. He is always travelling so I am most of the time alone."

    "That's kind of sad."

    "I'm already used to it. At least he always bring me a souvenir."

    "What does he do anyway?"

    "Promise you wouldn't freak out."


    "He is a Vampire Hunter working for the Empire."

    "....Thanks for the heads-up."

    "You reacted better than I expected."

    "But what about your mom? She is a vampire, right?"

    "Oh. She is dead."

    "...You said that so casually."

    "I am often casual to crazy situations when they are used to it. Maybe it's because I am a half-breed freak."

    "By the way...you don't really strike me as what I heard about Hybrids."

    "What do you mean?"

    "For Vampires, a Hybrid is seen the same as the Grim Reaper itself. Most call them Anti-Vampires because of their higher ammount of Magic."

    "I am like that as well."

    He covers his hand with a black aura and forms a small black flame.

    "That's...Dark Magic, huh?"

    "Are you scared?"

    "No. Not at all. But is there anyone else who knows about?"

    "Nope. If a Vampire have that view of a Hybrid, a Human may be more hostile. In fact no one in Mians knew about my mother."

    "So how did you even went outside?"

    "First, me and my father live on a big house right here in the mountains. It's only a few dozen meters from the town. And also everytime we go to town, I wear a Mirage Ring."

    "A Mirage Ring? Those are pretty rare."

    "My father has connections. And mine is pretty cheap. It only change my eye colour. My mother had to use a more advanced one. And she couldn't leave at very sunny days as well."

    "What was her rank anyway?"

    "She was Higher. In fact, she was a Red Sword."

    "A Red Sword?! Are you sure you should been telling me this?!"

    "You said you wouldn't tell anyone about me, right?"

    "Yeah, I said that. But a Red Sword....That's the Elite of the Vampire kin that only allows 10 of them enter. What was her name?"

    "Ruby Scarlet. And she was quite the monster when she acted the responsible mother. Haha!"

    "I feel I heard this name somewhere."

    "I also have an older brother. His name is Drake."

    "Oh. And he is not living with you."

    "Yeah. He went to adventure the world 2 years ago. He was sixteen at the time so my dad allowed it. What he didn't knew is that he would become a pirate. Man he was pissed."

    "A pirate named Drake....Isn't him the Black Demon?!"

    "Oh. That's what his wanted poster said it."

    "You are the Black Demon's brother...Now you actually look more scary. He once took down a Higher Vampire one of these days."

    "Well, he took that after dad. I wouldn't be surprised if he would take on the Vampire King itself."

    "I can confirm whatever rumour you heard of my father is true. He will certainly have a bad time even if he was a Hybrid."

    "...Did you say Father?"

    "Yeah, what about it?"

    "You are the Vampire King's daughter?! Now you are the one scarier between us two!"

    "Huh?! I thought you figured out when I said my surname was Lecardre. My father's full name is Vladmir Lecardre you know.

    "That's the thing. Most people refer to him only as Vampire King."

    "Oh. I forgot this detail. And here I thought you didn't minded that I was his daughter yesterday."

    "N-No. I still see you as the same girl that attacked me from behind yesterday. Don't worry."

    "That's....kind of a relief."

    "Anyway....what does the Vampire Princess and daughter of one of the 3 Dark Lords doing here anyway?"

    "You see...My brother is planning some personal stuff and he made me and my siblings do some errands. I am here to collect some mushrooms by the way. I don't know what they are for. Besides I'm no big deal. I am actually the Second Princess and the Seventh Child of his anyway."


    "Yeah. I have six older siblings and a younger brother, making us eight altogether."

    "W-Wow. I always thought you vampires had a hard time to reproduce in the normal way. It is uncommon for a vampire woman to give more than two children."

    "Maybe it's the fact my father used to have four wives."


    "Yeah. You might don't know, but some Werewolves once attacked Hollowgrounds out of nowhere. My mother and all the others except for the first wife died on it."

    "Damn! How long was that?"

    "4 years ago. I never get how they arrived on a foggy island filled with vampires, but...It's all in the past now."

    "That is certainly not like anything I ever heard about it."

    "At least Queen Topazia, the first wife, is a surprisingly kind mother to all of us even if we do not share the same blood. Strangely enough she was not like that at all before that day. Maybe she took pity on all of us to have lose our mothers. She is still a bit hard on Corvus, but it's just because he is a troublemaker."


    "That's my elder brother. He is the First Prince and the next in line to the throne. He certainly don't act like one. He is a rebel that always break the rules. I never will know what happens inside that head of his."

    "Sounds like a pain in the ass."

    "That's about right. But that's part of his charismatic attitude. No matter what, me and my siblings all admire him in a way. In fact, a handful of vampires are more supportive of him than father. But honestly, between the two of them, none of them is better than my big brother."

    "Which one?"

    "The one that is also son of my mother, Wagner. All the ladies dreams of become his bride someday. Surely the most popular man in Hollowgrounds to the point that they wish he becomes King instead of Corvus. And he is only the Third Prince."

    "So there is another one older than him?"

    "Yes. Magnus, the Deathbringer."

    "What the bloody hell is that super cheesy epithet?"

    "It gives him no justice. That guy is big as those moutains. He could tear like a bear in half with those arms of his."

    "Come to think of it I had heard stories of a walking boulder fighting alongside the vampires."

    "Those three were know for fighting in the Crusades. Corvus was in all of them actually."

    "Only those three?"

    "Yes. I do have two other older brothers. Specter, the Second Prince and Lex, the Fourth Prince. Specter is Corvus' blood brother while Lex is Magnus's. The former is more like a scholar than a fighter while the other never had the chance of fighting despite being very violent."

    "So vampires have those kind as well."

    "And lastly, there is the First Princess and the fourth of father's children, Carol. She is a scary woman but she can very nice. She helps me get dressed, brush my hair and all that sister stuff. And now there her younger brother, Miller, who is also my younger brother so I try to do my best as an older sister since we are kind of similar.

    "How similar."

    "You see, like me he also has those impulses of attacking without thinking like yesterday."

    "Oh....I see."

    "It's kind of a bother. Vampires have to do those kind of things with discretion."

    "Speaking of which, aren't you thirsty? You can take a bite if you want?"

    "Huh? N-N-No! I could never!"

    "Ah come on..."

    He the offers his arm to her.

    "You can bite from here. I have been doing this for my mother when she was alive."

    "Oh...If you say so.."

    She then picks his arm and bites right where the vein was exposed. Johnnathan seemed to be unharmed by that.

    "Hmmm....Your blood is delicious, Johnnathan."

    "You can call me Johnny for short."

    "Then call me Eve. That's how my siblings call me."

    "Alright, Eve."

    Shortly after, Evelyne finishes sucking his arm.

    "Wow....This blood has a strong flavor that I almost feel dizzy."

    "We kind have this effect on vampires."

    "I guess...people like you could bring more good than harm for me."

    "My mother always said to be nice to girls."

    "Heehee. Mine said to be thankful when a gentleman is being nice to me."


    A Blue Bull Frog appears from the pond.

    "Ah! Blue Bull Frog!" She shouted in happiness as she catched and started to pet it.

    "You like those kind of animals?"

    "Uh-huh! I used to have a frog as a pet. Well, actually it was my brother's but he letted me take care of it. He never told me what happened to it."

    "Yeah. Bastard said it to me he ran away, but...I can't believe in everything he says." Said an unknown voice from behind them.

    "Huh? C-Corvus!" Shouted Evelyne as she turned back and say a vampire with a jet-black jacket spotting a dark gray hair that was spiked from behind but with maroon bangs on the front.

    "Now what a surprise..." Said Corvus when he holded Johnnathan by the neck.


    "J-Johnny!" Screamed Evelyne.

    "So your name Johnny? May I call you Johnny-Boy? How is that my sister didn't killed you already?"

    "Stop Corvus. He is not a snack! We were becoming friends!"

    "Friends? With a human?"

    "I..I..." Johnnathan was struggling to talk.

    "Huh? What is it, kid?"

    "I'm...Not really human..."


    Raven then looked at Johnnathan's eyes and spotted the unusual red eye.

    "Oh...I see....Interesting."

    He then released Johnnathan from his clutches.

    "Hahaha! Sorry about that kid."

    Corvus pat his head with a smirk on his face. Angrily, Johnnathan slaps his hand away,

    "You're an asshole."

    "Ack! Johnny, you shouldn't-"

    "Nah. That's okay. I'll take as an compliment." Said Corvus with a devilish smile.

    "You weren't around so I came to look after you. I mean it would be real bad if Father got suspicious."

    "I'm sorry." Said an apologetic Evelyne. "I'll be back as soon as possible."

    "No, that's okay." Said Corvus. "I'll cover for you. After all you aren't too far away from Hollowgrounds. Besides Father is still sleeping. See you soon!"

    He turns into a bat and flied to the north.

    "Well, that was close." Said Evelyne.

    "I still do not like him." Said Johnnathan.

    "Anyway Johnny....Thanks for everything. It's not everytime I make a new friend."

    "The pleasure was all mine. Eve, your attitude gives me a lot of inspiration."

    "Heehee. Now you are being lame."

    "Hey! Do you wanna try to steal some Dodiche's eggs? It would be great!

    "That sounds dangerous and not responsible at all....I'm in!"

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    Default Re: Hybrid- Reboot Version.

    Prologue part 3.

    North of Mians, way across the sea there was an island always surrounded by fog, hidden from the eyes of the world. In that island there was a forest where the trees had an unusual shade of dark in their green leaves. And on the center of that forest was what could be called the most sad and miserable place of all the world, Hollowgrounds.

    Hollowgrounds was a city like many others. Houses like many others, streets like many others, but except there was a very thick and fortified wall surrounding it like if it was a prison. In the center of the city there was a large spooky castle. That castle was only the tip of the iceberg because deep down an entire citadel was located. Several towers annexed to the castle's base. Ironically that's where the vampires of higher ranks where located it. The lower and most common ones lived as sentinels inside the walls that surrounded the city.

    The humans living in the city where either kidnapped living there against their will or either descedants from previous kidnappeds from the past. They were all slaves to satisfy their master's thirst. If was certainly the closest place to be called a Hell.

    A single bat approached the castle and entered an open window. That bat turned into Evelyne and in the room she arrived there was nothing much, but only an empty coffin, a table and two chairs. It was her room.

    "No one here. Good." Said Evelyne to herself.

    She gently opened her door and peeked around the hallway.

    "No one is around here too."

    She left her room and gave it a few steps out.

    "Hello, Evelyne."

    A intimidating man with a long black hair dressed in dark noble clothes suddenly appears behind her.


    He puts his hand above her head and lifts her whole body with it.

    "I'll cut the chase here. I decided to came check you earlier because suddenly I noticed something different on you."

    "Whatever you mean?"

    He passes his other hand around her hair and finds a feather sticked on her.

    "Let's see....Dodiche. Black and White plumes...From Mians...."

    "I-I can explain..."

    "Let me explain Father." Said Corvus who just put his hand over his father's right shoulder.

    "I wanted Eve to do a little errand for me over that place. And as a the good girl she is, she couldn't just say no. You understand, right?"

    Vladmir deeply gazed into Corvus' eyes.

    "...You sent your twelve-years old sister all the way to Mians in the territory of the Blitzreign Empire for an errand?"

    "...Does that sounds too unlike me?"

    "...No. It doesn't."

    He gently puts down Evelyne.

    "By the way." Said Corvus. "Did you see Wagner? I need him to do an errand to me now."

    "...He is on the city. Checking on the tributes." Said Vladmir as he starts leavign the scene.

    "And Corvus....Don't ever sneak behind me again." Said Vladmir as he disappears as a bat.

    "Thanks, Corvus." Said Evelyne.

    "I just hope you had fun. If it's nothing much could you meet me at that spot in the Dark Forest?"

    "Sure Corvus! I owe you that least."

    "Thanks." Corvus leaves the castle as a bat.

    On the city's streets, a vampire with short black hair and an attractive face alongside three other vampires was checking on a group of humans in front of him with a chart on his hand.


    For a while he stops checking it and looks at them.


    He disappears in plain sight and re-appears behind a woman in the middle of them and knocks her out with a strike in the neck. The humans get frenzied by that act but they still remain intact. After a whole check-up he knocks out another one, this time a man.

    "Take the female to Nicodemos Tower and the male to the Castle. Everyone else is free to go!" Said him after handing over the chart to one of the vampires as they carry the unconscious humans.

