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    Hi everyone! I created an account here a while back and I'm a long-time lurker, but I've only posted once or twice. I realized that I didn't have the privilege to create new topics at large, so I figured I may as well introduce myself here in the meantime. I'm a relatively new One Piece fan. I first started reading the manga about two years ago, but it's quickly become my favorite things on this Earth. I was hoping to ask a translation question about the way in which Viz (and the franchise/fandom at large) translates the Admirals' code names (or rather doesn't translate). Would that be something that I could ask in The Viz Media Thread?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I searched through Reddit a little bit and more or less found what I was looking for. In case it wasn't obvious, I was wondering why on Earth Viz doesn't translate the Admirals' code names into English when there are one-to-one English translations for them--they aren't their actual names, after all, only code names. As an English reader, I was confused as to why the Marines called them different names entirely as opposed to their actual names, not knowing that the likes of "Aokiji" and "Fujitora" were actually code names. Makes a lot more sense to just translate them, in my opinion, as I don't speak Japanese and the fact that they were code names was completely lost on me. I understand that it's on a case by case basis, but in this particular instance I think they should have been translated. I believe Viz started doing this before Stephen's time, so that decision wasn't up to him, but I'd be interested in his thoughts on the matter. Does he ever discuss this in a podcast?
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