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Thread: Official Wano Thread

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    Default Re: Official Wano Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon D. Luffy View Post
    So, now that Oda has confirmed those 5 years do not include the Final War, how does this affect your current perception of Wano's length? Cuz I think now it has become easier for Oda to have it last another 40-60 chapters instead of rushing it.
    I don't think Oda confirmed that at all. I personally think he said the opposite, but I know lots of people interpret it the way you do. At the end of the day, I think we can all say that as usual, it's all up for debate.
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    Default Re: Official Wano Thread

    Not sure if anyone else brought it up when Kanjuro was revealed to be the traitor, but I was re-reading mid-Dressrosa and came across this scene that I had forgotten about. Holy crap, Kanjuro was pretty much blatantly trying to get his allies killed and no one suspected a thing.


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    Yes, when people were theorizing that Kanjurou was the traitor, they liked to mention these scenes where Kanjurou seemed to be boycotting the heroes.

    It is great foreshadowing to make him look suspicious, IMO, so I understand its use as evidence, but technically Kanjurou played his character truthfully and the only bad thing he did was to send information to Orochi. So maybe these scenes are just because the fake Kanjuro is a clutz, not because he was intentionally murdering his allies.

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    Since Shanks and Black Beard will still be around after this war do you think island communities will replace flags of Big Mom and Kaidou with Luffy's? Seems like during the epilogue island territories will be a thing of the past but it seems like something we'd be able to enjoy for a little while.

    I hope we get to see Fishman Island celebrate by putting up the Straw Hat flag. Would be a shame if Im and that giant Straw Hat destroy the place before it happens. Though I still hope Luffy purposely destroys the island but it ends up being a good thing.

    Edit: I thought this was the new world thread.
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