    From a distance, a single female vampire with a short orange hair covering her head with a red hood watches him with a letter covered in a bloodstain. He is facing his back to her but he notices her.

    "I can smell the blood in that letter. Come on, you are a Higher Vampire. You can do it just like all the others." He murmured to himself.

    Then the woman advanced towards him.


    After hearing her say his name, he turns back and faces her.

    "I would like....to give this-"


    Another vampire woman appears and delivers a dropkick right into her face sending her away into a wall and later grabs her collar.

    "Back off of him you vixen! He is mine!" Screamed the attacking vampire.

    "Bring it on, bitch! Bring it on!" Shouted back the assaulted vampire as she pushed back away her assaulter and the two of them started to wrestle and maul each other.

    Wagner just standed there and watched uninterested as if it was nothing special. The other vampires starts to notice the ruckus.

    "Oh, jeez." Sighed one of them. "It's a Beta-8-Z, folks! Bring reinforcements!"

    "Well, hello there little brother." Said Corvus that just appeared next to him. "Is that another Beta-8-Z again? Is it like the third time this month?"

    "....Fourth." Said Wagner.

    "Hahahaha! And people say I make trouble. Anyway could you bring the rest of our siblings to that place in the Dark Forest?"

    "Sure, twist my arm. I am done it here."

    Wagner looks at the two humans being taken away by the vampires.

    "Tributes, huh?" Said Corvus as he puts his arms around Wagner's shoulders. "We start bleeding them at the age of 8. And when they reach 38, we execute them. Of course we don't let them know that. Ahaha."

    Wagner just silent watches it.

    "...Gosh. Bring me a smile or something." Said Corvus as he turns away.

    "You have been doing this job quite a lot don't you? It's take quite the determination to do a job no one wants to. Or is there is another motive for it?" Said Corvus as Wagner stills remains silent.

    "...Heh. I don't care anyway." Said Corvus as he turns into a bat and flies to the forest.

    Later on at an unespecified point in the forest, Corvus was sitting over a rock next to a bonfire. Shortly after he arrived, another vampire with glasses spotting a short shaggy straight hair approaches him.

    "You really don't waste time don't you?" Said the guest while he was adjusting his glasses. "I was expecting to be the first to arrive, but I didn't discard this possibility. Not that it matters since the others haven't arrived yet."

    "You reaaaally like to talk don't you, Specter." Said Raven.

    "I was merely pointing that you should manage your free time better."

    "I can say the same for you. You barely get out of the castle."

    "Unlike you, I do real progress with my time. In fact, I even speed up the process."

    A really large vampire with long white hair with a small one in his shoulders with a short black hair whose bangs covered his eyes drinking blood from a small bottle appears behind Specter.

    "Oh. You brought Magnus and Miller. Great. This will like speed up in like 50 percent or something." Said Corvus on a sarcastic tone.

    "We're here." Wagner appeared alongside Evelyne and two others. A vampire woman with a short green hair and a male vampire with a short silver hair.

    "Well met, Wagner. And you found Carol and Lex. Though I would expected you to be a little faster." Said Corvus.

    "That's because Lex refused to follow anyone besides you, Corvus." Said Wagner.

    "Hey! You don't need to mention that!" Said Lex angrily.

    "Gosh! Just know your place as our inferior, little brother." Said a smug Carol.

    "Do you wanna die or something?!" Shouted Lex.

    "We all know you can't kill me." Said Carol.

    "Enough you two!" Shouted Wagner and the two standed still.

    "Alright, alright. Now that the smoke has lifted how about you all take a seat...figuratively." Said Corvus as each of they sitted around the bonfire. Carol then looked at Evelyne's hair and got shocked.

    "Ah! Eve! Your hair....There are at least 30 strings missed from it. What happened!" Shouted Carol as she went closer to her sister and examined her closer.

    "I-Is that such a big of a deal?" Said Evelyne.

    "Of course it is! A woman should always take good care of her hair!" Said Carol.

    "Oh, I see. Just because you never had such a long and beautiful hair, you just wanna steal with from your own little sister, huh?" Said Lex.

    "I would never! That's it you are on my next-to-do list!" Shouted Carol at Lex.

    "Can we talk about a subject better than our little sister's hair that by the way it's really cute, darling? You know....Me." Said Corvus.

    "...I can't refuse that." Said Carol.

    "Very well. You see...I wanna kill our father. Who is with me?" Said Corvus. The rest of his siblings just stared at him in silence.

    "....What? Do you folks hate me so much?" Said Raven.

    "No. In fact if you wanna help me fight someone I'm in." Affirmed Lex.

    "Wow! You really are an idiot, huh? It's fitting of you to try to fight a battle you can't win." Said Carol.

    "It's only natural. Unlike the rest of us he was born as a Lower Vampire. Evelyne and Miller shows much bigger progress compared to him when he was on their ages." Said Wagner.

    "You...Bastard!" Screamed Lex as he jumped straight at Wagner with his sword in hand. Wagner remained calm and Magnus knocked Lex down to the ground with his bare hands. Carol laughed at his fallen brother.

    "Corvus." Said Wagner looking at Corvus' eyes. "This is just my personal opinion, but I don't think it's correct for a child to raise a sword against his own father. But considering the father in question is Father...I can support you on whatever you are planning as long as I am not the one who is gonna kill him."

    "Well, after hearing that, I don't see why not join the fray." Confirmed Carol.

    "Buuut...Can you really do Corvus?" Said a concerned Evelyne.

    "Weell....Care to explain Specter?" Said Corvus.

    "Allow me." Said Specter. "But before all else, let me ask something to Wagner. Let's say that the eight of us would face our father and his vampire army? Can we win?"

    "...Of course not." Said Wagner. "Corvus may be able to best Father in a fair fight, but he could only guarantee a certain victory if Magnus would assist him. In other words that leaves Me, Carol, Lex and you against the rest of the vampires. And of course I do not approve of Eve and Miller being part of this."

    "Then why the hell did you agreed on this, asshole?" Said Lex.

    "Because I was hoping that they might have sort of plan...Like a trump card." Said Wagner.

    "As a matter of fact I do." Said Specter. "What if I said that I found a way to not only boost our strenght from one day to the other, but also give a significant adavantage over the enemy?"

    "Then in theory it could work." Said Wagner. "It takes quite the time to a vampire to grow stronger than they currently are. It would take Corvus about another 100 years to surpass father as he currently is, but I cannot say the same to father after a century. But if the gap would be filled that fast then it would certainly give us victory."

    "Kehehehe...You two are totally stealing my spotlight, you know that?" Said Corvus.

    "I don't really know the details, but....You are planning to make us stronger, right?" Said Lex.

    "...That's precisely what I have in mind, yes." Said Specter. "Specifically speaking, it would turn you mightier than a Higher Vampire, Lex."

    "Really? Awesome!"

    "Ugh. You being hyped by such a petty thing? Disgusting." Said Carol.

    "It doesn't seem to be a petty subjective, Carol." Affirmed Evelyne.

    "Hah! Even Eve is on my side now!"

    "Do you guys remember the items I asked you to retrieve for us?" Said Specter. "Those will all play a big part on the schemes."

    "Oh. Those. Why did you needed a Salamander's Gut anyway? Those were a pain in the butt." Said Carol.

    "Too much complex to explain. All I can say is that it will be ready in....4 days." Said Specter.

    "Well, 4 days it is! Any more questions?" Said Corvus.

    "....Can I go home now? I'm thirsty." Said Miller.

    "Miller, you are always thirsty." Said Carol.

    "I guess that settles it. Everyone, fly away!" Said Corvus who just turned into a bat and left the forest alongside his other siblings except for Wagner and Evelyne.

    "Something the matter, Eve?"

    "It just....all this sounds too much for me."

    "Don't worry." Said Wagner putting his hand over her head.

    "Just leave to your older siblings. All you have to do is look after your little brother."



    "Honestly, I would rather fight alongside you all than have to look after Miller all day."

    "Oh....Well then. Just try to remain close to me or Carol then."

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    Prologue part 4.


    Another morning rose on Mians as the sun shined the sky and the waters. Mians was the location that was the closest to the sea in the Blitzreign Empire. Shipping goods was the main focus of work in the area as well as receiving goods from other places across the globe. And behind the town there were the mountains where a single large house could be seen from a distance. It was the Highlander House and Johnnathan's home. His room was at the second floor of the house right next to his father's room and right in front of where it used to be his brother's room.

    Johnnathan woke up at the usual time. The sunlight hit his face and he slowly opened his eyes. He got of his bed, stretched his arms and changed his clothes. He went down to the kitchen and picked a milk galloon and drank straight from it. He saw from the window in the kitchen and saw a man swinging a crimson scythe around.

    "Hmm....Father's at it again." Said Johnnathan to himself as he putted down the mik and started making a cup of coffee.

    Meanwhile in the lawn, Johnnathan's father, Alex Highlander, finished swinging his scythe around. He tired himself and was breathing hard.

    "Huff...Huff....That's enough." Said Alex while dropping his scythe and brushing his face with a towel. He turned back and saw Johnnathan sitting on the slope with a cup of coffee in his hand and he points at a cup sitting next to him. Alex goes there and picks the coffee, sitting next to him.

    "Thanks, son." Said Alex.

    "It's probably tasting bad so don't go thanking me yet."

    "Bah! Nonsense."

    He takes a sip of the coffee.

    "...Yeah. Tastes bad." Said Alex.

    "Told you so."

    "At least you can't be worse than your mother. She always would put a whole cup of sugar on it. Heh. She was adorable."

    "Never trust your coffee to a vampire. Even if they are your spouse."

    Then Alex notices something on Johnnathan's clothes.

    "What is this?" Said Alex as he picked a hair string from Johnnathan's shirt.

    "Is this a string of hair?"

    "Ah! T-That's..."

    "If it is then it's the prettiest one I see. It's so shiny and colorful. Whonever you took this might use a lot of shampoo like a girl or something...Oh....Ohohoho! Are youngsters nowadays meeting in secret in the woods this soon? Gosh, times are changing. I never knew you were the flirting time."

    "It's not like that!"

    "Come on, tell your old man! I bet it's Elma's granddaughter. You may don't know, but everytime we go to her shop, she looks at you when you aren't facing her and never stops staring until you leave. Who knew you two would hook it up together?"

    "Okay, first that is creepy and I would rather not knowing about that and second I am not seeing any girl from Mians, okay?!"

    "Oh. Does that implies it's a girl NOT from Mians?"

    "W-Well...I mean...What I wanted to say is....Ark! I give! Yeah! I'm seeing a girl! But we are just friends, okay?

    "Hmmmm....How does she look like?"

    "She....Is beautiful...Like a butterfly made of amethyst."

    "...Did you just heard what you said it? It's almost like you were talking about a Goddess. I'll be damned. My little beast is in love."

    "I just find her cute, okay? It's not like anything will happen between us."

    "Yeah. I didn't think something would happen between me and your mother, but look where I am now. Talking to my Human-Vampire-Hybrid son talking like an everyday twelve-year old would talk to his pops. But what I am most curious is where did this damsel came from. The closest city from Mians is the very own capital, Nova. And that's like kilometers from here. And even she came from one of those nearby farms....What is her name anyway?"


    "Oh. I see. Diminutive for Evelyne or something. Can I meet her?"

    "N-No! She is...Shy. Like veeeery shy"

    "Nothing screams of pure young love louder than a shy cute girl. I wish I had your kind of experience, son. Very well, I will not meddle anymore. I don't know who is this Eve, but...she does sounds like the girl of your dreams."

    "Jeez, dad. You are making me embarassed."

    "Well, anyway I'm gonna do a skip to town. I'll be back in a minute."

    "Uh, before that...Can I say something?"


    "When I see you swinging your scythe....It always felt that it disappeared for a second. As if it just became part of your body and you sliced with an invisible blade of wind, but....Now your movements are a bit slower. Are you feeling well?"

    "Humans tends to get weaker when they get into half of their lifetime. It's natural."

    "I see. Take care."

    Johnnathan went inside his house and Alex went his way to the town.

    "I wish you could see him now, Ruby."

    Later Alex arrived on Mians and went to a Grocerry Shop where a girl with a short black hair with a bang covering her blue eyes was brushing the floor with a broom. In the balcony a elderly woman was arranging some boxes.

    "Hi, Elma." Greeted Alex to the old woman.

