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Thread: One Piece Anime in Latin America.

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    Talking One Piece Anime in Latin America.

    Again, I hope Im not breaking any rules by posting this here, especially since what Im about to say is just nothing more than hope at this point.

    See...its been 12 years since the 4kids version of One Piece came to Latin America, throwing a huge wrench into Toei and Fans hopes that One Piece would be a success in Latin America. Sure, the anime still comes through Crunchyroll subbed but its very niche and One Piece deserves better. An uncut dub like the Funimation and French Redubs has been a wish of pretty much every LatAM fan.

    Toei has abjectly ignored fans and hasnt redubbed the show despite massive demand from its fans. So its up to us to try and bring the show to the attention of broadcasters and Toei itself.


    Toei wants to sell One Piece to Latin America... but now they are selling the anime subbed for TV. This is an extremely saddening development. Toei could make million from Latin American fans but they refuse to change.

    Please understand, this isnt just to say "Oh we have a dub, yay!" but rather for those who cant see or read. Like the blind and people with dyslexia. They deserve to enjoy One Piece too. And One Piece deserves an awesome dub in Latin American spanish.

    I apoligize because I think this breaks the rules for advertising. But please take a minute and help us out.

    Please contact... (And please share better addresses if you know them)

    Toei Animation




    And Imagen Television (A TV Network In Mexico)


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    Default Re: One Piece Anime in Latin America.


    Also according to Noe Velazquez (Sanji) are also GETTING A MOVIE! HOORAY! LONG LIVE ONE PIECE!

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    Default Re: One Piece Anime in Latin America.

    Damn, didn't realise how good one piece was, only around 40 episodes in and the storytelling and animation Xvideos Xnxx Chaturbate is class, overall really enjoyable. This arc really got me in the feels in a way something like My hero academia never could,for me personally, and apparently I'm not even at the good bit? Oh boy...

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    Default Re: One Piece Anime in Latin America.

    Just got a small doubt, wonder if it's the right place to post

    Why is anime so popular in Latin America?
    I am from Mexico and Anime is quite a big deal here, recently, we are getting several anime movies such as SAO: Ordinal Scale, Koe no Katachi Yu-Gi-Oh! The Darkside of Dimensions, etc and we even got movies like Puella Madoka Magicka.
    I also find fun finding references to Mexico in Anime.
    Is anime popular/wel accepted in your country

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    Default Re: One Piece Anime in Latin America.



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    Default Re: One Piece Anime in Latin America.

    So a latin redub is happening?

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    Default Re: One Piece Anime in Latin America.

    Yes! I want to bump that other redub thread but A-It would be redundant and B-Would be double posting.

    And this time it couldnt be MORE confirmed.


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZ02AwXRhmc&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR1gGuI M9v8z-Xh5gc1R-ZW-uVa8ZjXD_G5ZUvDqWt3oB70qj2AaKY2-fcE


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    Default Re: One Piece Anime in Latin America.

    MOAR CONFIRMATION! The First 2 seasons are being dubbed! I hope its 104 episodes!


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