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Thread: Chapter 891: Believing in me

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    Default Re: Chapter 891: Believing in me

    Was it ever shown that the Straw Hats don't know what Haki is? They don't seem to have been in a situation post-timeskip where they displayed ignorance about it.


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    We can assume they're all aware of it. It's not like they aren't paying attention.

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    Dragon: There is something called haki. It's mandatory in order to survive in the NW.
    Robin: wow, would you teach it to me ?
    Dragon: no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by .access timeco. View Post
    Leo actually looks adorable in his pirate garment, so hoping that's staying. Only the sword has to go because his needle is the only acceptable weapon.

    So, I liked Flanbé. Just like with Bavarois, I am curious to see as many of the Charlotte kids as possible. With 85 of them, it is impossible for every one to be relevant to the plot, so I don't mind if they only join for a quick participation.

    Sadly, her presentation turned Sanji into a consummate pedophile as she is the 33rd daughter at 15 years and Pudding is the 35th. The only reason why I am not seriously bothered by Oda making a 21yo man who happens to be one of the main characters being completely aroused by a kid that is 14 years at best is because I am holding my hopes that Flanbé's introduction box is wrong (either she will be older in the volume or she will be rectified to be the 36th).

    No mention of Zeus by Linlin in this chapter makes me feel like he may be allowed to stay with the SH. And I can't put a finger on what relevance the BMP finding out about the Tamatebako at this point could have...
    Im a little late but you guessed it perfectly haha
    Chapter 437 Discussion after franky decides to join the Strawhats:
    So who think Usopp is inside that duffelbag?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Koliber View Post
    By the way, I just realized that for Usopp CoO is the most natural color and th only one he has, Sanji is the CoO spcecialist and the one receiving the most advanced form of CoO is... Luffy. I don't really like it.
    When we first learned about Haki, I always imagined Sanji with armament (for his legs) and Zoro with observation (because he has that calm-cool bushido thing going on; and the breath of all things). Now that observation haki has taken a future-seeing ability turn instead of the "sense everything around you" turn I was expecting, I can see why Sanji is more suited to observation.

    I'm okay with Luffy learning a more advanced form of observation than Sanji but I'm really itching to actually see something from Sanji already. Luffy's the captain and he's supposed to be the strongest so I don't mind that he might have better haki than Sanji and Zoro combined. However, Sanji does need to prove his position as a capable fighter sooner than later.
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