    "Hello to you too, Alex."

    "I want some tea leaves and peaches. To Johnnathan."

    He hands over a few copper coins and went to pick his stuff.

    "By the way, Alex. I have something for you." Said Elma.

    "What is it?" Responded Alex.

    "This!" Elma put on the table a large bag of gold coins.

    "Woah! That's a lot of gold pieces. Is this from the last shipping?"

    "Sure. Ever since your patronage, we have been growing quite a lot. I must say it was quite generous for sharing most of your earning with us. Speaking of which, there are others who is owning you quite a bit, like my younger brother at the fishery."

    "Yeah. This is quite good. Better than I expected. I guess with this, I can finally retire."

    "You? Retire?"

    "Yes. I want to spend more time with my son. I can finally open that Pawn Shop I planned."

    "The Red Demon actually becoming a Pawn Shop owner. Who would believe that?"

    "It was suposse to happen sooner or later. To be fair...I am not so cut for hunting vampires as I was years ago."

    "Does that involves those wounds you took in Ceranze you took almost 2 decades ago."

    "Pretty much. I guess losing half of my stomach and a strap of my intestines does comes to bite you later in your life."

    "You have the devil's own luck. But it's pretty good you plan to become closer to your son. Too bad I cannot say the same for your firstborn. Can you believe that boy?"

    She picks a piece of paper and shows the drawing of a man with a short slicked back black hair. There it said "Black Demon Drake. Reward: 300 Pieces of Silver."

    "Urgh. I still don't get it where I went wrong." Said Alex in a disappointing tone. "And they even call him Black Demon. It even say here he managed to kill a Higher Vampire."

    "At least it's a similarity to his father."

    "Now changing the subject, do you wanna hear a gossip?"

    "Oooh. The Red Demon gossiping? I am interested."

    "Look at this."

    He shows up the string of hair he took from Johnnathan.

    "A string of hair?" Said Elma.

    "My son Johnnathan...Has been seeing a girl lately."

    "Grrrrr!!!" Grunted the girl cleaning the floor that overheard and grasped the broom so hard that it almost broke it.

    "Alma?" Said Elma.

    "....It's nothing." She returned to clean the floor as if she did hear nothing with a gloomy expression.

    "Aaaanyway, that's quite bold of gossiping about your own son." Said Elma. "Aaaah, the young scent of young love. Have I ever told what kind of beauty I was at my youth?"

    "Yeah, like a thousand times." Said Alex.

    "So...Who is the lucky gal? I already know it's not Alma."

    "Grrrr....." Alma grunted in silence.

    "It's some girl from out of town named Eve."

    "Is that a diminutive for Evelyne?"

    "Seems likely."

    "Hmm....But it is weird."

    "Yeah. I mean coming all the way here for one boy?"

    "No. It's just....This hair don't look normal. It's so colorful and shiny....And the smell is alos unusual...It's almost don't even human. Props to the lady who took care of it."

    "Is that so? Say Elma."


    "You told me you knew about Ruby's secret after she died. And you never said anything. Why was that?"

    "...You and Ruby were good people. That's all there is to it."

    "I see. I guess I owe you more than I gave it, huh?"

    "Oh don't sweat it. We are pretty much partners. And by the way Alex, I almost forgot it. A letter from a messenger of the empire came for you."

    She gave it a letter with an imperial symbol. Alex immediately opened it.

    "What does those imperial pain in the asses wants with me this time?" Said Alex as he read the letter. "...A Summit....With King Stewart of Drakland...Oh come on! Why do they need me there?!"

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    Prologue part 5.

    At the end of the afternoon, Corvus was sitting on the top of the castle looking the skies covered in the whiteness of the fog. He then looks down below to the city and see it almost devoid of people. He spot a little girl struggling to walk all far up there. Her arms were filled with holes with a bit of fresh blood leaking out of her arm.

    "Might be her first time, huh?" He said it to himself. "I can't see her eyes. What sort of reflections are they showing? Fear? Sadness? Despair? Or maybe....Hate? Should I go see it for myself? No. I would scare her and the expression will go away."

    "Have you even rested?" Said Specter who appeared right behind him with his arms crossed behind his back. "It's not good for your mental health for staying up so late."

    "Brother....You should know I am not mentally healthy." Said Corvus with a grin on his face.

    "That's exactly my point. When we begin your life-changing plan it would be ideal for you to be mentally ready."

    "Give me a break will you. I went to my coffin earlier today."

    "If you say that. What are you looking at anyway?"

    "I was just looking how miserable and pathetic those humans down there are. How I wished they could be more than they look. I know deep inside each of them want to unleash all their hatred on us."

    "In other words, you feel so much pity on them that you wish to help them, right?"

    "You could say that, yes."

    "By the way, about the plan...I do have a little suggestion."

    "What is it?"

    "A certain event is about to happen and I would like to take advantage of it and postpone a little bit."

    "Oh? Details."

    "Blitzreign called Drakland for a summit meeting. It regards of course us."

    "A summit?"

    "Yes. And as you know it will take place on neutral territory. In Zaratraz."

    "...If we advance at the usual pace they would know about it, right?"


    "But if we start at the day of the meeting, we could went there after we finish here and....Isn't Zaratraz that place know for having a prison from people from all over the world?"

    "Pretty much."

    "...This is getting interesting." Said Corvus with a devilish face.

    Niight-time at Johnnathan's house, he was laying on his bed reading a book titled "Charlotte" on the cover that he seemed to be enjoying.

    "Hehe....Hahahaha! He starts to laugh as he finishes the book. "Hahaha....Wow. He actually died. Sad."

    He tosses the book away the landed perfectly on the bookshelf. He lays his head on the pillow and gazes on the ceiling.

    "That was bittersweet at best, I guess." He said to himself. "Speaking of which, Eve didn't appeared today...Oh well."

    The he hears a noise coming from his window. He went there to investigate and opens the window, but he see nothing only the mountains at night.

    "Huh. Might had heard things-"

    "Yo!" Shouted Evelyne who appeared upside down right in front of him.

    "Gyaaaaaaargh!" Screamed Johnnthan as he jumped backside. Evelyne then entered his room.

    "So this is your room, huh?" Said Evelyne. "It certainly more lively then my own. Ahaha!"

    "Johnny?" Shouted Alex outside as he knocked the door. "Is it something the matter in there?"

    "N-Nothing!" Shouted Johnnathan as he picked Evelyne and kept her inside his wardrobe. "It just a mouse!

    "...You are afraid of mouses now?" Said Alex.

    "I thought it was a creepy bat, but everything is under control."

    "Oh. Alright then. Just try to get rid of it without harming it. I have a soft spots for those little guys."

    "I'll try."

    Alex went away and Johnnathan went to the wardrobe. He opens and he is greeted with a fist to the face.


    "This is for calling me a mouse and then a creepy bat!"

    "Sure. Next time I say a Vampire Princess came to my room. Anyway, why are you here."

    "Well, I was passing through and I thought, why don't visit my dear friend Johnnathan?"

    "You were passing through? Is it another request from your crazy brother?"

    "You see....I came here of my own will. I kinda been feeling very lonely as of lately."

    "You have like 7 siblings and yet you are lonely. Jeez, being a vampire isn't easy, huh?"

    "It sure isn't it."

    She then looks around and spots his bed.

    "So Johnny....Can I rest on your bed?"

    "Fine. Be my guest."

    She then sit on the bed and later she lays her whole body on it.

    "Oh boy! This is so good!"

    "You never layed on a bed before?"

    "Nope. I only slept in a coffin up until now."

    "Now that you mention it, my mother kept a coffin around here to sleep during the day. She said that you should only sleep out of a coffin with someone you trust besides you or something like that."

    "I am curious about how did your mother, a Red Sword, even came across this situation."

    "It's a long story."

    "And what are those?"

    She went over the bookshelf.

    "Books?" She said.

    "Yes. I spend my free time reading those when I am not strolling in the mountais."

    "But...there are so few."

    "Few? I still didn't read half of them."

    "Huh?! How long do you take for reading a book?"

    "I don't know. An avarage one takes me a week."

    "A week?! Are you illiterate or something? A book like this I read in a matter of minutes."

    "Oh? Ah. I see. Yeah, my mom taught me that."

    "Taught what?"

    "How to read like vampires do. Turns out with practice I can read the words at the same avarage speed if I try hard, but I do prefer to do slowly as possible."

    "Sounds boring. Isn't learning more enjoyable when it is quick and efficient?"

    "Huuuh...those aren't for study. They are all story books. They are for entertaining."

    "Entertaining? Ah! I heard of those kind. Can I see one?"

    "I don't see why not? Any interest?"

    "Let's see...How about this one? Charlotte, right?"

    She picked the book titled Charlotte that Johnnathan was reading before.

    "Oh. I just finished that."

    "Alright. Let's see..."

    Evelyne starts to pass through all the pages by wasting no more than 3 seconds each. For reading a word and processing the information on a vampire's mind was an easy and fast feat.

    "I see..." Evelyne talked to herself while concentrating on the book. "Oh....Ah....Oh my....What?...But...." She keeps murmuring to herself as she reads each page. Soon she finishes it.

    "So?" Said Johnnathan.

    "...Sniff....Sniff..." Evelyne covered her eyes with her palm and she starts crying. "Booohoooooo!!!"

    "W-What's the matter?" Said Johnnathan.

    "All that he wanted was for her to love him back and...She never had the courage to accept him! Like he meant nothing to her! After everythig he done! And then he commits suicide! That damn stupid Charlotte! Waaaaaa!!!"

    "S-Settle down! My father is gonna hear it!"

    "S-Sorry. It just....It was so unfair. I expected a happy ending after following their journey but now I feel so betrayed. How is this entertaining anyway? Is that how humans really feels? They are such small and yet beautiful creatures. How long I spend reading this?"

    "Around 10 minutes."

    "Oh my. It felt like I stayed a whole week reading this. We do not have books like those in Hollowgrounds."

    "It was a similar experience with my mother. This book was the first story my mother read."

    "Is that so?"

    "And she cried just like you did. But she was way more extreme. She only stopped after my dad holded her in his arms for almost a whole night. Good for him that he did had a break the next day."

    "Teehee! I believe the scene was funny."

    "I wasn't born yet. Drake was still an infant at the time."

    "You know, your mother almost sounds like mine. You see, my mother was originally a human."

    "Does this means she was kidnapped?"

    "You could say that. Of all my father's mistresses, she was the only one not born a vampire. Because of that you could say she had some...Human charm as we could say. People say that me and Wagner as her children had that charm passed on us."

    "That might explain why you aren't being so hostile."

    "You could say that....But you see Johnnathan....The reason why I came here is because there are some developments set to happen."

    "That sounds shady."

    "Everything is shady in there. And because of that...Things are about to get busy next week. So....I really had the urge to see you as much as possible. So if isn't a burden, wouldn't you mind if I came here everyday for a while?"

    "Well, sure. No one really come here a lot anyway."

    "Ah! Thanks! I really was afraid of being inconvenient."

    "Lady, I compete with Thunderlions for the biggest boars, you can't be more inconvenient than them."

    "Well, that's settle it! Do you wanna do something tomorrow?"

    "I was thinking of fishing on a river nearby."

    "Sounds lovely! I will be there! 4 at afternoon?"

    "It's about the right time, yes."

    "Good! Now if isn't much...." She starts to drool. "Can I have a tiny little bit of blood?"

    "....Sure." He exposes his arm and Evelyne digs right into it.

    "Hmmm.....Delish! Thanks, Johnny!" Said Evelyne as she turns into a bat and leaves. Johnnathan looks as she flies away until she is out of his sight and he stares at his bed.

    "...A girl....actually layed on my bed....I am never cleaning that."

    Later at Hollowgrounds, Evelyne arrived at her room. She then sat on the chair and took time to meditate. Then she puts her hands over her head pulling her hair and plants her face on the table in shame.

    "Oh my sweet grandmother! I....I just went inside a boy's room....And layed on his bed....Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"

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    Prologue part 6.

    Another afternoon in Mians and Johnnathan was once again in the mountains. As usual the skies were clouded with not much sunlight. Johnnathan was roasting a whole boar in a skewer above a fireplace next to a body of water. Next to him there was another dead boar. Evelyne was with him, sitting on a rock and reading a book. The two of them have been meeting each other these past few days frequently.

    "Hmm...." She murmured while being focused and reading the book as the same way as the previous one. In a matter of minutes she finishes and slowly shed tears.

    "So this is poetry..." She speaked to herself. "To think one could express themselves like that and send those feeling with only words...Such a masterpiece...sniff..."

    "You really need to get out more." Said Johnnathan as he finished to roast the boar. He picked a wodden stick and pierced it taking a small chunk of meat to eat.

    "Uh, Johnnathan?" Said Evelyne. "Don't you feel bad eating that?"

    "The boar saw it coming! It was either me or those Thunderlions!" Said Johnnathan.

    "No, it just...Eating a flesh of an animal is kind of gross."

    "Maybe if it was raw, but that's why we often cook them."

    "Yeah, but....it's an animal that rolls in their own dirty and feces."

    "I think those are pigs. What are you even...Oh. I got it. Since you are a vampire, I guess you don't get about what eating is all about isn't it?"

    "...Not with munching."

    "Yeah, right. You never asks a human where did he passed through before bitting their necks do you?"

    "I'll let you know that the blood I drink is carefully selected."

    "I don't remember being selected when we first met."

    "W-Well...You see....Argh! Forget it! I just think swallowing meat down your throat is nasty!

    "Fine. Whatever."

    "...Do you hate me? For bitting other people?"

    "Let's just say I do not find cool. I may be half-vampire, but I was raised as a human. But I guess if the only way for me to survive is to bite other people to the death....Who am I to judge?"

    "...How did your mother held against the thirst anyway?"

    "Me and Drake took care of that. The hard part was when Drake wasn't around. My father had to fill her in."

    "I see. Your father must have a lot of stamina power, huh?"

    "Yeah, it's a miracle he is still alive."

    Johnnathan then starts to devour the whole boar like a wild animal while Evelyne watches it silently with her cheek resting on her palm.

    "He is savage like a vampire. But he still looks so cute while eating it." She thought to herself with a smile on her face.

    After a while he finishes the whole boar.

    "That one sure hit the spot. Usually those stupid oversized cats take the best ones but I'm glad you could helped me with it, Eve." Said Johnnathan.

    "I'm glad I could be useful."

    "And on top of that I have another whole boar to give to father. Today was a good day."

    "...Johnny. Do you think....I'm evil?"

    "Where did tha came from?"

    "It's just...When you said you were raised as a human I thought...maybe you resent me somehow?"

    "...That's stupid."


    "Basically you said that because you are a vampire, then I may find you bad? Of course not. I mean, my mother was a vampire. You should blame someone based on their birthplace or race. Also, I wouldn't bother myself in hanging around with you if I found you bad, would I?"

    "Is that so? Then....Can I drink a little bit from your bloood?" She asked drooling and with her eyes sparkling. "Pretty pleaaaase?"

    "Huuuh....Sure. Here, heve my arm."

    "Actually...Can I drink from your neck?"


    "Yeah. You see....Blood tastes a lot better when you drink from the carotidy."

    "I-I see...Mother said something like that once. Well, I guess I must thank you somehow for the boars so..." Johnnathan exposes his neck by disclosing his collar of his shirt."Go ahead, I guess."

    "Alright." Said Evelyne as she approaches him and stare at his neck.

    "....Are you waiting something." Said Johnnathan with a nervous tone.

    "I-I just need to make sure you aren't harmed." Said Evelyne also with a nervous tone.

    She puts her hands over his shoulder and slowly delivers her bite.

    "Uuuurg....Come on Johnnathan keep yourself together." Thought Johnnathan as he was trying to compose himself. "She has done this before, it just right now she is right in front of you and you can feel her torso touching your's's. Try to not hug her!"

    "Oh man. I actually did it! What have I done?" Thought Evelyne while sucking his neck. "I can feel his body heat coming through my chest. I really should stop it now, but....I sooo want to him to hold me in his arms right now....I can't take it much longer!"

    After a while Evelyne stops sucking his neck and the two of them took a deep breath.

    "Sorry." Said Evelyne. "I guess I got carried away."

    "It's...It's okay." Said Johnnathan as he falls to the grass.

    "Ah! Are you alright?!" Shouted Evelyne.

    "I'm fine. It's just...I need to rest a bit. And besides, it's time."

    "Time for what?"


    Johnnathan pointed to the sky. It was beggining to dusk.

    "The sky..." Said Evelyne looking skyward.

    "I like to lay on the ground and see the night rise."

    "Really? Me too. But it's hard to do in Hollowgrounds."

    "Wanna see it together? Right now."

    "O-Oh! Sure."

    She then lay down on the grass right next to Johnnathan. Soon the stars starts to pop out one after the other.

    "Why do you like to do this, Johnnathan?"

    "The last time I saw my mother, it was a sky just like this. It's feel like...she is still nearby."

    "Is that so?"

    "And it gives that sensation of a day, either good or bad, is about to end. And that a new dawn is about to unfold."


    "I wonder if somewhere Drake is seeing the same skies...Probably not. He is not the type to pay attention to details like these."

    "...Say. If somehow I were to disappear the next day...Would you be sad?"

    "Honestly, yes. Ever since I met you...these mountains had become so much better. It's like it became a new place to discover."

    "I....I'm glad you think that."

    "You know, its kind of crazy. How an unexpected thing can happen in your life....And....Yaaawn....Change so much...."

    "Yeah, it is kinda of....Johnnathan?"

    She checks Johnnathan and sees that he fall asleep.

    "Oh. I think I really did drank too much." Said Evelyne as she looked closer to him.

    Johnnathan was asleep right in front of her. She looks at his face and notices his mouth a little open. Captivated, she closes her eyes and slowly approaches her lips into his mouth. As she gets closer, she slowly opens her mouth ready for a kiss.

    But as soon as she was a inch away from do it, she stops and open her eyes. She sheds a little bit of tears and kiss his cheek instead.


    She turns into a bat and flies away. When the place was clear, Alex appears wearing a red coat and a hat with a long and large suitcase with him looking at where Evelyne as a bat went to.

    "I knew it." Said Alex to himself. "I never thought you would meet a vampire other than your mother this soon, son."

    He gets on one knee and looks at his son, asleep.

    "But I must say...children nowadays are growing so fast. I really thought there would be your first kiss right now."

    Alex looks at the sky, slowly turning into the night.

    "I guess like Father like Son. Don't you think, so? Ruby?"
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    Prologue part 7.


    Back in Hollowgrounds Castle, Corvus and his siblings outside of Specter and Evelyne were waiting inside Specter's room. The room was filled with bookshelves, a set of glasses with strange liquids inside alongside an aquarium with a weird fish with three eyes.

    "....I don't want to be here." Said Carol with a frightful tone.

    "Ah come on. You can't be afraid of this." Said Lex as he approaches the fish and it scares Lex by opening it's huge mouth. "Kyaaaaaa!" He jumps at Carol's arms.

    "Ohohoho! How cute of a weak little brother to run over his big sister arms when in danger." Said Carol.

    "S-Shut up!"

    "Anyway..." Said Wagner. "Where is Eve and Specter?"

    "Specter told me about the possibility of he not being around." Said Corvus while looking at a white folder and a black letter in the desk. Looking at that he remembered a conversation he had with Specter yesterday.

    "What do you mean by that?" Said Corvus to Specter yesterday.

    "I am just saying that...in the slightest possibility I can't make it before you and all the other six of us....You take a look inside this folder. And...if it's sucessfull...You read this letter. Simple as that."

    "Yeah. I am not an idiot."

    "Well, do I don't need to worry about anything. Heehehe...."

    Back to the present, A bat came inside Specter's room and it turned out to be Evelyne.

    "Sorry guys. I'm late." Said her.

    "That's very unlike you." Said Wagner as he noticed a bit of blood in her lips.

    "Oh? Is that blood?" Said Carol in curiosity. "Poor thing. You were that thirsty."

    "About that." Said Wagner as he tasted it. "This tastes more vampire than human."

    "What?!" Shouted Carol. "E-Eve, you....There is a guy you like?!"

    "Uh...It's not like that." Said Evelyne.

    "Meh. Whatever. Since we are gonna kill everyone here, it shouldn't matter anyway." Said Corvus as he grabbed the folders and went to Specter's coffin.

    "What about Specter?" Said Wagner.

    "He said that we could start without him." Said Corvus as he opened the coffin and pressed a small switch inside it. A door opened from both sides inside the coffin.

    "Shall we?" Said Corvus as they descended a stair to a secret laboratory.

    "Okay, how did Specter build this in the castle without anyone knowing?" Said Carol.

    "He is a mad scientist. That's what they do." Said Corvus as he stops to look at a coffin-like pod in the center of six other similar pods. On top of the pod in the center, there was a glass cylinder with a strange black liquid.

    "Seven of them...What's the meaning of this?" Said Corvus as he take a look at the notes in the folder he took from Specter that he reads in an instant. "I see...Very well. Let's start."

    "Without Specter?" Said Wagner.

    "If he did not considerated coming here at the time he himself said it, then why should we wait for him?" Said Corvus as he was manipulating the machinery.

    "Corvus Lecardre! Stop this right now!" Shouted a woman with blond hair and a black bat-shaped mask covering her eyes.

    "...Couldn't you knock the door, mother?" Said Corvus as he was still facing his back at her and ignoring her while make some adjustments on the pods.

    "You do know the door is all the way up there, right?" Said Wagner in the sidelines.

    "You're welcome Wagner. By the way why does the mighty Queen Topazia wants with us anyway?" Said Corvus in a sarcastic tone.

    "Stop you, of course!" Said Topazia in an irritated tone. "I heard everything you know. I was there in the Dark Forest when I heard about your ploys. Honestly, this is the most I would expect of you, son. But dragging your siblings into this is crossing the line!"

    "Crossing the line you say? Funny you say that." Said Corvus. "Is there anything wrong in killing my father? I wouldn't be the first one who wanted my father dead. Isn't our story based on betrayals and backstabing?"

    "Your father done the impossible to make sure none of this would ever happen again! And now you want to shred all order he impossed!" Said Topazia. "I even had to get rid of Specter to stop this."

    W-What?!" Shouted Evelyne. "You killed Specter?! Your own son?!"

    "...Well, I would be lying if I said I would miss him." Said Lex.

    "For the first time I agree with you, Lex." Said Carol.

    "Guys. It was our brother..." Said Evelyne in a sad tone.

    "So you killed Specter. I suspected as much something like that happened. And now that you are here how do you intend to stop me?" Said Corvus.

    "I will use force as well if necessary. But I really do wish to not take another son of mine's life."

    "You do realize you are outnumbered, do you?"

    "I trust that your siblings would never harm me!"

    "She has a point, Corvus." Said Carol. "I know I agreed on all this, but I am not in the mood of killing her."

    "Yeah, man. She is kinda nice." Said Lex.

    "...Kehehe...Kaaahahahahaha!" Corvus laughed.

    "What's so funny?" Said Topazia.

    "You went all about how father worked on ensuring order and all that stuff, but he didn't really do a good job." Said Corvus as he picked a vial of blood from his shirt pocket.

    "Miller! Catch it!" Corvus toss at Miller and he catches it like a dog and drinks the blood.

    "What are you playing now, Corvus?" Said Topazia.

    "Didn't you knew that Miller can look at the memories in the blood of the ones he drinks?" Said Corvus.

    "Huh?! It's the first I heard of that!"

    "Yeah, I might had hidden this from you and dad."

    "....Oh." Said Miller after drinking the blood. "So that's how it is, huh?"

    "What?" Asked Topazia.

    "This blood....Is from a Werewolf." Said Miller showing one of his eyes behind his bangs with a white tone on it.

    "Ah!" Gasped Topazia. "Don't tell me..."

    "A werewolf....from that day. Where we all lost our mothers."

    "Huh?! You mean..." Said Evelyne. "But what does all that have to do with..."

    "Stop!" Shouted Topazia. "Please Miller, I beg of you! Don't tell them..."

    "That you were the mastermind behind that tragedy, mother?" Said Corvus that sent a chill down on everyone's spines after that statement.

    "...How?" Said Wagner in disbelief. "How did she did it?"

    "Apparently she smuggled them alongside some slaves." Said Miller. "She is the one that is in charge of them, right?"

    "In other words she took advantage of her position and brought them inside our territory." Said Wagner. "But I don't get it why did they cooperated."

    "The Werewolves were like hired assassins. Mother offered them land and resources if they killed some very specific targets that night." Said Corvus.

    "But hold on...My mother...Our mothers...They all died that night. Just....Why did they had to die..." Said Carol in a sad tone.

    "Did you missed the part of specific targets brother said it, sister?" Said Miller. "Our mothers....Were the targets all along."

    "Huh?" Said Lex. "Even....Mine? Why?"

    "Because she was jealous." Said Corvus. "She might be the first wife and Queen, but as the time passed, father always favored the other three. I mean you seen what those girls do for Wagner, right?"

    "It's....It's not true." Said a desperated Topazia. "It's a lie...I would never..."

    "Please tell me it's not." Said Evelyne, crying next to her.

    "Please....Say something...Try to defend yourself...Tell me it's not true..."

    "Eve....I....I'm sorry." Responded Topazia as she removes her mask revealing her eyes tearing.

    "There are things that even I am not proud of it. I just couldn't stand anymore. How could I, The Queen, be treated like that. Being putted away like a discarded object. Diamanta, Ametista, Opala...All of them received better treatment than me. No one could say I was the first wife anymore...I had...To get rid of them." Finished Topazia.

    "Why?" Asked Evelyne on the verge of tears."Why are you saying those things?"

    "Because...I just can't lie to you. You don't deserve this, my little moth." Replied Topazia.

    Uuuugh....Waaaaaaa!" Cried Evelyne who kneeled and planted her face on the floor.

    "Eve...I am so sorry...." Said Topazia as she went to comfort her, but Evelyne pushed her back by slashing her with her fingernails, scratching her face.

    "Ah! Evelyne! Said a scared Topazia.

    "Stay away from me! You Murderer!" Shouted Evelyne with her eyes filled with anger and tears.

    "That's enough." Said Wagner pulling Evelyne away as he approached Topazia with a rapier in hand alongside Magnus with a sword of his own and Carol who had two daggers in her hands crying a river of tears.

    "Let me at her as well!" Shouted Lex.

    "Give it up." Said Miller drinking a bottle of blood. "I know how you feel brother, but this is something we should let our older siblings take care of it. Besides a Lower Vampire like you can't do jack against her anyway."

    "This is the only time I let you speak to me like this pipsqueak." Replied Lex.

    "Now then...Shall we do this? Carol? Magnus?" Said Wagner as he pointed his blade right into Topazia's chest.

    "W-Wait!" Pleaded Topazia. "Please, don't do this! Wasn't I a good mother?! I took you all as if you were my own children!"

    "Well that's a problem. After all, wasn't Specter a son of yours?" Said Wagner.

    "T-That..." Replied Topazia, crying in desperation.

    "Any last words?" Said Wagner.

    "...I loved you all." Said Topazia closing her eyes.

    "...I wish I could say the same." Responded Wagner as he thrust his rapier into her heart and Magnus and Carol starts to stab the rest of her body before she could even scream. Evelyne turned away from the scene while Corvus and the rest watched indifferent. After a while, her whole body disappears in ashes.

    The three of them steps away from where she died and Wagner approaches Corvus.

    "Can we begin?" Said Wagner.

    "Just a second. I just watched my mother being annihilated to the death by my half-siblings, so I need time to compose myself....Yeah, it passed. Let's do this."

    Corvus begins to finish the preparations and the pods all open. Corvus went to the middle and the rest of them went to the remaining one. But before they enter, Corvus picks the letter Specter left and reads it.

    "......I see."

    Corvus shreds the letter to pieces and went inside the pod. Wagner was looking at him before entering the pod and went inside. Suddenly the pods closes and the machinery is activated. The black liquid is slowly being absorved and lowers it's volume. Inside Corvus' pod, he notices a red spark being emmited from his body.

    "Oh....Oh! Oooooooh! Yes! Yeeees! It's working!" He shouted in ecstasy. After some time, all the pods released a red electric current and soon the machiney stops and the pods open it. Corvus and his siblings both exit their pods. Evelyne leaves a bit dizzy and gets on her knees.

    "Huff....Hufff...I'm tired." Said Evelyne.

    "Eve...How do you feel?" Said Corvus. "Anything different?"

    "Weeell...Ah!" Evelyne extends her arms and a red chain comes out of her palm scaring her.

    "What is this? Is it...part of me?" Said Evelyne.

    Corvus then pierced his heart with his hand, but instead of went through his body, it passed through a small red vortex on his chest. There he took out a jet black saber with the handle looking like the head of a raven.

    "...Nice job, Specter." Said Corvus in delight.

    "It seems it was a success after all, huh?" Said Wagner who appeared with blade-like claws in his nails alongside Carol who had a set of daggers in each hand and Lex with a long sword that looked like a shark's flipper.

    "I can feel it..." Said Lex. "With this...I feel like a Higher Vampire now!"

    "You are still under us in a hierarchy sense." Said Wagner.

    "We will see about that, brother." Responded Lex.

    "I know this is not the best time, but who is that guy?" Said Carol pointing at a small vampire with a spiky hair that looked like a bush with his eyes clear white.

    "Eeeeeeeeeee...." Murmured the small unknown creature.

    "I think that's Miller." Said Corvus.

    "He looks....different. Are you okay, Miller?" Said Carol in concern.

    Miller went to where his pod was and bited a large chunk of the machine and starts to eat it.

    "He is actually eating it. Like putting in his mouth and chomping it." Said Evelyne in awe.

    "It's more impressive the fact that he is eating something that wasn't supossed to be eaten instead of eating in general you know." Said Corvus.

    "So we can consume other things other than blood now? Sweet!" Said Carol. "What should we try? I always wanted to know if those deers we let the humans hunt ACTUALLY tastes good.

    "Most importantly, where is my brother?" Said Lex looking around.

    Then a humongous man wearing a black cylindrical helmet only showing two glowing red eyes appears before them and sits on the floor with his arms crossed.

    "...I guess that him." Said Evelyne.

    "Damn. I didn't thought he could get any bigger." Said Lex. "And...Is he sleeping?"

    "Specter predicted that his reaction would be a huge boost in his physical strenght." Said Corvus. "The drawback is that this much power is to be balanced somehow. He can only become active for a hour in a day."

    "Considering how big his strenght was in the past...I'm glad this handicap exists." Said Wagner.

    "Well then, let's now put the cards in the table, as they say." Said Corvus as he sits down on a piece of machiney laying around. "My brothers and sisters. Right now, life gave us a new beggining and we are now reborn anew. So because of that we do need new names now. From now on I am Corvus no more. I am now now Raven. And since I bestowed this new life on you, I shall also choose your new names. Nightmare. Noir. Moonlight. Blanc. Evening. And Chill...It's nice to meet you."

    "Okay." Said Noir. "....What now?"

    "First, we rebel against the one we called father." Said Raven. "And then we retaliate this boring chump of a world. Are you with me."

    "If it means we fight, then count me in." Said Blanc.

    "Very well....Moonlight!" Said Raven.

    "Yeah, Raven?"

    "We need new clothers as well."

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    Default Re: Hybrid- Reboot Version.

    Prologue Finale.

    Hollowgrounds was being consumed by flames. There was no human soul in there. Every vampire seemed to have disappeared.

    In the throne room, Raven was standing in front of his father who was gravely wounded, missing an arm and bleeding constantly while he was laying his back on a wall while sitting on the floor. Raven had a worn out black coat filled with holes and his entire attire was almost filled with holes. His face was filled with cuts that soon were being healed.

    "That's pretty good. I mean it wasn't that good, but not too bad either. It was definetly above avarage." Said Raven as he was removing fire from his coat. "Don't you have anything to say. You are pretty quiet."

    "...What do you want to hear it from me? For me to beg to mercy?" Said Vladmir in his last breath. "I have nothing worthy to say to you. Ungrateful child."

    "Ungratedful?" Asked Raven. "I do not remember anything worthy to be grateful to you as well. All I was to you was a tool for your own selfish desires. Such was the same for my other siblings."

    "...You're right." Said Vladmir.

    "Yeah, and...Wait." Said a confised Raven. "Did you just agreed with me?"

    "I always feared that the day were you would try to kill me. I just didn't predicted that would mess things this badly." Said Vladmir. "I just acted the way I did, because that how vampires are. Selfish creatures that only think for themselves. How many lives have we sacrificed just so we could live? No different than parasites. It had been like this ever since the end of the Immortals. And now....there you are changing things again. Maybe for the better or worse."

    "Well now that is a philosophical side of yours I never knew you had." Said Raven. "Well I don't care if it will be better or worse. All I care is how things will go my way. That's all."

    "Heh! So you are just a selfish jerk aftar all."

    "I try. Now if you excuse me I have a world to destroy it. And then put another one. Like putting a house down and building a way cooler house. And even put a casino inside."

    Raven turns away and walks outside.

    "I'll have you die a slow death, old timer. You won't give me the satisfaction of killing you with the look of despair so I'll just let you suffer as your empire crumbles away. Farewell." Said Raven.

    "...Raven, wasn't it?" Said Vladmir. "You will never win."

    "...What?" Said Raven as he stopped walking.

    "I don't know what you want exactly, but you will fail. I am not saying this to stop you. But I know already you will fail. When my mother failed her role I went to a different path from what she had intended. But I ended being a far bigger failure. And you...Your path is not that different from me. There will always something or someone to keep the order in this world in check. And a chaotic being like you will be stopped sooner or later....All that awaits in your path....Is Defeat."

    "....Thanks for the warning." Said Raven, facing his father a last time before fading away.

    As the time passes, the room starts to perish. The ceiling crumbles and a stone falls on the throne and destroys it.

    "...I never liked that chair." Said Vladmir as he hopeless stays fallen.

    Then some sort of image starts to appear in front of him. It was a foggy humanoid image that slowly took form.

    "Am I hallucinating?"

    Then the image came closer to him and it turned into a ghostly apparition of Topazia's that kneeled next to him.


    He extends his arms and Topazia holded his hand. Then Vladmir grabbed her hand with both of his hands.

    "So at the end you were the one I would think at last. It has been quite a lot of time ever since I was this happy in seeing you. As the time passed I stopped seeing you as a woman even when the other three perished. What I have done to you...You didn't deserved it. I hope we can be together somehow...My Queen."

    The floor starts to collapse and the whole room is destroyed. All of the Hollowgrounds is now reduced to ashes.

    In the next morning, at Mians. Alex woke up earlier to prepare himself for a trip. He wore his coat and hat and carried his large suitcase behind his back. When he went outside he saw Johnnathan in the yard looking to the morning sky.

    "Now this is a surprise." Said Alex. "You usually isn't this up."

    "Oh. Hi dad." Said Johnnathan in a melancholic tone.

    "What's the matter?"

    "It's just...I don't know."

    "Does it involves your not-girlfriend?"


    "It seemed to me you two were getting along well."

    "How do you possibly know that?"

    "Fatherly Instinct."

    "Well...we didn't fight or anything, but...I have this feeling...that I might never see her again."

    "...Heh. See? That's what happens when you don't leave the friendzone early."

    "It's not everyone that gets a wife in the first day like you dad."

    "It didn't exactly took a day, but I guess I did took the correct path early."

    "Whatever. You have a ship to take, right? You better hurry."

    "Alright then."

    Alex went to the gate of the house and opened it. He then looked back one last time and saw his son's sad face again.

    "...Damn, I got soft." He said to himself. "Johnny!"


    "Do you wanna come along?"

    Later at the town, Alex was walking alongside Johnnathan that had a backpack with him. Soon they come across Elma walking in the streets.

    "Oh my." Said Elma. "I wasn't expecting seeing little Johnny this early."

    "Yeah, I am taking him for a trip." Said Alex.

    "A trip? Don't you have a meeting in Zaratraz today?"

    "Yeah. I mean, if they are forcing me to go at least I could take my son to I don't know, eat some ice cream or something."

    "It was about time for you to take this boy for some fresh air."

    "The mountains have a lot of fresh air, miss Elma." Said Johnnathan.

    "But youngsters must expand their horizons while they are still young." Said Elma.

    "Like Drake?" Said Johnnathan.

    "Leave your brother out of this!" Shouted Elma.

    "Alright, alright. Johnny, the adults need to talk. Can you go to the docks ahead of me?"

    "Sure, dad."

    Johnnathan dashed ahead.

    "What do you wanna discuss it, Alex?"

    "I confirmed my suspicions. This girl Johnnathan has been seeing out is a vampire."

    "Oh. Have you looked at her."

    "Yeah. About the same age as him, I guess. Pretty cute as well. Possibly Higher."

    "I see. Well, Johnnathan is certainly safe. It's more difficult to a vampire to kill a Hybrid than a Werewolf as they say."

    "I don't know. Being close to a vampire is not really a good thing."

    "Never stopped you, didn't it?"

    "I guess. I mean, it was easier when Drake was born, but...It never ends well."

    "Nothing end well, Alex. Everything ends someday, sooner or later. So there is not a bad end or a good end. It just ends."

    "If my job taught me something is that vampires are very pitiful creatures. Ruby once said to me that an endless life is the same as an endless fight."

    "Makes you think if she went away satisfied don't you?"

    "Yeah. But anyway, I still wished she was still here...By the way Elma, can I ask you a favor?"


    "If something happens to me...take care of the house."

    "It's the least I could do."


    He waves goodbye and heads to the docks. After a while after boarding the ship, Johnnathan was at the deck looking at the waves of the ocean that passed through the ship's route.

    "Do you like the sea?" Said Alex who appeared behind him.

    "It's pretty nice." Said Johnnathan.

    "I always thought it was weird for someone living in a place next to the sea to spend most of his time in a mountain."

    "It's because our house is in the mountains...jackass."

    "It never prevented you to go to town you know."

    "I only have too little time to enjoy. I rather stay where is more calm."

    "Speaking like a teenager. The angst kind of one."

    "Changing the subject, why do you think Drake became a pirate?"

    "Beats me. That boy was always a trouble magnet."

    "And you? Why did you became a Hunter?"

    "I didn't choose because I wanted. I just happened to be pretty good at killing. That's all."

    "You sound like it's no big deal."

    "Because it really isn't it. By the eyes of the vampires I am just some sort of psychotic murderer. I guess even your mother would see it like that when you think about it. But then again, it was because of them that I became what I am today."

    "Do you regert it after everything?"

    "Of course not. It's not everytime one is a father of a Hybrid. Two even."

    "...One day...I'll have a ship of my own."

    "And what you are gonna do with that."

    "I'll go wherever I want to go."

    "...Just don't get yourself roped with trouble like your brother."


    A sound of something splashing on the water sounds next to them.

    "Hey!" A voice of a girl came from below the ship. There what seems to be a girl with a short sea green hair in twintail style that also had red fish fins coming out of iti was floating in the sea.

    "Can any of you gentlemen tell me in which direction is Mians?" Said the girl. Johnnathan and Alex pointed at the direction they came without saying a word.

    "Thanks!" The girl happily swimmed at the direction they pointed and leaped into the sea revealing a fish tail for legs.

    "Was that..." Said Johnnathan.

    "Mermaid? Yeah. Pretty rare seeing one far away from the North Pole." Said Alex.

    "Will she be alright?"

    "Don't worry. She may be about your age, but she is a Sea's Ruler. And I guess she is a Shark as well."

    "A Shark?"

    "It's how they call those Mermaids that have one human parent. They tend to cover great distances at a young age. That's because they don't think twice in eating a sea creature on the way.

    "Have a human parent makes you do that?"

    "I mean, every thing in the sea eats everything smaller than them, but only the Sharks have the courage to do it for some reason."

    "So she is most likely a shark. I guess I can relate to her somehow."

    "She probably didn't spent most of her life in a mountain though."

    "Haha. Very funny." Said Johnnathan sarcastically.

    After a short trip, they arrive at Zaratraz. A fortified island with a whole city over it. It was a neutral territory that served as some sort of link between Blitzreign and Drakland. Everytime some sort of diplomatic meeting between the two nations this place is chosen for negotiations. It is also next to a prison tower where the worst criminals from all over the world goes.

    The ship arrived at the island's docks and Alex and Johnnathan unboarded it. The two of them walks across the streets filled with civilians and soldiers. A large tower could be seen at the distance connected by a bridge. It was the Black Gaol, the world's largest prison.

    "It sure is crowded here." Said Johnnathan.

    "Good part of them are merchants from Drakland and Blitzreign. This place also works as an outpost. They pass here and trade some stuff or sell it. Then go away. " Said Alex.

    "You sure know your stuff."

    "It's one of those things when you travel to place to place. Anyway, I am going alone from here. Here a little of pocket money. When I come back we go to Liampool for Lunch. How does that sounds?"

    "It's great! We should buy souveniers too!"

    "Right. Elma sure would love a clock. See ya, kid. Don't get in trouble."

    "Bye dad!"

    The father and son wave goodbyes to one another and Johnnathan went alone to a food stand.

    "Hmm...What does they sell here?" Said Johnnathan as he looked it up. It was crepes. He never had a crepe once. He paid for a Tuna Crepe. But before he could even bite a stray cat snatched away. He gets paralyzed by the disappointment and holds himself to not cry.

    "That was unlucky, huh?" Said a young woman behind him with her her face hidden by a hood covering her head and shoulders.

    "Here." She hands him a similar crepe to him.

    "Thanks lady! I will pay you back later."

    "No need for it." Said the young lady.

    As Johnnathan walks away enjoying his food, the woman gazes at him from afar and suddenly gets a weird look.

    "What is this weird vibe I am getting from that boy? And..." She looks far to the horizon. "What is this dark cloud approaching the city.

    Far away hidden in the clouds, a giant black flying with the figurehead of a dark bird was slowly approaching Zaratraz. It was Raven's ship, the Death Crow. Inside it was like a military base with hallways and numerous rooms. In one of those rooms there was Noir putting a silver gauntlet in his arm. He was wearing a dark blue shirt, black pants and a pair of boots. In his neck there was a purple scarf covering his mouth.

    "Hey brother, looking good!" Said Moonlight wearing a neon green dress reealing her left leg. "But then again, you would look good even dressed like a sloppy."

    "I have no interest in what other thinks." Said Noir still focused on his gauntlets.

    "Now, now. As the most perfect of us all, you have to care about your image." Said Moonlight.

    "That's why. I do not need to be reminded of that."

    "Well, aren't you modest. You see I took great pleasure in seeing you taking out all of those snakes that wanted to snatched you back in Hollowgrounds. Those dirty vampires should have know that you are just too good for any of them!"

    "Don't misunderstand. I just did what I did so you wouldn't discount your frustration on them."

    "Oh. How sweet! You were thinking of your little sister when you were killing them. I knew you cared."

    "Uhhh....Excuse me?" Said Evening who just appeared. "Raven is calling everybody."

    "Is he already done?" Said Noir. "It's already on time."

    "Things are about to get interesting. Aren't you excited Eve?" Said Carol.

    "Uh...Yeah, sure. Whatever." Said Evening in a hesitant tone.

    On the deck of the ship, Raven was alongside two regular vampires wearing red coats with hoods with the image of a black raven on the back. In front of him a human man was on his knees. He approaches the man and turns his right hand into a crimsom claw.

    "Tell me." Said Raven to the man. "What is your name?"

    "...Phil." Said the man. "At least that's what they told me."

    "I see..Welcome to the family, Phil!" He stabs him with his claw and Phil's skin starts to become pale and a coat magically appears around his body.

    "So then...Phil. How do you feel?" Said Raven.

    "How do I feel?" Said Phil while looking at the other vampires.

    "...I feel that guy over there is looking at me funny!" Shouted Phil before he leaped through the other two and started to fight one another.

    "Maaan. Look at them go. Daddy is proud of you all!" Said Raven.

    "When it was me, I would get scolded at the next second" Said Blanc who appeared wearing a white jacket and a black shirt. "Anyway, any idea how you are gonna control all those misfits?"

    "Do not worry. Since my blood are now infecting them, it will be a walk in the park to hold those dogs on a leash." Said Raven.

    "But didn't you always said that you should do whatever the hell you want or something?" Said Noir who arrived alongside Evening and Moonlight.

    "Aha! Well, I did say that. But you see I am not really forcing anyone here, honestly. All I did was put a bit of influence into their soul. They can still act on their own will. But since they are a bit part "me" then I have certain privileges above them."

    "So if someone betrays you it's like betraying themselves. Is that what you said it?"

    "Pretty much. But you see...I wouldn't trust myself at a certain degree. Anyway what about Nightmare and Chill?"

    "Nightmare was sleeping and Chill was....munching his helmet for some reason."

    "I see. Let leave those two be. Moonlight, could you look for Zaratraz."

    "Anything for you, Raven." Moonlight picked a small telescope between her bosom and looked it up. "I can see it....About 20 or so kilometers from here."

    "Your eyesight is way more amazing than before sister." Said Evelyne.

    "Alright then." Said Raven who snapped his fingers that called a pair of vampires carrying a giant black harpoon. "Tell me when we are about 10 or so kilometers."

    At Zaratraz, Alex went to a grand hall at the center of the city. There he climbed all the way to the top floor where he took a deep breath in front of a large door.

    "This might sounds weird coming from someone who lives in a mountain, but....I hate stairs." He enters the room and finds a long table. Also there were two other man dressed in noble clothes with one spotting a brown beard and a crown and the other long blond hair and a golden mask covering his eyes. They were the King of Drakland, King Stewart and the Emperor of Blitzreign, Emperor Lenard.

    "I was wondering if you actually would appear and I'm not gonna have to pull you by the hair, Alex." Said Lenard hostily toward Alex.

    "You never said that when I risked going to Circa or Mox to kill one or three Higher Vampires and sometimes a Chimera. How is it doing, Stewart?" Said Alex as he was sitting to a chair close to them.

    "Do not address me or Stewart so casually, Alex!" Said Lenard.

    "I do not mind, actually." Said Stewart.

    "Now then." Said Alex. "What is that you wish to discuss in particular, Lenard?"

    "Didn't you figured out already? If you are here then it couldn't be anything other than dealing with Vampires." Said Lenard.

    "Usually I am not called for a conference like this." Replied Alex.

    "Let's say I was thinking of a large scale operation here." Said Lenard. "And I would like Drakland to have an ear as well."

    "Interesting." Said Stewart. "What do you have in mind?"

    "An all-out assault on Hollowgrounds. Eliminate the vampires once and for all." Stated Lenard.

    "...Was that a joke, Lenard?" Said Alex. "I am not really laughing at it."

    "I expected this initial reaction, but hear me out." Said Lenard. "There is a reason why just now I proposed this just now. I already managed to develop enough military resource to crush them all. And with everyone's help our victory is next to certain I believe."

    "Sounds like you don't need me at all then." Said Alex. "After all, I am just one guy."

    "Your help is more then welcome." Said Lenard. "For things to go smoothly as possible, I request you to take command of the operation. Fight alongside our army as an acting general."

    "You know, most people would tell the details first." Said Alex. "What is this accomplishment you had anyway to say you found enough resources to wage war against them? Maybe you don't wanna ruin the surprise? Or maybe you fear that someone might steal it from you?"

    "Those are redundant details." Said Lenard. "What is it matter is that we can finally end this with one last crusade after 500 years. If you fear something about not having enough vampires to kill then do not be assured, because the reward will give you two lifetimes of a healthy and good life."

    "...Heh. What a waste." Said Alex as he lifted from his chair and grabbed his scythe. "I'm out of this Lenard."

    "What?" Replied a slightly annoying Lenard. "Do you have any idea what you are saying?"

    "Yes. After all I was thinking of retiring of this Vampire Hunting bussiness anyway." Said Alex as he was leaving the room. "Thanks for everything!"

    "Now wait just a second!" Said Lenard as he slammed the table with his fist. "Are you saying the Red Demon himself is quitting?! Are you nuts?!"

    "No." Replied Alex. "In fact I was never so sane in all my life. It's time to me to settle down and stay next to my son."

    "Oh? You have a son?" Said Stewart. "Who is the mother anyway?"

    "Don't change the subject, Stewart!" Shouted Lenard. "And what about it your late wife, Alex? Don't you feel a drop of revenge in your heart?"

    "The vampires that killed her are gone. I am satisfied." Said Alex. "By the way...You have been awfully quiet Stewart. Is there something you wanna share?"

    "....I received a word before leaving it." Said Stewart. "And I apparently you were already beaten to it."

    "Huh?" Said a confused Lenard.

    "Hollowgrounds is already destroyed. It seems that Vladmir's own children betrayed him and killed everyone." Said Stewart. "A group of refugees appeared in Drakland. Women and children. All the men were sired by Prince Corvus. Not only that, he destroyed the entire city and left in a black ship."

    "That's...Impossible." Said Lenard.

    "Come to think of it..." Thought Alex, "Johnny did say he had a feeling he would not see Evelyne ever again...Is this a coincidence?"

    "What are you thinking about it?" Said Stewart.

    "Nothing." Said Alex. "It just...If they aren't in Hollowgrounds anymore then they might be scattered around the world now, right? That just makes tracking them more troublesome."

    "My thoughts exactly." Said Stewart.

    "This can't get any worse." Said Lenard.

    "It is about to get worse!" Said Raven aboard on his ship far away from them with one of the harpoons in his hands.

    "....Why did you said that?" Asked Noir.

    "I was in the mood for some reason." Said Raven bending his body ready to toss the harpoon. "By the time I throw this, the age of the Old Vampires will end. And then a new age, cooler and smoothier will rise. The age of the Rogue Vampires!"

    He toss the harpoon and it flies straight at Zaratraz like a missile. Back at the hall, Alex senses a chilling sensation from behind and turns back.

    "What's the matter?" Said Stewart.

    Alex then opened his suitcase and took a retractable scythe. A harpoon comes piercing the wall and Alex deflects it upward.

    "What was that?!" Shouted Lenard.

    "It seemed like an attack." Said Stewart. "But I don't see any reason for that."

    "Could it be....Vampires?" Said Lenard.

    "Vampires don't act like that." Said Alex. "It's something else...or they have some other objective."

    Back at the Death Crow, Moonlight was seeing Zaratraz through her telescope.

    "So?" Said Raven. "Have I done great?"

    "Well.." Reolied Moonlight. "It seems for some reason the trajectory was redirectioned."

    "Is that so?" Said Raven. "Well then. How about we get this party started? Fellas..."

    With the snap of a finger, several Rogues appeared to the deck.

    "Let's do a prison break!" Said Raven who after the order pointed at Zaratraz and they all turned into black and red clouds of mist, flying all the way to Zaratraz.

    Back on the city, people have noticed the large harpoon that flew to the hall. Johnnathan was watching it as well.

    "What was that? A stunt?" Said Johnnathan while finishing his crepe. Then the mist clouds appeared and turned into Rogue Vampires that started to bite and kill the people before they could even be in panic.

    "Bloody hell! What are those?!" Shouted Johnnathan. "Vampires? They seem kinda off."

    One of the Rogues tried to sneak behid Johnnathan, but he quickly picks a shovel and smashes his face before he could get him, knocking it out cold.

    "...I am still pretty effective." Said Johnnathan as he sprint to the hall. "I need to find my father!"

    Meanwhile, Alex and the rest where travelling through an underground passage scouted by heavily armoured soldiers.

    "Damnit! I should have brought my own army!" Said Lenard. "I don't feel very safe being guarded by your men, King Stewart."

    "You are the one who didn't deployed soldiers in Zaratraz in the first place." Said Stewart. "And Zaratraz's soldiers are too busy outside as well."

    Then several Rogues appeared from behind. Alex reacted fast and already sliced one in half. One conjured a sword and atacked Alex.

    "Huh. That's new." Said Alex as he dodges it and sliced the Rogue in half and procceds by slicing the rest.

    "Well, technically he used to work for you, isn't Lenard?" Said Stewart.

    "And I hope he still do." Replied Lenard.

    "...That's odd." Said Alex as he see the Rogues still struggling to fight back. "Usually they all die with a wound like this. Are those really vampires?"

    "Yes and No." Said a voice coming right in front of them who was revealed to be Noir.

    "...That one looks different." Said Stewart.

    "The vampires you just saw are know as Rogue Vampires or just Rogues for short." Explained Noir as he summons his claws. "Vampires whose bodies were altered to harness more Dark Magic than what their bodies were limited to. Of course there are some undesired side-effects for the weak-willed. Such as the progressive loss of logic. Of course I am not one of those."

    "You..." Spoke Alex. "You must be the Harbinger of Disaster isn't it?"

    "You know me?"

    "Of course I do. The Third Prince, Wagner Lecardre is very well-know in the Vampire Hunting bussiness. I heard rumours that everytime you appeared, your victims would die so fast that they couldn't see you coming. As if a strike of bad luck caused a disaster fall upon them."

    "So that's the origin of that disgusting epithet, huh? I swear, humans always tend to exagerate when they faces against a force they cannot surpass. Oh well...I can already see by that giant gardening tool of yours that you might be the Red Demon, isn't it? Fancy seeing you here."

    "Honestly I do not believe it either."

    "Rumurs said that the blade of your scythe was bathed with so many vampire blood it gave a blood red colour to it. And I know bloodstains when I see one."

    "I feel like we are being ignored here, Lenard." Said Stewart.

    Honestly, I do not care about you two." Said Noir. "I merely came here because I found this secret route rather interesting. But you Red Demon....You do interest me!"

    Noir vanishes and appears right behind Alex to cut him with his claws, but he quickly ducks and pushes him back with a swing of his scythe.

    "Magnificient." Said Noir. "I made sure to make any noise, but you somehow noticed my presence."

    "Lenard...Stewart..." Said Alex. "You two go ahead. I'll deal with him."

    "Are you sure?" Said Stewart.

    "You two are easy targets for him." Said Alex. "Just tag along with your guards and go!"

    "Just for your informartion, I am not going ahead because you told me so." Said Lenard as he and Stewart went away.

    "Do you honestly believe out there is safe for them?" Said Noir.

    "There is no way I can fight against someone like you while protecting them."

    "Aren't you a selfish bastard."

    Back to the streets, the young woman that gave Johnnathan his crepe is fighting of the Rogues with a bow that didn't had strings, but it shot arrows made of a yellow light. Everytime an arrow hit a Rogues, their whole bodies were pierced like a large spear passing through them, killing it in the process.

    "Those vampires...Why they have so many malice and hate....than usual." Said the woman as a Rogue sneaked behind her.

    "Ah!" Shouted the woman as she was saved by Johnnathan who was passing through and hit the Rogue in the face with a shovel.

    "Now we are even!" Shouted Johnnathan as he kept going to the hall.

    "He took it down in one blow....I see boy. You are...."

    Back on the underground passage, Alex was fiercely fighting agaisnt Noir. He swung his scythe pushing back Noir as he was dodging the attacks.

    "Splendid, Red Demon!" Said Noir. "The way you move your weapon...It's like an extension of your own body."

    "My son says the same." Said Alex as he pushes back Noir with a strong swing.

    "You know, Red Demon." Said Noir. "I fought on the battlefield many times for centuries. I faced warriors like you, but you exceeds my expectations even with this new body of mine."

    "What do you mean by warriors like me?"

    "In general, I don't find humans interesting. But one time or the other I come across someone who actually have my attention. I am talking about those who honed his battle instincts to the point they can keep up with their enemies just by detecting their killing intent. You might have passed through of hardships, huh?"

    "Can't say I haven't."

    "A vampire would never reach that level like an human you know. It may took years for you, but a vampire may pass even a thousand of years without developing those said instincts. It's one of those privileges of the weak they talk about it."

    "And I believe you must a rare exception as well. You have those instincts as well, right?"

    "Yes. It took about 3 centuries."

    "Of all the vampires I faced...You are by far the most problematic."

    "That's a problem you know. I know of two others who are certainly more of a challenge."

    "Just my luck...But I don't intend to go down without a fight!"

    "Well said it!"

    Noir sprinted at Alex who had his scythe ready to attack, but suddenly Alex feels dizzy and started to cough up blood. That made Noir stops midway.

    "Urgh....Not now." Said Alex who was on his knees.

    "....I see." Said Noir who stopped and crossed his arms. "It's a pity."


    "It seems I was too late. I can see you are not in top position. You certainly aren't the same Red Demon from way back."

    "And why would you care?"

    "I told you I am unlike those savages vampires you are used to it. I refuse to kill someone who isn't healthy in the first place. A true combat must be fight with honor. That's just the way I am."

    "I was certainly not expecting to hear that from one of Vladmir's sons."

    "Say whatever you want. I already cut ties with him anyway. But it does give a bad taste in my mouth."

    "Whaaaaaat is going on here, little bro?" Said a voice from far away. It was Raven with his sword bathed in blood.

    "Now what do we have here?" Said Alex struggling with the pain.

    "Hmm? Why is that human there not dead yet?" Asked Raven.

    "I do not kill anyone that can't fight back." Responded Noir. "Even if it is The Red Demon."

    "The Red Demon you say?" Said Raven when he looked at Alex grasping his scythe with a fierce look in his eyes. "Oh well..."

    Raven turns into mist and teleports himsef in front of Alex, kicking him in the face and sending him flying towards a wall.

    "What the hell?" Said Raven as he grabbed Alex by the neck. "Is he really the Red Demon?"

    "I wouldn't lie to you, would I brother?" Said Noir.

    "Brother?" Said Alex. "Are you...Prince Corvus by any chance?"

    "You heard about me, huh?" Said Raven as he drops down Alex.

    "You....Magnus...And Wagner." Said Alex. "You three are often know as the most know vampires in the records...Magnus, The Unstoppable. Wagner, The Harbinger of Disaster. And finally you, The Crow Prince. Cough!"

    "....Pfft! KAHAHAHAHAHA!" Raven laughed hysterically. "Is that how they actually call us? We should get out more. And here I thought Deathbringer was a cheesy epithet. But honestly well thought on mine's. It was...actually pretty clever."

    "What are you doing here anyway?"

    "Oh, nothing much. It just....you guys have a lot of people stuck on that tower over there and I thought maybe I could use them somehow?"

    "The prison....You don't mean...."

    "Yes! I thought that maybe I could help with the rehabilitation. That sort of stuff."

    "How many people do you think you have sired, damnit?"

    "Hey, I need to start my world changing plans somewhere. But speaking of which...You don't look so well aren't you?"

    "So what if I am not?"

    "You know, ever since I heard about you I dreamed of fighting you once. But now I can see that you suffered terrible wounds to the point you look crippled compared from what I heard. Hell, from what I heard you could easily be a Hybrid, but it's a sweet surprise you are a human. So what do you say?"

    He turns his arm into a crimsom coloured claw.

    "Wanna join my pirate crew? We could use a guy like you. You would become a fine Rogue." Said Raven.

    "...Hahaha....So funny. I can't think of any alternative here. I'm so desperate that I'm laughing." Said Alex.

    "I am not forcing you or anything. You know I can be quite nice. For example I just passed through Lenard and Stewart in the way and I just killed one of them. Because I really wanted one of them to tell the story."

    "...It was Lenard?"

    "As a matter of fact, yes."

    "Awesome. Hated that guy."

    "So...what is your answer?"

    "You know....I have a son, you see....Two, in fact. I really...wish that neither of them saw me as a vampire."

    "Hmm....You seem pretty chilled about it. Aren't you afraid on letting them alone in this cruel world?"

    "They are tough....I guess....They are tougher than me."

    Alex then looks at Raven with a smug in his face.

    "So go ahead and kill me already, you bastard!"

    "Well said it!"

    Raven pierces Alex's body with his claw and drains all of his blood making his body slowly turning blue.

    "Urgh....This is....Not that painful at all..." Thought Alex. "Did you...suffered like this as well....Ruby...."

    Alex then closes his eyes and dies.

    "So that's how the Red Demon ends."

    "The Red Demon ended years ago, I'm afraid."

    On the way back, Johnnathan was on the underground passage following the way his father passed.

    "Let's see...father wasn't up there so he might be around...huh?

    From a far distance he saw his father's corpse.


    Then he looked more far and saw Raven facing the opposite direction with his hand filled with blood. At that moment Johnnathan knew what happened. He killed his father. His eyes turned ominous and his face was stern and serious. A dark aura covered his body as he slowly approached him.

    On the way he picked up his father's scythe and jumped to strike Raven with a swing of it, but at the last moment Raven was able to hold the scythe's blade with his bare hand. He turned away and looked at Johnnathan.

    "Oh? It's you."

    Raven then sliced Johnnathan with no hesitation. Johnnathan fell unconscious.

    "A Hybrid boy? Do you know him?" Said Noir.

    "Somehow. It's a long story."

    "I didn't even see him coming. Hybrids are still a threat it seems."

    "It wouldn't be fun if it was easy, right?"

    "Anyway, why was he here in the first place?"

    Raven looked at Alex one more time.

    "...I think I might know."

    The two of them leaves the scene. After a while Evening appeared and saw Johnnathan laying around.

    "Ah! Johnny!"

    She rushes to his side turned him over. She cut her palm and dropped blood on Johnnathan's mouth.

    "Come on! Come on!"

    She puts her ear on his chest and starts hearing his heartbeats.

    "Ah! Good. He is okay."

    She then hugs him putting his head on her chest.

    "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

    She cries a little bit and kisses his forehead. After putting him down she leaves. A while later Johnnathan wakes up.

    "Urgh...What happened."

    He then see his father laying next to him.

    "Oh....That's right."

    He then struggles to get up and leaves the place. He looks back to his father again dead on the floor.

    "Why are you smiling old man?"

    He reaches the end of the tunnel and arrives on the city. It was all ruins. The sun was setting and the twilight sky arrived. Johnnathan sat on a pile of rubble and looked at the sky as he slowly cried.


    He gets frustrated and curls on a ball.

    "Kid?"An anthropomorphic bird with red feathers and brown panties adress him."Are you alone?"

    "There is certainly no one else here, right?"

    "Clever point."

    "Why is there is an Acquilla here? Are you on an errand?"

    "You could say that. Where are you from, kid?"


    "Want to me to take you there. I hope you aren't afraid of heights."

    "No. I have no relatives anyway...Well, there is this brother of mine who is kind of infamous."

    "Brother...Infamous...Mians....Boy, are you Johnnathan Highlander by any chanche?"

    "How do you know that?"

    "Your brother, Drake Highlander is my captain."

    "You what?!"

    "Wanna me to take to your brother? My name is Shadewing by the way."

    He extends his arm to him and Johnnathan then reaches his hand.

    "....Ouch! The talons!"

    "Oops. Sorry."


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    Default Re: Hybrid- Reboot Version.

    Chapter 1: Red Beast.


    It was a stormy sky at the middle of the ocean. The raindrops were falling like bullets and the winds were crazy. There was a large black fortress in the water, sturdy as a rock. It was a prison ruled by Rogues. The prisoners all humans, innocents or nots. All kept there for tributes. Tributes of a lifetime of servituse.

    Inside the bastille, there were countless cells. In one of them, two prisoners, one a man sitting on the corner with a chilling expression and a desperate young woman sitting on the other corner were engaging on a conversation.

    "How many days has it been?" Said the woman. "How long has it been since we came here?"

    "Beats me." Said the man. "But soon, this will be irrelevant."


    "Everyone here will become a Rogue Vampire. The concept of time will not exist and our previous lives lost forever in the past."

    "No....No! No! No! I don't wanna! When is this gonna happen?!"

    "When Admiral Raven desires it. It might be today. Or tomorrow. You should already accepted your fate."

    "No...Please no..."

    The woman starts to cry. Soon, the bars on the cells are all cut out of nowhere.

    "What?" Said the man who saw the figure of a male figure with a red jacket and two black sabers on each hand with one of them resting on his shoulders. He had a short brown hair and his right eye was red. He wore a white shirt and blue bants with black boots.

    "Who are you?" Said the prisoner. "You aren't one of them."

    "...I'm Johnnathan Highlander. The Red Beast."

    "T-The Red Beast?!" Shouted the woman. "That Pirate with a 100 Pieces of Gold for his head?!"

    "...Yeah, that's about it." Said Johnnathan as he went to the right direction. "Anyway the left is clear for now. There is a ship waiting it if you two are interested."

    Johnnathan then leaves the two behind. The man then starts going to the left as Johnnathan suggested.

    "Where are you going?"

    "Getting out of here?"

    "But...It's probably a Pirate Ship."

    "Yeah? Better than here, right?"

    "...Solid Logic."

    The two of them got out of their cell and heads out. On the way, Johnnathan finds more and more cells with more people trapped inside that he free by cutting the bars with ease.

    "Well that's might be about it." Said Johnnathan. "Now to ensure all goes according to plan..."

    At the center of the prison, several Rogues were discussing with each other.

    "Have anyone seen news from Johnson? He was supossed to get the chips. We are chipless!"

    "Isn't he on guard duty at the West Wing?"

    "But it was supossed to have ended 10 minutes ago."

    "Maybe someone need to look after him-"

    One of them is cut in four pieces in a single strike revealed to be Johnnathan who sneaked behind them.

    "What the?!"

    "He appeared out of nohwhere!"

    "Ah! Ghost!"

    "....Not quite." Said Johnnathan as he covers his swords in a dark aura.

    "A Hybrid?! Everyone take caution!"

    The Rogues summons swords and attacks Johnnathan in every direction, but he dodges and deflects all of the attacks, piercing his foes one by one in their vulnerable spots with his swords, turning them into dust.

    "...I guess that's it." Said Johnnathan as he sheats his swords. He tries to exits through where he came but suddenly stops.

    "Hold on...Neither one of them looked like a captain."

    Then another Rogue appeared by breaking through a wall carrying a large spear with him.

    "Oh? Spared me the time to find you." Said Johnnathan.

    "Are you the little runt that stole our treasure?!" Said the Captain.

    "I am a Pirate. It's what we do, right?"

    "Then I will take your life!"

    The Captain strikes with his spear that Johnnathan blocks with his swords.

    "Good luck with that." Responded Johnnathan as he pushes back the Captain.

    "Urgh! Lucky shot!"

    The Captain starts swinging his spear at Johnnathan, but Johnnathan manages to look after every single one of his attacks.

    "You pesky half-breed! Why don't you just stop and let me kill you since you aren't even trying?!"

    "...Alright. Fair enough."

    Johnnathan stops and cross his arms as the Captain swing his weapon at him, leaving a whole fissure where he attacked. But there was no one in the attack range.

    "Huh? Did I striked so hard that he turned into atomic dust?"

    "Nope." Said Johnnathan as he was standing on the spear with his arms bending the swords to his left. "You had lost. RED SPIRAL!"

    He shoots a black spiral beam from the swing of both his swords and totally pierces the Captain's head, turning him into ashes later.

    "Bah! These captains are all talk." Said Johnnathan that picked up a cigarette and a lighter. He tries to light it, but has difficulites. "Tch! Stupid rain. Why does it have to be so wet?!"

    "Here." Said a man that just appeared with a black and red flame coming out of his thumb. He had a black turban with a large cloth at the end and a black robe above his shoulders concealing his torso and mouth. In his hands he carried a snake-shaped staff. And one of his eyes was red like Johnnathan.

    "...Where did you came from, Aladdin?" Said Johnnathan as he lights the cigar.

    "Did you forget I can teleport?" Said Aladdin.

    "Yeah. But it's aways like out of nowhere." Responded Johnnathan as he starts smoking.

    "You know, Rogue Captain's might be child's play, but this junk on your mouth is like Raven himself compared to them." Said Aladdin.

    "This will not kill me before I kill him." Said Johnnathan. "Besides, Hybrids like us can handle those better than anyone."

    "It's still one day less of your life." Said Aladdin. "Anyway, Nikolai already put the bombs. This place will blow in less than a minute."

    "I see. Let's get out of here."

    Aladdin then fades away in a magic circle he created, leavign Johnnathan alone.

    "...Al? Buddy? You there?" Johnnathan kept asking while looking around. "This isn't funny, Al!"

    Suddenly a magic circle appear around him and he disappears just before the building starts to explode. Outside of the prison, there was a large heavy-armoured black ship. It was the Vitoria, the ship of the Black Demon. In the deck, Aladdin was watching the prison to explode alongside a small critter that looked like a rodent, with the size of a human child. It had tall long ears and a fluffy tail. It wore a pair of googles, green shirt and red overalls. That creature was know as a Gremlim and they were know as experts in machines.

    "...We don't need to do this, you know." Said the Gremlim.

    "If we don't do that, Raven would never notice, Nik." Said Aladdin.

    "You Hybrids are all crazy." Said Nikolai. "Maybe the fact you are all Half Vampire isn't really why people look at your kin funny."

    "And who are the ones they blame for sabotage again?"

    "Tch. Asshole. By the way, where is the kid?"

    "He is coming."

    Then Johnnathan magically appears right behind them.

    "Damn! I thought you actually were gonna let me die." Said Johnnathan as his cigarette gets wet by the rain. "Urgh! Bloody hell! Do you hate me or something?"

    "I helping you building character, kid." Said Aladdin. "That's just one of my many duties as First-Mate."

    "Fine. Fine." Complained Johnnathan. "Anyway where is Drake?"

    "Over there." Nikolai pointed at a ship far away that soon got destroyed. "Oh...He was fast."

    Suddenly, Shadewing appeard flying towards them carrying a man wearing a black coat with a slicked back black hair carrying a large cutlass-like sword on the talons of his legs. It was Drake Highlander, also know as the Black Demon who was Johnnathan's older brother. He drops the man in the deck where he plants his face on the floor.

    "Ouch! Can't you ever make me land on my feet, Shadewing?"

    "That's all up to you, Drake." Said Shadewing that landed on the ship's mast.

    "Urgh. Next time, I ask for Coela for a ride." Said Drake. "Where is she anyway?"

    "Here!" Shouted a girl that came from the water with a large octopus in her trident. It was the same mermaid Johnnathan met 10 years ago before arriving in Zaratraz.

    "Hmm? Did you just picked that in those stormy waters?" Said Johnnathan.

    "Oh please. There is no water one of the Sea Rulers can't fetch a snack." Said Coela showing the victory sign.

    "It wasn't the first thing she catched by the way." Said Nikolai. "She managed to catch a whole lot of Tuna earlier."

    "We have a lot of guests in the ship." Said Coela. "Speaking of which, someone have to cook those babies. Now if you excuse me."

    She goes inside the ship to to the kitchen.

    "So? What were those?" Said Johnnathan.

    "Reinforcements." Replied Drake. "Shadewing and I took care of it."

    "I guess I missed the fun, huh?" Said Johnnathan.

    "Come to think of it, since we were gonna blow this joint after freeing the prisoners, was it really necessary killing all of them?"

    "I can't help myself. Every time I cut a Rogue like butter I feel like cutting Raven like a butter."

    "Gosh, kid. You know, he killed my father as well, but I never see each Rogue like they are at fault."

    "My deal with Raven is not only about our father...It's something else."

    "Something else? Okay, then."

    "But is it the same with his sister you never stop thinking about it?" Said Aladdin.

    "Don't pry too much on other people's pasts, Al!" Shouted Johnnathan.

    "Heh! I always find funny that you found a vampire loveheart while I was gone." Said Drake. "Though the hard part was the Raven's sister part, but we can't choose family."

    "I kinda get easily depressed talking about this, so...I will be all myself right there."

    He goes to the border of the deck and gazes at the horizon during the storm with the rain hitting his face.

    "Bah. He still didn't passed through the moody teenager phase." Said Nikolai.

    "He is actually pretty mature considering the avarage of this crew." Said Aladdin.

    "Leave him some space." Said Drake. "Becoming a man isn't easy. We are arriving in Mians next, as usual."

    Drake leaves the deck followed by the other two later. Hours later they leave the storm and the sunny skies appeared.

    Shortly after he picked another cigarette and looked at the sun in the distance.

    "I hope you don't throw that in the ocean." Said Coela carrying a plate of tentacles slice. "We mermen do not like when humans dirties the sea."

    "I know." Said Johnnathan. "Is this for me?"

    "Sure. I putted garlic just like you love it."


    He picks a handful of them and eats. Coela then lays her back on the edge of the ship and look away.

    "So? When are you gonna ask anyway?" Said Coela.

    "Ask what?" Said Johnnathan.

    "It has been 10 years since we met, right? When are you gonna ask me to go out to a date?"

    "...You know I don't wanna upset you."

    "I'm just jesting. You are far too kind for your own good"

    "Sorry about that. Really."

    "Don't get too hard on yourself. But you know...Don't you think we two could work out? We could do a test for a week?"

    "Would you go out with a guy that is obviously thinking about another woman?"

    "Fair point. You know, I can't help but feel jealous. Thinking about a girl you didn't seen for 10 years when there is another cutie in a silver platter right next ot you? You don't see that very often...You find me pretty, right?"

    "You are definetly a rare pearl."

    "See? You do know what to say to a woman."

    She then pats his back.

    "Hey...Cheer up, okay? I'm pretty sure she is thinking about you as well."

    She then leaves with a smile on her face, but with upset eyes.

    "....Where are you now anyway, Eve?"

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